Government Wage Cut Troops While Greenies Ride Gravy Train

Committing troops to battle is just the stroke of a pen for Australian governments since settlement. To adequately supporting them in battle and repatriation they buried in legislation and bureaucratic red tape slowing the cash flow supported by well placed hurdles to stem veteran claims.

Troops in the Middle East serving a six month tour will be $19,000 out of pocket on the pay cut announced from Canberra.

Tony Abbott’s quest to unload the inherit Labor government debt  passed the buck of targeted Australia troops in Afghanistan quoting the decision was made by the military. With a second breath, he commits support of that decision by the National Security Committee of Cabinet (NSC) signing off on the changes in November.


General Hurley $800,000 pa

You will be amazed and astounded that Defence Chief General David Hurley, who earns about $800,000-a-year or $15,300-a-week, did not oppose the combat troops pay cut that over six months will save the Liberal government about $20 million.

The wounded British soldiers is also blind fighting for his country

This wounded British soldiers is also blind fighting for his country

Prime Minister Abbott, look how much more you and the coalition forces save from young men and women who served in the Australian, British, US and Canadian Military for 20 years, risking their lives protecting freedom, to receive just 50% of their pay on retirement, while all politicians hold their political positions in the safe confines of the capital, protected by these same men and women, and receive full-pay retirement after serving just one term.

Prime Minister, you need only look to taxpayer funded government environmental grants gravy trains, many set in place from the previous Howard Liberal government, being set upon by those in the know and here is just the tip to some of our findings with just one investigation we have conducted over 24 months.

Jan Ferguson

Jan Ferguson

(1)  Jan Ferguson, managing director of the “Ninti One” organisation is a well connected person who arranged a government grant of $20 million to cull wild camels on an estimate of 1 million animals. When the project completed  there were 300,000.

  • Where was the compliance?
  • Where is the accountability to taxpayers when annual report are published without financial audit details?

(2) Prior to this cull project there was Desert Knowledge CRC set in place, again with Jan Ferguson with Camel control one of the research projects on which the organisation has spent $93 million, in cash and kind, during its first six year term of funding and published a massive 20 consultants’ reports dealing with the camel problem. Again no financial report available to establish accountability.

(3) Remote Economic Participation CRC is a public good research centre which delivers solutions that address social and economic disadvantage in remote Australia, program funding $32.5 Million. And yes Jan Ferguson is managing director of this – yes, again no financial details in annual reports.

 Here is the wages structure government CRC’s comply to:

$420,000 for Program Leader/ Senior Manager                                   

$280,000 for Project/ Theme Leader/ Key Researcher/ Manager

$220,000 for Researcher/ Professional

$180,000 for Other (support staff – technical, administrative etc.

 How much would you receive if you were on 3 CRC’s ..Hmmmm.

The CRC program was officially launched in 1990. Since the commencement of the program in 1991, 200 CRCs have been funded. The Australian Government has committed more than $3.7 billion in CRC program funding. Participants in CRCs have committed a further $11.7 billion in cash and in-kind contributions. The total Australian Government support for science, research and innovation in 2012-13 is almost $9 billion.

Here’s a tip from the people Tony,

  • Cease stealing wages from our loyal troops – TODAY.


  • Start your pruning TODAY with the greenie tree.  Make that positive move restoring the decimated Greens environment from taxpayer funded science fiction junkets. Show a giant step toward recovery of our biodiversity and environment delivered to government in pristine condition after 100 years of management by farmers and land carers before Gang Green set in.

Mal Davies

Vic Government Computer Experts Rolled By 16 Year old

December 2013 saw 16 year old Victorian school boy report a backdoor opening in the Government authority Public Transport Victoria (PTV) website offering access to the database hosting some 600,000 entries containing full names, addresses, home and mobile phone numbers, email addresses, dates of birth, seniors card ID numbers, and nine-digit extracts of credit card numbers.

Joshua, a self-described ”white hat” security researcher, said he was motivated by a desire to improve online security. He first contacted PTV by email on Boxing Day, but received no response, nor one week later, however this week, one month later the PTV to save face of their IT and computer management experts found by this 16 year old to be populated by incompetence report the kid to the police quoting he could be charged under the cybercrime act.

There was a time 10 years ago when SOS-NEWS computer forensic team were out to help, that ceased after warning people of our discovered scam selling a non existent executives directory to medium and small businesses around the world. Australia was targeted and harvested  so the scammer’s reeled in personal information these Aussies tendering like lambs to the slaughter.

