Our Snowy Hydro “Gatekeeper”

Be Aware The Back Door marketing of Snowy Hydro


The concentrated dedication of Max Talbot, the public “Gatekeeper” of our Snowy Hydro, remains a thorn in the side of the cash strapped NSW Iemma Government, currently entrenched with firming allegations of MP corruption, sexual misconduct, with yet again Minister Tripodi under a cloud as of previous years all leading the greed driven Snowy Hydro CEO, Terry Charlton (pictured), and his executive, standing to make a fortune in bonuses under their employment agreements from privatisation.

NSW seems to be happy re-electing the best government money can buy.

So what part of “NO SALE” delivered by the owners (we the people), in a very LOUD nation wide voice to the governments who control our asset, do these employees not UNDERSTAND?

Max has background and qualifications with 43 years in electricity, 18 of those with Victorian Energy, 25 with Snowy Hydro. Appointed Snowy Hydro Executive Engineer in 1979, was involved in corporate agreements, including water licenses. He was promoted to Executive Officer Strategic Engineering of further planning Snowy Hydro assets, projecting for 20 years, from where he retired in October 2003.

SOS-NEWS was very involved with the “People Power” voice that averted the fire sale from NSW, VIC, and Federal Government, who were just smart enough to realise, their political futures were zero if they continued with the sale of the peoples property.

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RSPCA hates 1080-Too Bad


RSPCA Refutes Veterinary Science

> NSW NPWS kills from poison jump baits

The RSPCA, be it in Queensland, Victoria, NSW, or where-ever, is one and the same organisation regardless.While this organisation beams its emotionally loaded animal saviour successes into homes of the unsuspecting around this nation, via television stations nationally in an attempt to indoctrinate the masses of Australia into accepting them as the animal protectors of all time with such spin, there is also much out there which they would prefer never saw the light of day.

Each little story that they get published about them gives us all another closer look through a smudged mirrored window, a window they think is only one way. The latest reflections from this RSPCA two way looking glass, is the statements from one of their spokes people in Queensland.

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Experts NOW – Admit Time-Bomb Truth

In 2005 SOS-NEWS run a story about the incredible signifigance to the health and well-being of the Australian public in respect of the threat that the Hydatid disease (also known as Hydatidosis or echinococcosis) poses to us all.This three year old story not only highlighted the disease, the risks it posed, the spread, but also the culpable intransigence of those holding the power and knowledge, directly and indirectly, displayed towards such an insidious contagion and the possible effects it could have on you and your family.

Since the release of this story we have run others on the same subject from time to time and finally in an article run by the Sydney Morning Herald, we see the experts speaking out. Not just giving some credence to our 2005 story, but in fact enhancing it to the point that it should strike terror into the heart of every parent at the very least.

First we want you all to read the original story, for when this was run, our 8,000 online computers was miniscule compared to what it is today, with most not having read it and those that have, not remembering. Read it carefully, for the devil is in the detail and it is a devil that every parent should know.

We apologise that the link url in this story does not work, but it did at the time of the release and it is obvious that the government decided to change its address after our release. Hmmmm? We leave it as it was posted.

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NZ Corporate Interests In Japan Whaling?

Hypocrisy Big Bucks Win Over Anti-Whaling

SOS-NEWS would like to thank Editor, Ray Platt, for allowing us to publish this story that appeared in his newspaper “The Strategy” February 2008 edition.

The following article was sent as a letter to the editor of a NZ magazine and sent to “The Strategy” (newspaper) by a NZ reader. It is of immense importance to read and understand just what is going on and who is controlling this whaling situation.

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Muslim’s Of London Peace Meeting Re-Visited


Now 12 months on the grateful Muslins for England allowing them to immigrate are much more organised now for their Peace Demonstration.

The world looks on and contemplates why this nation of Christian dominance did not at least deported this lot in the pictures, and charge them with sedition if not TREASON.

As many as 700 marchers participated in the February 3 rally, some chanting slogans and waving placards such as those shown in the photos threatening violence toward “those who insult Islam.”

