For thousands of years people have anecdotally had cause for concern that bats carry diseases or sickness. A bite from a bat or a rat might mean death or illness. With the advent of medicine, veterinary science over the last 100 or so years we have teased apart myth information from what is mostly going on. What professionals in the medical and veterinary fields do not want the public to know is that experiments are still going on into the unknown.

Hendra virus has recently come to the attention of people where the transfer of the virus has occurred, they think so far, from bat to horse to people, bat to people possibly bat to dog to people, bat to other species and if it has led to the death of a possum out in the bush no one yet knows that’s been going on for thousands of years.

Vaccination is about the only way to deal with viral infections other than screen, cull and quarantine hoping to restrict spread of the virus like small pox dying out. Development of a vaccine is expensive and across a small animal population such as horses recovery of developmental costs is expensive per horse. The horse owner is expected to foot the bill for a vaccine program (s)he had no consultation about. People love their horses and are assumed to have bottomless pockets to keep them to the standards non horse owners expect. The bat lovers in the environmental movement of our governments made the call the horse owners pay the cost, not relocation of fig trees where bats proliferate and defecate to the point of enhancing contract with people and their domestic animals.

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SOS-NEWS Anzac Podcast 25th April 2013

25th April 2013– Mal Davies introduces a report from Noeline Franklin on the Australian Brumby, it’s contribution to World WarI, development of the nation, to the environment and biodiversity that under engineered fiction are being exterminated as a pest animal rather than a mega fauna of today keeping the public land eco flowing.


Anzac Day Marches with 5th Column

Anzac day we will commemorate our fallen and those who served our armed forces in theaters of war and those designated to support our military to maintain the freedom Australia enjoyed.

The men and women of WWII, all but faded, will be joined by our more recent conflict heroes to march on their day to the jubilation from a grateful nation thankful they held enemy from our shores.

Lest We Forget.

We must never forget the sacrifice men and women made to ensure generations would have the freedom and rights our constitution demands of government for the people of Australia. They did not however realise that parliament would steal those rights and freedom working as a fifth column.

Let us not forget – those solemn faced hypocrite public servants strolling to cenotaphs around Australia on Anzac Day bearing wreaths and shallow word representing an entrenched fifth column undermining and destroying this nation from within.

Will the living relatives of those who died to maintain your freedom answer the call to remove this fifth column? Reclaim your freedom, reclaim your rights, stolen by these public servants from our forefather’s salvation of this nation.

People power is far more effective than deadly weapons and totally terrifying to those who march with a fifth column.

Has Bob Carr’s Love of America made him a spy?

The Age exposes the Australian foreign minister as an “agent” under US influence; Murray Hunter asks — is U.S. influence in Australian politics destroying policy objectivity?


Foreign Minister Bob Carr (image courtesy ABC).

JUST AROUND a week ago in Beijing, Australia’s Foreign Minister Bob Carr entered the US-Korea conflict by trying to persuade the Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi to adopt sanctions against North Korea.

On Monday (8 April), an investigative journalist from The Age, after going through 11,000 cables from the U.S. embassy in Canberra and consulates in Sydney and Melbourne, leaked by US Army Private Bradley Manning and published WikiLeaks, found that the current Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr had been briefing the US embassy since the 1970s on both the internal decision making of the Australian Government during the Whitlam Labor Government (1972-75) and internal workings of the Australian Labor Party (ALP).

Bob Carr has been Australia’s foreign minister for 12 months, replacing Kevin Rudd, who resigned after challenging Julia Gillard for the prime ministership. Carr has been involved in the Australian Labor Party for more than 40 years and was New South Wales premier from 1995-2005.

Carr began his relationship with US embassy officials in the mid 1970s, when he was president of Young Labor and education officer of the NSW Labor Council. According to The Age investigative report Philip Dorling he would regularly brief the US Consul General over labour issues and the prospects of the Labor Government in Canberra. From the information gathered from Carr and also NSW Labor President John Ducker, intelligence reports on Australian politics and labour issues would be sent onto Washington. Leaked US cables to WikiLeaks also indicated that the former Labor Senator Mark Arbib was also a “protected” US embassy source passing on information and commentary on Australian politics.

