Victorian Bushfire inquiry covers up fuel reduction failure

“With the interim report from the Bushfires Royal Commission now out, the most stark revelations are those which are not stated,” Citizens Electoral Council Leader Craig Isherwood said today.

Back in February, Mr Isherwood said that Victoria doesn’t need a Royal Commission, as it has had two Royal Commissions before, by Judge Stretton, into the Victorian bushfire disasters of 1939 and 1944, and the result was crystal clear: the bushfire disasters then, as now, were caused by what the Judge called “ridiculously inadequate” prescribed burning of the forests, and he mandated “fire prevention must be the paramount consideration of the forester”.

“Guess what was left out of this interim report?” Mr Isherwood asked.

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Would Boo-Boo Contact The Editor?

A recent contact from a person of interest to SOS-NEWS who suggested that we refer to this person as “Boo-Boo”, a friend it would seem of Yogi Bear, we need to communicate ASAP.

I gather you monitor this news service, your information is more than interesting, I now need to move to the second section.

As always confidential is a policy we hold at 100%.

Would you snail (surface) mail me as you did with your initial contact.

Mal Davies

One Nation Proposing People Bank Government Don’t Want

Before our “Downunder Dictatorship” we once had a “Peoples Bank”. It was set in place to help individuals achieve and survive over many decades which created this once democratic nation.

Then political power became “All Power”, a methodical removal of people rights and freedom by tag team governments from Labor or Liberal who in tandem maintain an agenda to stifle people’s input to govern this country.

Love or hate One Nation Political Party, with or without Pauline Hanson, they have now introduced a people bank policy. This is sending shockwaves through Bank Baron’s and the two party preferred Reich Marshals in Canberra.

When a female “Fish & Chip” shop owner threatened to expose, open the books, plus introduce transparent government, these opposing enemies united to terminate that last raised voice of public dissention. They orchestrated the jailing, they humiliated, they feared for most certainly a One Nation would have terminated preference voting and removed the dictatorial two party life support system, just for starters.

Again One Nation proposes what most Australians are thinking with massive concern to our current finance and banking, placed by government into the hands of a chosen few controling the bucks with a buddy sanctioned iron fist.

Read this excerpt from a Queensland One Nation Newsletter we were sent, it is interesting to say the least.

Petition To Keep Your Land From Government Hands

Petition summary and background to Land Aquisition

On 17 June 2009 the Land Acquisition (Just Terms Compensation) Amendment Bill 2009 was passed late at night in the NSW Parliament.

The NSW Government has said the need for the Bill has arisen because of the decision of the High Court in R&R Fazzolari Pty Ltd v Parramatta Council and Mac’s Pty Ltd v Parramatta Council and the Minister Administering the Local Government Act 1919 [2009] HCA 12.

In this case the Court found that Parramatta Council needed the approval of the landowners and could not compulsorily acquire their land for the purpose of reselling their land to a developer, Grocon.

The changes introduced by this Bill deliberately create a loophole which will allow the legal fiction of councils anywhere in New South Wales (not just Parramatta Council), being able to acquire their own land including roads (which they already own!), to then enable the council to compulsorily acquire privately owned land in the vicinity of the land or road for the purpose of resale to a developer.

Now any time any council in New South Wales does a deal with a developer they will be able to use this legislation to firstly acquire their own lands, including roads, then to compulsorily acquire all the privately owned land in the vicinity, to get around having to get the landowner’s consent to acquire their land.

It is a serious erosion of landowner’s rights and an unjustified extension of council’s rights to acquire land by compulsory process from private landowners.

Visit the link below to be part of the petition – “Please sign the Petition and forward the link to all your contacts.”

Save Property Rights

Barnaby Joyce Explains Employment Termination Scheme

Senator Barnaby Joyce
Leader of the Nationals in the Senate

26th July 2009


It has become apparent that there is a general lack of understanding in the community about exactly what an ETS is. People may understand the sentiment that surrounds it but they don’t really understand how it works and how it will affect them.

The ETS, which will be the Employment Termination Scheme or the Extra Tax System, take your pick, has not been properly explained to the Australian people away from the politics that surround it. There is a need to explain exactly what it is and how much it will cost the Australian consumer.

Over the weekend I addressed a meeting on the Tweed and clearly most people I spoke to were not aware of what Mr’s Rudd’s proposed scheme is going to cost them.

This morning while getting a lift on the Gold Coast the gentleman driving me said the same thing, “we don’t actually know what an ETS is”, so I think that we in politics have a duty to start telling the Australian people exactly what the ETS means in very simple terms.

If your actions in work, enjoyment or at home, away from you actual breathing, involve the emission of carbon dioxide then you have you a problem and the Government is going to tax you to stop.

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NSW farmer 73 year old Ruth Downey and her legal team are for the next week 10th August – 14th August 2009 at the Downing Centre Courts Court Room 3.1 – Third Floor, Downing Centre taking her appeal concerning a judgement and costs handed down from the District Court. With no conviction recorded to animal cruelty charges.

Ruth was placed on a good behaviour bond and will be presenting evidence and revisited testimony that’s looking to a very interesting hearing.

If you are not aware of the SOS-NEWS E-book,”The Ruth Downey Inquisition” , then you need to download here – get up to speed on the NSW-RSPCA Inspectorate disgraceful exploitation of bestowed authority and powers on this private organisation to police the Animal Cruelty Act.

Facts uncovered are that elderly lone farmers are prosecuted by the RSPCA then castigated by media allegiance than corporate farming in the rural sector.

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It matters not which party flag is flying over Canberra, the policy is the same… lies, backroom deals, and the green preference goals.