Tailgating website hosts we intercepted the scammer’s database then decided to alert people of the trap they had sprung. The response from 95% contacted was “how did we get their phone number and email address“? – The answerer:  they filled out the scammers form looking for a free ride. Abuse and threats of intention reporting our findings to the enforcers (who were lacking skills and infrastructure at that time) we walked away.

Disillusioned, we sat back watching those 2500 Aussies lambs being fleeced for an average of $500 each from a phantom database in cyberspace and they suggested “we were the criminals”. Our cyber space watch is ever present and amazing scams are perpetrated with the only thing that still remains constant,  Australia is the most lucrative target for internet fraud running multi-millions of dollars each year. We still only watch.

Now the have fixed up the 16 year old doing the right thing and embarrassing the shit out of the public service, it’s time to muster the 600,000 who may have had their information stolen by sniffer-hackers finding this same open backdoor and mount a class action against PTV for failing to secure and protect their entrusted sensitive data.

Three weeks ago the Victorian Auditor General John Doyle warned government departments they are woefully ill-equipped to combat cyber attacks after an audit report in November identified well over 100 information security breaches and lapses during penetration testing – or authorised hacking of government websites.

Much needed are several more unqualified 16 year old to commission all government computer systems before launching to public use. Clearly these red faced $150,000+pa salaried government accredited computer experts are reflecting astonishing limitations to basic software encryption protocols.

Entrusted with our national security, terrorism watch, military and spy networks, this caliber of computer experts under government covers must be of concern to us all.

Public tolerance to decades of political party dictatorship funded of taxpayer dollars maintaining this 4th Reich political system of government is astounding.

When will “Enough be Enough people”?

To bureaucratic enforcers and the experts involved. You offer no challenge to the massive world wide army of computer youth, not accredited, working together hosting very real ability to render any computer systems useless should they choose.

Tony Keep Going – Look To The Top Of The Murray


No high country forests, no Murray water inflows!

Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Alpine Ash forests across the Australian alps have been incinerated in this last decade by government adopted policy and poor advice from select boffins walking in the twilight zone among the rabid green fanaticism. More opinion than science or the wisdom of generational experience and proven performance.

People straight out of the city and university education by people straight off a boat from Europe have been very influential about how best to manage Australian forests and land. They have not understood the power of fire in the Australian ecology so have stuck their heads in the candle bark and spent lifetimes on public funding accepting policy failure reinforcing bad advice to government. Dynasties of denial are set to irreversibly destroy the Upper Murray inflows. Locked up forests repeatedly incinerated and or rendered dysfunctional to repeatedly burn under the same tyranny of mismanagement. The government inquiry after millions of hectares of alpine ecology have been killed once twice finally, bring in the same show ponies to judge their own bad advice.  Alpine ash forests and snow gum ecologies are either dead or on their way to being past regeneration because of hot fire injury.

head in the sand over fuel management 2

Will Tony go far enough?

While we applaud Tony Abbots recent turn around on the Murray reform process being critically endangered lower Murray, irrigators are being sold back water confiscated by the Craig Knowles circus which excised the alps upper Murray catchment. Will Tony go all the way? The lions share of inflow was excised deceitfully from the Murray basin reform process as the tops were declared protected when in fact they are chronically neglected! The alpine upper Murray catchment rendered critically endangered by stupidity of the ‘university ski club’ accumulating mountains of dead flammable mulch, maximal scrub locked up waiting for the inevitable drought summer dry storm to incinerate the soil, the birds and animals repeatedly incinerate the vegetation so it will be beyond regeneration.

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We are on the cusp of one of the most disgraceful commercial ventures ever embarked upon by the channel 9 network.  Every thinking Australian should voice their disgust in writing to the communications minister and all Senators regarding the impending screening of the outrageous and grossly offensive Corby telemovie which paints a perverted distortion and falsehood of the true factual events surrounding the Schapelle Corby arrest and wrongful conviction.   

For the record the phone hacking mentioned at point 24 below I understand relates to the hacking of my phone and 5 other family members and associates by a Murdoch reporter Deborah Cassrells in cahoots with the AFP after my dubious arrest at Denpasar airport on 28 December 2009 and the subsequent publishing of the stolen hacked information in the West Australian and The Australian newspapers on 1, 4, and 5 January 2010 by reporters Deborah Cassrells and Kim MacDonald followed in 2011 by the refusal of Finkelstein to allow the evidence into the so called “Media Inquiry” farce.

The writer was canvassed by the makers of this crap movie in 2013 and told them where to go.  actually because this video below is where the true facts about the Corby case can be found. 4 years on and the corrupt State agencies in Perth and Canberra continue to victimise my family as part of their attempts to silence me.  