Bob Carr is very well known for his staunch support for the Australian-US alliance as an non-negotiable pillar of Australian foreign policy and often dismisses critics as being in “emotional silly expression lacking in any substance and characteristic of the silly leftwing fringe of the ALP”.

With such rigid advice to the prime minister and cabinet at a time where many academics and commentators like Professor Hugh White of the Australian National University are calling for a re-appraisal of this alliance and much more strategic engagement with China, it is very difficult to see how the Australian Government’s pending 2013 Defense White Paper will signal any major shifts in policy on this matter.

At the very least, hanging on to the Australian-US alliance without any objective appraisal and redefinition may not serve the country’s strategy interests in the Asia-Pacific Region well if the U.S. continues a competitive stance against China.

These revelations add to past suspicions by many in the labour movement about members of the party and government (when Labor was in power) who have been involved in close relationships with U.S. officials.

Labor suspicion of U.S. intelligence operating in Australia mainly stems from the election of the reformist and nationalistic Whitlam Labor Government in 1972, after 23 years in opposition. Whitlam immediately pulled Australia out of the Vietnam conflict, recognized the Peoples’ Republic of China, campaigned for a nuclear free Indian Ocean, spoke up for Palestinian rights in the United Nations, and opposed French nuclear testing in the Pacific.

In 1973, the then Attorney General of Australia Lionel Murphy led a raid on the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO), the equivalent to the U.S. CIA, over concern with the organisation’s involvement with the training of fascist Croatian groups, and the launching of terrorist operations from Australian soil. According to the Hope Commission back in 1977, ASIO was handing over to the CIA information on Australian opposition politicians and kept files on all ALP members.

The Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) was assisting the CIA in undertaking clandestine operations in Cambodia and Chile, even though Australia was officially neutral in Cambodia and supported the Government of Salvador Allende in Chile, without the knowledge of the Australian Government.

Many felt that when the Whitlam Government took measures to control the operations of the US Naval Communications Station on the North-West Cape of Western Australia, the Defence Signals Directorate in Melbourne, the Joint Defense research facility at Pine Gap and Nurrunger in South Australia, that the U.S. became vitally concerned.

After Whitlam discovered that ASIO and ASIS had secretly assisted the Indonesian invasion of East Timor in 1975, he dismissed the heads of both organizations. Whitlam then hinted that he may not renew the Pine Gap agreement with the U.S. due for signing on 9th December 1975, which would have severely dented U.S. intelligence gathering ability. Labor mythology believes that the U.S. ambassador to Australia at the time, Marshall Green, had a hand in the dismissal of the Whitlam Government in November 1975 by the then Governor General Sir John Kerr. Of course, Kerr‘s time working for a closely aligned Australian intelligence organization to the U.S. OSS, the forerunner of the CIA, has always added spice to such conspiracy theories.

During the first week after the dismissal of the Labor Government, the army was on stand-by at their barracks in case there were mass demonstrations. However, it was the Australian Council of Trade Unions then president Bob Hawke who summoned the labour movement to be calm. US diplomatic cables also implicate the former prime minister, saying he regularly conferred with the U.S. Consulate in Melbourne during his ACTU years. It was generally believed that the Labor Attaché at the U.S. embassy in Canberra was in reality the CIA station chief (McKnight, D., “Labor and the Quiet Americans”, The Age, February 20, 2003, p15). The future Hawke Government, elected in 1984, went on to implement many pro-U.S. initiatives, and prevented public disclosure of documents relating to the Nugan Hand Bank during his term as Prime Minister, which were believed to implicate the CIA with drug trafficking and organized crime,.

This is the first time that leaked U.S. documents have confirmed what many believe to be the truth surrounding U.S. infiltration within the Australian Labor Party. The issue is likely to be very quickly dismissed in Australia by the argument that the U.S. is an ally. However, within these documents there is some proof and support that the U.S. has meddled in the affairs of the Australian union movement and political parties for many years. What is even more astounding is that some Labor politicians showed disloyalty to their party to a foreign power during the Whitlam years.

