Beat The Banks Foreclosing



Banks are the main source of financial pain for all of us. You may not understand that statement now, but after reviewing this file you will be mad as hell because of the abuse you have suffered for many years at the hands of the bank, due to their illegal and immoral conduct.

This sample action just might level the playing field. Again, this knowledge is a loaded gun, be careful how you use it, abuse will make it worthless in the blink of an eye.

 Professor of Law

(Author of this Paper)
Don Quijote, JD


With so many of our rural people finding themselves in the process of the banks foreclosing on their ” loans”, with many more to come, this could be timely information to send the banks packing and restore the status quo, and the dignity of our farming communities and many others. 

This is an American paper, however it pertains to the Australian Banks and how they work in the same manner as Australian Banks. We have modified as mush as we could to suit Australian banking terms. Although copies of court documentation are USA, equivalent legal documents are available in every state of Australia.

World banking use the same principals and practices to manipulate people. This we must get to the farmers and all Australians locked into the clutches of the banks greed. 

Please email this to friends, and to those not on line, print out a copy. 

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Editor Mal Davies


Bank-Hopw To Beat them Foreclosing

Brumbies To Be Executed Today

Australian Brumby on the Snowy MountainsBrumby on the Australian Snowy MountainsToday we received notification that the Victorian Government and their able assistants, not content with killing the Legend of the Man from Snowy River, by their banning of the Mountain Cattlemen and their Barmah counterparts, it seems now they are set to remove another icon of Australian heritage under the guise of saving the environment and extremely questionable animal humanity reasons.

On Monday 24th September 2007, members of Parks Victoria will set about removing 150 brumbies from the Barmah Forest which covers an area of 75,000 acres which is 1 Brumby to 500 acres. It is claimed this small number of horses are causing severe damage over this huge area.

Having generated bushfire infernos over Victoria by allowing fuel loads to above danger point, the government and their green masters managed to incinerate most of the states wildlife.

Now another greenie driven decision was made by government to remove the animals from the park following this years harsh drought and with another to possibly to follow, with the implication that this small number of brumbies would place the environment and the resident native fauna under undue stress due to competition for feed and water. Hard to imagine this feeble excuse was not only generated, but accepted by your elected politicians confirming that there is no education or common sense requirements to become a candidate to government.

Many of the horses live in small family groups and are spread throughout the park. No doubt it has been a harsh year for them and many of the other animals.

However no mention has also been made of the contribution to the lack of feed made by other feral animals such rabbits, wild pigs, goats, foxes, dogs and cats all of which inhabit the forest. Such other feral animals often have massive explosive populations and cause direct and monumental damage to the environment.-oops common sense showing again – sorry minister.

An option of using helicopters with snipers on board to do the deed was considered but due to the potential of a similar outcry such as the furor over the Guy Fawkes National Park slaughter of 2000 in NSW. During that episode many horses were shot who died a slow and agonising death from bullet wounds.

The Victorian National Parks propose to round up the Barmah Brumbries, destroy any stressed and old animals on site and remove the rest to the abattoirs.

These animals would be obviously suffering due to the current dry conditions as would the native fauna. . They are more than happy to leave the suffering native fauna to their own devices in the Park while also making little impact on the removal of other feral fauna with populations of thousands which happily munch their way through tonnes of native flora and fauna, digging holes, slopping around in bogs, and bulldozing their way around the Park.

The removal of the Brumbies will have little impact on the environment of the Park.

One has to question the governments motives in removing this small population of an Australian icon and part of our heritage.

If Parks Victoria are actually so concerned with the plight of the brumbies there are other options out there – remove the Brumby who is misrepresenting the office of premier in that state. Read how this Brumby has been using horse meat to free feed the wild dogs

This video has graphic footage of Brumbies being shot but is something we must all look at how they treat our Heritage Horses.

Thanks go to Erin for her production of this video clip, the work and effort put into it.