Financial mismanagement on one side, financial sound management on the other, does not remove that together this two party monopoly of government squander taxpayer funding supporting their own people and a massive public service in the developed world leader as the most over governed, the lest democratic country, called Australia.

Take away the preference votes from these dictators, make them stand on the actual votes cast, then remove public servant power to manipulate government, then we will see some return to democratic government downunder.

We have been confused by Malcolm Turnbull taking politics on $500,000 salary package in lieu of working with his worldwide Merchant Bank mates for $MILLIONS.

At first, we thought Mr Turnbull was getting his talents locked into “water for money” that could soon outstrip current fuel prices.

The Australian Government Environment Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, announced just days before the Howard Government was dissolved pending the last election, that a $10 million dollar grant had been allocated to ‘Australian Rain Corporation’ to trial rainmaking technology. Rupert Murdoch’s nephew is a director of “Australian Rain Corporation” now being financed by the Australian Government, courtesy of then Minister Malcolm Turnbull with connections in the water world.

Then Malcolm Turnbull’s recent push against the his Liberal party policy of no go with the Emission Trading, which labor is rushing through the parliament, indicates Emission Trading may have been the target all along. His wife runs the Melbourne based family business, Turnbull & Partners Pty. Ltd, an investment company to keep the home fires burning in the world of finance.

Interviewed on ABC radio 22nd July 2009, Liberal MP Wilson Tuckey has called Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull “inexperienced” and “arrogant” over his stance on the emissions trading scheme.

The Coalition has said it will not support a carbon pollution reduction scheme before UN climate changes talks are held in December.

With democracy well controlled by government and opposition, the flood gates have been opened to a corporate take over. Exposed on 2GB radio this week, your company business may be enhanced by purchasing, for around $100,000, a one on one discussion session with any politician you care to select. What is one hundred grand to mileage gained behind closed doors.

Let us not forget our Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, who manipulated and was part of the corruption in the Queensland Beatty government which obviously was the learning curv for his principals and practice as our so called leader.

This power to manipulate our once democratic Australia is sanctioned by you from the ballot box.



After a few weeks of playing to and fro with the NSW Premier Nathan Rees via e-mails, last night I received the reply we were after.

The e-mail is from the Deputy Premier Carmel Tebbutt (pictured), or should we say Mrs Andrew Albanese, which contains the words Hundreds of Thousands FISHER PEOPLE in NSW have been awaiting.

“The NSW Government HAS NOT ACCEPTED recommendations in a report submitted by lobby and radical greenie group, National Parks Association (NPA).

This is a huge win for all that helped out in this campaign, for honest environmentalist common sense. It also is a LONG OVERDUE kick in the backside for the NPA AND THEIR ILLINFORMED SUPPORTERS, along with the NCC, NCMG, FOD, Coastwatchers and EVERY GREEN GROUP that supported the NPA in their push to have taken away from the people OUR OCEAN and OUR RIGHTS to fish.

The NSW Premier and his Deputy are to be congratulated on having the guts to tell these RATBAGS they do not dictate their fictional views on government with the easy they have enjoyed for far too long.

They may have considered that almost every household in Australia has a fishing rod, and removing peoples fishing rights will remove any government from office who chooses to take radical green reports in lieu of honest environmnetal concern for controlled fishing. Your Lock it up policy appeasing the green vote Mr Rees will not work with the maganitude of recreational fishing people votes – this you may count on.

We know that the NPA report has been sent to the (MPA) “Marine Parks Authority” for their consideration and that report will be very interesting, considering the MPA is run by (NPWS) National Parks & Wildlife Services, just who would be game to put their name on the return paper to the Premier or his Deputy.

The this decision will be around for a hell of a long time, and we the real people will make sure of that, BUT!… we must get on with the business of making sure we ALL retain OUR RIGHTS.

Jack Tait
Coastal Rights Association

The Email to Jack Tait Chairman Coastal Rights Association:

Our reference: MD09/38
22 July 2009
Mr John Tait

Dear Mr Tait

Thank you for your email regarding the National Parks Association’s (NPA)report, The Torn Blue Fringe. The National Parks Association is a nongovernment organisation and its report has generated significant community debate.

It is important to note that the NSW Government has not accepted the recommendations in the NPA report. The report has been referred to the Marine Parks Authority for analysis and advice.

The NSW Government has a strong commitment to consulting and working with communities to achieve improvements in marine conservation. Marine parks are an important strategy in this conservation approach and we now have six marine parks covering approximately 345 000 hectares (or one third) of NSW waters to help do this.

At the same time, the NSW Government also recognises that there are other ways to protect our precious marine environment. For example, the coastal area between Newcastle and Shellharbour already contains 10 aquatic reserves and 17 National Parks and nature reserves that include marine habitats.

I also want to clarify the inaccurate claim that total fishing bans apply in the State’s marine parks. The simple fact is that between 72.5% and 88% of marine park areas remain available for fishing.

The NSW Government’s present priorities are to complete reviews of the zoning plans for two parks – Solitary Islands and Jervis Bay. These reviews are undergoing active public consultation to ensure they continue to meet their objectives and continue to balance the interests of park users and conservation.

While the NSW Government has indicated that it has no plans for additional marine parks at this time, we will ensure that our existing marine parks continue to protect marine biodiversity and provide opportunities for sustainable use and enjoyment.

Thank you for raising your concerns with me. I trust this information is of assistance.

Yours sincerely
Carmel Tebbutt MP
Deputy Premier
Minister for Environment and Climate Change

Check out the email with the signature of Carmen Tebbutt in PDF at…