Some Turnbull Chronicles

Politicians since time began have planned agenda to method personal nest feathering from this acquired position of power, along with perks that come with job.

Occasionally one will trip – dropping the thirty pieces of silver triggering point scoring reaction from opposition. This then is followed by collogue denial amidst a truly unaccountable network of bureaucratic disguised red tape as accountable control.

One instrument still baffling modern science is the process used to convert smart, sometimes well educated, persons dedicated to represent the people in our suggested democratic parliament. Crossing the threshold to “party pals” within a week, the elected one dismisses constituent concern for “party room pals”. Should ever this cloned puppet decide to represent constituents against party policy, castigation ensues under hailing abuse, personal attack, threats of dismissal, also no future pre-selection to represent the constituents next polling day.

Understanding multi millionaire Opposition Leader, Malcolm Turnbull’s allegiance to multi millionaire Labor Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd’s push to introduce ETS (Environment Trading Scheme), is a license to print money by trading hot air while costing ALL Australians $BILLIONS of dollars in taxes to support third world nations and financing projected World Government.

Presented we tender a smidgen of information about Malcolm Turnbull may explain his credibility to Australia, his dedication to the almighty dollar and corporate friendship alive and very well.

Malcolm Turnbull born 1954, raised in Sydney’s eastern suburbs of Vaucluse and Double Bay, attended prestigious Sydney Grammar School as a boarder then completing a double degree in law and arts, Mr Turnbull during his university years worked as a journalist for the Bulletin, Channel Nine. Winning a Rhodes scholarship to study at Oxford University in 1978, he continued as a journalist with the Sunday Times London.

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Turnbull “Let the Lib Party Burn”

Turnbull Replicates Hitler
Let the Libs Burn
So I May Succeed
“Paris is Burning Mein Fuehrer”

We, the Australian people, did not vote Turnbull to any sort of power, in fact, this despot of the global banking fraternity was resoundingly repulsed when he tried to destroy Australian democracy and lead us into a Republican gulag where, there-after he and his offshore lawyer mates, intended to rewrite our Australian constitution and thereby, serve our wealth and our children’s wealth, to his banking buddies.

Well this despicable Liberal Judas is at it again; he intends to serve his banking masters, Australia up on a platter, even if it means the demise of his purported beloved Liberal Party.

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ETS Bought for Plastic Beads in NZ

How Sad
has been Sold Out by a Maori

As an expat Kiwi, I would have expected, that if any Nation was going to stand against the scam perpetrated upon a gullible world, it would have been my old homeland.

I guess I have been away just far too long to understand the modern New Zealander.

What is even more surprising for me, is, I as a Pakeha, was brought up in a time when Hone Heke (Hone Wiremu Heke Pokai) pictured)was a hero.

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Below is the 6 part plan the scientist from the Climate Research Unit set in place to deceive the world on their engineered findings to support humans causing climate change.

It is in a pdf document opened by clicking on the picture which will show the planned manipulation formula to sell the world and support fictional radical agenda driven governments and greens.

ETS Future for Australia & NZ

The Australia of now and in the Future

Tis a sad day indeed when the Australian Opposition party, (now so incorrectly labelled) have a leader (Malcolm Turnbull) who acts as a dictator and takes this Nation towards economic destruction, in concert with the little blonde dweed, who, it is quite apparent, holds such a desire to fulfil his aspirations of United Nations leadership, he is prepared to destroy the greatest sovereign, democracy in this world.

The personal desires of both these men are clearly well out in front and taking absolute precedent over their legal, moral and National obligations of political servitude, a servitude the Australian population, not only expects, but in this case must demand.

The actions and economical imposts and the ensuing financial destruction these people wish to legally enforce upon this nation, should they be successful because we as the master citizenry were too apathetic to stop them, can only be explained by the following;

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English Scientists Have been Found with their
Hands in the Scientific Till

Malcolm Turnbull told Alan Jones in an interview, that he was being silly, and asked Alan, “are you saying that all the leaders of the world are wrong ?

Kevin Rudd said, it was time to use tough language to deal with the likes of us (in his words) climate change sceptics; in our words, climate realists.

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ETS & the Rudd Scourge

How Dare
Declare he has a Mandate

Remember the attempted theft of the iconic Snowy Hydro Scheme out from under its owners the Australian public, it went not just to the eleventh hour, but right down to the eleventh minute.

The sleazy politicians from all quarters told us it was a done deal, it was all over, it was to be sold and there was no stopping it and the leader of the asset in the Corporate sense, CEO Terry Charlton, be-cried the no-sale proponents as taking the entity towards failure .

Not only was the corporatisation of the scheme conducted to sell it off, the sale price was a pittance of its truth worth, but this did not stop the politicians, oh no. They were going to get their hands, especially the morally and financially bereft NSW Government, on the quick bucks selling off this irreplaceable infrastructure, would bring.

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http://../radio/interviews/mp3ss104d.swfBrumbyy (with 2Y's)
November 18th 2009 –A rare interview with SOS-NEWS sub-editor Brumbyy (pictured) who undertook deciphering that 181 page UN Draft agenda for the Copenhagen Treaty Conference in December. Kevin Rudd intended to sell Australians to the United Nations Global Government without referendum to the people. This exposure of the document by Lord Monckton and Alan Jones of radio 2GB Brumbyy tells his concerns from wading through the mire of myth and covert writing, a field Brumbyy this leading Australian Private investigator is a well versed with.

Download a PDF copy of his report – CLICK HERE

Rudds Day of Reckoning

Rudd’s Reign Wilts under Withering Belief

Firstly, yes, I have read the 181 page Frame work document from page one (1) to page one hundred and eighty one (181) and I would doubt whether there are very few citizens that have been able to do so, word for word. It took 3 days reading alone to read in a manner that allowed me to attain at least a modicum of understanding of the corruptness, complicity and agenda that this document, now named the “Treaty Manifesto.”

Download a PDF version of this document FREE …

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Wong’s 2012

Australian Climate Madness

Desperation within the RUDD/Wong ranks has Ms Wong conceding to Liberal challenges, with that desperation now manifesting itself in a ranting about catastrophic sea level changes from another computer generated, crap in, crap out program. A Desperation driven from the need to take to Copenhagen, so as to display their fealty to a Foreign Power, by being able to submit their report, that Australia has now been subdued and hence its National disposable wealth, assured to flow outwards, the UN’s way.

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