Peter Spencer Sends Government To The Back Foot

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Spencer -v- Commonwealth of Australia {2008} FCA 1256

Peter Spencer
Today in the Federal court the Honourable Justice Emmett brought down his decision in the matter of Spencer v The Commonwealth of Australia. The decision contains a finding important to all farmers concerned with obtaining the benefit of carbon sequestration rights in respect of their land.

In paragraph 149 of the decision there is a strong endorsement of the Property Rights of Mr Spencer as quoted below

149 “I consider that Mr Spencer has established that there is a serious question to be tried as to whether he has suffered such sufficient detriment as a consequence of the 1997 Vegetation Act and the 2003 Vegetation Act as might constitute a taking or acquisition in respect of Saarahnlee.

Further, to the extent that there was a benefit to be derived from the grant of carbon sequestration rights by undertaking voluntary restraint, it is certainly arguable that Mr Spencer has been deprived of that benefit. Whether the restriction is such as to constitute a taking or acquisition or expropriation may depend upon detailed evidence of value. Nevertheless, there is at least a seriously arguable case for concluding that there has been an acquisition of property of Mr Spencer’s.”

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Garnaut & Wong – Cements their Future or Boots?

So just what is the reality of CO2 emissions
who are the main offenders?

We mine coal and use it safely, effectively and wisely in Australia so as to generate quality energy in the form of electricity (much to the chagrin (mortification) of the rabid greeny and hot-rock sector). In other words, clean, continuous, reliable, base-load electrical power; so clean, the detractors have to declare Carbon Dioxide as a pollutant to lambast and denigrate the industry.

Surprisingly; an electrical generation system the globe’s corporate world are knifing each other over in a rush to purchase such infrastructure from the Iemma led bankrupt NSW government, but that’s another story soon.

Further, these above detractors and Human Induced CO2 Climate Change sycophants led by Garnaut, Wong and Rudd, in this nation, are claiming that we the general citizen are responsible for the CO2 emissions of our exports, when in fact those emissions are emitted by the end use coal buyers who utilise this solid carbon energy producing product for their own purposes.

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Wong Again

Global Meteor Strike
Eclipsed by Wong Rudd Garnaut & Co

The Garnauts of this world who live in concrete jungles, work in concrete jungles and deal in concrete jungles, are a vast army of soft hands and busy minds, toting wallets that are insatiable.

They bounce from one city to the next, being seated at boardroom tables in lofty sky-scrapers forming the criteria for the globe’s rules and decision makers, that only they understand. A criteria spawned from spreadsheets and academic jabbering, almost never, from the experienced gained from calloused hands and years at the coal face.

They live with silver service, societal positioning and political clout from the day they have their first, free of university pee and even that is bottled. Yet somehow, our western society has allowed this prissy mob of pansied-handed academics of many walks, to control not just our commercial lives, but the entire well being of our Nation and wider globe, hence the billions of real working people that are constructively, industriously and environmentally sensitive, whilst earning an HONEST living, are faced with an invisible wall to climb of upper crust human making, with no ladder available.

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The Gods Must be Angry

CO2 Up in Smoke the Wong Way

The following pictures put Kevin Rudd and Penny Wong’s intention to bankrupt the greatest Nation in the world, “Australia” by claiming that man made CO2 emissions are going to cause the earth’s climate to change so dramatically that human kind is at risk into real perspective.

The South American Chaiten Volcano not only recently blew ash 12 miles high into the Patagonian sky, but also released every 24hrs, more CO2 emissions into the global atmosphere, than the entire Australian, human produced CO2 tonnage, in the last decade.

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Possums and 1080 Baloney in NZ

1080 Rattles Green’s Ping Pong Balls

The irony of the New Zealand response to a most serious bovine (cattle) disease, Bovine tuberculosis, is the fact that the poison the greens hate, 1080 (sodium fluoroacetate) is basically an Australian concoction and New Zealand is using it enmass to control the introduced Australian possum. Now Kiwis, take that as a response for some All Blacks win over the Wallabies.

Sadly, this little bushy tailed, sharp clawed critter, is responsible for the supporting and hence transmission of an ugly, rural, debilitating, transmittable disease.

Bovine Tuberculosis (bovine TB) is a contagious chronic disease of cattle caused by Mycobacterium bovis and associated with progressive emaciation and tubercle (granuloma) formation involving most usually the respiratory system, but also other organs. Note the anomalies in the depicted lung xray of a human infected with tuberclosis.

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Sonny Bill Williams

Your Telephone Becomes Your Jailer

The erosion of Australian legal right as we know them was given the most amazing leg up today via the Supreme Court and all because of a sports star gone walkabout in an attempt to get out of what we can only presume he sees as an unconscionable and unfair contract.

When the world of litigants and litigation has struggled to come to terms with those that that very same legal system went out of its way to protect, the new orders issued in the Supreme Court just go to show that justice is about money, power and politics, but never really about justice.

For decades, unscrupulous people have been able to hide from both courts, and plaintiffs who had a right to have their matters heard in the appropriate courts of jurisdiction; only to be thwarted from this right by the inability to serve the due process (legal papers and documentation) upon the defendant/s, or respondents as the case may be.

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