Dingoes Howl for Garrett

Man, Mouse
Re-invigorated Environmentalist who Screams?

Now Peter Garrett can return to what he perhaps believes is that which he knows; the environment and the protection thereof.

He interceded in the Traveston Dam affair in Queensland’s South Coast and now he can devote his time again, to Queensland’s issues.

One of these being the horrendous failing of the Anna Bligh State Labour Government under Minister Kate Jones to manage the World Heritage Listed Fraser Island and the sad plight of the last Dingoes that can be termed pure, which are the reason for the listing in the first place

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BSE kills Oz Cattle Industry & Abbtoirs

BSE Coming our Way by Prime-Ministerial Request

Just in case some in this country were still sycophantically Labour and under the seriously flawed misapprehension that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was not the leader of the fifth column, (the enemy within) the incredulously dangerous actions of him and his Government to allow the importation of beef to this nation from countries that are BSE affected, should overcome this naivety in those electors.

So I think apart from what Mr Rudd would term, “media histrionics” that in fact are anything but, on this topic, there is a need to get the information directly from the same sources that the Rudd Government is SUPPOSED to be getting theirs and it goes like this;

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Farmers Yell Enough is Enough

Cooee, Spencer, Farmers and Another March

Wednesday the 24th was not, just another day, for once again, some hundreds of Farmers and land holders from across NSW, congregated in Hyde Park Sydney and took to the streets to march on NSW’s Parliament House in Macquarie St.

With this resurgence in rural patriotism kept fired up by the selfless efforts of Peter Spencer with his 50 plus day hunger strike sojourn, metres off the ground in the bush high on his lands, we see people again leaving their rural properties, when they can ill afford to do so, but to not do so, would be tantamount to cocking the loaded Vegetation Act guns, aimed squarely at each of them, severally and jointly, with the only future being that of Peter’s.

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Australian Food Security Under Threat Scientist Reveals

Government and Greens Are Closing Down Australian Ability To Produce Food

With the rural industry being eroded by gang greens and government chasing the green preference vote, we watch daily the closure of our farmer’s ability to produce here in Australia, while the rest of the world encourages farming to supply their individual countries food supply

We must ask the question WHY would any government be it Labor or Liberal set in place massive red tape and unworkable legislations to halt their nations food supply chain from the land?

I spoke with Noeline Franklin, our resident scientist and farmer on the subject of food security and the ramifications of importing our food when the farmers can no longer produce in Australia.


Dingoes Fraser Island & 4th Brother “The RSPCA”

RSPCA in Queensland
Condone Official Cruelty

Is there a difference between animal cruelty, say in NSW, as, it is this day judged in Queensland?

In NSW, the RSPCA have a policy, if they deem an animal,animals, has,or have to be destroyed because of neglect, or cruelty, then litigation (court action) is the course that assuredly must follow.

Just musing as a digression, I wonder if that same policy applies in South Australia?

In Queensland, the RSPCA can drive hundreds of miles over rugged Cape York roads to rescue a brumby (wild) foal for Television Marketing, but when it comes to preserving the very core & essence of the most southern National Park of the Barrier Reef, the World Heritage listed Island, “Fraser Island’s most pure Dingo population”, they have continually hid behind, “we have no jurisdiction to interfere“.

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The Fifth Column

Liars Realists & Dangerous People

Considering the United Nations is touted as the be all to end all of global information and a bench mark that the radical Green sect pin their science and authority against, or should we say to, are their enough face wipes on this globe to remove the copious dried egg stains from all the Climate change sycophants faces.

Climate realists, like us here at SOS-NEWS and now almost most of the globe that matters ((thankfully, even though it was a hard slog) thankyou Alan Jones and thankyou Lord Monckton) we still, are unable to sit back in our Jason Reclining chairs and breathe easy, for there are still some of those Climate Sycophantic Liars in our realm here in Australia, who have no intention of falling on their own sword gracefully and thereby losing sight of the immense wealth such lying was to bring.

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DERM Boss Taints Parkhurst Trial


Dingoes on Fraser Island have been an attractant, magnet, for tourists for decades and decades, so why is it, that suddenly when those so called bastions of environmental protection (DERM) come on to the scene in some quasi managerial position, all hell breaks loose? I use quasi intentionally, for both the real managers and real experts, are the Butchulla People.

As the case is now before the courts with charges laid, there is a legal impediment to that which can be discussed about the details of the specific case DERM now take Ms Parkhurst to court for, but it does not stop one from analysing the press release that they themselves, that is Premier Anna Bligh’s Minister, Kate Jones’s DERM, publicly released in respect to these charges.

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Dingo Dunes & Tears


Just when will our Governments across this Nation cease being Dictatorial and start listening to their surroundings??

Most likely never, for although we have moved far into the future from what we teach our children that which is “History”, in fact we as humans have advanced not one foot further in the direction of being a better species.

Suffice it to say, should a fair minded lay person only having read the news, be called to appear as a jury member, to act as a peer amongst peers to consider a verdict in this matter, the “Official” banter that has recently been reported in the media, would make it very hard to attend such a position in an unbiased state of mind. Thereby, already making a fair trial, almost an impossibility, for the Government already has her, publicly convicted.

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