Comment to this story published in The Australian is not required, nor will reflect further public disgust of the Rudd Government sanctioned boat people invasion of our nation. Through the government express checkout lane, all expenses paid by you the taxpayer Australian residency, then the golden handshake from Kev with a home, hospital and welfare flowing as they pass turnstile.

As an Australian and ex-serviceman I am seathing, along with ghost of our forefathers who have seen their country crumble under government after government taking peoples rights daily while opening floodgates to imigration when Australians are starving, homeless, while our national infrastructure nears collapse. I feel further saddened at every election as the people return these mongrals to continue demolishing our hertiage. How long can this stupidity last?

What do you think?

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NSW Ready To Burn Despite Victorian Black Saturday Findings

Picture of Black Saturday Vic Feb 2009
The curtain raiser to the next NSW bushfire season experienced in the tiny hamlet of Broomshead on the far north coast with an inferno fuelled by the gang green national park hazard reduction failure or rather lock it up and leave it.

Ground fuel loads of dead trees, undergrowth, weeds and rubbish left to feed the bushfire that only for a wind change could have destroyed this town and taken human life.

Blocked fire trails along with ground fuel loads hampered volunteer RFS crews, all predicted by local residents prior to this fire who vented their concerns on the deaf ears of radical green parks & councils and government departments who dictate to government their ratbag fiction to sustain and preserve wild life to be then incinerated in their neglected ground rubbish encrusted habitats under a code of MYTH-MANAGEMNT.

This following story from the Sydney Morning Herald by Malcolm Brown covers a near disaster. Spin and blame shifting by RFS management, government and opposition he writes indicates nothing has been learned from the Victorian Black Saturday greenie sanctioned ground fuel load that wiped out towns with loss of near 200 lives.

Picture of Black Saturday Vic Feb 2009
Political existence does now appear to take precedence over human life. If the people on the ground can see the problem, the experts can see the problem, the evidence can see the problem, then they must be held accountable.

The concentration on bushfire ignition used to divert from the real issue that prepared fire breaks, regular concentrated hazard reduction in public land, around homes and roadways is a proven method of bushfire containment from any ignition. Arsonist make great publicity, they do not make fuel loads, the greens have total control over that.

Mal Davies

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October 20th 2009 – Mal Davies Interviews Dentist John Wilson: For decades Dentist John Wilson has been in and out of court and jail because he demands his constitutional rights to “Trial by Jury” which has been denied of him until October 2009, where in Parramatta NSW he will have is jury trial. This interview John runs a synopsis of his fight for right that all Australians are entitled to…

Greens Rosy Glasses Fog Up

Greens Cry in the Wilderness

Afghanistan has always been a strife torn tribal area of central Asia. A place of pacts and broken loyalties, all in the name of self-centredness. The Afghans are masters of this subterfuge in life; the ability to form and betray alliances, as each entity sees, for its own benefit.

Today, the Radical Green sector of Australia is starting to realise just how they too have been manipulated (as we here at SOS-NEWS have been saying for years) and dealt an Afghani style, betrayal of alliances they fought so hard for.

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IPCC Video Game “Australian Destruction”

Beware, Rudd’s
ETS elephant
will trash your home

Terry McCrann | October 17, 2009
The Australian

IMAGINE if John Howard and Peter Costello had proposed a GST with an indeterminate variable rate, with the “variation” left hostage to the manipulation of clever investment bankers and other main-chancers, and you might begin to understand “Kevin Rudd’s GST” — his Emissions Trading Scheme, or ETS.
“His GST?” If we get the ETS, it is going to add to the price of everything — not just power and not just carbon-based power in particular. On that point, it’s worth noting that it is specifically designed to increase the price of – Click on the text to read what you must at the Australian site.

IPCC a False Tongue of the UN Cabal

When the UN wants to be Taken Seriously
It first has to Earn the Right
It is a Long Long Way
from Achieving That

The United Nations has historically, a plethora of failures in its closets and almost a zero tally of successes, and even these successes have come at a price that is not only unacceptable, but in real terms, just softer failures.

Rwanda, Kosovo & Iraq, are the really modern era failures that will be fresh in the minds of the global public, but there are many, many more.

With the UN drivel, as opposed to drizzle, department called the IPCC, dictating insanely false information to the world about human induced climate change through man made emissions of CO2, (Carbon Dioxide, the gas all flora (plants, trees & crops) need so as to grow, which inturn, delivers oxygen to the atmosphere as a by-product, which we as human need to exist) it is time to prove that the United Nations, right to the very pinnacle of position, is nothing other than a political minion of the big boys, with truth, justice and honesty have nothing whatsoever to do with its decision making.

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The power of one man’s 14 year fight to claim his constituional rights, taken from him by the NSW unaccountable Judicial, threatens this dictatorship we live under in Australia

After near 14 years of hell, 75 year old Sydney Dentist John Wilson has been claimed his rights, as an Australian, under the constitution of this nation, to have a criminal matter heard with an impaneled jury of 12 of his peers denied to him, but all citizens, by the judiciary of NSW.

Serving time in prison claiming his Australian rights, loosing his home and dental practice to our so called justice system, this lone voice from within our dictatorship has shown that the power of one can win against oppression.

The saga of John Wilson, citizen of Australia denied justice, can be followed at his website – http://www.rightsandwrong.com.au

Here are the emails we received from Australian Citizen – John Wilson.

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Nicole Sings Her Protest of Queensland Government Dictators



Nicole Canaway

This “Song Of Protest” by 19 year old singer/songwriter, Nicole Canaway from Queensland recorded about her state’s premier- “Anna Bligh Song”. Lyric are great as is production about the govt dictatorship and land theft people are suffering which includes her fathers clash with the Queensland Government … to listen click green arrow


Dingoes Need Your Signature

Q’ld Minister Proves Bligh Govt
Holds Public & Communities Opinion

The Fraser Island residents and those that revere the Island and its environment, have just had the Bligh Government display their dictatorial arrogance towards them in one simple, but most telling statement, as reported in the Fraser Coast Chronicle.

Kate Jones the Q’ld Environment Minister, has had the temerity and sheer arrogance, if the report in the Chronicle is correct and there is nothing to make us believe it is not, albeit, the Minister would claim “Out of Context” defence if she was cornered on the issue, to state the following.

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GM Lords & Serfs

The World is Whose Oyster?

Genetics, so to have a last word for the time being on the GM behemoth’s control over the seed base of our planets food supply, consider this;

The United Nations are working on the basis of a pending global population in the middle of this century of an expansion, equating to a doubling of the populations of China and India combined. This is well in excess of an additional 2 billion mouths to feed.

The likes of the seed barons, who by their patents, will become the quasi Gods of the world, by having the power to withhold, or deal out, their patented seed stock as they see fits in with satisfying their agendas.

The United Nations declare that there will be a need for this globe to increase its food production by the alarming figure of some 55-75%. This will be across cereals, meats, vegetables and all natural food production in between.

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