Brumby Meat For Wild Dogs As mentioned in the previous story, there is no requirement for brains, or a formal education to become a politician, then minister holding a portfolio effecting the economy and well being of this nation.So again we see these mental giants of the Victorian government letting loose their intellectually challenged abilities, allow free feeding the wild dog inhabitants of your public lands who hunt in packs, feeding from fauna and neighbouring farmers livestock.The greens, who control our politicians, are against 1080 poising of these predators, which for decades prior to the puppet masters holding pollies to ransom, has proven a most effective method of dog and pest control – which may explain why 1080 poison has been removed. or reduce. to ineffective the baits laid by parks staff.This is well published by the article below from the Melbourne Age newspaper by Jason Dowling September 23, 2007, which sums up the situation. This may make you understand just who you elected to government, not that there was a great choice at the time, but their yours for another 3 years.

Maybe the Brumby holding office (pictured left) is intending that the Brumby, being our heritage horse (pictured right), destine for the meat works by the Victorian government, are to be used in the next free feed to dispose of the evidence.


AUTHORITIES trying to poison Victoria’s wild dogs have found themselves fattening the pests on juicy horsemeat rather than killing them.

Baits used to try to destroy the feral dogs did not contain enough poison, the Department of Sustainability and Environment has admitted.

Instead of ending up dead, Victoria’s wild dogs were being well-fed. ..How much did this cost?

The aerial baiting was tested in north-east Victoria late last year and in Gippsland earlier this year.

After it discovered the baits did not have enough poison, the department launched an investigation.

It found a new poison application system used for the baits had the effect of diluting the active toxic ingredients.

Brendan Roughead, of the Department of Primary Industry, said an incorrect concentration of the poison 1080 had been used in preparing the bait.

“The error apparently occurred due to an incorrect dilution factor being applied when using the commercially prepared solution,” Mr Roughead said.

“In effect, the poison was too diluted and the amount of 1080 in the baits was substantially lowered.

“In addition to being less toxic than required, the baits would not have remained effective for very long.”

Department of Sustainability and Environment executive director Ian Miles said affected elements of the Gippsland aerial baiting trial would be repeated in November.

Despite not killing the dogs, the poison bait trial had had some unforeseen benefits.

Mr Miles said satellite collars on a number of wild dogs provided detailed information on where the animals spent time, how frequently they moved, how far they travelled and the extent of their territory.

“To sit and ponder is a cosy feeling – to be positive and speak out is your contibution to your fellow Australian”

“Tell the Brumby in office your thoughts about Brumby in the meat factory”

Fire, Flood and Mud

Will we in Victoria ever provide good management for our remote lands and our forests?

News of the recent appointment of Prof. Neville Nicholls of Monash University to investigate the cause of Large Infrequent Fires has come as a surprise to many interested conservationists in rural and regional Victoria. We query the need for Academia to start yet another investigation, especially when recent history demonstrates the unwillingness of the Department of Sustainability and Environment to change their land management practices.

Judge Stretton gave a clear, concise prescription for land management and, from 1944 to 1983 we did pretty well. What fires there were, were handled quickly and extinguished. Even the biggest fires were extinguished in days rather than months.

Could this Nicholls Inquiry be yet another delaying tactic on behalf of a Government that specialises in wasting petitioner’s time, resources and effort?

Leader of the Liberals in Victoria describes ALP management as the ‘Octopus’. Consumers consulted are comforted and cosseted and made to feel that their issue is of great importance and that the Government is giving it deep consideration – while, in fact, they had made their decision well beforehand and they are just interested in draining the efforts of the supplicants.


  • The Government was talking to the Mountain Cattlemen about their access to the high country even while they were making a TV promo extolling their decision to kick the graziers out.
  • The Government was making a TV promo regarding the new desalination plant in Bass Coast Shire before anyone in that Shire had an inkling of their decisions. Even now, they have refused to set up an Environment Effects Statement because they are not going to reverse their decision.
  • They set up Community Consultation Committees to effect changes to the classification of some State forests. Stakeholders could discuss competing issues and agree upon compromises, only to find that the decisions had been made long before these Committees first sat. Peter Ellard, President of the Australian Motorcycle and Trail bike Riders Association was vocal regarding his disgust with this sham.

