So where do we go from here and who cares ?

Once upon a time – many moons ago, a spirited Adonis dreamed of a wonderfully rich life built on a freehold future which, although not quite equal to the perceived paradise of the King, would at least be a first step towards climbing the golden staircase.

So the confident youth bounded up to the King in the Royal Counting House and said: “Please your most gracious Majesty, will you lease me some Crown LAND. I will take good care of it. I will religiously tend it – as if it were my own. I promise, here before you, to keep my end of the bargain; and I will regularly pay my committed tithes to you. In return for my good endeavours, will you then, (one day) cancel this binding commercially instituted Perpetual Lease Agreement which we have today, both freely entered into, and grant to me – the FREEHOLD property rights as freehold rights are inherently understood since 1215 to be?”

The King flourished an endangered species in the form of a feathered quill into the air; then as he plunged its sharpened point into ink-well in preparation for writing his bold and well-spaced signature, he replied: “by the Power vested in me and through the Grace of Almighty God, the freehold DEED for this Perpetual Lease my good Man is as good as SIGNED. I reserve however, to keep all silver and gold; but all the corporeal and incorporeal hereditaments will be Conveyed without any other reservation to you absolutely and unconditionally for the use, benefit and enjoyment of your heirs and successors-in-entitlement, for all time”. Gentle Puck was pleased and he skipped and executed bouncy little pirouettes as he joyously left through the Palace Gates.

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Yea Farmer Guilty Of Protecting Her Land

<Seymour Magistrates' Court last week found Yea farmer Deb McLeish (Bertalli) guilty of obstruction upholding Melbourne Water Corporation's right to enter private land to build the pipeline, which will divert water to Melbourne.

The magistrate did not record any conviction.

SOS-NEWS interviewed Deb McLeish in September when an entourage of Police were called by the state government and this show of force was on a crowd of some 10 women and children, one being Deb mother in a wheelchair.

These heroes of the Brumby Government Gestapo may have their victory in court, but they will suffer in the long run under the power of the people at the polling booths as this is a violation of peoples rights.

Listen to my interview with Deb in September 2008 and hear how they enter like Storm Troopers, arrested her , all for a pipeline that can never work for their is NO WATER to pipe, and they will remove her stock yards, woolshed and a great wack of her farm

Listen to Mal Davies Exclusive Interview with Deb McLeish from her Farm at Yea in Victoria September 2008 Arrow to play the full interview

Headless Brumbies Found Shot In The Snowy

Our investigator on the Snowy Mountain is inquiring into the slaughter of our Heritage horse the Brumby, by person, or person unknown.

The culling of overstocked wild horses is something required to keep numbers at a manageable level, to sanction and advocate the genocide of our Heritage Horse is an INTERNATIONAL DISGRACE.

Radical greens from fiction pedalling lobby groups like…

Andrew Cox CEO of the National Parks Association

Keith Muir Activist of the Colong foundation

Jeff Angel CEO of the Total Environmental Centre

all from non-government private organisations, heavily funded by government, are holding government to ransom to conform with their agenda to eradicate our heritage horse- THE BRUMBY.

There has been a well kept secret of Brumbies being executed in the Snowy that our investigator has uncovered.

Found were 4 Brumbies shot with an automatic rifle (totally illegal weapon to posses) around Thredbo area. There was a black stallion, a chestnut mare who had her head removed then left beside the body and her tail was also removed, a chestnut colt killed with tail missing, plus another chestnut colt killed. This all happened from the 5th to the 29th May 2009.

Next incident is from this extract of information by the Tumut & Adelong Times June 12th 2009 headlined, “Brumbies Butchered”, also direct contact with SOS-NEWS by concerned people of these Brumby and Cattle executions:

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Our once great Snowy River Now in Death Throws

Australian Governments, the home of corruption lies and fictional agreements, etc, have finally been uncovered with their heart rendering $425 Million to be produced from each NSW, VIC and Federal and the agreement was signed by the well documented unscrupulous then leaders, Prime Minister John Howard, NSW Premier Bob Carr and Victorian Premier Steve Bracks. Their proclamation to save the Snowy River, their spin always out front always mentioning – the “legally-binding” agreements.

