Secrets are not All Snowdens


Illegal Governmnet Spying

Unauthorised Government Spying on “We The people”

“he had loaded secret, “experimental missiles” on his submarine for that exercise. After TWA Flight 800 exploded, Mack told his wife that he hoped it had been a terrorist attack, since the most likely alternative seemed to be a Navy accident.”

While the world’s public grasps with the intelligence revelations of the recent whistle blower Mr Snowden, they also still struggle with, “the why”.

Why would they speak out; knowing all too well the ramifications are in most part, insurmountable?

The answer is not as the officials in desperate damage control would have you believe – that is these guys are traitors. It is rather they are young men with a conscience. Young men who know right from wrong and their upbringing, their morals, and their convictions, are not for sale.

What we really need to see – to have brought out into the light of day – is the evil dealings generating secrets of those living in the shadows yet holding all power and pulling the most powerful strings.

The following link below asks more questions than answers. But the answers it does deliver; seem to go to the very core of why young men such as Bradley Manning and Mr Snowden speak out at such huge personal cost. Why newspapers such as the Guardian risk Government condemnation. Also let’s not forget why the current effective incarceration of Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy in England, is Julian’s on-going life.

Truth and honesty are supposed to be cleansing; yet how can a global society aspire to be such motivated humans, when we are under a constant barrage of dishonesty, self-centred agenda, crooked politics and so often it is sickening; criminal activity from our so called global elite. Global politicians and bureaucrats have lost the moral high-ground as a result of their own dastardly desires and the lengths they will go to cover their errors and designs whilst seeking out those desires. Desperate to retain the power, the wealth and the position; the global elite seem prepared to do anything and destroy anyone who threatens the nirvana reserved only for the elitist club.

The Snowdens and the Mannings are just two of many who have and are reaping their ire, their wrath and in that; these young men are heroes. It appears the modern day revolutionary no longer fires bullets, blows up bombs in markets killing women and children. No! These are the people the elitist need. These are the people the Nirvana members seek out to militarily arm so as to perpetuate the chaos, mayhem and murder in borders and lands far from their own backyards.

The true revolutionary today is he or she who taps a key board and tells the truth of that which the nirvana rules demand stay hidden on pain of death.

All they have to do is tell the truth TO THEIR FELLOW MAN about those who RULE and these young men and women are and will be marked for ever; for it is these brave – some will say foolish – young men who have learned, yet vehemently disagree with, the Nirvana rite of entry; “It is not, what is the truth? It is how big and powerful you have to become before you no longer shall feel neither the need, nor the legal pressure, to tell it.”

Try this story for a thought provoking prod towards understanding those who toss their lives away to bring you truth. And this tale appears to just be a mistake most likely made with no intent whatsoever.

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Echelon, WikiLeaks, Manning, Snowden now “Tempora”

“Who are the Crooks” ?

Illegal Governmnet Spying

Unauthorised Government Spying on “We The people”

As three new Zealanders still smart from their ill-fated foray against the South Island spy domes of Echelon; the latest spy with a conscience, “Edward Snowden” has blown the lid clear off the depths some humans stoop.

Worryingly; those humans by the thousands are amongst us. Termed elite; because shadowy people never elected, determine these elite have better scruples than you or I. Yet in reality they are just mercenary humans who will keep secrets – often evil secrets; even when they know, that which they are doing is tantamount to heinous treason against the private confidentiality of their “innocent” fellow MAN.

They don’t care. For it is an elitism once attained, so coveted, it ensures control over these mercenaries by both the privileged position it proffers within these crooked societies they spy for, in conjunction with a pay packet not inconsiderable for such stealthy wholesale peeking. It’s a voyeurism on a scale not really comprehendible.

  • · Is Mr Snowden a traitor?
  • · Is he a lone man amongst men who saw the depths of deceit; the unjustifiable lengths this elitism’s puppet masters travelled?
  • · Was Mr Snowden – unlike his fellow elite – unable to accept the rewards as being sufficient reason to subvert his moral obligation to the real and wider honest world and its public?
  • · Or; had he just read George Orwell’s 1949 classic book, “1984” and was astoundingly gobsmacked his position in society working for the omnipotent – had been so clearly documented long before he was born?

The revelations now breaking as a result of Mr Snowden, and previously young Mr Manning, with the assistance of brave media outlets such as the Guardian (aptly named) go to the very core of the adage, “Evil shall succeed as long as good men do nothing”.

Most travesties in society which become big news are as a result of the victim list growing to such numbers and such vocal vociferousness; the elite’s handlers are forced to act. But in Manning’s, and now Snowden’s case; these young men have voluntarily thrown their lives at the enemy’s spears in an effort to allow us all, the chance to see.

It is for each of us individually to decide right from wrong, but like out of the trial of the Nazis after world war II; following an order one knew to be wrong was deemed no defence at all in carrying out such order. The “Nuremberg” defence of yesterday, must surely now be seriously considered in brave Mr Snowden’s defence.

No matter what the law – that law’s use must never transcend the human spirit such law was enshrined from. Especially not by the shadowy faces of agenda driven bureaucratic spy bosses and subservient high end corporate lackeys; just because they have the academic, the legalistic, and the monetary means to argue the literal sense of words used in the legislation, in clear abject disrespect to that so ever important law basis, “the spirit of”.

Go to this link and read with a discerning eye and mind – watch as successive news over the ensuing weeks pass and be open minded to all that you hear. Young, smart men, don’t throw their lives away frivolously. Most definitely not when they know an entire global cabal of the most powerful spooks ever known will be hunting them. Start here. Read thess articles.

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