This is a must publication for everyone to hold handy when those radical ratbags of climate change and CO2 emissions, conjured by agenda driven mythology, the new cash cow to government funding for fiction.

Joanne Nova has the answers, and the facts you will need, just to let you know we have been sitting on this for some weeks now at request of Joanne so she could finish her new website. Tonight she gave us the exclusive first to release this great book

Joanne has done the yards, and was a delegate at the Bali conference that resulted with scientists falling off the scare mongering fiction roller coaster ten fold.

This E-book in pdf format, a must read and download, a tool you’ll need when those fools of fiction throw their tutored lines and spin doctored statements.

Fading daily, these ratbags are grasping at straws as their masters of this fiction hunt to maintain the myth that remains afloat in a mire of lies and collusion they have generated.

Download your FREE copy from Joanne’s website: Make sure you pass it around to others ..

“Joanne has 15 years of experience in explaining science as a professional speaker, TV host, radio presenter and book author. Joanne attended the UNFCCC in Bali December 07 as a delegate.”

Globalisation – Ain’ She Great!

If a Banker Coughs
Do Stock Brokers Cover their Screens?

The historical significance of events unfolding in the US and across the world, as the financial pariahs are devoured by the cashed up global financial corporate piranha, is proof positive that both globalisation and the commercial and political destruction of sovereign borders is absolute anathema to an effective, industrious and prosperous globe and its myriad of real, little peoples.

SOS-NEWS wrote on this a long time ago and used the UK failure of the once proud Australian Insurance Corporation, “AMP”; to epitomise the cause and effects of unfettered global trade, underwritten by non-bordered satellite sovereign wealth. $20 plus dollar share values fell to less than $6.00 overnight. Australians payed big time for the scummy dealings of a foreign business deal and are still doing so years after the fact.

Again we hear espousals from our political riff raff that “Australia is well positioned to weather this down turn and our banks are sound.” What absolute inane crap.

The financial world is unravelling like a damascused-barrelled shotgun using modern high powered loads.

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SOS-NEWS Radio Broadcast – September 25th 2008

Listen to Mal Davies weekly Comments and Interviews Arrow To Play

This weeks we cover the NSW stupid RTA new trucking laws, exclusive interview with Deb McLeish being arrested, MP Joe Tripodi spineless politician …

Listen to Mal Davies Exclusive Interview with Deb McLeish from her Farm at Yea in Victoria Arrow to play the full interview

Our exclusive interview with Deb McLeish from her Yea farm in Victoria over her arrest for attemtping to stop the Government putting their flawed water pipeline through her property, demolishing her stock yards, woolshed, with no sign of compensation for wreaking havoc to her farming livelyhoood using Gestapo tactics to dictate their 4th Reich people control, all to drain the farmers water they do not have for the mismanaged Melbourne water system.

Is the End Nigh?

The Colour of Money

It was a sad day indeed when the leader of the federal opposition Brendan Nelson conducted himself as a true leader would, showing he is not only the sort of man that would, could and should lead an Australian political party with integrity and decorum, but is a possible candidate for true prime-ministerial positioning, and then the rabble that he is supposed to lead forward in a movement of political restoration, turn Judas and toss him to the dogs.

Why and for what????

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Government funded Gang Greens and bureaucrats are at it again in the Radical Green Capital of Australia, Victoria.

This doomsday scare mongering is again in motion to “Lock It Up”, their policy developed environmental vandalism to such magnitude this planet has never been subjected to before from contrived myth-management.

Should these conservation cowards ever emerge from behind their curtain of privacy, and/or “it was not me” syndrome, made to face the devastation they are implementing daily, forced to tender their assets as collateral of their dedication to Radical Greens, (not the true environmentalists of the common sense and factual science Greens who are in the minority), their supporting environment mutilation disasters would collapse as a domino effect of the Gang Green faithful, allowing the tried and tested management of our environment to shine, then prosper like the phoenix who would rise from real ashes these plundering thugs have left of our heritage landscape.