So why the long faces, if people have not realised that any agreement with government is not worth the paper it is written, for if they cannot dictate they will legislate to win at any cost.

Now according to the Snowy River Alliance, a tireless group dedicated to saving our snowy, they were informed from the Environmental Defenders’ Office (for those who do not know this government department, renowned for go to court for any greenie with an axe to grind on taxpayer dollars) that there is nothing binding about the agreements, and NSW can provide as much or as little environmental flows for the Snowy.

After spending hundreds of millions of dollars, it appears that this agreement was arranged to never be binding and the NSW Government has gone to extended lengths to keep that quiet.

Disgust is just a mild form of reaction to this monument of deception on you the people by both of the two party preferred dictators we have the choice of.

Environmental Vandalism at best is the charge, and you can bet that, should the people ever stand up to be counted, demanding the Environmental Defenders’ Office take these governments to task on irrefutable evidence, in the balance of probabilities neither of these option will ever eventuate.

Police Watchers Copped It In England

So who is watching the watchers, that is the intelligence gathering arm of “Big Brother” the police.

This video just released shows how the English Police handle two women who at civil protests are armed with cameras photographing the police gathering intelligence on people for their agenada driven bosses, and both women were handled like terroist, trussed up stood on and all for the crime of taking a photo or two of those taking a photo or two.

The Guardian has obtained this police footage Emily Apple and Val Swain being arrested by surveillance officers after asking for their badge numbers at the Kingsnorth climate camp last year. The two women speak to Paul Lewis about their arrest, imprisonment and official complaint.

As our government follow the USA and Mother England like sheep, may we expect this Nazi Germany Policing here in Australia?

Arrested for asking a policeman for his badge number

June 18th 2009 – Mal Davies Interviews Farmer John Parkers:
The election of directors this week to the new Livestock Health and Pest Authority replacing the old RLPB is fawed with not only government control but shady election ballots that raise the question of great concern. John speaks of his grave reservations that the election is valid and seeks to expose the flaws that should make this Friday closing poll Null & Void …
Click on the arrow to listen to this interview

Voting rights for sole traders and partnership trading farmers are allowed two (2) votes per property, however if a property is trading as a company or family trust ratepayer they are allowed only one (1) vote.

Wee Jasper farmer John Parker said that he has spoken to Kim Turner, (the embattled CEO of the now defunct Yass RLPB who was subjected to ratepayers allegations concerning accountability and transparency of Turner and the board of directors) said, “what they have done with the Yass RLPB database handed to the LHPA of ratepayers information is dispense with part of the information and kept the main bit only.

‘This means that my two (2) votes have now been reduced to one (1) vote as I am corporation as the individual details have gone it would seem”.

John continued, “what this means is that they have only information of the trading names being sole or partnerships and companies, they do not have a list of the individual who own the land and pay the rates and this is not a democratic voting platform under any circumstances”.

‘This alone makes the election null and void, when the act states that – every property is entitles to (2) two votes.

‘Further to this, I rang Tim Johnston General Manager and returning officer of the Southern Tablelands LHPA located in Bathurst to object to him that on the ballot paper he has stated – “you must tick or cross three (3) boxes ( there are five candidates) for the vote to be validated otherwise the vote will be informal”.

“Again meeting with Kim Turner he produced a piece of paper that contained the part of the RLPB Act that states you cross or tick the box of candidates you are voting for an nothing about a required quantity.

‘When talking with Tim Johnston he agreed with me that the structure is wrong”

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Bushfire Control Interview Noeline Franklin’s had with RFS

Noeline Pushes RFS To Reduce Snowy Fuel Load NOW !


    June 15th 2009 – With ground fuel loads at record levels and the Victorian Bushfire inferno as a demonstration to the devestation massive fuel loads create, Mal interviews scientist and farmer Noeline Franklin who conducted a presentation to RFS officals at Brindabella Fire Station on Sunday to remove the fuel loads from the Snowy and NSW …Click on arrow to play the interview.