Bob Carr has been forthright in exposing past politicians as members of the Communist Party of Australia, so should take the accusations against him seriously, either stepping aside for the duration of an inquiry or resigning outright. David Combe‘s relationship with a Soviet diplomat Valery Ivanov back in 1984 led to swift action on the part of the Hawke Government at the time. In the interests of transparency and sovereignty, the Australian Federal Police and ASIO should conduct an inquiry.

Somehow I doubt this will happen

Source:  http://www.independentaustralia.net/2013/politics/is-bob-carr-a-spy/

Jihad Terrorist in Australian Magistrates Court

We published a story in 2009 concerning a motorcycle rider wearing black leathers with what seemed to be a can used for petrol being observed in Victoria area of the ignition to the Black Saturday fire. We suggested that Jihad radicals were being prompted from the Middle East and Europe to use bushfires as a Jihad tool.

jihad bushfire1

We further investigated this “Bushfire Jihad” and on 23 January we published a story – Australian Forest Jihad Fires Sanctioned by Al Qaida Exposed”http://www.sosnews.org/newsfront/?p=856 that reflected on glossy online magazines detailing how to make bombs and fire bombs to attack Australia. We did not publish any details or links to the hidden magazines we found other than the detailed professional graphic work to encourage Jihad in Australia.

Now we find a 24 year old Melbourne man Adan Karabegovic in the Melbourne Magistrates Court on a committal hearing facing 12 terrorist charges where it was revealed by the prosecution that Karabegovic;

  • Hundreds of recorded telephone intercept conversations were made, many contained him engaging in “Jihadist Chanting”. Arabic interpreter stated “Jihad” meant “Holy War”, a war against disbelievers; the meaning is clear and not ambiguous.

(a)    He discussed with his brother of going to Bosnia to buy a gun.

(b)   He stated, “his intentions were much bigger than what they had done”.

(c)    He stated, “your preparing for war or your war, I’m living in the time of Jihad”

  • With two other men they hung a banner from an overpass in Malvern, “Get your troops out of Muslin Lands you filthy kafir”.
  • They then drove to RoxtonPark and unveiled another banner, “Get your troops out of Muslin lands you dirty convict pigs”.

This grub is out on “BAIL” with all this prosecution audio evidence and that found on a USB drive he had in his pocket when arrested.

With around 30,000 boat people arriving in Australia in the past 3 years and ASIO checks being rushed through as most arrive without identification papers, how many more Jihadist are here to reinforce and create terrorist cells.

Government law enforcement cannot control national street crime, drive by shootings, courts not supporting them seen with recent dismissing of police assault by Muslim youths at the riot they instigated in Sydney.  Then the attack firing bullets into the occupied NSW Lakemba Police Station again by these misunderstood Muslin cousins, confirms to the radical we are a soft target for the Jidaist, with financing available from Centerlink if required .

How safe do you feel against terrorism with that track record of Australian security and law enforcement working to political correct instructions.

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SOS-NEWS Podcast 5th April 2013

5th April 2013– Mal Davies introduces an interview with Prime Minister Gillard by 2GB presenter Ben Fordham. This is riveting as the PM dodges hard questions Ben fired which all Australian need answers for. With that hide of an elephant, she dodged and weaved issues like a true politician backed into a wall of undeniable truth. Second, listen to this as proposal for farmers to be jailed over working dog projected violation by a well chosen few experts funded to get results, not to help save our rural families on struggle street under government unworkable legislation and enforcers dedicated to shut down our shrinking food bowl.


Warm and well fed, or hungry in the dark?

Which is worse – gradual man-made global warming or sudden electricity blackout?


