Pure Dingoes Howl for Parkhurst

Dingoes-FraserIsland-Parkhurst & Justice

It would appear that regardless of what is the core reality, Ms Jennifer Parkhurst, a woman who cares deeply and passionately for the very environment she professionally photographed and studied for 8 years in exactly the same manner as Dr Jane Goodall of Chimpanzee fame, is going to be thrown to legal evisceration by an incalcitrant Queensland State Government Minister and her Department.

A Queensland Labour Minister and her Department who have not just stolen 7 years of field study and research to equal any that has gone before at such level, but is believed to be in the process of incorporating much of what they have illegally been made privy to, under the guise of sanctioned home invasion and property theft protected by most suspect and controvesial environmental legislation. Pinochet lives!!!

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Lindy Chamberlain Creighton-30 Years On

Lindy seeks Closure-amongst her Incredible Forgiveness

The Chamberlain family were treated to the most dastardly worst of Australian collective naivety and hence, that naivety supported the family’s legal and public vilification, yet this Lady Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton, has come through that dark tunnel with a compassion and an understanding of not just that which tried to destroy her and almost did, but as a person who is capable of the most incredible forgiveness.

Click on the “more” and read her incredible and stirring letter to the Australian people and when you read this letter, let your mind reach within to all of which you know, for when you do, Lindy’s letter will hit you like a sledge hammer.

Brumbyy (with 2Ys)

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Fraser Islands Pure Dingoes
Anna Bligh’s Traveston Dam of the Barrier

100% of Mainland Wild Dogs in Australia are considered infected with Echinococcus, an extreme and not uncommonly deadly disease for humans, spread by an ever growing explosive number of hybrid wild dogs across the entire continent of Australia.

A dangerous spread almost entirely facilitated on a daily basis by wild dog infected faeces drying in the sun on the ground, then wind blown as that infected faeces dust and equally, poor personal hygiene management by humans, this ugly, insidious disease cycle, reaches man.

With eastern Australia and especially Queensland under siege from wild dogs rampaging on and up to the very back-door steps of suburbia throughout the States, poison baits once only used in an attempt to arrest rural destruction, are now coming closer to those gates of metropolitan Australia. Baits are officially being dispensed by the bucketful to rural interface sectors in Queensland in an attempt to thwart the suburban onslaught of wild dog predation on pets and domestic stock; and without mentioning it, human disease affliction; Bundaberg, the town of rum, being one of the latest in siege news.

Premier Anna Bligh and Minister Kate Jones of Queensland Government fame, have the one last bastion of Australian territory other than Tasmania, possibly free from this ugly and life threatening offensive insidious disease, of which the human contraction risk grows equally and exponentially, with the immense increase in the mainland wild dog population explosion.

This bastion is World Heritage Listed Fraser Island where some of the last surviving, genetically pure, Australian Dingoes struggle to survive and yet the Bligh government has failed in providing any barriers of protection, not just, for the F I Dingoes, but for the half million tourists as well and there is no transparent research available. At the time of this story, not even a mention in their brand new website on Fraser Dingoes. A web site obviously set up to clean egg off their face, not to protect the Island and its visitors from a deadly disease of the mainland.

From 1987-1992 in NSW alone, [a decade ago] a study showed 321 treatments for this disease were noted. Why, did they need the study. This disease, has been removed from the NSW mandatory health reporting program. yet it is uglier than Swine Flu, more pervasive than H5N1, more catastrophic than the Hendra Virus and unlike BSE (mad cow disease), covers mainland Australia like a blanket.

This disease(Hydatid Granulosus), is a real and most serious potential pandemic for the Australian mainland public and tourists who visit our shores alike, yet every politician hides from even a mention of this health risk, let alone a long term death sentence for your children, and like Minister Kate Jones, their best science, clearly tells them, the big “H” (Hydatid), is a nationally most serious, public health issue.

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Professor Harold Lewis Resigns Over Environment Fiction

Annoyed personHarold Lewis is Emeritus Professor of Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara, former Chairman resigned in dusgust of from American Physical Society after sixty-seven years over engineered findings and reports without consultation with renowned environmental expert peers and their findings.

We see yet again these Green engineers of fiction taking any course to pedal their concocted poisioning of factual climate and environment science from the people they intend to control.

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Scientist Noeline Franklin Reviews Murray Darling Report

Noeline Franklin, BSC (Hon), M.Medsc, PTC, 16 Years a scientist with the CSIRO then returning to her farm in the Snowy, settled in the high country by her forefathers, speaks from a factual background never visited by political funded fictional academics to maintain their government cash cow.

To hear these interviews use the green controls below.
[swfobj src=”../radio/noeline/mp3ss11d.swf” height=”100″ width=”150″]Noeline reviews the “Murray Darling Basin Report” from her years of experience as a scientist with the CSIRO and as a farmer where she now spends her time …October 2010

[swfobj src=”../radio/noeline/mp3ss12d.swf” height=”100″ width=”150″]Noeline expands on her studies of the “Water Catchment” fiasco and government corporate greed alliance to control the peoples water supply that you thought was pure and free …October 2010