2GB Alan Jones Interviews Labor PM Gillard Over Election

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Alan Jones, radio 2GB personality, Interviews Prime Minister Julia Gillard – 27th July 2010 to present her Labor policies concerning mining, employment and her past history. Interesting she found many of Alan Jones’s direct questions hitting the open nerve. She did her best to manoeuvre the skilled interviewer with spin then lies coming undone many times. This is must listen interview of 36 minutes voters need to hear.

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ELECTION 2010 – Help Save Australia From Public Servants

To our fallen who died protecting this nation against an enemy invasion of our shores, we have now an enemy within – “The Two Party Preferred” (only preferred by Liberal and Labor). This election presents a fight to grasp what is left of our nation taken by these bungling public servants who need now to held accountable. Click the banner to visit “Election 2010“.

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Feb 2nd 2010 Tony Abbott speaks of his total support to farmers at the 3000 strong Peter Spencer rally outside Parliamanet House Canberra of their concern to government land theft agenda. We can only hope he does not do to the Australian farmers what he did when he engineered the extermination of Pauline Hanson without any compunction… Listen and retain his recorded words and remember them as polling day draws near…

Gillard – Presidential Aspirant

Stealth Lives
If ever there was a reason for the citizens of this great nation Australia to understand why they continuously vote no with a strong resounding cry each time the dirty word Republic is trotted out as a means for holding a national Referendum; Kevin Rudd and his now successor Julia Gillard, are the epitome of an answer.

Ask yourselves, how it is that we only heard from Kevin Rudd during his short tumultuous reign as defacto President of Australia and not from the entire contingent of Individual Labour Politicians that those of the left, naively voted into power.

Since when did political direction in Australia become condoned as being determined by 4 cronies and one ultimately powerful mouth piece.

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Derryn Hinch Interview Reveals Government Dingo Mafia

Jennifer Parkhurst Facing jail in Queensland, Has Her Accusers Exposed on Melbourne Radio By A Fathers Detailed Account

Jennifer Parkhurst, for allegedly feeding dingoes on Fraser Island “K’Gari,” is facing years in jail under a very dubious Queensland 4th Reich law. She has for 7 years been studying the threatened Fraser Island dingo, now being systematically starved and brutalised out of existence.

Under Queensland 4th Reich law, if you are not an academic you cannot study the dingo.

Jennifer Parkhurst, for allegedly feeding dingoes on Fraser Island “K’Gari,” is facing years in jail under a very dubious Queensland 4th Reich law. She has for 7 years been studying the threatened “Frazer Island Dingo”a rare species in its own right.

SOS-NEWS investigator Brumbyy (with2y’s) is following this injustice and you can read his coverage here throughout NEWSFRONT.

Her father Harold speaks with Melbourne radio presenter Derryn hinch revealing this Mafia stand-over case, all because Jennifer was to release a coffee table book they “DERM & the Minister” thought to include Queensland government inhumane treatment of the “Fraser Island Dingo” a rare species in its own right.

A must listen interview, for in all its raw form, you hear how a dedicated father is desperate to get wider Australia to understand how democracy is handled in Queensland. To our International readers, this is an environmental travesty and an unjust personal prosecution by a Australian State Government Department acting ultra-vires, “beyond their powers”.