And here we go the royal commission into the Victorian bush fires. The premier Mr. Brumby said it would be transparent, well the way it is shaping up, it will be about as transparent as MUD.

People by the hundreds have been denied a start; these are family members of some of the victims! David Pack ham has been denied a start, (what would this bloke know, he only has about 50 years experience in bush fire behavior) Victorian forest industries have been refused a start, (what does this mob know about the bush) we don’t need them we have the DSE to look after this section, and we know they are going to tell the truth, aren’t they? No lawyers are allowed (normally a good thing, but in this instance?) We do know the CFA will be there defending their decisions! The greenies will be there, government will be there (they are paying for it) but it won’t be as much as the victims paid, will it brumby?

So can someone please tell us how the truth can come out, (the real truth) when people can’t have their say. How are people who were there going to have their say, if they are classified as not of interest? The fire fighters should ALL be allowed to have their say, not just the handpicked few the CFA and the DSE have nominated! Why hasn’t the media been given open access to all the proceedings, they have proved that they can be sensitive, and careful when need be, they have proven that by not asking any of the hard questions, and embarrassing the Victorian government! Is somebody scared that our mainstream media may find their collective backbones, and start digging for the real stories? Here is some questions they should be asking, Pack ham, and the Stretton group, why haven’t they been allowed, why is the government QC into the last lot of bushfires, been appointed to this latest commission, you know the one, he wrote the world’s best piece of government butt covering ever to be written, the Espilin report and then no one in Victoria is allowed to read it! If that don’t tell the media something, we are going to have to hit them with a bigger shovel!

We have some questions for the commission; we would like the answers to! We don’t expect them to answer them, but we ask anyway.

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Farmers at Yass NSW this week poured into a public hall by the hundreds to withdraw their rate payments on self policing of their farm practices.

Farmers feeding this nation on their farm Bank overdraft during the worst drought in 100 years, have over decades increased their productivity to maintain income at the same or reduced levels, trimmed their costs to the bone, while bureaucracies have been kept drought proof and become more irrelevant for representing farmer interests and needs. They are totally out of touch on marketing, rural service, free trade, water paid for by farmers and not delivered are to mention just a few.

Yass farmers are leading the charge of boycotting further subsidy of self serving bureaucracy. They want answers to legislation anomalies paying for things they have no input into!

Farmers across NSW pay $50 Million a year for maintaining a Traveling Stock Route (TSR) system that local Government will not let them use unless they pay astronomical insurance cover of $20 Million dollars against the motorized missiles (vehicles) that use their stock routes that have been set in place for over 100 years. Main Roads and highways cross or follow TSR’s and once the RTA included in driver handbooks what to do when cattle are on the roads (TSR’s), now that has been removed… WHY?

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For anyone knowing the history of the Australian high country, source of the Murray river and its tributaries, they will know commissioned science has set the vegetation up for failure unable to retain regular water flows.

Scientists intent with making public careers on collecting botanical specimens have advised Government to lock out cool fire, mixed species grazing, dingo management, suppression of aggressive flammable shrub and tree species which destroys biodiversity, fire risk management and water flow relationships.

The only fires that have occurred recently in the high country have delivered “over burning” like never before deforming vegetation which reduces both rainfall and run off, that produces a water crisis for rivers, dams, irrigators and city. This is the most merciless destruction of biodiversity that has been cherished and nurtured by a multicultural community of Snowy Stockmen, a land fought and died for in two world wars and other government sanctioned conflicts – we will remember them this ANZAC day.

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Across Australia is a variety of travel routes, bushies can see them un-signposted by the lay of the land, bushies can tell where lost visitors are likely to be because the country draws them, bushies know where lost stock would be because the country draws them. This knowledge and predictability is a gift bureaucrats will never have or see going on as they hunt and gather in the “supermark-ups”, posh eateries on the public funded plastic cards, and the food they buy just appears on shelves from a supermark-up back room.

Will the complacency last? – does a bear Sh** in the woods

Australian farmers are the most productive per individual in the world, hard working innovative efficient highly productive, drought, rain, flood, hail, frost. The “supermark-ups” the posh eateries have salt and fresh water foods, tropical temperate fruits, vegetables, Asian, European, American, Islander in origin, dairy foods and meats of the highest quality from many origins – “then there is the exports”.