The threats were condemned not only by British authorities and members of the general public but by some Islamic leaders as well. In a statement to the BBC News Web site, Asghar Bukhari, chairman of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee in London, decried the inflammatory statements as “disgraceful and disgusting” and not representative of the feelings of typical Muslims.

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Labor MP Calls Iemma Labor Government “BUFFOONS”

Blacktown Like a 3rd World Country – Catastrophic Government Disaster Bungling-

Oh! how our political party system forgets constituents disaster needing urgent government help to which their elected member is ignored.

Oh! how those forgotten constituents return time after time to elect back into office that political party which ignores them.

Oh! how these spineless politicians desert the party ship when the other party,(there are only two in this so called democracy), is put into power, being so keen prior to the counting of the poll to stand for office, and from this evacuation huindreds of thousand of taxpayer dollars are used to call another bi-election a few months after the millions of taxpayer dollars were used at the called election.

NSW Labor MP Paul Gibson did the party unthinkable, he voice his support for his constituents as member for Blacktown, subjected to repeated flooding and storm damage that has devastated the area to the tune of $350 million dollars.

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Blackwater the US Private Army Threat

This Mercenary private organisation of Rambo’s Is a World Worry

Blackwater is a private corporation that specialises in training mercenary soldiers in this multi billion dollar “Private Army” armed to the teeth with top technology killing equipment that is sanctioned by the US government.

Blackwater boss is Erik Prince, a former Navy Seal and a “billionaire right-wing fundamentalist Christian from a powerful Michigan Republican family. A major Republican campaign contributor, he interned in the White House of President George H.W. Bush and campaigned for Pat Buchanan in 1992.

A former corporal started a private army in Germany during the 1930’s that became the Nazi Party and WWII.

Prince founded the mercenary firm Blackwater USA in 1997 with Gary Jackson, another former Navy SEAL. Prince’s father, Edgar Prince, and Gary Bauer started the Family Research Council, where Prince interned.

Prince’s sister, Betsy DeVos, is a former chair of the Michigan Republican Party.

So financing this killing machine is no problem with power contacts like that. “Onward Christian Soldiers”

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Sydney Hilton Bombing 30 Years On

Who Really Were The Culprits Still On The Loose ?

Thirty years ago, at 12.40 am on February 13, 1978, a bomb exploded in a garbage bin outside Sydney’s Hilton Hotel, the venue for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Regional Meeting (CHOGRM), a gathering of government leaders from former British colonies. The blast killed two garbage collectors, Alex Carter and William Favell, and a police officer, Paul Birmistriw.

Backed by the media, Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser and New South Wales Premier Neville Wran ordered the military onto urban streets for the first time in Australia, claiming that a new era of terrorism had arrived. Without any clear legal or constitutional authorisation, the federal Liberal government and the state Labor government deployed some 1,500 armed troops, with armoured personnel carriers and helicopters, along a major highway on Sydney’s outskirts and in the nearby town of Bowral, the site of a scheduled CHOGRM leaders’ summit. The Sydney Morning Herald declared: “Australia this week had a new and shocking experience. It was our first full taste of Twentieth Century terrorism.”

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Ruth Franklin Speaks Of Her Snowy Govt Mismanagment

Disgusted and disappointed Is How Ruth Finds Her Snowy

Since 1861 the Franklin family have been farming the Snowy Mountains, being one of the oldest established farmers still on the mountain.

For 60 years, together, Lindsay and Ruth ran the farm, raised four children, nurtured their treasured Snowy high country by cattle grazing and land managemnt experience, that reflected their pride and a code our farmers live by prior to government myth-management.

Ruth, now 82, has retired to Tumut with her faithful sheepdog”Gypsy”, also retired.

Recently losing her husband and sole mate Lindsay, this has not dampened Ruth’s spirit, or her very alert mind.

Right on the ball, ever ready to give forth her vast experience and knowledge, Ruth was recently taken on tour of her beloved Snowy Mountain. She has sent the following letter to SOS-NEWS.

Read the unedited letter Ruth Franklin wrote to the people of Australia.

Mal Davies

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