2008 Publications of SOS-NEWS Now On CD

SOS-NEWS Weekly Publications For 2008

We are packaging all of our weekly publication for the year 2008 on CD.

Having many requests for back issues from people, this collection of our news service to email subscribers offers you a massive amount of information and all of our great stories of 2008.

The Exposing of the RSPCA in NSW who took 73 year old Ruth Downey through hell and slaughtered 48 head of her cattle claiming they were starving yet many witnesses say different, yet she was presented with a bill for $300,000 by the President of the RSPCA who prosecuted her via his private law firm.

As a bonus we will include Mal Davies investigation of Ruth’s ordeal called “The Ruth Downey Inquisition” a must read for everyone.

You will read our coverage of the global warming hype, the Al Gore lies and much more that happened during 2008.

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Collecting Bucket Water is breaking The Law?

A water course is not necessarily the direction of water flow, it is also the direction Australian Government will take just as the USA has done with claiming ALL WATER as a cash cow to consumers.

We have for the past few years, along with Don McLean’s expertise with water contributing to SOS-NEWS, revealed the push to control ALL WATER – “including the sky juice that falls on your roof.”

Malcolm Turnbull, now leader of the opposition, has vested interest in the water mafia business rats that are hovering awaiting the heavenly cascade of free water from God to become a greater market harvest that oil wells.

Silence at present is their ploy to allow covert legislation construction by public servants to continue, knowing full well there will be zero opposition from “we the people”, whom they control since assuming self proclamation dictatorship, also as with the pollies. This article, from USA sources and supplied by Don McLean, is a look to your future with water, for we are but a footstep always in the shadow of our USA masters…now read the story.

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Few Victorians outside the Victorian Wimmera and Mallee will have noticed the activities of Mineral Sand Miners. Site by remote site, near small hamlets or just dots on the map have appeared mines or notice of intention to mine, which will progressively STRIP away farmland to access ancient mineral deposits such as zircon, and in the process DESTROY privately owned assets, remnant native trees and grassland, farmers livelihoods and European and Indigenous heritage.

This mining is being helped by Department of Primary Industry which used to assist farmers in their struggle to compete in a global economy.

Complicit in this RAPE of the countryside is the University of Ballarat (my first discovered reference being in Victoria’s “Golden West Strategy”) which saw the mining as a potential benefit for the region in a 1999 publication. At that time there would have been ample available water (prolonged drought was not anticipated) for farming, people and Sandmines which are voracious users of water, if the long established earthen water channel system was replaced by pipes. The piping of the area is now almost complete with the approx $ 1 billion capital cost to be largely paid for by the local community per tariffs over time. This ATTACK on people and their private ownership of land is therefore a two pronged ASSAULT facilitated by the Victorian Government, the University of Ballarat and global owned Mining Companies.

The once politically active Victorian Farmers Federation has remained silent while one time Members are DECIMATED (a word from the Latin meaning to kill one in ten of a troublesome population so as to keep them compliant). The process continues in our time using deceit and manipulation in the media which is perhaps less bloody but equally effective. Recently a local Shire Councillor is reported as saying that “Iluka Resources Ltd will be trucking Mineral Sands South to Hamilton via the Calder Highway using ‘B’ Double trucks every few minutes, 24 hours each day from a location near Mittyack”. Similarly the press reports a resident of Toolondo objecting to the continuous line of huge trucks heading to Hamilton with minerals for processing there from near Horsham. Another press report concerns the “sale of water from “Pipeline Savings” out of Rocklands Reservoir to Hamilton @ $186 per megalitre (about ¼ the going price) as per Government directive”.

Perhaps my use of the word INSIDIOUS should be changed to BLATANT?</strong

Oliver Guthrie

iiNET Tell Government Gatekeeper Gestapo To Buzz Off

After the fiasco Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) – Big Brother’s secret blacklist of websites being published on the internet we see Australia’s third largest internet service provider, iiNet, withdrawn from the Government’s internet censorship trials, saying it could not “reconcile participation in the trial with our corporate social responsibility”.
Big Brother (ACMA) threatened internet Service Provider (ISP) last week with a $11,000-a-day fine over a link published in its forum to another page blacklisted by ACMA – an anti-abortion website.
Internet filtering is supposed to just be a trial in Australia, but the government has already clamped down on Whirlpool for posting a link to a banned website that dare publish their so called secret Blacklist.
These videos will enlighten you to what is being instigated by the Government Gatekeepr Gestapo.
To read more visit this SMH Article;


There is more video and interesting links you need to view click below …

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$11,000 a-day Government Fine Internet Blacklist Violation

Stifling Internet Websites Is Well Underway

Big Brother is on the march as internet Service Provider (ISP) Whirlpool, host of online broadband discussion forum, have been threatened by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) last week with a $11,000-a-day fine over a link published in its forum to another page blacklisted by ACMA – an anti-abortion website.

Internet filtering is supposed to just be a trial in Australia, but the government has already clamped down on Whirlpool for posting a link to a banned website.