Does no one care because they are worried about the environmental impact farmers, foresters, fishermen are having, as the gang green public servants and Government are selling out our primary producers as villains?

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Coroner Doogan Report Stands ACT Court Judgement

The last attack on findings and report ACT Coroner Maria Doogan furnished on the 2003 Bushfire “The Canberra Firestorm” inferno that destroyed much of the Snowy Mountains, has been vidicated with one clause only remoevd. Suburbs of Canberra with loss of human life, was nothing short of a holocaust perpetuated by massive fuel loads on the ground coupled to much incompetent management and fire control.

The hero’s were the wonderful volunteer fire fighters on the ground, subjected to much inefficient control, and thank God some dismissed obvious bad decisions handed out, and went on to save towns, livestock, homes and such from their sheer experience of bushfires that these “pamphlet professors” totally lack from books written by inexperienced so called experts.

There has been a concentrated effort to shut up Coroner Doogan by the ACT government and those she exposed for their contribution to the bloody mess and bureaucratic bungling that existed then and to worry us further these people are still holding down jobs of management in the life support system of the ACT Public Service.

Further, Chief Minister, Jon Stanhope is the main man in this drive to cover-up Maria Doogan’s report findings, and as expected, has implemented what he feels is warranted not the recommendations as presented. He has been holding off until this judgement was handed down, but business as usual we can expect.

Stanhope on the day of the fires entering Canberra, took it upon himself to become there and then “Minster For Emergency Services” which in it’s self shows a lack of confidence in his party people on the front bench. His qualifications and ability for this pending important portfolio was revealed by the destruction of the ACT that pursued.

Not happy at the findings in evidence that they were culpable of being well out of their depth, and having unlimited taxpayer money to take Coroner Doogan to the Supreme Court (TWICE) with a massive legal team of dollar leaches champing bit to frenzy feed at the peoples money tin.

We mentions these Public Servants who could not accept the umpires decision that you may form your opinion of from the data available:

PETER LUCAS-SMITH First Plaintiff – Chief Fire Control Officer for the ACT

MIKE CASTLE Second Plaintiff – Executive Director of the ACT Emergency Services Bureau

RICHARD McRAE Third Plaintiff – Manager of the Risk Management Unit

TONY GRAHAM Fourth Plaintiff – Operations Manager

Below is the actual proceedings that were instigated by one Peter Lucas Smith, Chief Fire Control Officer for the ACT, who, along with the other three, were mortally wounded by Corner Doogan as a major players in the fiasco of the 2003 bushfire from evidence presented to her at the Coronial Inquiry.


COURTS AND TRIBUNALS – “The Canberra firestorm” – bush fire coronial inquest – the issue for consideration by the inquest – ’cause and origin of a fire that has destroyed or damaged property’ – adverse comments made by coroner against persons responsible for controlling and suppressing rural fires – application to have adverse comments made quashed – coroners obligation to afford procedural fairness – natural justice – attribution of blame – jurisdiction of the Supreme Court to quash adverse comments or order fresh inquiry – exclusion of consideration of the actions of the NSW authorities

CORONERS ACT 1997 (ACT) – ability of the Coroner to make adverse comments – s18 jurisdiction of the Coroner – whether the attribution of blame exceeds the authority of the Coroner – compliance with the legislation – form of notice under s 55 ‘notice of intended adverse comments’ – limitation of s 93 – ability of parties to respond to s 55 notice – the Coroner’s discretion to make comment on matters ‘connected with’ the fire – whether the comments made by the Coroner were open on the evidence

HUMAN RIGHTS ACT 2004 (ACT) – s 12(b) – right to vindicate reputation

JURISDICTION – jurisdiction of Coroner – whether the Coroner incorrectly define her jurisdiction – the Australian constitution – s 122- power to make laws having an extraterritorial effect – scope of inquiry – issue at inquest – inquiry need not be confined by ACT border – sufficient connection to the ACT – limited by relevance

EVIDENCE – appointment of consultant expert by the Coroner – witness testimony – ostensible bias – preference of the evidence of one particular witness not evidence of bias – whether a fair minded lay observer would reasonably apprehend bias

