Time to review the Emissions Trading Scheme

Why Do We Keep Going The “WONG WAY”

Federal Minister Penny Wong
The Carbon Sense Coalition today called on the Queensland Government to follow the lead of New Zealand and initiate a complete review of the science and the cost-benefits of the proposals to levy a new tax on coal and petrol usage.

‘”All over the world, three factors are triggering a revolt against the lemming-like rush led by the Anglo-Saxons to commit carbon suicide via Emissions Trading Schemes.”

“Firstly, the science behind the scare forecasts from IPCC computer models has been shown to be deficient by a growing band of independent scientists.

“Secondly, the globe itself is sending a warning as daily reports of unseasonal frosts, snow and ice make a mockery of the global warming hysteria. We certainly have climate change, but it is natural global cooling, not man-made global warming.

“Thirdly, the world financial collapse has forced alert politicians to focus on the immediate concerns of voters – real jobs, and the security of supply for food and power.

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YASS RLPB Under Fire – Manager On Stress Leave

A Letter to the Yass Tribune newspaper this week.

Thank you for this opportunity to put on the public record some matters of clarification. (Yass RLPB Manager Kim Turner pictured)

Nigel Baines wrote to your paper On September 24 under paddock points and signed the article “Chairman Yass RLPB.”

I believe that he was not acting as spokesperson for the board of directors as this material was not well debated or endorsed by the full board of directors. The material published is therefore Nigel Baines personal view. I would like to distance myself from the claims as the future unfolds.

I also wish to dissociate myself from the response to the State council report sent on August 11, which I believe was neither formulated nor endorsed by the full Board at any time.

It is my duty as an elected director to represent the interest of Minister Ian MacDonald and Yass RLPB ratepayers seeking answers to questions on transparency, accountability in regard to public finance, governance and staff workplace conditions.

I stand by my stance that I have no confidence in the way ratepayers’ assets are being managed.

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Tasmanian Council Evicting 81 Year Old Veteran and Wife

A CALL TO ACTION from David Ettridge
Contact This Disgraceful Waratah -Wynyard Council.. NOW!

We are taught as kids that Silence is Golden, but as adults we discover that Silence is Apathy.

I recently learned that a bullying council in Tasmania is attempting to throw a couple in their 80’s out of their home.

Richard and Joan Bridge are in their final years of life and are being placed under enormous stress by the Officers of Waratah -Wynyard Council who claim parts of their home are illegally constructed. Council is seeking to evict this 81 year old veteran. It didn’t stop the council allowing titles to change hands when the Bridges purchased the place years ago.

I have attached the Bridge’s letter to the Tasmanian Ombudsman.
Mr Bridge is an ex serviceman who has served Australia. NOW HE NEEDS OUR HELP.

I have also attached some email addresses for parties who can influence this disgraceful affair.

Continue reading to get these contact details of this dispicable, council flood them with emails and phone calls on behalf of this old digger and his wife under council attack….

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Cartels Crush Wheat Board in Australia

Just In Case You Forgot Your Previous Government – The Alternative Dictators

The Liberal/National government of Australian Prime Minis- ter John Howard, in December 2006, stripped the Australian Wheat Board (AWB) of its export monopoly of wheat, known as the “single desk.” Thus ended over six decades of regulated wheat marketing for Australia’s wheat growers, who produce 15% of all world wheat exports. There are some 16,000 grain farms in Australia, and 95% of those producing for export are in the state of Western Australia; 12,500 of the 16,000 are small-to-medium size farmers, who account for about half the income of the overall grain industry, and who will almost certainly be driven out of business without the support infra- structure—including guaranteed prices—formerly provided by the AWB.

While the effects will be devastating to Australia’s rural industry, and in particular to Western Australia, it will be a windfall to the British Crown’s international grain cartel, which has long eyed Australia’s important international markets for wheat, in particular the government-to-government deals which bypass the cartel.

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SOS-NEWS Radio Broadcast – November 14th 2008

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This week I cover more of Ruth Downey, the Politicians wreath laying disgrace on the 11/11, the New Narooma so called eneregy saving National Parks complex that is far from that, and an interview with Noeline Franklin (pictured) who gives us an insight to the Yass RPLB Board of directors in conflict with rate payers.

Science Fiction Naturalises Dingo

Australian biodiversity is under threat from those wanting to “naturalise” the Asian dingo and feed it our Australian native wildlife in public conservation reserves in the guise of “ecological balance” of course. Farmers along dog country of Australia’s south east report local and general wildlife loss as “dingoes” are reestablished in national park.

If Minister Garrett gets his way 125 million hectares of Australia’s choice wildlife habitat will be confiscated off rural communities management to dedicate to dingo dinner before it meets a climate changing accident burnt from canopy to sub soil. Australia is considered to have 167 million hectares of forest. Little dingo free habitat beyond “Garrett’s Green Grab for Dingo Dinner!” Since the 1970s influential commissioned science quite aware of dingoes capacity to exterminate wildlife and domestic animals from an area, has asked Government departments be “educated” to accept dingo in public reserve harboured from so called “unjustified vilification.” Dingoes duplicate to back up “no graze policies” in city water catchment and cheap “pest animal control” in public land at the cost of wildlife. Force land use changes from safe livestock production to plantation forestry or more national park.

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QUOTE: “We have before us the greatest question that has yet been submitted for our consideration. It involves Australia’s national supremacy in finance, and the peace, good government and prosperity of generations yet unborn ….”
~ King O’Malley M.H.R. speaking on the need for the Commonwealth Bank as a ‘peoples’ bank’, House of Representatives, September 1909.

QUOTE: “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up round the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered…”
~ Thomas Jefferson, former US President, 1802
* * * * * *

The Prime Minister of the UK, Mr Gordon Brown, in an article in the Washington Post, (Friday October 17, 2008) advocated that “The Financial Crisis is also an Opportunity to Create new Rules for Our Global Economy.”
There it is! Now out in the open! President Bush’s swan-song in mid-November will be to host a Global Conference (150 nations) to establish a World Money System! There’ll be plenty of dire warnings about the consequences if we fail to take this last chance for humanity!


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