Pauline Hanson Rattles Kristina Keneally’s Cage

Pauline Hanson Again Prepares to Wash the Detritus of Inept and Morally Reprehensible Politics… This time in NSW

Hanson portrait by “Emma Phillips”

As incumbent NSW Premier Kristina Keneally pedals alone with more than a barked knee towards the polls holding out a brave face for the public as if she is riding a wave of citizen favourability, she inwardly has really started to show her true fears.

From amidst the throng, Pauline Hanson bombshells back onto the Australian political scene with a return to the electoral ballot paper for the NSW Upper House as an Independent, (Above the line Box “J”) and the Premier with her unusual coiffure ruffled, yank twang starting to squawk, goes into a tailspin of vindictive and venomous ranting.

The lady who entered her Premiership as the Tripodi and others Marionette, finds the political Island of feminine power now threatened by the stalwart ex Fish & Chip shop Lady from Port Stephens.

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Immigrant Thundering Death

One Trucking Death – Is One Too Many

As Australia suffers 350 heavy truck drivers deaths each year, more are leaving the industry in droves as the big end of trucking town, “Linfox” the trucking heavyweight, flag their desire to bring in cheap overseas labour.

Waikato Times photo

Lyn Bennetts, ex Queensland President of the Australian Long Distance Owners & Drivers Association says in a statement responding to Linfox CEO Michael Byrnes, “How much more are Australian Taxpayers going to pump into educating overseas migrants at the expense of our own jobs, work force and financial security.”

Mr Bennetts says that Linfox want 3000 immigrants to come and work in the transport industry to drive their trucks. What Linfox aren’t saying, is that it is because migrants will work for so much less money.

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