From the 68 page Judgement this section mentions from Coroners Doogan’s Coronial Report her findings of Mr Graham from facts presented;

Comment n.3: (Vol. II, p 31)
Although Mr Graham might have believed he had sufficient training in the concepts and practices of incident management, he did not, in my view, have the experience in and knowledge of fire behaviour and fire-suppression tactics that were needed to satisfy the requirements of the position of Operations Officer from the start of the fires. Mr Graham did not accept this, but it is a fact. Mr Graham took the position of Manager Operations with the Emergency Services Bureau in mid-1997. Before that, he worked in the ACT Department of Urban Services, being involved with management systems and the Department of Defence, in staff development. Before having these positions, Mr Graham had a career history that saw him predominantly in the Royal Australian Navy, for 21 years, most of which was spent in the field of catering. During his time in the Navy his firefighting experience had been limited to the occasional grass fire near a naval shore establishment. Mr Graham had some limited experience as a volunteer firefighter and had received a little bushfire training; he had acted as an incident controller on two or three occasions. He had never actually fought a fire by holding a hose or using a rake- hoe, and he had no training in fire behaviour. Combined, these factors made him inexperienced and unqualified and unsuitable for the position he held as Operations Officer of the service management team from 8 January 2003 onwards.

Comment n.4: (Vol II, p 31)
This approach differs from the one adopted by Mr Graham, who did not appear to recognise the urgency of the situation and the need for a maximum and sustained response involving appropriate personnel and heavy machinery. Mr Graham did not understand the significance of the typical five- to seven- day summer weather pattern referred to by many other witnesses, and he was incorrect when he asserted in his statement that night-time operations are usually conducted once strategies have changed from direct to indirect attack.

To read this Judgement in full, go to ACT Courts Website and download it at

The bottom line of the Judgment handed down by Judge C. J Higgins, in the Supreme Court of the ACT, on 8th April 2009 was as follows

The comments made by the Coroner were, no doubt, expressed somewhat harshly. However, the loss and suffering caused by the fires was a circumstance that would excite scrutiny. It is true that the comments, understandably, they being “adverse”, do not fully acknowledge the good the plaintiffs did. They did their best. It was not, in the Coroner’s view “the best”. She was entitled so to conclude. It may also be acknowledged that even the worst case scenario was exceeded in the firestorm that struck on 18 January 2003.

Nevertheless, it was the Coroner’s duty to examine the cause and origins of the firestorm and the circumstances surrounding it and, within those limits make recommendations and comment, honestly and without fear or favour. That she did.

The plaintiffs’ applications, save as relates to comment n.25, are dismissed.

Taxpayers of the ACT, herald the legal teams that accepted payments, of which we may never, ever, ever, know the amount, to conduct this public servant backside preservation that resulted in the removal of one clause, and substantiated Coroner Doogan’s findings and report…

Counsel for the First, Second, Third and Fourth Plaintiffs:
Mr J L Glisson QC with Mr P A Walker and Mr S M Whybrow

Solicitor for the First, Second, Third and Fourth Plaintiffs:
Rachel Bird & Co

Counsel for the First and Third Defendant:
Mr R Brett QC with Mr E Woodward

Solicitor for the First Defendant: ACT Government Solicitor

Solicitor for the Third Defendant: Director of Public Prosecutions for the ACT

Counsel for the Second Defendant: Mr B Walker SC with Mr C Erskine

Solicitor for the Second Defendant:
Meyer Vandenberg Lawyers agent for NSW Department of the Environment and Conservation

Counsel for the Intervener:Dr Mellissa Perry QC

Solicitor for the Intervener: ACT Government Solicitor


Never underestimate an enemy who have power, dollars, and low life operatives to win at any cost.

Our source close to the toP within the halls of power in Queensland, informed us that the Labor party in April 2008 changed the boundaries of the electorate Tablelands, they split it into two seats of which one was lost by Ms Long at the recnt election.

This was a strong hold for One Nation with the seat of Tablelands being held for nine years by Rosa Lee Long.

