Carbon Emission Hype Ignores Aussie Bushfire Mess

The carbon emission hype ignores the Aussie bushfire mess. Recent dust storms show that our bushfire mess is driving similar drying and cooling problems to the most polluted areas of China bringing drought and freak weather. SE Australia is getting the crap burnt out of it – through Green policies preventing hazard reduction of the bush until the tenth hour when it is too late to cool burn and fires move out of control. Weird huh?

Fuel loads in the bush are up around 30 tonnes per hectare, where it is not charred wasteland that is. The new “mega bushfire”, from the highest fuel loads in history, puts out the energy in mega watts of about 3,000 Hiroshima bombs.

This drives drought: if you put your bush into conditions like a blast furnace you get a tar-coated desert. Australia’s millions of hectares of charred land are huge rain shadows.

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Dingoes & Foxes Hunt Children

Dust Storm Delivers Cloud
Swirling Microscopic Death

As the dust settles across almost the entire eastern seaboard of Australia, with it not only comes red particulate matter, but also many tiny hitchhikers, some good, some bad and some very very bad.

One of the very very bad that health authorities do not wish to consider as a real time threat, is the disease, commonly known as Hydatids. A disease that is slow, insidious and life threatening, let alone explosive in its transmission ability.

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BOO-BOO We Need to Speak

Your second letter has been received Boo-Boo and very informative. We now need to speak.

SOS-NEWS has now installed a hotline phone: 0405-409-493, I look forward to your call, it is very important we chat.

Mal Davies

Watch In Action Government Dictatorship Of Australia

In May 2009, you will see a this video of a public meeting with the NSW Planning Panel at Ku-ring-gai (Hornsby), NSW Planning Minister Kristina Keneally’s Quango Sham.

1800 residents spent an awful lot of human person hours preparing submissions on the understanding they will be made public, WRONG ! … the elected dictatorship hidden agenda went through despited the massive public outcry you will see on this video.

Note the effort these government people go to removing any cameras from the meeting, but footage was obtained. What are they frightened of… could it be exposure of their people control at all cost getting out?

Do not consider this is isolated to NSW, we live under a national dictatorship no matter which of the two parties are in power.

You the people have allowed this to happen, you the people continue to let it happen, when do you think we should stop it ?

Our Constitution Speaks Of Violation & Corruption

“The Voice Of Our Constitution” was written and produced by Larry Hannigan. To put into prospective how we no longer have a constitution to protect Australians, set in place by our forefathers who thought they had eliminated corruption of the people’s rights by politicians and government. Click on the arrow to play this audio

This magnificent audio explains and exposes how your rights have been removed from the dulcet tones of our constitution speaking to the people.

To download a copy of this please visit Larry’s website

Listen to this audio right here at SOS-NEWS, email this link to friend for all Australians need to hear this to understand what is being done to them and their rights.

Dingoes and Brumbyy

There has been a bit of response to our story run on the Queensland Government’s storm troop tactics conducted against Fraser Island Environmentalst Jeniffer Parkhurst. To some of our readers, no, we are not softening our approach.

Jennifer Parkhurst has devoted years to studying the pure Dingo on Fraser Island and is probably as well versed in their localised science as anyone. Our concern at SOS-NEWS was about the incredibly anti-Australian, un democratic, jack-booted style of authoritarianism rearing its ugly head across this nation with Jennifer Parkhurst as the latest victim. Worse a victim that has been traumatised in full view of the public by people that have no fear of public opinion and a total disdain for the truth.

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Qld 4th Reich “DREM” Terrorise Lone Woman

Just imagine, us at SOS-NEWS, the unlikeliest of bedfellows supporting the other side so to speak. When SOS-NEWS stands up for a Greenie, there sure has to be some thing wrong.

Much to the chagrin of the radical green sect, SOS-NEWS is well into its 6th year with an ever so much larger reader base that now extends to almost one third of the globe’s nations.

There is a lady (pictured) in Queensland that epitomises the very projections that we here at SOS-NEWS have been touting (and was one of the reasons for SOS-NEWS even coming to existenance) and that is that the ever pervasive brown shirt organisations being integrated across this great nation as service and voluntary service bureaucracies, government and NGO (non-governmental agency), are in fact being re-structured into the modern day brown shirts exactly as Hitler imagined his fourth Reich would grow to be.

