Devious Spies enter all Australian Home Computers

The Devil is always in the Detail

No one condones child pornography, or paedophilia, but the content in the following SMH story, given the unscrupulous shenanigans of politicians from customs excise evasion, to official position abuse, to actual hard core paedophilia, just to mention a few transgressions in the latter years of such falsely principled people, leaves the average citizen with serious concern and trepidation.

With multi-million dollar wheeling and dealing, development scandals, sex for who knows what and the list is growing daily, just how sure can you be that you and your future is safe, even though you lead a true and honest citizen’s life.

Governments today make the Al Capones’ of the past almost Saints and that includes Australian governments and authorities. For starters they now control the numbers game, “Lotto.” Debus’s new powers allows him to control your computer’s content.

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Katoomba Airstrip in Need

Where Angels and Dirt, Meet

The Blue Mountains is an area of western Sydney that is rugged, awe-inspiring, fast becoming well populated, yet in many aspects, isolated and off the beaten track, almost impenetrable.

The range is part of the an ancient fault line push up of an earth shattering situation that occurred thousands of years ago and today is an Australian wonderland of wilderness and metropolis living in what can only be termed, a highly populated, fragile symbiosis.

A symbiosis that needs our help in supporting the Angel Station in the Sky.

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Going Under Downunder

Banks and Real Estate Set To Collapse

I remember television news showing several home auctions 12 months ago around inner Sydney that featured one working couple overjoyed at a property auction result in Newtown. They had accepted the knock down for an 80 years old mortar leaking matchbox cottage for $850,000, followed by another working couple taking possession of a Balmain shack for $1.3 million.

As the USA property markets collapse we are following right behind with over ridiculous inflated prices generated by Real Estate companies and self proclaimed investment gurus who make credibility of Used Car Salesmen shift up 50 points.

Main stream media consult the Real Estate Institute on market movements to which they are yet to use terms of inflated, over priced, market collapse. It is always a positive proclamation as the brick walls like Jericho are falling around them.

Guestimations of 750,000 Australian mortgages are in trouble, 300,000 of those predicted to go under within weeks, that is around one in five household mortgagees will lose their homes and other four million mortgage holders also are at risk.

Blame has been levelled by 75% of mortgaged home purchasers at interest rate rises, not a whisper of over commitment to service their loans in a market place that has for two years maintained a shaky low level of interest waiting to explode as it has with further devaluation of property to come as families are evicted by banks AGAIN.
Let us look at “Bank Bulldust” from our Commonwealth Bank CEO Ralph Norris set comfortable with is $15 million a year salary, recently kindled a share market rally, then addressing a Macquarie Capital Conference quoting, “His bank had no current plans to raise additional Capital”.

That is an outright blatant lie.

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Wheat growers unite to fight industry deregulation

“Wheat Growers’ Action Group”

A new wheat growers action group has pledged to fight the federal government in its plans to deregulate the industry.

They strongly oppose the new Wheat Export Marketing legislation that will change the way wheat is exported and marketed. The legislation takes away growers only ability to collective bargain the sale and movement of their wheat.

It will abolish the Single Desk that provides an orderly marketing system for Australia’s wheat into export markets. It will instead open the market up to many exporters.

Growers fear they’ll be forced to accept lower prices for their wheat as companies compete against each other to secure export markets. They’re deeply concerned it will further affect their viability after enduring several years of drought.

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CO2 Global Scam In Tatters

31,000 scientists, 9000 Phd’s stand up to be counted

Forget God’s balancing acts such as earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and seasonal droughts; these tremors of incidental human suffering will pale into insignificance hidden by the all encompassing shadow of the UN sanctioned Climate Change actions which will cause the demise of tens of millions of souls, along with the enforced slave like subservience of billions more, just so an elite few in global terms, will not just live like Lords, but will in fact be your Lords, and MASTERS

I have regularly said in my writings that the growth of expert opinion speaking out against this Y2K scam called “man made CO2 climate change” which is being pushed by the likes of Al Gore and his dangerous sycophantic followers, is a voice that is becoming exponentially larger, by the day.

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Jon Stanhope Undecided

Jon Stanhope the 2 Bob Each Way Mayor

The devil is always in the detail, it is just that the detail is generally left out of mainstream media reporting and the following story from the ABC is a perfect example.

The controversy over a gas-fired power station to be built in the ACT under the guise of supplying some quasi data storage centre may well have deeper seated interest for the public.

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The Colong Foundation Radical Greenies Demand Less Rain

To Remove Gang Green You Cut Out The Infection

No apologies, you just can’t please the bastards and there is no other way of saying it, for to do so is to give these idiots credibility and today they have lost ALL.

The importance of hidden agenda driven Radical Greens,(never associated with, removed from common sense environmentalists), has epitomised their stupidity to be part of any environmental solution by the ABC yesterday.

The invidious Colong Foundation Group’s leader, “Keith Muir” (pictured left), touted as “Kevin”, distancing their normal biased reporting from this exponent of “Gang Green Garbage”.

“Foghorn Leghorn” has now been upstaged by – “Megaphone Muir”

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This Home Belongs To ..WHO?

To have guided tour through this magnificent stately home and experience how the filthy rich live, is a trip you must take.

If not for the architecture and appointments, then just to see who does own this mutli-million dollar mansion, you will be amazed.

It is a PDF presentation to download or view you must see.


NSW Government Kills Kids Fishing Holidays Forever

Well Done FIRTH – McDONALD With Your Dispicable Dictatorship – It Will Return To Bite You..HARD

I sat watching the NSW Upper House 2nd reading of the Marine Parks Amendment Bill with a tight chest and glazed eyes as I saw the rights of all families and kids who choose to fish being taken away by our so called elected servants.

I commend the Nationals, for they did have a bit of a go at getting some changes made to this act for the people, but to NO avail.

The Liberal’s spokesperson had absolutely NO IDEA what she was doing, let alone know what she was talking about, it was also obvious neither did the Labor Government.

Minister Ian Macdonald (pictured) did not even read the bill, either he was too embarrassed, or was working to party room instructions, while reflecting no conscience toward this flawed legislation.

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Coroner Doogan Still Under Attack

Winter Snow can’t Quench the Fires

As Maria Doogan again awaits for a superior colleague to decide upon her professional work as the ACT Coroner who competently investigated the 2003 fire storm that swept Canberra, resulting in the sad loss of life, the four Plaintiffs, Peter Lucas-Smith, Mike Castle, Tony Graham and Rick McRae, are also equally waiting with trepidation.

These four people were adversely commented upon in Coroner Doogan’s report and they are now embroiled in this last ditched stand to somehow have current history, rewritten. Legally anyway.

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