Scumbags like Mike Kaiser (pictured), who ran the NSW campaign for Morris Iemma and the current Queensland election with part of the plan to divide the Electorate of Tablelands to shut out the nine year stronghold “One Nation” had helping to returning Labor. In a real world of law and order this weasel with his track record of electoral fraud and branch stacking would have him locked up and away from hgetting his grubbu hands on any political job EVER – he is a convicted crook. About Kaiser you should read – CLICK HERE

His running mate, Tony Abbott from the Federal Libs, holds dearly the same scruples as Kaiser, set up a slush fund that Prime Minister Howard denied any knowledge of (can you imagine the Libs toleration a “Loose Canon”) with business friends of the libs to throw One Nation and Pauline Hanson to the wolves and as history shows this was the only common enemy of the “Two Party System” that threatened their control of the people.

WHY? … WHY … does “One Nation” post such a concern to the two party masters of Australia?

It would seem that since Pauline has left the machine still remains and sends terror into the camps of our fearless politicians.

Read the email I have from the Gold Coast One Nation President to One Nation members and see that since loosing the seat of Tablelands they fear the big gun cowards will try to deregister them, which would be a shame to see the one hurdle of fear they have be de-registered.

Agee with them or disagree with them, One Nation has shaken the tin of Australian politics and if by remaining there they have a finger on the panic button of our Two Party Clowns then consideration from our Queensland readers may consider joining FREE to make up the numbers and keep the heat on.

Read the presidents letter

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Well here is another reason for every honest hard working Australian to tell the LABOR Governments BOTH STATE and FEDERAL to go to HELL, WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH.

The fishing industry and its related flow on is estimated at around $6 BILLION DOLLARS yearly, and both State and Federal Governments take and then ruthlessly spend that 10% they collect from GST on that money. This is the same Mob of thugs that have WASTED $ 89 MILLION of our tax payer dollars GIVING it to the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) to keep the propaganda going on their behalf, JUST START TO THINK FOR OURSELVES FOR ONCE.

Read the media release from Recfish Australia that exposes the radical green pushing fiction on a capitulating Labor Party spinless government to control you the people.

Jack Tait
Coastal Rights Association

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Upper Hastings Wild Dog Association

Please be advised that the next meeting of the UH-WDA will be held at 2.00 pm next Thursday 9th April at Hastings Valley Olives Forbes River Road Birdwood.

The purpose of this meeting is to sign off on our WILD DOG MANAGEMENT PLANS.

Confirm arrangements and sign documents for this years aerial and ground bating program.

Mick Thorman & Guy Ballard shall be in attendance.

We look forward to your participation.

Alan Porter
(02) 6587 7158


Backdoor deals are being filtered through China’s main Australian source “Mandarin Kevin Rudd” (well known RAAF VIP fleet staff abuser) who dances to the masters commands, followed by the party puppets chorus line.

As you may be, or may not be aware, Treasurer, Mr Swan, on Tuesday March 31 announced the approval of the application by Hunan Valin Iron and Steel Group to buy up to a 17.55 per cent shareholding in Fortescue Metals Group. Mr Swan knocked back an application on Friday March 28 from Minmetals to buy OZ Minerals on the grounds of national interest and his reason was that the proposal included the Prominent Hill Mine which is in the Woomera Prohibited Area in South Australia. Minmetals has since made a new offer to buy the rest of OZ Minerals. The Foreign Investment Review Board is also considering the proposal by Chinalco to increase its stake in Rio Tinto. It is vital that we get as much support as possible for the petition so that these deals can be stopped on the grounds of national interest.

May I please ask that you send this link to as many people as possible who share your concerns of Australian Assets being sold off so that they can add their names.

The Petition

Letting foreign governments own Australia’s minerals and other sovereign assets through foreign state-owned investment companies will change the wealth base in our nation forever and must be stopped. Your petitioners ask that the Senate recommend to the Treasurer that any such proposals be disallowed on the grounds of national interest.

The petition is at Senator Barnaby Joyce’s website, and the link to signing on line is …


Battle lines are now drawn and as we speak the respective troops are marching towards the killing fields.  This is the first shots to be fired in a war that each and every one of us will eventually have to decide which side we align with.  There will be no fence sitting this time.

For today this battle is over money, but tomorrow, that may well be real flesh and blood lives; yours mine and our friends and relatives.

Regardless; this war will be fought, and I for one wish it to be only in the Courts where a return to sanity is achieved, what about you? 

Brumbyy with 2Ys