Colong Foundation Again Condone Shooting Our Brumbies the gunship slaughter of some 270 brumbies during 2000 in the Guy Fawkes National Park NSW, leaving many mortally wounded causing a public outcry, again the Colong Foundation green group CEO and driven activist Keith Muir whose apparent ideas condone such massacres, is again spreading his fictional science and inciting for the shooting of the brumbies across the Snowy High Country.

Brumbyy with 2Ys has his say in response to Muir’s and his Colong followers unconscionable method of environmentalism.


Dingoes Kill PetsThe question is did they? Once again on the mainland, on the Queensland mainland, a city resident on the suburban interface lost pet canines to wild ones.

The story as reported so easily brands the killer canines as dingoes, but were they?

They were reported as large animals and anyone with an ounce of knowledge knows wild dogs are the large of the wild canine species, not the pure dingo . What I am getting at is, most wild canids wandering today are in fact wild hybrid dogs. A mongrel species long leaving their dingo ancestral culture behind, along with their pure genetics.

As the Liberal National Party so rightly goes to bat for the real true Dingo in a habitat where it can stay undiluted, Fraser Island, this same political party (LNP) must also declare their wider wild dog policy.

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Whom Howls For The Dingo

As the dedicated environmentalists press their battle to save the Fraser Island pure dingo species, Queensland’s Liberal National Party publicly recognise the truth and pledge their official support for change if elected.

As so often the case, the success of the dedicated few is seen as an opportunistic vehicle to quietly climb aboard and ride to prominence and position. As there now comes great applause rightfully due to some, a great concern of the wider audience, is the motives of those lamprey attached or plying for the chance and this sees the LNP perhaps needing to tread cautiously.

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