NSW DEC Aligned

Funding’s Easy, Classify Sick Children “Threatened Species”

Every time I see a picture, or news video clip of children suffering from Leukaemia, or a like ailment whilst they languish in a hospital bed, the lack of funds to support the medical research and institutions never ceases to amaze.

How is it that this great nation Australia which has more in mineral, primary and intellectual wealth than any other nation per capita, struggles with funding those in real need and the programs that support them?

Well, as one wanders the net, one of the answers is clearly to be found within the machinations of the environmental movements that abound in this Nation by the dozens, with almost all in some way, receiving funds, some immense amounts, through both the back and front doors of governments, both State & Federal along with corporations with self-interest agenda driven bank balances.

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Iemma’s Boat Leaking Badly

The Iemma/Watkins Govt Grasping at Straws whilst Sinking like their Victims.

With the release of the OTSI (Office of Transport Safety Investigations) report effectively giving some sort of quassi relief to the driver of a ferry that ploughed into a large power launch loaded with people, goes to show just how contemptible the bureaucracy in NSW has become.

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Peter Spencer Has Legal Eagle Silenced

I, enduring, for one and half hours abuse by the plaintiffs barrister, having not spoken one word, rose and suggested to her Honour an ajournment.

I recommended the Judge while on that ajournment, may consider to read my submission in particular, one identified paragraph. I suggested if it was read I would not have to say any thing, what so ever.

The Court reconvened at 2.30 and the barrister with drew his application with Her Honour agreeing – the matter was closed……..

They are desperate to stop this action but over 25 appearances – on Rates, they have not stopped it yet…..

To the 1000’s of farmers paying land rates on

    “locked up land”

, be it the vegetation or any other government act, it is illegal – refuse to PAY rates on their aquisition…

Visit my blog site for detail as I list the courts and cases I am fighting for our rights.


Peter Spencer


The Stalin Effect

ABARE (Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics)

Well, does the future of Australian rural life look bleak for the little guy on the land, and it is not just because of a severe drought now, or another one looming in the future. No, the real cause is starting to really rear its ugly head when one reads the politically correct espousals of the so-called leaders of Rural Industry support, research and management groups.

In this particular case, the Chief Executive Officer of ABARE, Phillip Glyde, is reported as telling farming industry leaders the following at conferences and god only knows where, who and what else behind other closed meeting doors.

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Oz Oil

Australia’s Fort Knox Under the Sea

Does a barrel of oil have to be controlled from some quasi price structuring scheme emanating from Singapore, or should in fact the great Nation Australia, be the price dictator, by being a leading oil producer that dwarfs all others?

Is Australia intentionally being held under water by hands unknown?

A man walked into a shop in far north Queensland one day, some 2 decades ago and as he stood at the counter he exuded the appearance of intellect, yet was in a most untidy and dishevelled state.

The proprietor of the shop had his interest piqued by this picture of strangeness and struck up a conversation with the customer.

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Key Threatening Species, Academic Man & the Radical Greenie.

A story that was circulated in the United Kingdom press, is one of doom and gloom permeating the Australian environment. What is most interesting in this article written by respected author Kathy Marks, is the little reference to good ole Queensland James Cook University professor, Chris Johnston.

This guy is obviously one green activist and under the protection and respectability of academia shielding, just loves to push the accredited myth-information out there to the unsuspecting, that the mongrel Dingo/Wild Dog is the saviour of the Australian bush dwelling fauna and without this mongrel’s unfettered presence, the wilds of the Australian mountains and outback are doomed. This time, these untruths are being spread across the United Kingdom and wider global market.

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GM Behometh Stores Natural Seed

Genetically Modified OZ Double Speak

The Network of Concerned Farmers is a web site that every Australian citizen that has a view on Genetically Modified, and that should be every adult, foods, should have marked to their favourite’s list so as to be able to get to the other side so to speak, rather than just take the big money corporate spin as fact, let alone the political double-speak.

Page 15 of The Land Newspaper, Feb 28th has an interesting article on GM cropping, titled “Farmer v Farmer in new GM Row.”

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Whales Bleed when Harpooned

The Real World Upsets Bob Debus as he again plays Politics and Spin Doctor

From “Scopical1”
28 February 2008
Captured whaling footage ‘horrifying’: Debus

Video and image media captured of Japanese whaling activities in the southern oceans has been described as horrifying.

Home Affairs Minister Bob Debus (pictured> today said that he had viewed images and video captured by Customs operated vessel Oceanic Viking on its return to Western Australia, saying that the contents of the footage were ‘horrifying’

The Oceanic Viking was last month dispatched to the Antarctic region to capture video and image media of the whale kill, with the potential for the evidence to be used in a future International legal case against the Japanese whaling.

Mr Debus said today that the footage of the whales being slaughtered by the Japanese was horrible to watch.

“These are really quite horrifying images,” he said.

“There’s a lot of blood and it’s obvious the animals are in a lot of pain and its clear that the overwhelming majority of the Australian people don’t like it.”

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Peter Spencer Hits WA

Speakers Enlighten WA people on Land Rights

Pastoralists and Graziers Association (PGA) held a monumental event involving property rights in Perth on Thursday 28th February, with prominent guest speaker Mr Peter Spencer (pictured) accompanied by June Weston of the Commonwealth Property Protection Association.

His presentation delivery had the walls of the Hyatt trembling, such passion, factual truth and Peters absolute lack of fear, was an awakening of the docile Western Australians – Peter is a walking testimony of this statements.

A question asked of Mr. Spencer and Director of Legislative Reform, Water Reform Project Mr Roberts to define the difference in wording and meaning of stealing and vesting?

Mr. Spencer defined that applying licences to water was stealing, as it erodes or blights the original land contract.

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