ECHELON Spying On Families

Have you received your copy of the “NETALERT Protecting Families Online” from the Prime Minister yet?

The government website explains in the following:

The NetAlert Outreach and Research program is managed by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) and includes:

· providing information on current trends in internet safety
· undertaking targeted awareness raising campaigns and activities-including the Cybersafe and Cybersmart kids programs in schools
· the continuing review of filtering technology, including another trial of ISP-level filtering technologies in Tasmania
· reporting annually to the Government on internet filtering technologies to ensure Australian families are offered the best available filtering.

In August 2007, the government announced that over $11.7 million over four years will be provided to ACMA to increase its outreach activities to all Australian states and territories.

ACMA is also responsible for dealing with complaints and investigations in regard to illegal or prohibited content under the online content scheme in the Broadcasting Services Act 1992. The government has also announced that ACMA will receive an additional $2.2 million in 2007-08 to respond to increasing complaints about internet content, requests for internet safety advice and continuing management of the online content scheme.

The ACMA Policy:

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is responsible for monitoring internet content, enforcing Australia’s anti-spam law and making rules about accessing the internet via premium mobile phone services.

What it does not mention is your personal privacy and security with their software.

In the 1970 – The ECHELON System

A GLOBAL electronic spy network that can eavesdrop on every telephone, email and telex communication around the world
Separate sources in Australia have revealed that the DSD, Defence Signal Directorate, Australia’s most secretive intelligence organisation, which is modelled on the American National Security Agency (NSA), also engages in embassy collection.

Leaks in the 1980s described installation of “extraordinarily sophisticated intercept equipment, known as Reprieve in Australia’s High Commission in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea and in the embassies in Indonesia and Thailand.

The operations are said to take a whole room of the embassy buildings and to be able to listen to local telephone calls at will.
In January 1994, the 20 Intelsat (International Telecommunications Satellite Organisation) satellites that ring the world above the Equator carry most of the world’s satellite-relayed international phone calls and messages such as faxes, e-mail and telexes. The new satellite, Intelsat 701, replaced the 10-year-old Intelsat 510 in the same position.

So you see Big Brother has been with us in Australia for many years and accountable to whom?
Now having terrorists under the bed now replacing the Reds of years past, and sophisticated software that can harvest information from your computer, then via the internet, relaying that to WHOM? – the game or privacy invasion by government is made easier that when the USA government installed “Clipper Chips” in computers and communication equipment back in April 1993.

The Clipper Chip

CLIPPER is an NSA developed, hardware oriented, cryptographic device that implements a symmetric encryption/decryption algorithm and a law enforcement satisfying key escrow system.
While the escrow management system design is not completely
designed, the cryptographic algorithm (SKIPJACK) is completely
specified (and classified SECRET).

What this means that in 1993, the US government forced computer and telecommunication equipment to install in their product a “Clipper Chip”

When a user encrypted emails, documents or conversation, the government had a “Key To The Backdoor” and could access ALL INFORMATION.

Because computers were new and technology was leaps ahead of government capabilities to absorb, encryption software available to the public was so good the government security and law enforcement agencies could not crack average encrypted information on the internet and stored data.

At one stage back in 1993 encrypted data, transmitted from outside America to the USA, was being blocked if the encryption was higher than 32 bits, most was of 256 bits, which is used today.

It started to effect the economy of the US with international traders, who were not obliged to conform with the clipper Chip, sought business elsewhere.

Here is a US Government release on 16th April 1993 that shows their concern of encryption being used that was out of their league and the famous cliché of world governments to implement everything – “It is in the interest of National Security”

The Clipper chip has been designed and introduced by the US Federal government to standardize encryption technology so that law enforcement agencies can listen in on “private” conversations in electronic media. The device will initially be installed in government phones, and AT&T will also sell it for individual and business use. It is clear that the government would very much like the Clipper to become the standard for all future domestic electronic “private” communication. Many respected professionals in telecommunications and related industries fear that the government may soon make moves to outlaw or otherwise kill other encryption technology that could compete with the Clipper.

The Attorney General shall make all arrangements with appropriate entities to hold the keys for the key-escrow microcircuits installed in communications equipment. In each case, the key holder must agree to strict security procedures to prevent unauthorized release of the keys. The keys shall be released only to government agencies that have established their authority to acquire the content of those communications that have been encrypted by devices containing the microcircuits. The Attorney General shall review for legal sufficiency the procedures by which an agency establishes its authority to acquire the content of such communications.

We must protect our children from Internet harm, and predators that lurk in cyberspace. We must guard at all times these precious people, and software is the tool to control.

The NETALERT software is just one of many, and would seem from recent publicity to not stand up to the smart minds of our teenagers, and a ploy by the government to present Mr Nice guy handing out FREEBIES to the family computer.

Software developers who worked during the cold war years produce some great  products that syphoned information from computers when remote triggered when on line, latter used for industrial espionage and the stealing of  company secrets.

One of these off shoots was OROPHUS used by hackers to backdoor access computers and the miniature software was delivered in emails and activated when your computer was rebooted. From this they had total access to your PC as long as you were online.

Is NETALERT a Trojan Horse most likely not, but a taxpayer funded software on the nations family computers is an opportunity paranoid politicians, and agenda driven bureaucrats would find this opportunity too good not to include eavesdropping.