The trial of wide-scale Internet filtering is supposed to be ongoing, but the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is already wielding a nasty weapon it can use to block any site it likes without further discussion. Just what is a link deletion notice and why does it represent a major threat to online freedom in Australia?
Broadband information and discussion site Whirlpool is no stranger to legal action, having successfully fought off an attempt by accounting software developer 2Clix to have content which criticised 2Clix products deleted from its forum. Yet last week Whirlpool did remove a link from a post on its site, after its hosting provider Bulletproof was issued with a “link deletion notice” from ACMA.

The post reproduced an earlier complaint which had been submitted to ACMA by a user to test how its current policy of blocking “prohibited content” was applied. The link in question. which was part of the submission, contained anti-abortion information judged by ACMA to be likely to be illegal.

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Wakeup Queensland Your Land & Rights Have Been Stolen

Information You Need To Read to Make an Informed Vote In Queensland

The first informative paper, enlightens the people as to where tax money is being misspent, and the hazards attatched to the well being of ourselves our children and grandies.

The information is from people who have toiled behind the scenes for up to 30 years to pass on intact to future generations, a great country. To hopefully restore a portion of the rights that have been eroded.

The time has come to stop whining and put a small effort into educating and alerting your friends, family and community, to the reality and the importance of being- AN INFORMED VOTER.



Please download or view this slide show in powerpoint that is a must for voters to view to have you informed as to what Queensland government have done to your state and rights as Australians — or ARE YOU ? –



EXCLUSIVE: Greens political party shoots off mouth about campaign donations from gambling companies while taking $200K from gambling big gun

By Andrew Landeryou – March 10, 2009

gamblingman The Greens political party have been caught out trousering $200,000 donations from a gambling industry millionaire while publicly condemning political donations from the gambling industry.


Documents obtained [pdf] by the VEXNEWS Investigate Unit confirm that a Mr Greg Beirne and his wife donated [pdf] $200,000 to the Tasmanian Greens. The Tassie Greens party is not the mungbean eating hillbilly outfit you might think either, it raised and spent over a million dollars last financial year. That buys a lot of two-headed jumpers.

gregbeirneasic Our investigations also reveal that the Australian Securities and Investments Commission lists that same Greg Beirne as a former director and substantial shareholder of Australian Gaming and Wagering (International) Pty Ltd, Totalisators Communication & Technology Pty Ltd., Touchbet International Pty Ltd and Touchbet Pty Ltd. These companies made many millions of dollars from gambling.

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CFA Tankers Inflamamable Death Traps

The death of five volunteer fire fighters in 1998 at the township of Linton in Victoria, all died when a CFA Tanker truck was incinerated.

A Coronial inquiry was held in 1999, and a report from Australian bushfire expert from the CSIRO conducted for the Victorian Work Cover, was suppressed by the Victorian Government on a request by the CFA (Country Fire Authority) when they had read the finding slammed their Tanker Trucks as being inflammable.

The findings of that Coronial Inquiry were also suppressed from the people, but are available from this site to download … http://www.sosnews.org/bushfires/?page_id=32

View this video taken in 2004 of Licola CFA Tanker being ignited by Captain Ralph Barraclough with half a single sheet of toilet paper and the denial being presented by CFA Greg Flynn Gippsland Operations Manager and the CFA General Manager of that area Peter Schmidt

Nillumbik Council Bushfire Mafia

Standover Radical Greenie Council Oversee Death Traps

The Nillumbik Shire Council, the “green wedge shire” is responsible for an area from the Yarra River to Kinglake National Park. This Shire Council covered many of the areas hardest hit by the bushfires. The Council was warned that a policy of restricting the removal of vegetation, pushed by “green” groups was a potential fire disaster, but the Council went ahead anyway.

According to bushfire expert Rod Incoll, regulations encouraged the planting of trees around homes to give the “appearance from the outside of being in a forest”. (“Council Ignored Warning Over Trees”, The Australian, 11/2/09, pp.1,7). This, in short is just greenie nonsense.

This video shows massive fuel loads and council myth-management in the Victorian shire of Nillumbik. It is a must view video on the area of the Black Saturday fires of the February 2009. The video should start in just a few seconds … if not … some systems click the play button again.


The Department of Conservation and the Environment also was at fault: 17 years ago Victoria’s Auditor-General criticised the department for allowing the build-up of combustible material on the floor of the forest. (The Australian, 11/1/09, p.7) David Packham of Monash University’s School of geography and Environmental Science (“Inferno Stoked by Green Vote”, The Australian, 10/2/09, p.14), has said that such forest fuels can pile up at a rate of about one tonne a hectare a year. It is this source of potential “rocket fuel” that enables fires fanned by strong winds to roar like jet engines out of control. The build-up of forest fuel has occurred right across Australia because of the Greenies’ belief that prescribed burn-offs are a threat to “biodiversity”, that is to “cute and cuddly” creatures and the plants and trees of Aboriginal Australia. (“Burn-offs a ‘Threat to Biodiversity”, The Australian, 12/2/09 pp. 1,4)

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