Take time out on Sunday October 5th, take a trip to Echuca and at 10.45am, march with the Red Gum Rebellion” to the wharf, hear speakers on your rights, followed by a BBQ lunch.

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How much longer do we need to be taken for FOOLS ?

I have property riddled with noxious weeds, loaded with wild dogs, tinderbox fuel loads, and as a bonus capped water bores, not to mention running stream dried up since I have allowed the underscore to become a dam wall.

This must be attractive to the NSW and Federal governments, it has all implemented requirements to suit Greens movement to make it a viable purchase for Lisa Corbyn’s (pictured below) Environment Empire, from which she draw $500,000 PA (taxpayer dollars) to vandalise our environment with her myth-management gang green team .

The attraction to me is that when greens say jump, government buy with taxpayer dollars.

Toorale property recently purchased without not even looking at the property, just “Praise the Lord and send me the Money”

It is another “Bad Penny that Went Wong” – AGAIN.

If ever there was a need of servant to master accountability with expenditure to some $23.7 million dollars of your money, in a world economic debacle we have at present, then these bastards in government, and their taxpayer funded public service life support network, require the hell ripped from their pompous sanctuary we have allowed feed from our hard earned dollars..

Read the story from The LAND Newspaper that covers this mismanagement of public money.

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IPCC-Garbage In/Garbage Out

IPCC-Garbage In/Garbage Out

We all have our views in respect to Human caused CO2 induced Climate Change and we here at SOS-NEWS are not without ours and in that, our bias.

A bias that clearly states that this radical claim of Human caused CO2 induced Climate Change is not just hogwash, but a very dangerous global platform given false credence by an International Organisation that is supposed to be above reproach, the United Nations.

You the reader, no matter what ideal you hold to in respect to this matter, have an obligation to look at all sides and seek truth from the spam and spin. The following expose’ by a science analyst is just more reason to hold real trepidation and concern for all our futures if the climate change zealots continue on in their sycophantic dream of installing economic global slavery in the name of agendas achieved by mythology.

More importantly, when all this mythological garbage in/garbage out data is in fact only arrived at by untested computer modelling that is not just suspect in its ability to actually predict anything, let alone reality, but by those that know, termed a primitive form of science and that it is essential that all results of such modelling to be tested by scientific peers; the fact this hasn’t been done clearly indicates the IPCC is a corrupted bureaucracy.

Read on.

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Costello-Saint Peter

Making the News
“Aint as Easy as it used to be”

The media, who have built their self constructed and hypothesised Costello leadership challenge within federal Liberal opposition, are so annoyed that Peter Costello has not in any way played their game of King making in the media, hence are now having to step back and regroup, while doing so, are desperately trying to bury the knife into his Memoir’s book.

It is clearly apparent to the fair minded lay person in the street, the media is absolutely beside themselves for, such a mega story having been stolen from under their pens after having so diligently and dedicatedly worked to bring such a story into being; a case of the media making the news instead of reporting it, having miserably failed.

They have not taken this slap in the face from Peter lightly and apart from attempting to shred and soak the “Costello Memoirs” have determinedly headed off in the direction of publicly trying to bring forward the destruction of Dr Brendan Nelson, the current leader of the federal Liberal Party opposition.

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Australian Elderly Pillaged

The Truth about Pensions
Defies the Lies of our Leaders

Nick Minchin on the Tony Jones ABC TV Program Q & A 11/09/2008 stated quite clearly that funds were not, have not and are not collected and held in a bank account waiting for the government to pay it out in the form of the Old Age Pension, or words that meant, “exactly this.”

As an ex Australian Federal Government finance Minister, now shadow defence minister, this man knows that his statement on that television program, was a blatant lie (and he said it with a look of sincerity on his face, the ability of doing so obviously a political prerequisite).

Well, it certainly was collected, but it amassed such huge amounts, this government and those preceding, couldn’t help themselves and have spent billions of it over the years in a manner they had no right to. “the money earned by the people themselves through hard work and often deprivation (as a legislation obligation part thereof was collected by the tax department for this very purpose) was in fact and still is, collected as a tax originally, specifically and intentionally so as to fund, “the Aged Pension.”

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