Spencer High Court Challenge Fights for us All

Australian History was built on BushRangers, Brave Soldiers, Aboriginal Culture and The Taffy Abbotts of the Nation    With Xmas Day behind us and we now relax with beer, wine, or softdrink as we head towards the New Year, don’t for get to spare a thought for the couple of the Kimberleys’, Taffy and Kim Abbotts.Mt Hart, North Western Australia may be far from you all, even across the oceans, but it is the support of the people of this Nation that makes a difference when Politicians and Bureaucrats make decisions on things and matters, where morally they struggle to comprehend, for their futures are secured and guaranteed for life with our tax dollars.You Tube tells a succinct story by way of recital, click on any photo and have a listen see, for tomorrow these lands, this business, this life’s removal without “just terms” could well be you fighting for yours.Brumbyy (With 2Ys)

Combet-Gillard ETS Snow Job Iced

Combet & Gillard as wrong as Rudd & Wong“He looks at the flow of particles from the Sun, and how they interact with the upper atmosphere, especially air currents such as the jet stream, and he looks at how the Moon and other factors influence those streaming particles.”

“He takes a snapshot of what the Sun is doing at any given moment, and then he looks back at the record to see when it last did something similar. Then he checks what the weather was like on Earth at the time – and he makes a prophecy”.

No, he makes a prediction and 85% of those he is acclaimed right, read more by clicking on the iced-ship photograph, at the Sydney Morning Herald site and know Labours Carbon Tax is a treasonous wealth transfer.

Know that the new climate fairy Greg Combet’s depiction of Australia’s carbon footprint is built upon the lie of, exported coal as a solid non-released carbon product, being somehow mysteriously by magic, absorbed as a gas into the atmosphere and all countries that purchase and burn that coal either have no footprint as it is deemed ours, or the bloody thieves, liars and ETS charlatons are double dipping western wealth and facillitating the demise of the very existence of a Sovereign Nation/s, this ones, Australia..

Brumbyy (With 2Ys)

Premier Barnett-JUST TERMS-is not Negotiable

Premier Barnett’s Honeymoon Teeters on “Just Terms”For all the discerning SOS-NEWS readers out there, there is something greater at play here this Xmas to think about than washed up illegal immigrants, traitorous politicians like Greg Combet who has now for many Australians become persona non grata for his personal grandstanding in Cancun, Mexico, at the expense of generations of future Australians, or the Gillards who have been exposed as plotting Judas’s, or the Graham Richardsons who try to save the un-save-able by crying falsity to that which WikiLeaks exposes in regards to his protégé, Gillard.

The Western Australian people have just voted out another State Labour scourge and with the help of the Nationals, now see installed a Liberal Government future headed by Premier Colin Barnett.

Taffy Abbotts [pictured] is facing financial and career evisceration, not unlike the Peter Spencer’s land use theft and all because the new Premier Colin Barnett’s Western Australian Government, is showing signs of being run by bureaucrats with agenda instead of Politicians with a vision.


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Spencer Just Terms Battle-Flares in Kimberley’s Mt Hart

From Tower of Hope-to Mountain of Courage Peter Spencer sat atop his tower of hope, not so much for himself as has often be portrayed, but for this Nation and its trodden peoples. Farmers, country businesses, irrigators and land owners (holders) , all who have been raped and pillaged by their own elected representatives, so as to satisfy either corporate greed, or Political Agenda.

Regardless of the cause, those soul and life rapists never consider for a moment, nor care, of the catastrophic destruction to life, history, culture and to entire family unit’s well being, let alone the directly caused suicides happening daily.

Well, again a Government of Australia, this time the newly formed Western Australian State Government headed by an often revered Premier, Premier Barnett, through his DEC (Department of Conservation & Environment) is destroying decades of effort, a life time’s family wealth, a generational existence and in so doing, says callously, take $200,00K and bugger off, your efforts, your work and your life’s expectations, are ours. Taffy & Kim Abbotts, accept now, or we’ll take even this pitiful offer from the table.

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Assange Message Deeper than WikiLeaks Words

WikiLeak Exposes the Mire & Muck of those that Lie in the Little ThingsAs the Wiki Leaks saga skyrockets about the globe, those rockets deliver revelations of astounding duplicitous clarity. As the US government in the eyes of the global people by means yet unknown, but effective all the same, appears to have had charges brought by a friendly government the Swedes, to stifle and silence the Wiki Leaks leader Julian Assange; there is something that the main stream media seem intentionally staying clear of.

In Australia already the illustrious deposed Prime Minster Kevin Rudd, (AKA The Milky Bar Kid) now the Foreign Affairs Minister, the very man who publicly show-cased his verbal Mandarin skills in front of the Nation and Chinese dignitaries, has been named and shamed in these revelations as a person most unsuitable for his past, let alone current position.

What are they missing?:

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Electronic Pickpocket Harvest Credit Card & Passport Details

Information your credit card provider will never admit which you can see on this video how a palmtop computer rubbed against your wallet pocket or handbag even in a crowd, will capture your card number, name and expiry date.

With smartcard passports it will capture your photo and personal details. You don’t even know it has happened.

Click on the picture to see the video of this information theft by stealth


In an historic first for Australia, Prerogative Writs of Mandamus were served in the High Court in Canberra at about 3.48 pm this afternoon pertaining to the illegal “corporations” that have been formed, and are being operated under the “Commonwealth of Australia” ABN122 104 616 and the America Securities Exchange Commission No. 000 080 5157, and commanding that this fraudulent “corporation,” and all of the fraudulent subsidiary “companies” – being those in each of the States – be dissolved. Queenslanders will no doubt be familiar with the “Brigalow Corporation,” brought to the attention of the people some years ago by Sue Maynes in New South Wales, Brian Shaw in Victoria, Wayne Glew et al in Western Australia, as well as many other good and hard-working people for the cause in many other States.

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Cancun – Combet & Australian Taxes Theft

Whilst Cancun is being Played down, Sovereign Nation Traitors Flock to its Great Hall

In light of Combet’s theft and dispersion of stolen Australian tax dollars to Indonesia today, it is important to revist our story posted on the 30 November.

As another flurry of misguided politicians and bureaucrats flock to Cancun Mexico on tax dollars better spent on policing, education and especially children’s health, Australian attendees might well look to our neighbouring cousin New Zealand, before they place any signature to anything.

The following words are attributed to those elected in NZ Parliament and these words say it all.

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Dingo Day-Candle Night Sparkles this Saturday

Dingoes Shine in Candle Light

Yep, this Saturday night the 11th of December, 3000 Candles will burn inside a paper bag in the shape of a Fraser Island dingo and your child’s name for a mere $2.00 per candle could be on one of those bags. This event was postponed last Sunday due to wild inclement weather predicted, but this Saturday at Dayman Park, Hervey on the Fraser Coast of Queensland, Dingo Day/ Candle Night will sparkle.

This added time enhances your opportunity to not just be involved from a distance in this fantastic piece of International grand scale Candle Art by renown artist Jorge Pujol, but enables you to give a memory to your child for life. Instilling them with the pride of doing something personal for the Fraser Island Dingo; by supporting the Fraser Island Dingo Whisperer Jennifer Parkhurst and helping her to meet her un-Australian legal penalisation for being our very own Australian Jane Goodall.

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