After years of us rural lobbyists calling for better land management budgets and being studiously ignored by Ministerial advisers, the damaging and disastrous fires started with the Caledonia River fire in 1998. Then the holocaust of 2003 was continued with “feral’ fires in 2005, 2006 and 2007, resulting in the deterioration of at least two and a half million hectares of the public’s land around our State. Thousands of hectares of rural water catchments were razed and water flow, depending on the type of tree, will not resume normal quantities for from eighty to two hundred years.

With one notable exception, these fires were started by lightning, but, due to the lack of forest workers, were dependent upon Government fire fighters – who didn’t get moving quickly enough. Their sluggish reaction gave small fires the opportunity to grow, then amalgamate until there was no human intervention that could bring them under control. It was a fruitless and pointless exercise. But it drew the public’s attention away from the fact that these fires became so damaging because the Government had allowed the forest floor fuels to accumulate to the point where no human effort would contain the intensity of the fires.

Calling in fleets of aircraft after the fires had expanded provided a media spectacle that demonstrated “your taxes at work”. “Look, we have closed the stable door.”

It used to be that the old fashioned fire fighters got to the fire and fought it with knapsack sprays, rakes and beaters while it was small. They now have to stand back while huge fires are played with by very expensive aircraft.

Significant losses to humans?. Yes.

Cremation for a vast number of Australian flora and fauna? Undoubtedly. Fauna, especially, has been severely compromised because the intensity of these fires made them burn so deeply into the humus. Many areas have eroded away, while in other places, the soil is now hydrophobic.

We know that rain showers in February fell on hydrophobic soils, washed eroded humus away and caused disastrous mudslides in Target Creek, Licola and downstream. Eroded soils carried the remains of many burrowing fauna who couldn’t dig deep enough to escape the heat. Where they escaped the heat and flame they suffered a lingering, starving death

We are aware that heavier rains in June also failed to penetrate the forest floor and huge torrents of water built up in the valley of the Macalister River, carrying all before it. No man made device was able to stop it. Bridges, roads, school summer camps, buildings. Nothing stopped this inexorable body of water and the only saving grace was the sand bar that blocked the Lakes Entrance sea entry was washed out to sea.

The inaction of Governments.

In a deliberate manner, Ministers of Conservation since 1982 have reduced the funding for fire prevention; reduced the standing of the fire management team and their trained fire fighters and, paid great heed to a section of our society that claimed that it was best to lock up our forests and leave them to develop naturally.

This land has been subjected to the management of mankind for at least forty thousand years, probably longer. Research has shown that fires razed the landscape regularly and inhibited the growth of a lot of trees. One researcher has described the absence of regular cool burn fires in our forests as a disturbance. He maintains that an environment that is largely based upon regular fire cannot survive without cool burning.

Written, verifiable history.

Abel Tasman, describing the Storm Bay area of Tasmania in 1642 wrote “Tasmanians habitually carried firesticks … and applied fire beyond their windbreaks and throughout the interior” In 1779, Tobias Furneaux recorded that there was continual fire along the shore of Tasmania.

Sir Joseph Banks, in 1770 described Bulli, NSW as a “very barren place, without wood …very few tree species, but every place was covered with vast quantities of grass … the trees were not very large and stood separate from each other without the least trace of underwood.

Mr Alfred Howitt, in 1890, presented a paper to the Royal Society of Victoria in Melbourne in which he described the eucalypts of Gippsland. His essay, written after many years of discussing issues with the early explores such as Angus McMillan and the indigenous peoples in the area makes it very clear that there were not a lot of trees right across Gippsland. The Snowy River valley was a vast area where grass was the major growth and the trees infrequent.

If we are to heed the lock it up and leave it proponents we would do well to remember that our land was never locked up and never left. Indeed, even today in the tropical parts of Australia fuel reduction burning is carried out each year.

Paying for land management

Our State faces a huge conundrum when it comes to the management of the public’s land. Too much use without good land management leads to a deterioration of the environment.

All environmentalists must sympathise with the Victorian Environment Assessment Council (VEAC) in their task to bring good management to the southern bank of the River Murray. As more of us use the area, either commercially or for our recreation, more damage is done. Bio diversity is compromised. More management is required.

