Another 93 Brumbies Sent For Slaughter by NSW Government

Parks loading Brumbies – Note the yellow electric shock stick in right hand of man …

The Snowy People are disgusted with their staff that are meant to be acting in the best interests of their public land and national assets.

From the NSW Victorian ACT Federal Ministers down to field staff they have Brumby blood on their hands.

It appears the mighty dollar is geared to mindless big animal massacres and take their runs for water sales mark up the water price legacy of the environmental work Brumbies have done over decades.

Simpletons that live “battery hen” existences in their cement jungles paying little for a bounty of cheap clean sweet water are unaware of the environmental cost to that water.  Our water catchments are deadly for grazing animals be they native wildlife or multicultural Australians like Brumbies.  Australia’s freedom fighters tricked into entering trap yards laced by salt, molasses, rice straw in the depths of winter when the elite head off for their ski holidays and campaign for Brumby “removal.” Ethnic cleansing were environmentalists with strong non Australian accents are declaring themselves exempt.  They are part of multicultural Australia aren’t they?  But not the horses that preceded them?  Built the cities, towns roads, railways, dams, food and water supplies.

From the salt laced trap yards the terrified horses are bundled onto trailers and sent to slaughter because its is “efficient!” say the economic rationalists.  The Australian Brumby has been given its freedom to run in natural valleys providing tough sensible work horses.  The valleys grazed green, fire safe, bio-diverse are very attractive to national park land grabs.  The water, sweet and clean run off for sales at massive profits as the water does not need major or any treatment.

People calling themselves “environmental activists” live affluent lives in the cities expecting abundance of water, food no matter what the environmental or social cost, de-stocked, de-habited, locked up dingo infested land to inevitably incinerate in man made bushfire.

Water is drained off the once vibrant Brumby runs, once shared with wallaby, kangaroo, echidna, platypus, possum, lizards, frogs, fish, sea of wildflowers, birds of every colour and description.  Another 93 Brumbies join the killing chains and goes with them the lifeblood of the Snowy drained away through the grate of the slaughter house.

The various Governments are pretending to be in public consultation about Brumby management or the more degraded demeaning language of “feral exotic pest.” The hunt is on to muster goons to stand in front of a camera back dropped by the latest deciduous Australian forest common site in public land converted to national park wilderness city water catchment commercial tourist destination the incinerated bushfire killed forests.  The Snowy People are disgusted when Brumbies are shot for vegetation impact when mismanagement of their public land national heritage horses is there for the world to see.  Why not shoot the policy makers that have burnt our high country and butcher the Brumby.

In the last decade unstoppable bushfires have ravaged between Canberra and Melbourne.  Suburbs and towns leveled to burnt rubble.  Farms wildlife mass extinction events yet our Government staff persist with maniac haste to destroy the Brumby the last effective vegetation manager in our public land.  The last remaining pygmy possum, Mountain Plum Pine, Corroboree frogs, Alpine Spotted tree frogs, alpine skinks, broad tooth rat cling to the remaining effective, adequately stocked Brumby runs.  Brumby runs either did not burn or burnt at low intensity.  Defied so called effects of “climate change” when in fact massive unstoppable fires resulted from management change where big grazers were stripped away for short term unsustainable water sales profits at the expense of the ecology.

Blow in boffins and bureaucrats are setting about the extinction of not only the Brumby but the biodiversity that clings to the last of the big animal grazed green runs.  93 freedom and fire fighters, have been mindlessly sentenced to death by the economic rationalists that boast superior intellect just this last week.  Happy birthday horses.

Australia loves you 100 years on from when 160,000 horses were exported in 1914. What a commemoration, more bloodshed.

What of the public consultation process with the public when this quantity of horses are being executed?  Entire family groups exterminated mindlessly.  These horses selected for temperament, constitution, soundness for many thousands of years.  They fought loyally beside our soldiers for a free nation, humanity, democratic process.  In their darkest hour these are values they are being denied for “efficiency”

Vandalism terminates this co-evolution with humanity for thousands of years within seconds in individuals but entire family groups sent off to extermination.  Re-homing has largely been bypassed or resources over taxed by indecent haste and fanatical zeal to execute another ill conceived political orders issued coldly from afar.

Noeline Franklin



Peter Spencer’s Fight for Aussie Farmers In Limbo over Funding problem

ABC News:
Funding for the Peter Spencer court case appears to be in limbo and possibly could be cut.

