Iemma 1080s the Environment

IPART (Iemma Poisons all Rainwater Tanks)

Corporatisation; a name given to government departments to distance political leadership from the public displeasure of price increases and legislative imposts so as to ensure future control of corporatised services remains, once fully privatised.

Sydney water is a perfect example of this. A corporatised name just so Iemma and his government (if that’s what you can call them) has the façade of distance. We the people, are silly enough to allow this charade to actually work and now the latest NSW Iemma scam is officiated over by IPART.


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Ireland’s Honest Politics Halted European Union

Lisbon Treaty Smashed By Irish Public

A little Island Nation called Ireland with a constitution which ties the hands of their elected representatives put the European Union power mongers back in their box with a NO vote against the Lisbon Treaty being accepted.

The Lisbon Treaty was being touted as just another simple change to the rules of the EU that binds the member countries in the EU and hence it was desired and hoped that the changes by virtue of this Lisbon Treaty, would be in place by the end of the year.


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Australia, State of the USA

Oil we Have, Leaders we Don’t

In as late as 1995 the known shale oil deposits that were alongside the Great Barrier Reef in far north Queensland, and yes extend under the reef to some extent, were at that time, worth $500 billion dollars, conservatively.

Well today, that mother-load of oil shale, is considered to be in the order of, if not more – some 29 billion barrels of crude – with a current day worth of the staggering amount of $2,500 billion dollars plus.

$2,500,000,000,000,000 and this is probably wrong for I don’t know how to write such a figure.

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Hatzistergos’s Anger another Iemma Failure

Do You Know Who I Am?

As the NSW Iemma government goes from one disaster to another, the ABC on Friday night the 20th June, brought us a story that any fair minded lay person could only believe, is/was another disgusting abuse of power by a duly elected representative of Morris Iemma’s NSW government. This time, one John Hatzistergos, as NSW Health Minister.

What was more disturbing, although widely known by many in the public arena and generally believed by the rest, is that these sneaky little people who are given the privilege of position and hence power, believe they are so far above the public, they are untouchable. Wield such personal grievance power, those entrusted with our academic, medical and scientific future are so afraid and we might say, cowardly, they will allow an innocent colleague to unjustly perish at such a politician’s self centred wrath.

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Gore -Acles Green Back Environmentalism

Al Gore’s Wallet Burns Bright

For Al Gore sychophants and those that believe the news without question, or thought, the hypocrisy and duplicity of the man is exposed by Steven Milloy in his JumK Science news release below.

The inconvenient truth for Al Gore is not his lies about man made CO2 induced climate change, but rather his and his family’s own decadent life style’s energy excesses; all the while he is loudly espousing those of the world without massive disposable riches, should suffer accordingly. The North Korean regime has a spot high in the heirachy for this guy, that is if he is not already secretly there.

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Bush Learned From Mugabe

Bush’s Power Certainly Corrupted

I searched hard to locate Bob Debus’s name mentioned in the following story, but it’s apparent his masters kept him out of it. Australia already has these powers in secretive Oz Intelligence circles.

Seriously; if you are big business, naïve, and all believing, not only will you subscribe to the Nigerian money scams plying the Internet, but worse, you will believe George Bush and his team when they tell you, “Oh no, it’s legal boy. You go right ahead and do this for us. Trust me, we’ll protect you.”

Not only was George Bush’s secret police illegally spying internally on its innocent citizenry, but they have incited US Telcos to do the same and now under fire and the threat of billion dollar law suits in civil courts, George and his team are scrabbling to change the law for his mates. (Surely even in the United States, incitement to commit an offence with that offence being actually being committed, is in fact an offence in itself.)

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Hydro Electric Pirates

Snowy Hydro has new Auctioneer

It doesn’t matter what we the people enmass wish, the politicians in their arrogant, dangerous belief of superiority, intend to continue doing, just as they please.

The following story in a local Jindabyne newspaper has MP Mike Kelly sucking up to, Snowy Hydro staff, but more worryingly, flagging the continuance of the NSW government’s intention to sell the largest, only real green, electrical generation scheme on the mainland of Australia.

How easy it is to talk of the low dam levels during a major national drought and the pending situation should the levels fall further. The Snowy Scheme water was never just for electrical generation alone, but also an irrigation storage supply of magnitude for a large part of the Murray Darling system.

How glib pollie Kelly is to make the statement that another 8-metre drop and the scheme’s capacity to generate ends, as if the system is finished and the scrap dealers move in.

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NSW Government Host Koperberg, Iemma, and the Chalice

As expected, Phillip Koperberg is again positioning himself in the public eye as a political mediator and facilitator within the NSW Labor ranks.

Obviously Phil’s read the trilogy of Robert the Bruce – and believes he too can exit the cave re-invigorated by the exploits of the indefatigable spider.

Our stoolies information seemed to be proved correct previously, with it only a relatively short time there-after, we saw Minister Koperberg relegated to the back benches of NSW parliament.

Of course there was a façade of reasoning for this shuffle, but some believe the truth is, the desire to place Mr Koperberg in Morris Iemma’s job was just too threatening at the time, to allow such manoeuvring from within to continue.

Our stoolies now advise us it is all on again and sure enough, we see the beginnings of the political jockeying.

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Green Energy Light Bulb Myth Danger US Senator Exposes

SOS-NEWS Published These Facts Six Months Ago

Senator Ted Poe from Texas presents to the USA Senate details and facts of the new replacement for the incandescent light bulb we have had since Edison invented it.

Reading from the box he quotes the lengths you need to go to if you break one in your home, then the detailed disposal of the glass and mercury danger, etc

A must view video


Snowy Hydro Management Still Pushing Privatisation

Hydro Directors and Management Need Serious Independent Investigation NOW !

ABC Online

A Snowy Hydro manager says the corporation needs to keep pushing for privatisation, despite both state and federal governments rejecting the call.

The former federal Coalition government scuttled a sale plan two years ago.

The New South Wales Government, which is the majority shareholder, ruled out selling the corporation earlier this year, despite its push to privatise other electricity assets.

Snowy Hydro’s area manager for Lower Tumut, Maarten Vanderstap, says if the company is not privatised it will be a missed opportunity.

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