Anyone wishing to view further details of the phone hacking being carried on by Australian media corporations can contact the writer with a request – .

Read more [HERE]
Robert Paul of the family Mcjannett
Convenor- Building Trades Rank & File Reform Group of WA.

Rubin “The Hurricane” Carter; Rob “The Slugga” Mcjannett  &  John “The Forgotten Man” Artis.  At the international justice conference for the wrongly convicted in Perth, Burswood convention centre March 2012.  


Immigration – How It Does Not Work

Clear and concise is this professional presentation with the use of “gumballs” explaining the bottom line of immigration failure so you  may make informed decisions . You might care to forward this video to your federal and state MP so they can understand how immigration “does not work” when next called to vote in the party room on your behalf !!!



The powers that be DO NOT want you to know about this, as this system is what has kept them at the top of the financial food-chain for the last 100 years. Learning this will change your life, because it will change the choices that you make. If enough people learn it, it will change the world… because it will change the system .

This compulsory viewing video for everyone to view explains in plain language how the banks and government are manipulating your money. Never in human history have so many been plundered by so few, and it’s all accomplished through this… The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind.

The Fall Of Australia

This video was produced in 2012 by Stephan Molyneux, a disturbing collection of facts, figures and assessment.

You may not agree with all that is said,  but facts of that time having  escalated the ensuing 12 months,  paints a dim future for Australia living in the clouds  of “She’ll be right”

Petition to O’Farrell – Thugs On Our Streets Must Be STOPPED

Tom Kelly

With street crime running rampant, a gutless government and police commissioner in NSW distancing themselves from the true crime situation in this state from thugs who control the streets. 

Gangs shooting up residential houses, public transport assaults, street brawls outside hotels and clubs, all under cover of “NO ACCOUNTABILITY” and escalating daily like any epidemic.

Barry O'Farrell

Barry O’Farrell

There is no doubt in the public mind that a  KING HIT is INTENTIONAL.  It should attract a charge of  PREMEDITATED ATTEMPTED MURDER, if fatal PREMEDITATED MURDER.

Why then does Mr O’Farrell’s  government, the DPP, and the Police Commissioner not place murder charges on the culprits when the crimes act allows for these charges ? – Why are  judicial magistrates so reluctant to lock them up and throw away the keys?

This petition need to be pushed into O’Farrell nose, supported by  flooding emails to make this political  garden gnome aware there are no fairies in yard.  His job, and that of his obvious “One Term Government”,  is to protect the people under our constitution which is obviously not on his agenda.

Mr O’Farrell, control the criminals as you control the good people of NSW – “Legislate to Dictate”.


The Premier of NSW – The Hon. Barry O’Farrell MP: Reform sentencing laws to curb alcohol-fuelled violence

We’d prepared ourselves for this kind of news, but it still came as a shock.

On New Year’s Eve, in almost exactly the same spot in King’s Cross where our beloved son Tom was killed, another young man had fallen victim to the rage of alcohol-fueled violence.

A single punch. Another young man fighting for his life. Another family distraught and torn apart. When is this going to end?

Our hearts go out to the family of young Daniel Christie. No-one outside the family can really understand the pain they are going through right now.

Police allege that Daniel’s attacker had drunk eight beers and a glass of wine beforehand and that he was already on a good behaviour bond for assault.

Because someone has been charged, we can’t comment more on this particular case right now. But we know that something has to change. Too many lives are being taken from us. The toll is mounting, and the Government is far too slow to act.

Just a few days after Kieran Loveridge was sentenced to a miserly four years jail for killing Tom, we started a petition at calling for minimum sentencing laws in cases of manslaughter.

More than 23,000 people have already signed our petition and we’ve had some encouraging signs from the Government.

And while we are still determined to see changes to minimum sentencing laws in cases of manslaughter, it’s clear that more needs to be done to tackle the spiralling issue of alcohol-fuelled violence.

In particular, we need laws that will send a strong message to young people and the community in general that alcohol abuse and excessive drinking should not serve as an excuse for violence. Right now, the law doesn’t do that.

Too often, criminals are using excessive drinking as an excuse for their behaviour.

We need to turn this around 180 degrees. The central plank of our new proposal to the NSW Government is to increase the penalties for any crime committed whilst affected by alcohol or drugs.

Recently, accompanied by leading Sydney lawyer Alexander Street SC, we met with Attorney-General Mr Greg Smith to propose three key areas of reform to the NSW Sentencing Act.

