Dingoes Face Off DERM

Dingo Whisperer Tied & Blindfolded
Tainted Justice

On the 24th March, DERM lawyers advised the Maryborough Court their investigative team required more time to assess the evidence they collected from a searching raid conducted against Ms Jennifer Parkhurst back in August 2009. This evidence was predominately, Terabytes of stored data.

This evidence was also predominately, a lady’s life of honest, hard and caring work, as a wildlife photographer, author and artist and there are not, terabytes of damaging evidence at all. To be quite frank, DERM have had Ms Parkhurst’s life in their hands for many months going back to August last year and to present to court and ask for more time, was in itself a legal travesty and if reports are correct, we understand even the Magistrate was aghast at such a request.

It also has to be recognised that by DERM having confiscated Ms Parkhurst’s work of some 7 years, they effectively have shut down her ability to conduct herself as her profession determines is necessary to stay viable. A profession that was soon to see the release of her book , a book we understand to have been a beautiful coffee table style presentation of the Fraser Island Dingoes; these Dingoes being the very subject matter, at the heart of allegations, and charges now brought against Ms Parkhurst, by DERM.

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Kenneally’s Sky Spy

Searches for Eldorado on Your Lands & National Parks

Under the cover, of daylight and the release of non-transparent media statements; behind corporate oriented legislation and Ministerial permissions, another reason for another Australian sector of society, should be afraid.

Afraid of the intrusion into, and right through, not just their lands, their buildings, their machinery, their very home’s lounge rooms, but if they are there at the time, which many will be, right through their very body, with spy rays from low flying, government sanctioned, private aircraft.

Most of you will not know, but most certainly should, private NSW lands and huge tracts of NSW National Parks and Wilderness areas, are being surveyed by the highest tech aerial capabilities available.

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DERM Boss Says “Let Them Eat Cake”

Don’t Feed Them
Just Shoot Them

What’s the Difference between human starving and associated killings and Fraser Island Dingo starving and associated killings?

I wonder if Minister Kate Jones has been to India, the Sudan, or so many other places on this globe. Places that only require a stroll off the beaten tourist path, to see the destitution, the slums and the poverty, the violence.

Charities everyday cry out to the wealthy people of the first and second worlds for scraps and morsels of funding to put food in the mouths of starving children, they seek the technology we throw on the rubbish tip for adults in those destitute areas to prosper and fend for themselves.

The crime, the squalor and the violence, are all symptoms of hunger. For humans this hunger is for money, position, power, chattels, but most importantly to over 1 Billion souls, “it’s purely food and water”. Just enough to keep them alive for the next day so they have the strength to get to an aid station to get the simple life saving potions of the deadly curse of the poor, Diarrhoea.

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Dingo Dies Minister Smiles

Another cry
of the
Fraser Island Activists Groups
Given credence

Too many people and so little controls threatens the environment, the fauna, and yes, even the tourists themselves. It is one thing to be drunk and irresponsible, it is another to run down callously and kill a life, be it Dingo, or God forbid, a Child. In such a place as Fraser Island, this threat is now proved real and the Minister claims death by four wheel drive, is a political win for her and her team.

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Echelon Crims Spies & Jurys Meet in NZ

NZ Echelon Spy Dome Fiasco
Refurbishes The Jury System

There is an absolute furore going on in New Zealand right now over the vandalism acts of three persons who took to the pneumatic dome of one of New Zealand’s contributions to the Echelon Programme.

Yeah we know; there is a cry from spooksville inhabitants of NZ, this is in no way a US installation and they are naive enough to believe, there are more in New Zealand than themselves who believe this.

The real story here though, is not, whether or not the above is a big lie, or a little lie by NZ spy chiefs, we all know it is a lie, but rather the actual due process of law and more importantly, the serious reason for Jury’s in trials, along with the ever exponential incursions of covert operations into daily life.

It is the issue of the NZ academic judicial world having their butts soundly kicked by their masters the citizens, that has the judiciary, the Spy contingent and the politicians, in an absolute quandary & angst.

SOS-NEWS exposed some years ago the USA Echelon NZ/AUST network set in place back in 1977- read here how it was implimented under covert government sanctions and still remains… http://sosnews.org/library/investigations/CIA/echelon.htm

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Dingoes on Fraser Island Given New Teeth

Dingoes RSPCA & Definition of Starving

The law in respect to animal cruelty and how it is judged and hence becomes a judicial matter and thereby a person’s future, good name and life is decided upon, or not; has just been turned on its head by one very senior RSPCA Prosecuting Inspector.

This, a person whom has had some 10 years in an Australian police force and now, amongst her RSPCA duties, is a Senior expert mouth piece for the National Animal Welfare Organisation, the RSPCA and most importantly, this time, from within the bowels of the RSPCA’s fiefdom of Queensland.

It first has to be noted that the ABC story by By Nikole Jacobi and Jo Skinner


“The RSPCA says it plays a vital role in the management of dingoes on Fraser Island.”

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