Farmer Peter Spencer made the headlines when he sat up a pole on his property on a hunger strike for 52 days in 2009.

He was protesting over his over his right to clear native vegetation on his property in south-east NSW and later began demanding that he be compensated for a loss of carbon credits.

This formed the basis of a court case that went all the way to the High Court, centering around native vegetation and carbon credits, and whether farmers are owed compensation from the Commonwealth acquiring credits from Australian farmers.

Sources close to the Spencer camp say that they have been informed that the fighting fund assistance, previously forthcoming, to back the legal fight against the Commonwealth has been stopped, and they claim they have been left high and dry, just as they are due to go to trial.

But the Australian Farmers Fighting Fund says that’s not accurate.

Chairman of the AFFF, Hugh Nivison, says the fund had only committed to funding the process of legal discovery and it’s now looking at the documents to see if any more assistance is warranted, according to the merits of the evidence.

“It is a complicated issue and we want to have a look at the evidence before we make a decision on where we go to from here,” he said.

SOS-NEWS Comment:
For those who need to understand the Peter Spencer story, his 52 day pole sitting protest exposing government land theft by Liberals, Labor and Greens agenda to remove farmers from the land, visit our comprehensive background of facts, rallies and court documents at;

In July 1985, a rally of some 45,000 farmers moved on Canberra sending a shockwave through the federal parliament with claims of high taxes and escalating interest rates on farmers. The rally harvested massive donations and a fighting fund was introduced. The end results of that rally, taxes and interest rate continue to rise on rural business.

The only other serious rally was on 10th February 2010 by farmers to hit Canberra hard was for Peter Spencer’s SOLO fight for farmers rights which saw some 3,000 rally in front of the federal parliament with radio 2GB personality Alan Jones leading the many speakers which included Barnaby Joyce and then opposition leader Tony Abbott, who states, an Australia without a farming community would not be Australia… and many more commitments he made but now hides since Liberals took government.

The statement from Australian Farmers Fighting Fund (AFFF) (NFF) Trustees chairman Hugh Nivison under the banner of the National Farmers Federation they only funded discovery of documents ordered by the High Court. They were privy to these document Spencer had on file from internet research that required the original copies under discovery to fight the case is a nonsense. It seems the NFF march in a fifth column as the case against the government moves to trial.

We understand from many rural sources that farmer organisation across Australia have lost extensive membership no longer representing the majority of families on the land as they play politics in lieu of supporting the reason for their existence.

There are many recordings of Alan Jones and other radio presenters broadcasts covering the Spencer story along with the rally speakers and now 4 years down the track, a change of government in power for more than 12 months makes it worth while visiting our Peter Spencer area of SOS-NEWS where you may listen to the recoded information, form your own opinion how the two party system of government work in tandem for the one agenda – to get rid of our farmers.

Here is the link to visit – – please pass it around to show the fight for Australian farmers Peter Spencer has not forgotten as it now appears other most certainly wish to forget.

Snowy Hydro tops up floods with environmental flow

Can you beleive this – Blowering Dam may be out of control, the water belting out of Burrunjuck, the Central Murray likely to go under again as early as Wednesday, but because of a formal agreement between NSW Office of Water and Snowy Hydro, involving an obligation to South Australia, approximately 500,000 megalitres, equivalent to one Sydney Harbour of water, must be released as soon as possible as environmental flow.

[Read the full story HERE]

Cancun – Combet & Australian Taxes Theft

Whilst Cancun is being Played down, Sovereign Nation Traitors Flock to its Great Hall

In light of Combet’s theft and dispersion of stolen Australian tax dollars to Indonesia today, it is important to revist our story posted on the 30 November.

As another flurry of misguided politicians and bureaucrats flock to Cancun Mexico on tax dollars better spent on policing, education and especially children’s health, Australian attendees might well look to our neighbouring cousin New Zealand, before they place any signature to anything.

The following words are attributed to those elected in NZ Parliament and these words say it all.

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Stalinisation of Australia

In March this year I wrote the following story; given where we are today in this Nation, It is most interesting to see the speed with which this nation achieves Australian oblivion in only a few short months. Brumbyy

Lest We Remember

To those old enough to remember back a decade or four, to think upon that which was, as opposed to that which is, the future is no where near so pretty as those currently at the top would have us believe.

