Jennifers Dingo Persecution

Jennifer’s K’gari (Fraser Island) Battle

Another Australian, one who not only cares for Australia, but has put her personal and social life at dire risk to uphold her stance, is now, to be not just vilified by the Queensland Bligh Government, but is to be eviscerated legally, if Bligh and Minister Kate Jones get their way.

How interesting it is that the Q’ld Government minders, ensure that they prosecute (persecute) one of their own, A Park Ranger ( an ex-Fraser Island Forestry worker, seconded into the Park’s Service as maintenance staff) for offences of feeding the DERM starving dingoes, before DERM proceeds with their burning at the stake of Ms Jennifer Parkhurst.

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With the wrath of Australian now boiling over Prime Minister Rudd’s arrogance and ignoring of Peter Spencer’s exposure of his government, and previous Liberal government land and carbon theft from farmers, is not only knocking on the doors of parliament from an army of concerned voters, the anger is banging on all polling booths.

Tuesday February 2nd in Canberra at 10 am will see a sea of city and rural people alongside Peter Spencer along with the NSW Farmers Association demanding a Royal Commission into land and carbon theft by governments past and present from the people of Australia.

The rally will assemble in Magna Carta Park, behind Old Parliament House (same as the first rally), then proceed to the front of New Parliament House where Peter will address the meeting along with other speakers.

SOS-NEWS will be there again in force keeping facts flying well above those controlled media puppets and spin doctors. It is amazing how ruffled that lot become when our cameras capture their images so you can identify the mainstream media dancers who perform to their masters music.

We have their attention in parliament, now drag them to accountability from behind party room doors to face the people and enjoy another day in their political demise.

It is free to join the SOS-NEWS “Peter Spencer Support Group”.
The second rally in Canberra will be larger and more vocal organisers from Peter Spencer’s team predict on February 2nd at 10 am.

Mr Rudd did not attend the last rally… he was at “THE CRICKET” being in Australia on one of his rare visits, where will he hide this time?


Mal Davies

Spencer’s Sun Shall Shine

Rampant Environmentalism

It does not answer the assertion that government acts in the national interest. That is precisely what is the issue. If it’s in the national interest for the government to take people’s property without their consent, in breach of the law by threatening them with force, then presumably armed robbery and extortion might be in the national interest too.

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Spencer Retracted

Nail Me to a Cross
For I Shall Die
so others
Only Bleed

For those of you who follow us closely, you will have noted that this story momentarily disappeared. This was done in response to a complaint received from parts of the Spencer family in respect to the story and its reference to those members wishing Peter to either fail, or die.

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Spencer fights for us All

Spencer Starves as Rudd Watches Cricket

Rudd’s UN Resume’

Was it a recurrence of the 1985 farmer’s 45,000 strong march on parliament house, no it wasn’t, but it should have been. But then again, when the low down despicable scum that have permeated the halls of bureaucracy have the alleged temerity to exercise an abuse of power by instructing Vehicle Inspection officers to interfere in free and sovereign Australians travel plans so as to thwart their democratically given rights of free expression, real time Mugabeism has arrived in Australia.

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Spencer Takes Canberra by Storm

Canberra rally supporting Peter Spencer who is today in his 44th of a hunger strike to get the Australian Prime Minister to conduct a Royal Commission into government theft of farmers land and carbon credits used to support the KYOTO level.

Over 500 people assembled outside Parliament House, opening speech was by Peters “Tower Of Hope” team leader Alistair McRoberts, followed by Shadow Treasurer Barnaby Joyce, then Kevin Humphries, NSW National, then Peter Spencer’s Barrister and Ex-Liberal MP, Peter King, all castigating the PM and government directed NO ACTION to the issues and Peter Spencer.

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Dingo’s Poison Pill-agers

Double Standard Bastards

The sheer Intransigence of the Minister Kate Jones’, DERM (Queensland’s Department of Environment and Resource Management) speaks reams about the veracity of claims by a now growing chorus of people and organisations that wish to see the Dingo, both managed and protected on Fraser Island, AS is DERM’s charter and obligation, yet one they seem desperate to negate.

This Island ( Fraser Island) has been home to the last and seriously threatened society, of pack structured, wild, pure strained, Australian Dingoes and DERM have been so dedicated in their efforts to destroy this most threatened fauna and its ecology, that they have not only ensured these animals die of intentional starvation, (One the RSPCA culpably seem to ignore), but by all accounts, thrive on shooting these animals when they snarl in symptomatic response to abject, malnutrition driven, pain and panic.

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