However, the answer is not in forming National Parks and Wilderness areas because experiences over the past twenty five years shows that insufficient money has been allocated for their maintenance. This was highlighted in the size and frequency of hyper fires since 1998 and has led to many parts of our forests having eroded and, what is worse, formed hydrophobic soils.

A perusal of Government statistics in the National Parks Act Annual Reports for 1982 and 2005 highlights some very disturbing features;

  • 1982, 272 outdoor workers cared for almost one million hectares of public land at an average cost of, in CPI adjusted values, $25. per hectare. There were only 114 administration staff.
  • In 2005, just 396 outdoor workers cared for some three and a quarter million hectares of the public’s land at a cost $68 million or $21 per ha. Administration staff totalled 625 people.
  • In 1982, there was a ratio of one outdoor worker to 3,600 ha.
  • In 2005 there was a ratio of one outdoor worker to 8,170 ha of land and sea.

The most disturbing factor is that while the number of admin staff has blossomed, a ‘back of the envelope estimate’ suggests that while maybe $17 per hectare was spent on National Parks management in 1982, the 2005 estimate is that upon physical management in 2005, the rest going in salaries, pens, paper and other benefits for the administrators.

It goes without saying that the public’s land must be well managed and compromises must be achieved where various uses compete for space and resources. There has to be better funding of all of our National Parks and Wilderness before the rural and regional taxpayers of Victoria continue paying for pen pushers in Nicholson Street.

Maybe its time to start spending the public’s taxes on fuel prevention rather than fire suppression. It would be better for the public purse as well as bio diversity if cool burning was undertaken in both autumn and spring.

Maybe Professor Neville Nicholls will come to that conclusion. Maybe he will have the courage to let his masters know what has gone wrong so often in the Victorian fire seasons over the past nine years.

John Cribbes

Marine Parks Credibility Shot to Pieces

Professor Robert KearneyThe NSW government DPI science paper Professor Kearney (pictured)dissects in his paper released yesterday is,  “A review of benefits of Marine Protected Areas and related zoning considerations” (Marine Parks Authority New South Wales undated).

Here the issue of balance, or lack thereof, begins to emerge; one may well question the objectivity in having “the Science Paper” on Marine Protected Areas consider only the benefits.

Ex-NSW Premier, Bob Carr, and Ex-Environment Minister, Bob Debus have run from the fold of inept political management of NSW environments – in this particular case, Bob Debus has left his bro- in-law, fire-hose Phil Koperberg, to continue his covert theft of the peoples southern NSW coast line, with the rest to follow soon.

University of Canberra, Professor Bob Kearney has slammed the manufacturing of the scientific sham that was used to force that which should never have been.  Lecturing the Australian Society for fish Biology at Canberra on the 12th September 2007 he cited Bateman’s Bay Marine Park, exposing the false reasons they claimed, and have now locked up.

Bob Kearney, BSc (Hons), PhD, DSc, is Emeritus Professor of Fisheries at the University of Canberra. He is currently Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the World Fish Centre, a member of the Research Committees of the Australia & Pacific Science Foundation and the Pacific Biological Foundation, and a member of the Threatened Species Scientific Committee of the Commonwealth Department of Environment and Heritage. He is the author of 150 scientific and technical papers and the recipient of more than $20 million in research grants.

The Science Paper is attributed as, “Prepared on behalf of the Marine Parks Authority
Scientific Committee”: an attribution which projects the full authorization of the
Authority and the scientists therein. The Marine Parks Authority’s own assertion that this process will be driven by “thorough scientific assessments of all available information and data”.

The documentation relating to the creation of the Batemans Marine Park is perhaps best described as very poorly disguised advocacy marketed to the unsuspecting public as science. This is a sham. So much so that not only does it totally discredit the Batemans Marine Park but it calls into question the credibility of the Marine Parks Authority and the justification of all existing and proposed marine parks in New South Wales.

Prof  Kearney elaborated on several items in his submission of October 15, 2006 to the Marine Parks Authority. So why would not these public servants implement suggestions for the world most imminent person on this field?

