Dingoes and Their Whisperer on ABC1

ABC – Tells Fraser Island Dingo Whisperer’s StoryDingo Whisperer Jennifer Parkhurst will have her battles aired on ABC1’s “Australia Story” Monday 28th Feb at 8pm.

Photo by Brumbyy
Many SOS-NEWS readers followed, and could not help but sympathise with the Dingo Whisperer Jennifer Parkhurst after learning of the third world style treatment in the Queensland Courts of her efforts to save the unique and iconic threatened species of pure Dingo on Fraser Island; this will be compelling viewing.

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Defective Fire Alarms Putting Lives At Risk

Volunteer Fire Fighters Association (VFFA) forwarded this exposure to government coverup of life threatening fire detector alarm that still are being installed in homes. This has been known to government that certain alarms are not up to standard with delay activation time far too long sounding the warning…

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Mal Davies

Coal Seam Gas Exploration Killing Our Food Supplies

Behind The Facade Of Captain Bligh’s Fifth ColumnGas mining corporations chasing huge export dollars have been rubber- stamped by federal and state governments to forge ahead with few credible environmental impact studies to allay public fear of permanent environmental damage.

Geologist John Polgaze, at the request of Councilor Bevan O’Reagan, spoke to Narrabri Shire Council on Tuesday, February 1, 2011, about concerns with mining in the shire and it’s partially disclosed ramifications of potential damage not only to the artesian water basin but other possible seismic interference that could affect the natural harmony of our planet.

Surat in south west Queensland is sitting atop the Great Artesian water aquifer. Foreign-owned gas companies are drilling into this precious water resource with bore holes sometimes 700 metres apart. More State Government Government concessions have been granted to sink another 40,000 wells throughout the Surat Basin. Further north the Roma section has been granted an additional 15,000 wells saturating the surface of one of Australia’s most productive cattle and cropping areas.

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Spencer Case Judge Admits No Understanding Of High Court Ruling

Federal Court Judge in Spencer -vs- The Commonwealth admits total ignorance of High Court Decision Unbelievable development with Peter Spencer’s court hearing when a non related matter in Sydney on this Thursday 3rd Feb 2011, he made a statement to the court that amazed all in attendance … listen to Peter explain…
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Snowy Hydro tops up floods with environmental flow

Can you beleive this – Blowering Dam may be out of control, the water belting out of Burrunjuck, the Central Murray likely to go under again as early as Wednesday, but because of a formal agreement between NSW Office of Water and Snowy Hydro, involving an obligation to South Australia, approximately 500,000 megalitres, equivalent to one Sydney Harbour of water, must be released as soon as possible as environmental flow.

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