14 Year Old Wins Debates with O’Leary Over Monsanto GMO

Monsanto seeder at work

America has a 90% factor of Genetically Modified Organisms [GMO] corn grown for human consumption from Monsanto seed factories subjected to just three months of testing,  no peer review, then rubber stamped by a compliant US Government seal of approval – “its safe”.

French government scientists have revealed that rats fed on GMO corn sold by American firm Monsanto, suffered tumors and other complications including kidney and liver damage. When testing the firm’s top brand weed killer the rats showed similar symptoms.

The French health, environment and farm ministries said in a joint statement, “the government will ask the European authorities to take all necessary measures to protect human and animal health, measures that could go as far as an emergency suspension of imports of NK603 maize in the European Union”.

Founder of “Kids Right to Know,” 14 year old Rachel Parent, just wants people to be aware of what’s in their food, and to be able to avoid GMOs if they so wish.  She challenged Canada’s most embarrassing TV host Kevin O’Leary to a debate after his statement on air previously – “Only stupid people protest against Monsanto”.

In the video below, watch O’Leary back pedal when he proposes to run a video his daughter made concerning her change of ideas on GMO after Rachel stated she has seen the video and had issues with it. He immediately changed the subject.

O’Leary was beaten by this 14 year old, clipping his wings forcing his lie and diversions totally exposing this looser.

Internet privacy as important as human rights, says UN’s Navi Pillay

The UN human rights chief, Navi Pillay, has compared the uproar in the international community caused by revelations of mass surveillance with the collective response that helped bring down the apartheid regime in South Africa.

Pillay, the first non-white woman to serve as a high-court judge in South Africa, made the comments in an interview with Sir Tim Berners-Lee on a special edition of BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, which the inventor of the world wide web was guest editing.

Pillay has been asked by the UN to prepare a report on protection of the right to privacy, in the wake of the former National Security Agency analyst Edward Snowden leaking classified documents about UK and US spying and the collection of personal data.

illegal Government Spying

Spy vs Spy on your privacy

The former international criminal court judge said her encounters with serious human rights abuses, which included serving on the Rwanda tribunal, did not make her take online privacy less seriously. “I don’t grade human rights,” she said. “I feel I have to look after and promote the rights of all persons. I’m not put off by the lifetime experience of violations I have seen.”

She said apartheid ended in South Africa principally because the international community co-operated to denounce it, adding: “Combined and collective action by everybody can end serious violations of human rights … That experience inspires me to go on and address the issue of internet [privacy], which right now is extremely troubling because the revelations of surveillance have implications for human rights … People are really afraid that all their personal details are being used in violation of traditional national protections.”

The UN general assembly unanimously voted last week to adopt a resolution, introduced by Germany and Brazil, stating that “the same rights that people have offline must also be protected online, including the right to privacy”. Brazil’s president, Dilma Rousseff, and the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, were among those spied on, according to the documents leaked by Snowden.

The resolution called on the 193 UN member states “to review their procedures, practices and legislation regarding the surveillance of communications, their interception and collection of personal data, with a view to upholding the right to privacy of all their obligations under international human rights law”. It also directed Pillay to publish a report on the protection and promotion of privacy “in the context of domestic and extraterritorial surveillance … including on a mass scale”. She told Berners-Lee it was “very important that governments now want to discuss the matters of mass surveillance and right to privacy in a serious way”.

Berners-Lee has warned that online surveillance undermines confidence in the internet, and last week published an open letter, with more than 100 free speech groups and leading activists, to protest against the routine interception of data by governments around the world.

Abbott’s Astonishing Limitations

Now in office Tony Abbott does not require the voice of the people to interrupt  party room agenda nor honour an election promise  as this master of deceit who from parliament in opposition stated  to stop the flow of boat people, has shown his spineless ability in this matter.

Consider everyday you go to work your tax is supporting approximately 33,000 asylum seekers in Australia, living on 89% of the standard unemployment benefit rate and they are not allowed to do paid work.

Our new dictating Liberal government in the parliament of fools quietly gazetted last week a code of conduct to be signed by asylum seekers which came into force on Saturday 14 December 2013.