With a dangerously exploding global population now afflicting the earth with the virus called, “Humans”, a situation that at least publicly, the world’s leadership is not prepared to meet head on and in fact to the contrary, here in Australia we are constantly bombarded with the astounding misguided belief that this Nation needs to expand its population by tens of millions to stay economically erect and sustainable.

Australia, a nation that only a decade ago a prominent visiting population expert from the USA was asked by a journalist during an interview, “What do you believe is the appropriate level of population for the Australian continent?”

His reply was;

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Labour Holds Snowy River to Ransom

Gillard’s Shell Game
Over the Snowy
Your Money

Remember the people’s battle against governments for the ownership retention of the Snowy Hydro only a wee short few years ago?

We the people, halted the theft-sale of one of the most valuable, most iconic, most environmentally successful pieces of National infrastructure, from being sold to the highest bidder in the pariah land of corporate nation wreckers.

Well guess what, to save the neck of a Labour Member in the coming Federal election, MP Mike Kelly of the Eden -Monaro electorate, this, sell the farm and screw the populous with a, “luckily”, failed Carbon TAX SCAM Government of Rudd/Gillard fame, has promised to swap millions of tax dollars ear marked for sick kiddies, carer’s facilities and remote education, for votes; by promising to pay the People’s Snowy Hydro Scheme for water to feed a river system, the very scheme has all but destroyed.

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Not favoring either of the “TWO HORSE RACE” in this election, we are faced with history leaving no option for Australians not wishing third world status. Labor preaches massive Carbon Taxes, farming and food removal from unworkable vegetation laws, metioning but a few leaving one choice – support Liberals. Credability to both we constantly blast who serve party first, second, and third, voter attention needed only polling day.

Listening to these broadcasts from 2GB by Alan and Ray, read or listen to our election coverage. You need only Click Here to be taken to our website news service. As voters, it is a “MUST”

We at SOS-NEWS listen to Alan’s program via the internet, with 100% clarity. This allows world coverage from 5am until 9am Monday to Friday (Sydney time) you should undertake during this lead up to the most important election this nation has ever faced.

Mark this address to hear Alan, also his fellow daylight presenters, Ray Hadley, Chris Smith and Jason Morrison.

The Fifth Column

Liars Realists & Dangerous People

Considering the United Nations is touted as the be all to end all of global information and a bench mark that the radical Green sect pin their science and authority against, or should we say to, are their enough face wipes on this globe to remove the copious dried egg stains from all the Climate change sycophants faces.

Climate realists, like us here at SOS-NEWS and now almost most of the globe that matters ((thankfully, even though it was a hard slog) thankyou Alan Jones and thankyou Lord Monckton) we still, are unable to sit back in our Jason Reclining chairs and breathe easy, for there are still some of those Climate Sycophantic Liars in our realm here in Australia, who have no intention of falling on their own sword gracefully and thereby losing sight of the immense wealth such lying was to bring.

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Our once great Snowy River Now in Death Throws

Australian Governments, the home of corruption lies and fictional agreements, etc, have finally been uncovered with their heart rendering $425 Million to be produced from each NSW, VIC and Federal and the agreement was signed by the well documented unscrupulous then leaders, Prime Minister John Howard, NSW Premier Bob Carr and Victorian Premier Steve Bracks. Their proclamation to save the Snowy River, their spin always out front always mentioning – the “legally-binding” agreements.

So why the long faces, if people have not realised that any agreement with government is not worth the paper it is written, for if they cannot dictate they will legislate to win at any cost.

Now according to the Snowy River Alliance, a tireless group dedicated to saving our snowy, they were informed from the Environmental Defenders’ Office (for those who do not know this government department, renowned for go to court for any greenie with an axe to grind on taxpayer dollars) that there is nothing binding about the agreements, and NSW can provide as much or as little environmental flows for the Snowy.

After spending hundreds of millions of dollars, it appears that this agreement was arranged to never be binding and the NSW Government has gone to extended lengths to keep that quiet.

Disgust is just a mild form of reaction to this monument of deception on you the people by both of the two party preferred dictators we have the choice of.

Environmental Vandalism at best is the charge, and you can bet that, should the people ever stand up to be counted, demanding the Environmental Defenders’ Office take these governments to task on irrefutable evidence, in the balance of probabilities neither of these option will ever eventuate.