“The documentation relating to the creation of the Batemans Marine Park is perhaps best described as very poorly disguised advocacy marketed to the unsuspecting public as science. This is a sham. So much so that not only does it totally discredit the Batemans Marine Park but it calls into question the credibility of the Marine Parks Authority and the justification of all existing and proposed marine parks in New South Wales”

An FOI request on information relating to the proposal for the introduction of the Batemans Marine Park revealed that NSW Department of Primary Industries, the State’s fisheries management agency, in its communication with the Marine Parks Authority on the Batemans Marine Park before it was declared, actually listed four fish species it considered as growth-overfished in NSW:
snapper (Pagrus auratus), silver trevally (Pseudocaranx dentex), sea garfish
(Hyporhamphus melanochir) and kingfish (Seriola lalandi).

Disregarding this inconsistency between the fisheries management authority, NSW DPI, and the Marine Parks Authority on fisheries management, it is significant that neither agency provides any evidence for any current, or even anticipated problems, with predominantly estuarine or ocean beach species in NSW.

SOS-NEWS finds there can be no longer doubt as to a cartel of marine rock slime that have a lot to answer for with many high profile names buried in the sludge.  Bob Debus, Dr Tony Fleming, National Parks CEO, and in between these two, Lisa Corbyn, CEO of Department of Environment NSW, along with a plethora of wanna-be politicians in the form of radical green sects, like the NPA (National Parks Association).  These people have been complicit in accepting, manufacturing and distributing false science along with the ever present radical green agenda as fact, against a withering cry of foul play from marine park opponents since the Bateman’s Bay Marine Park was first designated by boundary alone.

Many local south coast people and organisations have fought valiantly, but in vain against a group of incompetent self-serving power junky bureaucrats that have yet to have their real masters identified.  Once the precautionary principle is instigated, these underhanded self-important bureaucrat socialist junkies can achieve anything they like and the Bateman’s Bay Marine Park has just been one of those results exposed.  There are many others across this Nation that are brought about by the same bulldust.

The opponents to marine parks have documented politicians holding covert private meetings with radicals and destruction of submission papers.  They have had meetings held but results ignored and pleas heard, but totally disregarded.  Well, finally real scientists are speaking out and speaking out with real science that gives a window into just how insidious these faceless cartel members are.

When eminent people such as Professor Kearney speaks out so strongly, it is clearly indicative that the cess pit of political muck has filled so high that even the muck makers are lost as to how to hide their bastardry and halt the overflow into the public arena.

Maurice Iemma as Premier of NSW has to either address this incredibly unjust impost upon the south coast now and remove the current Bateman’s Bay Marine Park and its control on the south coast of NSW, or he may have to swim from a fight he can not win.

Fire-hose Phil Koperberg has to address that which Debus sneakily achieved as the appropriate Minister, or his tenure in the NSW parliament may not be long at all –  especially as he admits by quotation to knowing nothing about Marine Parks, hence installed an assistant minister, Ms Verity Firth, who knows less and  reported in sick leaving Tony Fleming to do her talking and decision making whilst he acts as the Minister you have when you are not having a Minister, brushing aside the concerned residents from the South Coast recently.

When you boil the pot the scum floats to the surface, and it appears the pot is now past simmer, as the public servant’s careers and spin is creeping to the surface for public adjudication as they scurry for cover.

To read, or download, the pdf copy of Professors Kearney’s presentation in detail – click here – it is a document that all Australians must read – pass it around.

You have not heard the last of this and heads will roll and in the right places, it is your taxpayer dollars that is funding these bloody liars who are locking up our oceans and lands under a false science.

GM, To Sue or Not be Sued

There is much talk about the rural sector and in the current media about the coming debate on the end of the moratorium on the Genetically Modified crop issue in Australia.

The writing is on the wall from the experiences elsewhere overseas and especially in Canada that have many in the Australian cropping industry worried for a variety of reasons. From being bound to buying seed from a supplier only, to health implications of the end product, to cross pollination problems.

It is the cross-pollination part of the debate and hence the seed patent ownership that almost undoubtedly is of most concern to the grower and so I would like to proffer the following for food for thought so to speak.

