Fire Volunteers Outraged By NSW Govt Solicitors Claim

Friday 29th May 2009 00/09-10

The Volunteer Fire Fighters Association, New South Wales only association solely representing the volunteers fire fighters in the Rural Fire Service of New South Wales holds in disgust the reported comments of John Maconachie, QC, reported in the Daily Telegraph on Saturday 23rd May 2009.

As reported in the Daily Telegraph” NSW government lawyer, John Maconachie, QC, told ACT Chief Justice Terence Higgins “responsibility was not that of Government but of fire fighters, as they were volunteers not employees.

“Statements of this nature from a member of a government legal team placed on court and public record can only make the volunteers of the Rural Fires Service wonder what personal legal position is there if this is the government’s legal stance.

The shadow Minister for Emergency Services Melinda Pavey MLC in a press release dated 26th May 2009 supported the volunteers and clarified the position of Rural Fire Service volunteers by stating “However what the incompetent Labor Government fails to understand is that section 128 of the Rural Fires Act 1997 stipulates that volunteer fire fighters are protected from liability.

“The Act states that a protected person or body which includes ‘the Commissioner and any person acting under the authority of the Commissioner” will not be “subject…to any action, liability, claim or demand'”, Mrs Pavey said.”

The NSW Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons’s press release supporting the volunteers and his statement “Be assured, that all service members have my full and unequivocal commitment to representing most vigorously the interests of all members against any legal proceedings associated with the conduct of our fire fighting and related activities.”

At this point in time it appears that the only body that is not supporting the volunteers is the state government of New South Wales.

The Volunteer Fire Fighters Association calls upon the New South Wales Government and the Minster for Emergency Services to publicly reverse the reported statements by their legal council and reassure the volunteer fire fighters of New South Wales that they are still protected from prosecution according to the Rural Fires Act.


Peter Cannon — President of the VFFA 0427-697-608

John Parry — Media Officer of the VFFA 0408-214-474

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GM and the Rape of a Nation

How does such important information
for the entire Nation’s grain growing fraternity,
slip beneath the radar so easily?

Yes, the newspapers like “The Land” reported on it and probably so too did others that I personally do not waste my money on, but, if “The Land” newspaper is the news bible of the average NSW rural citizen, especially in the farming sector, then how such most important information was reported there, on that date, is surely indicative of just who is pulling the media’s strings, even “The Lands'”.

In a tiny corner of page 7 of The Land Newspaper edition dated Thursday the 6th of November, 2008 was a snippet in the “Making News Column”, with the heading, “Rules set for GM hay.

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NSW – RFS Burning Volunteers At The Stake

Firestorms, unlike Bushfires, are so hot
the ashes smoulder for years andall it takes to re-ignite the flames is one callous blow from a Bureaucrat serving lawyer

The modern Phoenix Arises from the Ashes in the form of One Man; his resolve to seek justice by the processes available to us all, and his dogged belief that the difference between the truth, & political domination, is purely tenacity and a faith in the system. A system where peers of the populous, people who are expected to be above reproach, adjudicate in a way that is above politics and above personal bias.

The 2003 bush fire holocaust might be but a distant memory within most Australian’s minds, especially since the aftermath of a like repeat of that officially caused disaster in 2003, is now being lived out in Victoria with once again another round of bureaucratically controlled inquiries; but to one New South Welshman, “Wayne West”, a man who saw his Brindabella Valley property totally incinerated (after having given his personal water supply to the wider fight) from what he describes as RFS managerial Intransigence to say the least and due diligence culpability to the worst, this 2003 man-allowed conflagration, is indelibly ingrained within his very soul.

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On Thursday, 14/5/09 ABC Breakfast Radio out of Bega and Wagga Wagga reported as a news item comments from Bob Creelman, representing National Parks and Wildlife Service’s (“NPWS”) Kosciuszko National Park Advisory Committee, that “wild horses are destroying recovery efforts for the endangered southern corroboree frog”.

It is a well-known fact that horses (wild or domestic) are non- predators. Also they are fearful of boggy ground underfoot. Instances of Brumbies “walking through the frogs’ breeding areas” (sphagnum bogs) as stated by Bob Creelman in our view would be isolated. In such cases the event could not be considered detrimental to the frogs breeding as its numbers flourished under far greater levels of activity on their breeding areas from grazing cattle.

The Brumby is not responsible for the endangered status of the frog and to suggest otherwise is a blatant attempt by NPWS through deceit, misinformation and gross exaggeration to gather public support for the capture and removal of Brumbies from KNP.

A simple Google search will confirm that this frog was abundant up until the late 1970’s within their small 400km2 breeding area in the Snowy Mountains. These mountains had been grazed for over 140 years by cattle, sheep and horses in numbers more than 100 times greater than the present estimated brumby population and the frogs prospered.

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SOS-NEWS contributing farmer and scientist Noeline Franklin has put her hat in the ring nominating for director on the board of the Tablelands District newly formed LIVESTOCK HEALTH AND PEST AUTHORITIES (LHPA).

The LHPA in NSW is to replace the Rural Lands Protection Board (RLPB), of which Noeline was a director at the YASS Board for may years until it was disbanded some months ago pending the new authority.

Noeline, always dedicated to the environment, landholders and ratepayers, is well know for her frank and often outspoke pledge to maintain a farmers foothold with authorities, returning transparency and accountability to the farmers.