The three additions that we have proposed to the Attorney General – now reflected in our updated petition – are:

1. Any crimes committed whilst affected by alcohol or drugs are identified as a “mandatory aggravating factor” that must be taken into account on sentencing.

This will serve to send the right messaging of the primary role that alcohol plays in violence and crimes within NSW and require sentences to reflect this aggravating feature.

2. The aggravating factor of “conditional liberty” expanded to any “good behaviour bond”.

This will tackle the issue of repeat offenders.

3. Youth and the inability of a victim to defend themselves as being aggravating factors that must be taken into account.

This would help stop attacks on the most defenceless and vulnerable in our society.

We have asked the NSW Government to incorporate these three key elements into the Act.   Importantly these additions would be incorporated within all areas of criminal activity, including domestic violence and sexual assault.

Right now, our sentencing laws are completely out of sync with public sentiment.  18 months ago we lost Tom. 3 days ago, another family’s boy was attacked. Until something changes, the only thing we can be sure of is that there will be more.

Social and behavioural change only occurs when we stand up as one and demand that change happens.

Now is that time.

Time to say that we’re fed up with the culture of excessive drinking.

Time to say that we’re fed up with violence on our streets, fuelled by rampant alcohol abuse.

Please sign our petition on and share it with friends and family. Together, we can do this.  Thank you.

Ralph and Kathy Kelly

The myth of green Australia

Australian Green scientific fiction engineer – taxpayer funded of course

Having collected the Nobel peace prize in 2007, Al Gore’s fortunes as a climate crusader slid into the doldrums.  But 8th November 2011 arrived as a ray of sunshine. On that day Australia’s parliament passed into law the world’s first economy-wide carbon tax. Rushing to his blog, Gore posted a short but rapturous statement, cross-posted in The Huffington Post. His fervent language echoed in progressive circles across the globe. Australians have been held-up as pioneering environmentalists ever since, putting Americans to shame.

“This is a historic moment”, thundered Gore. “With this vote”, he blogged, “the world … turned a pivotal corner in the collective effort to solve the climate crisis”. He proclaimed it “the result of tireless work of an unprecedented coalition that came together to support the legislation”; he praised the “leadership of Prime Minister [Julia] Gillard and the courage of legislators”; and he declared “the voice of the people of Australia has rung loud and clear”.

But maybe Gore’s enthusiasm was a bit misplaced. In September, less than two years later, Australians seem likely, according to the polls, to hand the Gillard Labor government a stinging landslide defeat.

 “A pivotal corner in the collective effort”

As it turns out, and not for the first time, Gore’s analysis was wrong. For one thing, calling the carbon tax “pivotal” is pure hyperbole. Although a relatively large land mass, Australia is populated by just 23 million people who collectively emit a minuscule 1.5 per cent of the world’s greenhouse gases. Nor is the country influential in a broader political union or association beyond its borders. Since climate change alarmists suggest that global emissions must fall by 25 to 40 per cent in 2020 compared to 1990 levels, Australia’s efforts must be seen as more symbolic than effective. Currently, the tax and its post-2015 form as an emissions trading scheme (ETS) are adjusted for a trivial 5 per cent cut from 2000 levels in 2020; 5 percent of 1.5 percent of the world’s emissions barely registers against a few days increase in countries like China.

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World Bank Lawyer Blows Whistle on Endemic Corruption

This Video is the one that will wake the entire world up to the blatant deceit, Dishonesty, of the world Banks, the Vatican and our own alleged Governments who Know dam well what is going on and are deceiving us world wide.

Our Debt cycles can be fixed by doing what Karen Hudes is suggesting – “get rid of the world banks from our countries”. Tell the Vatican to go to hell. they are the biggest crooks on the planet.

Although Karen Does Not mention Australia as being manipulated by these crooks, we Know dam well they are from documented available proof, that has been available for a very long time.

Australia’s big 4 banks are up to their treasonous armpits in this bloody conspiracy to control the people of the world as is the Reserve Bank of Australia along with  the Vatican proclaiming to be Gods premier Religion controlling the world money systems alongside of the world Banks.

We already have uncovered evidence that a lot of the unconstitutional local Governments are filtering your hard earned dollars in rates to the Vatican.

Stopped the bulldust and deceit, stopped altering our Constitution behind our backs illegally and tell the World Banks to get lost.

Hungary has done that recently by kicking out the world banks, now they are debt free and printing their own money. If Australia did this we would be in great shape too.

Federal treasurer Joe Hockey should watch this video then Contact Karen Hudes who has the background and credentials to become his senior advisor.