Alternative power from hellAlarmists try to scare us by claiming that man’s activities are causing global warming. Whether and when we may see new man-made warming is disputed and uncertain. If it does appear, the world will be slightly warmer, with more evaporation and rainfall; plants will grow better and colonise some areas currently too cold or too dry; fewer old people will die in winter and sea levels may continue the gradual rise we have seen since the end of the last ice age. There may even be a bit more “green” in Greenland. There is no evidence that man’s production of carbon dioxide is causing more extreme weather events. Any change caused by man will be gradual and there will be plenty of time to adapt, as humans have always done. Most people will hardly notice it.

What is certain, however, is that global warming policies are greatly increasing the chances of electricity blackouts, and here the effects can be predicted confidently – they will be sudden and severe.

Localised short-term blackouts can be caused by cyclones, storms, fires, floods, accidents, equipment failure or overloading. People will cope with them. The more widespread blackouts, caused for example by network collapse or insufficient generating capacity, will have severe effects.

All modern human activities are heavily dependent on electricity. Blackouts will stop lifts, trains, traffic lights, tools, appliances, factories, mines, refineries, communications and pumps for fuel, water and sewerage. People will be trapped or stranded in trains, ports, airports, lifts, hotels, hospitals and traffic jams. ATM’s, credit cards and supermarket checkouts will not work. Cash, cheques, IOU’s and pocket calculators will be required to buy anything.

Immediately a blackout occurs, those with emergency generators, fuel or batteries will start using them.

But within a very few days, batteries will run flat, emergency fuel supplies will be exhausted, food supplies will disappear from stores and pumped water will not be available. Intensive dairies, hatcheries, piggeries and feedlots will all face critical problems in keeping their animals alive and cared for.

If the blackout is extensive and prolonged, looting will infect the big cities and then spread to country areas. People who are old, sick, incapacitated or alone will be forgotten as able-bodied people focus on feeding and protecting their own.

The real threat to humanity today is not the theoretical dangers from gradual man-made global warming. A far bigger real danger is the growing threat to reliable electricity supplies from deep-green climate policies.

The most reliable electricity supplies come from coal, gas, hydro, nuclear, geothermal or oil. Misguided politicians and uncompromising nature are conspiring to ensure that few of these will be available to generate Australia’s future electricity.

The carbon tax and renewable energy targets threaten the financial viability of using coal, gas or oil to generate electricity. Banks and investors will not risk their capital on new carbon-powered stations dependent on an unstable and polarised political environment. And the declining profitability of existing stations under the carbon tax and mandated market sharing makes it risky and uneconomic to spend money maintaining existing aging stations.

The same green zealots who plot to destroy carbon energy will also work to prevent the construction of new nuclear or hydro plants in Australia. And Australia’s geothermal resources, being generally deep and remote, are unlikely to provide significant electricity for decades.

We are thus being forced to rely on fickle breezes and peek-a-boo sunbeams to generate expensive and intermittent electricity. And it will not be economic to continue building backup gas plants that are run below capacity or sit idle, earning insufficient income as they try to fill the unpredictable production gaps in the supply of green energy. The margin of supply safety will disappear.

Therefore, if we continue to allow green zealots to dictate our electricity generation, blackouts are inevitable. Britain and Germany already face this grim prospect.

All actions have consequences. We cannot continue pouring billions of dollars of community savings down the climate-change sink-hole, without starving our essential infrastructure. We cannot keep adding taxes and political risk to traditional electricity generators without reducing new investment in real base-load generating capacity. And we cannot keep adding unstable solar and wind elements to our electricity network without adding greatly to electricity costs and the risks of network failure.

When the lights fail, and the supermarket shelves are cleaned out, we will return, at great cost and after much misery, to cheap reliable continuous electricity using coal, gas or nuclear fuels.

Gaia worshippers will find that “Earth Hour” will not be such fun when it becomes “Earth Week”.


Viv Forbes, 

Rosewood, Qld,  Australia

Viv Forbes has no vested interest in electricity generation, except as a consumer. And he gets no funds from the government Climate Change Industry. He holds shares in a small Australian coal exploration company which will benefit by exporting coal if expensive unreliable electricity in Australia forces more power-using industries overseas.


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