“In case you have all forgotten our coverage in SOS-NEWS the Queensland government theft of the people land, let me inform you Queenslanders AGAIN … you no longer own your properties in Queensland. The government became a private company, “The Brigalow Corporation” by regurgitating that states constitution from 1867 with amendments of 1890 and 1934, and tailoring the fine print for their own agenda.

Without referendum, or consultation with the people, after 10 years of covert planning, pushed this through Queensland parliament in the early hours of the morning. On Thursday 3rd October 2007, the High Court of Australia made rulings over residential and rural land that effectively removes all land ownership from the people of Queensland and puts it squarely into the hands of our State Government.

To the amazement of the whole universe, except Queensland it seems, voters returned the land thief back into Dictatorship at the recent election.

Please read this PDF document that explains the theft in just 4 pages for those who do not believe this could have happened and those who do not know and those who put them back into government.

HERE is another warning, we have been reporting on over the past few years, water right removed by government from you the people, being rain on the roof to dams and streams on your property will become government owned.

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Greens Bob Brown Again Relies on “THE SMITH FAMILY”

Australian businessman Dick Smith has pledged to help Australian Greens leader Bob Brown pay a $240,000 legal bill which is threatening to force him into bankruptcy.

Senator Brown has to pay the money to Forestry Tasmania after failing in his efforts to stop logging in Tasmania’s Wielangta Forest.

This is the second time that ‘The Smith Family” – Dick and Pip have bailed Bob out.

Brown, if sent bankrupt, will be required to relinquish his seat in the senate.

In October 2007, we were alerted to deals in Tasmania between Greens Leader Bob Brown, Businessman Geoffrey Cousins, and Businessman Dick Smith, where Smith and Cousins had speculated on property that had environmental problems that needed to go away for their land sales and Five Star Resort construction, Dick Smith lent the Greens .

As the Tasmanian Land Conservancy then needed to raise $2.5 million, interest free loan to repay Dick and Pip Smith, they urge people to contribute to the fund. Bob Brown made a public statement, and in a press release, quoted that for security on the Dick Smith $2.5 million loan, he was placing his Liffey property and house as security.

With the expected solidarity projected by the radical greens and dedication to the environment, donations fell short of the mark of around $1.37 million, now placing the Bob Brown home at the mercy of the lender.

Mid-September 2007, Dick Smith’s outstanding loan was $1.37 million, he donated this back to the organisation thus discharging Brown’s property as security.

Forestry Tasmania says Senator Brown has known about the debt for a long time and the case has cost the organisation more than $800,000.

Ken Jeffreys from Forestry Tasmania says Senator Brown refused a compromise offer that would have reduced the court bill he owes the company.Where are the dedicated Greens when it comes to coughing up in the name of the environment from their personal pockets?

To destroy peoples livelihood, cost Australian export and employers from functioning under their myth-information they find easy to assemble the forces, but seem to hang their boss out to dry when push comes to shove.

Be advised that a read of my 2007 E-book, “Gunns Greens & Cousins” will relate how the money changes hands, deals done, all in the name of Environment to the rich and famous.

Download it FREE from the link below…

Peter Spencer’s High Court Hearing Over Government Carbon Theft


Today, Friday 5th June 2009, some 50 people attended the hearing Peter has won the right to present and APPEAL for hearing on whether or not his CARBON CASE can now proceed to the High Court on a decision handed down against Peter by three (3) Federal Court Judges.

The High Court was to present (7) seven judges, only three were allocated to the bench, so the hearing proceeded.

The question was posed from the bench to the Senior Council for the Commonwealth after he had presented to the bench information that aroused the question – “but…where is the proof. There must be proof somewhere that the State paid the Commonwealth to bring about the Native Vegetation regulations so that the Commonwealth could obtain the enrichment benefit of the carbon for KYOTO ?”

The Senior Council for the Commonwealth replied – “there is none your honour“.

This is interesting because in the statements of claim that Senior Council for the Commonwealth and the judges have in front of them, there is in black and white details of an agreement signed by previous Prime Minister John Howard and previous NSW Premier, Bob Carr an International Agreement.

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