This lady though, Jennifer Parkhurst, is not a brown shirt, but rather, one of the first overt victims of the traitorous actions of such brown shirts. She is a wildlife photographer, artist and budding Author with a desire and intention to show up the Queensland Government and their brown shirt minions, (The Department of Environment and Resource Management) that their dingo management on Fraser Island is not just appalling, but is bloody criminal.

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IPCC Is It The Devil Incarnate?

As the world’s simple masses head blindly towards a carbon driven economical oblivion under the lies and deceit of a few having their agenda facillitated by either unscrupulous, dishonest, naive, incompetent, or all of the above, elected representatives, the odd brave soul lifts their head above the official dishonest diatribe swill and speaks as they should. The following article is one that all free thinking citizens of the world need to not just read, but study.

This Professor succinctly identifies the untruths and biases controlling the one sided debate of mythical man induced CO2 Climate Change seeping out of the illuminati style IPCC Cabal, of which, such myth has permeated every level of western politics. Not to save the world, but rather to control by dollars and global legislation, the very air we breathe.

My views by my previosouly written espousals, are well known to SOS-NEWS readers and yes, I am a modern day heretic on this issue in the eyes of those that follow the myth, but the pain and suffering across the globe will be exponentially greater than that delivered at the hands of the radical extremists now killing, maiming, raping, blowing up and flying aeroplanes into skyscrapers, if these zealots are not pulled into line, yet it is these very zealots that are spending $billions on arms and warfare whilst having the young in the military, killed and maimed fighting those extremists; zealots that are force feeding the lies and deceit to the masses so as to prop up their agendas and greed for their coming future.

Y2K, Enron, Scooter Scam, global financial meltdown, bail out measures in the $billions world wide with tax payers dollars for the perpetrators, just how gullible are the general public? Extremely if they accept man induced CO2 Climate Change as a reason to enter the final solution,”fiscal servitude”

Brumbyy (with) 2Ys

No Nation can accept the impost of a carbon tax without first holding a binding referendum of its people. This is way too important for politicians & bureacrats to decide.

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With the Victorian Shire of Nillumbik radical green vegetation and restricted hazard reduction policies, despite Black Saturday bushfire of February 2009 losses of life and property in that shire, another firestorm season is upon residents and the Nillumbik Ratepayers Association (NRA) public concern and fear for their safety once again.

“This council’s doing nothing positive about the outrageous bushfire fuel loads surrounding our shire.”

Awaiting only ignition to create a new hell all over again, the NRA have sent this letter on 14th September 2009 to Hon Richard Wynne MP, Victorian Minister for Local Government and Aboriginal Affairs confirming the Bushfire Royal Commission witness testimony that fuel loads are still out of control in the shire.

More than urgent is positive bushfire controls set in place by council to combat another catastrophe engulfing this shire again. Factual history of February 2009 revealed horrific consequences of lost human life and property and halting repletion may now be too late.

Visit the Nillumbik Ratepayers Association website on the link below to see just how this culpable council have done nothing to protect the nursing homes, the schools, the homes, the children and people surrounded by a legislated tinderbox.


Published in SOS-NEWS on 18th June 2008, is this prediction coming true? With Dela-Bosca in tatters… WHO’s NEXT ?

NSW Government Host Koperberg, Iemma, and the Chalice

As expected, Phillip Koperberg is again positioning himself in the public eye as a political mediator and facilitator within the NSW Labor ranks.

Obviously Phil’s read the trilogy of Robert the Bruce – and believes he too can exit the cave re-invigorated by the exploits of the indefatigable spider.

Our stoolies information seemed to be proved correct previously, with it only a relatively short time there-after, we saw Minister Koperberg relegated to the back benches of NSW parliament.

Of course there was a façade of reasoning for this shuffle, but some believe the truth is, the desire to place Mr Koperberg in Morris Iemma’s job was just too threatening at the time, to allow such manoeuvring from within to continue.

Our stoolies now advise us it is all on again and sure enough, we see the beginnings of the political jockeying.

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