We understand from the anecdotal media chatter that the Canadian and North American experience has netted something to the tune of 457 million dollars in returns to companies from legal challenges to croppers in that sphere of the world from the use of seed stock that the corporations see as theirs and theirs alone. Without getting into the rights or wrongs of those problems your international counterparts endured, to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Lets cut to the chase.

You croppers out there need to deal to the threat before the threat in fact becomes a reality, as you will never have the finances or wherewithal to stand against the legal onslaught once the dice is cast, especially not one on one.

Many of you, especially the smaller family orientated properties may wish to remain independent and stay as natural, unmodified grain growers, retaining seed from your stocks for the following season’s planting and hence have the ability to continue at minimal expense, your ability to plant the following season or seasons should drought, frost, hail or storm degrade, or destroy your most current crop.

The GM path may well inhibit your ability to do this without the added expense of each season being obliged to purchase new seed stocks from the supplier. This is one of many of the problems GM may demand you face.

The real threat though, is cross-pollination of your crop and future crops, of your natural seed and hence, contaminations of a natural crop that you and your neighbours have grown for generations. It is here that would and should be of most concern to you and rightly so if the Canadian experience is to be relived in Australia and there is nothing whatsoever to say it will not be, in fact to the contrary.

It therefore is apparent that there is a need for all farmers that have no intention pre GM introduction to declare by legal instrument and verifiable scientific analysis that their property is free of GM and that the very basis for the business is just that, GM free.

By virtue, any neighbour, or nearby cropper who is desirous of using GM seed stock and thereby enters into what ever agreement is necessary to do so, is put on notice that should such actions be pursued, then it will be cognizant upon such growers to ensure that such cropping does not impact on anyone else. Should this impact in fact occur in the form of cross pollination, or mixing of seed stock and hence degrade ones natural crop, cropping lands, or produce once cropped, the offending grower and perhaps supplying corporation if there is a contractual agreement, will be on notice that litigation for compensation will follow.

The right to pursue one’s legal right to privately, or commercially farm as one deems appropriate for their land is constitutionally theirs, but in so doing it is also their obligation to ensure that such actions do not impact on another and thereby cause undue harm. In this case the destruction by contamination of a property’s product that was clearly identified and, verified by science and noted by instrument that existed prior to GM being introduced to the equation, was in fact GM free and intended on commercially staying that way.

It is not good enough to declare that wind, bees, birds and animals may well have caused the spread of such contamination, as all these variables are well known prior to entry into such a GM venture.

GM cropping may well have a place, that is not the argument, but it does not have a place in a society, where by the Canadian experience, that a cropping society, singular or multiple, is transformed by litigation. Litigation that ends with a corporation directly, or indirectly, having introduced a species of plant that insidiously may not be able to be inhibited by spreading like a weed and then using that weed’s propensity to contaminate as reason for ownership and litigation.

No not all. Be pro-active, join with your neighbours in forming collectives, seek pro-active legal advice and be prepared to mount an immediate challenge to the commercial injustices the moment they occur.

In Canada the corporations took the legal challenge to the victims and put the onus upon those victims to defend themselves. To be forewarned is to be forearmed, declare your position, your product and your intentions well in advance and publicly and personally make it known that this exists. Signs on your fences, articles in your local paper, discussions on radio, letters to your neighbours and notification to your associations and government bureaucracies. Leave no stone unturned, nor any doubt in any farmer’s mind, that it is his/her right to grow GM crops, but it is his/her, their obligation alone, to ensure that no cross pollination occurs whatsoever, from exercising that right.

Do not count on legislation as protection alone, for corporations as big as Monsanto have the monetary might, time and wherewithal to legally challenge governments and enforce international treaties, do you? What did the NAFTA (North American Free trade Agreement) do for Canada?

Brumbyy (with 2Ys)

Horse Flu and the ABC

Our once National Radio for the people, “good old Aunty”, the ABC, is maintaining the public funding to keep employed an army of presenters from radical green to political party stooges while gating out the people.