Arriving illegally reflects the start of asylum seekers thumbing their noses at Australian law as they play the civil libertarians, tax funded legal services, and our pathetic judicial system, not forgetting the political correct fraternity suggests non compliance will be rampant as they smile while signing this code of conduct.

  • We have been reduced to visitors in our own country – why have we allowed this to happen?
  • The two party system has removed your freedom – would you now like to change your mind?

More Leaks from Snowden Exposing GCHQ & NSA Spying

The world thanks you Edward Snowden

The world thanks you Edward Snowden

British and American intelligence agencies had a comprehensive list of surveillance targets that included the EU’s competition commissioner, German government buildings in Berlin and overseas, and the heads of institutions that provide humanitarian and financial help to Africa, top-secret documents reveal.

The papers show GCHQ, in collaboration with America’s National Security Agency (NSA), was targeting organisations such as the United Nations development programme, the UN’s children’s charity Unicef and Médecins du Monde, a French organisation that provides doctors and medical volunteers to conflict zones. The head of the Economic Community of West African States (Ecowas) also appears in the documents, along with text messages he sent to colleagues.

The latest disclosures will add to Washington’s embarrassment after the heavy criticism of the NSA when it emerged that it had been tapping the mobile phone of the German chancellor, Angela Merkel.

One GCHQ document, drafted in January 2009, makes clear that the agencies were targeting an email address listed as belonging to another important American ally – the “Israeli prime minister”. Ehud Olmert was in office at the time.

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Edward Snowden’s Christmas Message

snowden-meetingEdward Snowden, the whistleblower who prompted a worldwide debate when he leaked a cache of top secret documents about US and UK spying, has recorded a Christmas Day television message in which he calls for an end to the mass surveillance revealed by his disclosures.

The short film was recorded for Channel 4, which has 20-year history of providing unusual but relevant figures as an alternative to the Queen’s Christmas message shown by other UK broadcasters. It will be Snowden’s first television appearance since arriving in Moscow.

The address, broadcast at 4.15pm on Christmas Day, was filmed in Russia – where Snowden is living after being granted temporary asylum – by Laura Poitras, a film-maker who has closely collaborated with him on the NSA stories.

Snowden said George Orwell “warned us of the danger of this kind of information” in his dystopian novel, 1984.

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Monsanto’s New “FrankenSeed” Factory In Argentina


Monsanto President & CEO Hugh Grant

Monsanto President & CEO Hugh Grant

Agricultural Terrorist Monsanto already dominates America’s food chain with its genetically modified seeds that, when combined with toxic pesticides, create the devastating ‘monocultures’ — where nothing grows but a single plant increasingly cover our planet. Now they plan to build one of the world’s largest GM seed factories at Malvinas in Argentina.

People of Malvinas have been lying in front of bulldozers to block the construction of the plant protesting to the world that places president Kirchner at the front of a massive wave of unpopularity and she can’t afford to be seen choosing Monsanto’s profits over her own people.
In Monsanto’s scary new world, where plants are genetically designed to be sterile, the only way farmers can keep planting food is by buying seeds every year from Monsanto! The mega-plant will use toxic chemicals to engineer seeds they control, eliminating farmers seed storage for next years crops and forcing them back to repurchase from Monsanto who now control up to 90% of some types of crops across the USA.
Farmers who buy Monsanto’s patented Roundup Ready seeds are required to sign an agreement promising not to save the seed produced after each harvest for re-planting, or to sell the seed to other farmers. This means that farmers must buy new seed every year. Those increased sales, coupled with ballooning sales of its Roundup weed killer, have been a bonanza for Monsanto.
Some argue that genetic modification holds great promise for increased agricultural efficiency. There may be many such benefits in the future, but often the gains are hyped by corporate PR (such as the line that GM seeds ‘feed the world’ by being far more productive than normal seeds — in fact there’s little evidence of that), and GM technologies often put profit over people and planet.
Governments should adjudicate the public risks and benefits, but Monsanto is skilled in undermining democratic governance. They even passed a law in the US that says that a judge cannot order a recall of Monsanto products, even on grounds of public safety!
With its new “Frankenseed”  mega-plant in Argentina, destruction of natural seed sowing and storage by global farmers will feel the might of Monsanto agricultural enforcers to engineer world domination of food killer crops at any cost.
Found on a Philippines crop farmers land sending the message

Found on a Philippines crop farmers land sending the message

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“It won’t be long before the people storm this chamber and hang you . . . and they’ll be right!

