Dingo Stouch Threatens Minister’s Credibility

Ms Jones was responding to 21 written questions submitted to her office by The Gympie Times, outlining concerns and allegations made by critics of the strategy.

Jones defends dingo strategy

Yep, Minister Kate Jones, as DERM’s killing machine’s boss, you are now getting lessons in political spin that must make the ping pong balls in your head bounce around.
The rest of us should not for one minute, believe that what is being espoused from the Minister’s office on the issue of Fraser Island Dingo welfare, is anything but spin, but do remember that what is spewing forth, is exactly why politicians in this country are so wreakingly on the nose, not even cyclone Ului could remove the stench out into the desert.

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Peter Spence Rally Information

Peter Spencer on his “Tower Of Hope” rally tour brings to the people his dedicated research and passion exposing government land theft from farmers and the carbon claimed from land owners to pay KYOTO while not paying any compensation under land acquisition legislation.

After 52 days aloft the Tower on his now repossessed farm he could no longer work under government “lock it up” legislation and two successful rallies by concerned farmers and city dwellers outside Canberra Parliament House, Peter will be in the places listed below.

Speaking with Editor Mal Davies, Peter reveals in this audio interview, some amazing information reflecting on his court wins in the NSW and Federal arena’s to take his claim (and all farmers) to the “High Court”. After 200 times in courts has finally given him the ability to present irrefutable evidence denied him from taxpayer funded lawyers pushing to silence him.

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Peter Spencer Rally Dates

March 27th Townsville

March 29th Charleville

March 30th Roma


April 12th – 20th


April 21st – 23rd


April 28th – May 5th


May 7th – 11th

Dingoes-Bad Science & an Olive Branch

Dingo Expert
Intentionally or Unintentionally
Warns of Suspect Science

While the United Nations IPCC is under the most intense scrutiny due to crooked science and apparent crooked scientists, here in Australia, the very science that has and is still being used to shape legislation, hence law, so as to persecute and vilify, was audited by the Queensland State Government Minister’s own expert (Her words) and this expert was so concerned at the possible future political firestorm coming down on the Queensland government; we now know this firestorm as “the cruelty management processes of the Fraser Island Dingoes”, that he felt the need to have this incredibly detailed disclaimer, preceding his work.

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Dingo Cruelty Hidden by Media

Dingoes & Roo Tales

A Kangaroo is used as an animal act in Texas, USA and suddenly the media go out of their tree as if the legions of the devil had trampled on Oz soil.

Most kangaroos that go overseas, go as skin & fur for garments, toys and hats and their removed carcass goes as dinner plate adornments in restaurants, or niche food packs in supermarkets and their entrails feed your cat.

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Simon Crean Trade Minister Backs Suspect Beef Imports

Mad Cow Disease or BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) in Australia from importation would wipe out the whole beef industry shutting down our exports in seconds.

2GB radio personality Alan Jones interviewed Minister for Trade Simon Crean who is pushing the government barrow to open the flood gates of beef imports. During this interview Mr Crean confirms he has no idea of the issues, he stumbles over questions of national importance by Alan, plus as previous boss of the ACTU, Mr Crean does not even recognise the ramifications of unemployment this beef importation will cause in conjunction with farmers and abattoirs going broke. He states that we have an over supply of beef so we export, but does not give reason for his government sanctioning this perilous importing of beef products that Australia already produces.

SOS-NEWS editor Mal Davies interviewed scientists and beef producing farm Noeline Franklin who for 16 years worked in the CSIRO developing vaccines for cattle. She listened to Alan Jones speaking with Mr Crean and presents her comments and facts that all Australians need to hear.

To understand the issue at hand first listen to Alan Jones to hear his pertinent questions that Mr Crean either answered with total rubbish or had no idea what was being asked.

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Now listen to Noeline Franklin cover the issue first as a scientist then as a farmer and expose this agenda driven public servant Simon Crean, elected to govern Australia but delivers an agenda that threatens this nation and the health of the people.

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GM Terror

GM Pro Fear Mongering

I cannot believe that still there is this belief that a legal challenge for damages, injury, or loss against someone growing genetically modified crops will fail on the grounds of this GM cropping being a legal crop.

Firstly, a challenge where no loss damage, or injury has been suffered, will undoubtedly fail

A legal challenge on risk grounds alone, most likely would fail.


If a GM grower plants a human modified product into a natural cropping area, where the neighbouring growers have clearly identified their intent to REMAIN GM free prior to GM being grown, then any contamination that affects adversely, the naturally pure crop, is surely both a loss and an injury to that non GM crops stature.

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Labour NSW Spirals

Goddess Keneally Rides
the Labour Chariot to
the Cliff Edge

The hands on the reins have changed but the horses out of control pulling the chariot, have not. Click on the picture to read the daily Telegraph’s articles

It is a sad day indeed when such a passionate, concerned and yes, even I can feel that perhaps she is genuine, politician aligns itself with the political cabal called NSW Labour.
Kristina Keneally is a very presentable, well spoken lady and for the cabal behind her to put her out into the public arena in the desperate chance that she alone can wipe the smell from the most on the nose government in Australian political history, is in fact testament that Mrs Keneally is at the very least, naive.

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