On the 3rd and 4th of September, 2007, ABC Radio South East, operating from Bega in NSW, transmitted interviews with radical green presenter, Tim Holt, (pictured top)known for his quick pressing of the mute button if the flavour moves from green, and Peter Cochran, (pictures right) Snowy Mountain trail riding business owner, and a very experienced horseman of many years, then the next day it was Andrew Cox, CEO (pictured below) of the National Parks Association in Sydney.

The subject was “Horse Flu”, it’s effect on the Brumby and horses in rural areas.

Cox, who was the instigator of pushing the NSW government into executing the Brumby horses in Guy Fawkes National Park back in 2000, where the NP Rangers, in helicopters, loaded with “NO Experience as shooters” left these heritage horses dying from disgusting gunshot wounds. It was a bloody disgrace then the obligatory white wash by the Carr government was implemented to smooth it over, accompanied by the relevant spin doctors. To read that story – click here.

This radical ratbag Cox (pictured), refers to Guy Fawkes, but not the massacre, and to our heritage Brumby as a “Ferral Horse”.

To listen to both interviews, and form your own opinion – Click Here – for the popup window to open, then double click track 1 for Cox, which will automatically be followed by Peter Cochran. It is worth the listen.

Green Saboteurs Hit Power Plant

Michaela StubbsIn the early hours of Monday September 3rd, a group of four Green saboteurs led by Friends of the Earth activist Michaela Stubbs (pictured), cut their way through the fence of the Loy Yang power station in the Latrobe Valley , Victoria, and sabotaged two conveyors causing an immediate shut down.

The power station with one generator not available for use was forced to halve its electricity production. Management later advised a loss in production of “hundreds of thousands of dollars”, however, other generators were available in the area and Melbourne suffered no loss of power.

Victoria Police were called in to cut the four protesters free from the conveyor belts and they were later charged. No doubt, in the fullness of time they will appear before a magistrate who will admonish them to be good children in the future.

Green activist, champion of alternative power sources, member of the Friends of the Earth and an active opponent of nuclear power, Michaela Stubbs, very easily contactable on telephones 0429 136 935 or land line 9419 8700 was interviewed by ABC Radio Sale. Well known Green supporter Gerard Callinan allowed Michaela Stubbs free rein to give her message. In previous times, her ravings would have been described as repititious and “you know” boring, “you know” being her often repeated punctuation.

ABC Radio in Melbourne also picked up this act of terrorism and they, through Jon Faine, also gave this suburban terrorist the freedom of the airwaves to get her “you know” message across.

On the whole this rather “you know” stupid juvenile prank achieved its objective of allowing this naive Green activist to “you know’ get her message across without anything more than a token hindrance by ABC Radio.

Those of us who “you know” have studied the Great Global Warming Swindle DVD will recognise this group as, “you know” one of the anti everything brigade who would like us all to return to the days when we were covered with woad.

John Cribbes.

Pathetic Parks Bad Publicity Hurts

Last Sundays Herald, page 18, was an article about the NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service complaining that the NSW Rural Fire Service get plenty of positive media coverage, whereas they don’t, or they only get negative coverage. 

Unlike the RFS, who are volunteers – the NP&WS fire fighters are fully paid wage earners of that organisation, receiving overtime when bushfires go past 4pm knockoff time – have either no concern, or most likely no comprehension as to bushfire devastation or the consequences of not containing a bushfire. 

For example, in the Goonoo Conservation Area the NP&WS tried to stop the RFS from bulldozing a firebreak to halt a fire front because it was supposedly destroying endangered vegetation.  

Another, the Broken Cart Track fire, in 2003, NP&WS inhibited the fire management processes, due to “Corroboree Frog habitats”, hence this containable fire broke through heading into Canberra, and we all know what happened there, with 4 people killed, and suburbs turned to ashes. 

John Dengate, well known Radical Greenie” and public affairs director of NP&WS has sent out an order than “at least once during any major fire they (NPWS staff) are to send him a photo of them in uniform studying a map on a car bonnet or checking a piece of equipment” 

Shallow would be and understatement of this first class fools statement. It does however reflect on his fearless leader, Dr Tony Fleming, radical green CEO of the NP&WS, who is caretaker environment minister only while Phil Koperberg is in office, implements his agenda on the people of NSW. 

To read the article, and view a picture of this plonker – click here