The Yass RLPB established agenda driven directors have received much adverse publicity after sanctioning by ratepayer farmers and pressure applied by Ms Franklin, all had had enough from this clandestine board.

To reads what Noeline stands for, platform and biography, along with many other articles and information, visit her website.

LHPA ratepayers are reminded to register for voting in their Director representatives at their new entity by 29th of May 2009.
Voting papers need to be lodged by 19th June 2009.

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Muslim Minister Corruption Government Control Exposed

Muslim Labour MP Who Campaigns against BNP Nailed for Swindling Taxpayers

British Muslim Labour MP Shahid Malik, who spends most of his time campaigning against the British National Party or predicting a totally Islamified Britain, has resigned in disgrace after being revealed as the biggest swindler of them all, ripping off taxpayers more than any other single member of parliament.

The announcement was made this morning after Mr Malik had refused to apologise, saying he had worked “by the book” and insisted he would not return any of the money to the taxpayer.

He then insultingly offered to donate the cost of his 40-inch flat screen TV to charity.
This Arrogant MP rams his agenda driven Muslim takeover of the UK in this video below that you need to view, as we await the Aussie onslaught from Mohammad’s mercenaries to the ministry of Australian Government.

This video below shows how the Muslims are winning on the birth rate ratio taking over nations by population not weapons

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It would seem that parallels exist as between the reported corruption at Brimbank Council and other high profile organisations which have fallen under the control of party political manipulators.

Victorian Ombudsman George Brouwer deserves commendation for exposing the insidious influence over elected Labour Councillors in Brimbank.

Perhaps Mr Brouwer could also usefully look into the National Party and its alleged manipulation of the VFF (an organisation which claims to be apolitical) and which is currently suffering from financial crisis due to massive membership decline.

Kennett’s coalition now of distant memory, was also handicapped by some incompetent Ministers particularly in Local Government, but on reflection these were better described as more stupid than corrupt.

Removing the opportunity to indulge in inappropriate behaviour would go a long way toward the creation of a better society but this may not be what is attracting some politicians.

On another, but with no better record in the deceit and incompetence stakes is the mega Department of Sustainability and Environment (D.S.E) and its many satellite Corporations and Organisations. Catchment Management Authorities, Water Authorities like GWM Water, Country Fire Authority (CFA) seem to enjoy or feel obliged to mislead the public by the use of spin or worse.

The Ombudsman charged with Water, Power and Gas issues is from a different mould to George Brouwer, in that an enquiry into Departmental inappropriate conduct ended in the protection of the offender.

And let’s hope the rumours of ‘insider trading’ at Government Agency Board level are only just that.

Oliver Guthrie
Donald Victoria

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Around the contributors to SOS-NEWS I suggested that we conduct a prediction of just how much taxpayer money NSW Minister for Finance and Infrastructure Joe Tripodi would spend on his laughable overseas 27 day junket under the guise of business.

No one was within a bulls roar of the figure released $290,000, which is the greatest spending spree by any minister or premier in the history of the NSW Labor Party.

The purpose of the “TRIP –odi” was to find potential buyers in South East Asia, China, Japan , Korea, the Middle East, Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States for NSW Government electricity assets, including the three retailers Energy Australia, Integral Energy and Country Energy.

The entourage of “FREE LOADERS” consisted of, his chief of staff Jennifer Doherty as well as Treasury secretary Michael Shur and deputy secretary Kevin Cosgriff, three advisers from private financial firms Frontier Economics, Lazard Carnegie Wylie and Credit Suisse.

The dissection of spending available suggest $169,000 on flights, $48,000 for road and rail expenses, $70,000 accommodation and meals with $3,000 worth of miscellaneous costs.

That is $41,428.00 per person of the seven strong junket with the question pondering – who financed the financiers on this “TRIP –odi” as taxpayers funded bureaucrats wages?

What are not available are results of the “TRIP – odi” 30 meetings over eight countries including Europe, I guess this must still be with the spin doctors and media mammals compiling instructions for mainstream media as what to publish


It has started, and as we said in part one, lots of people won’t be invited. Experts cannot have them, they may tell the truth, and some of the real reasons may be exposed! Victims and their families, can’t have them, Kevin Rudd, and John Brumby aren’t available to have their photos taken with these people this week,(it can be the only reason these people aren’t allowed to go) Firefighters that did the right thing, can’t have them, people if you want to get a start at a royal commission, start stuffing up!

Who will be there?

State government, they are paying for this. Federal government, there is bound to be some photo opportunities for this mob! Power companies, they are bound to be blamed for something! NSW power companies were invited, but due to blackouts in their offices they can’t find the exit doors, so won’t be there! Unions will be there, they might be able to sign up some new members! Green groups will be there, at the moment it is the only safe place for this lot! The CFA will be there, and they have been granted permission to bring their own brand of lubricant. The DSE will be there, but only to apply the lubricant to the CFAs vital areas! I almost forgot the other mob who will be there in vast numbers, Lawyers, if there is the smell of blood you know this mob will be there, and also the bags of money they will get to have, free lunches, and publicity they will all get, doesn’t hurt either!

When dealing with the issues the commission will have experts in the different fields to call upon, you know, fire, evacuation, burn offs etc. But the experts aren’t allowed, so where are these others going to come from? I know they wont be called from the RFS, as there is no mention in the brief of corruption, stupidity, money wasting, and self gratification, this is the only things our mob are experts in! The experts must be coming from the unions. Some of them pommy sounding organizers must be the experts, well they are running the states and the country, they must be experts at something!

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