Godfrey Bloom is an Englishman and Member of the European Parliament (MEP).  Here’s brief video of Mr. Bloom addressing the European Parliament and speaking truth to power. You can be assured Australia has NO politician of this caliber and with guts to speak the truth. You are further  assured the silent Australian majority will continue to remain silent.

Mark Aldridge Exposes Australian Electorial Fraud

Mark Aldgidge

Without doubt this compulsory viewing video by Mark Aldridge is hard hitting exposing both major parties depth of fraud to halt any intervention into government from the people outside their engineered parameters they have set in place that is riddled with massive corruption and collusion.

Having attempted for justice from stacked courts cases, his never ending pursuit for a peoples government to replace the two party controlled parliaments, Mark  reflects factual evidence to viewers naming the crooks and the crooked deals he has uncovered.


MP Slams Stand Over Dictating Bureaucrats

“Here is a very rare Australian MP who after election day is standing up for his constituents against the entrenched out of control unelected bureaucracy dictating to politicians what they want”

Tony Abbott’s office has ‘obsessive centralised control phobia’

Liberal National backbencher lashes out at government’s handling of inquiry into development of northern Australia

ian macdonald coalition senator

Ian Macdonald is “incensed” that two key elements have been left out of the instructions for the new joint select committee on northern Australia. Photograph: Alan Porritt/AAP

A Liberal National party senator has lashed out at Tony Abbott’s office for displaying an “obsessive centralised control phobia” over every aspect of parliament, saying he will not be bossed around by “unelected advisers”.

The veteran Queensland senator, Ian Macdonald, who has voiced his disappointment at being passed over for a front bench post, levelled the fresh criticism over the government’s handling of an inquiry into the development of northern Australia.

Some Coalition members have privately raised questions about the level of control exercised by Abbott’s office, headed by chief of staff Peta Credlin, but Macdonald chose to make his views public in a short address to parliament on Wednesday.

Macdonald said he was “incensed” that two key elements had been left out of the instructions for the new joint select committee on northern Australia, including an examination of the zone tax system and a definitive programme towards sustainable development in the region.

He said there had been little or no consultation with senators with a special interest in the north over the terms of reference, arguing that the prime minister’s office seemed to have “an almost obsessive centralised control phobia over this and every aspect of parliament”.

Moving an amendment in the Senate on Wednesday, Macdonald said such action should not have been necessary, but the terms of reference that he “eventually discovered almost by accident” were not in accord with the Coalition’s previously stated aims.

Macdonald pointedly declared he was “not elected to this parliament by the prime minister’s office but by the Liberal National party of Queensland and by the voters of Queensland, particularly those in the north”.

“I have to advise them and my constituents that I’ll not have unelected advisers in the prime minister’s office telling elected politicians who are actually in touch with their constituencies what should and shouldn’t be done,” he said.

The original terms of reference asked for recommendations on establishing “a conducive regulatory and economic environment” in northern Australia. Macdonald’s amendment makes clear that taxation should be part of this examination.

Before the election, the Coalition promised to develop within 12 months a white paper on policy options, including building on existing key urban zones such as Darwin, Cairns, Townsville and Karratha.

“To this end, the efficacy and targeting of current relocation incentives and personal and business tax incentives could be reviewed,” Abbott said in a statement before the election. Kevin Rudd subsequently proposed cutting company tax in the Northern Territory but faced criticism over the lack of detail accompanying the campaign pledge.

Also added to the committee’s terms of reference is a specific requirement for advice on a white paper to detail government action needed to make the proposals a reality, including funding sources and a timeline for implementation.

Most elements of the terms of reference put to the lower house on 21 November will remain the same. The committee will consider policies for developing parts of Australia that lie north of the Tropic of Capricorn spanning Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory.

It will look at opportunities in the mineral, energy, agricultural, tourism, defence and other industries, trade and investment links with the Asia-Pacific, critical economic and social infrastructure, “impediments to growth” and ways to encourage private investment and innovation.

The committee is expected to report about the middle of next year.

Source: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/dec/04/tony-abbotts-office-has-obsessive-centralised-control-phobia