Unless ANY AUTHORITY is under a sanctioned legal mission, by our KING, or QUEEN, to take goods, or a person into custody under a signed court order, then they are trespassing on your property throughout Australia.

An Australian High Court decision ruled in favour of a family finding a state government, and police, had committed trespass violation on that persons property, because they were on a mission that did not apply with the two rules, therefore they were trespassing.

We have constructed a – “No Trespassing Sign” – under this High Court Decision to place on your property you may download.
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Ratt Pack – Phase Two

As the corruption net spreads from our Aussie shores to New Zealand, we find Billionaire Richard Pratt (pictured), chairman of Visy Board, recently exposed for collusion in Australia for price fixing of paper products with Amcor (who rolled over to be exempt from prosecution), is being prosecuted by the New Zealand Commerce Commission alleging a four year cartel, again with Amcor, facing near identical prosecutions as those in Australia.

Visy Board former senior executives Harry Debney and Rod Carroll are also mentioned as defendants, along with “Tricky Dickie”, under Visy Board (NZ) Ltd.

James Hodgson, former executive of Amcor, decided to buck the system by refusing to co-operate with the NZCC inquiry, which now sees him another defendants.

Again, as in Australia, Amcor has been granted immunity from prosecution by tendering information to NZ investigators.

Pratt, after admitting to price fixing and rigging bids, agreed to settle the case in Australia for $36 million. Pending class actions from Australian companies, allegedly ripped off by
‘the Amcor/Visy collusion, could be in the hundreds of millions of dollars, one initated claim against Visy and Amcor, includes a $120 million suit by Cadbury Schweppes.
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Our Snowy Heritage Horses “Brumbies” Set for Extinction


“Protecting our Mountain Heritage”
C/-“The Folly”
Nubba Road
Harden NSW 2587
Email: – Web:
Phone 02 6384 3376


The urgency is that NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, in their typical fashion, have organised some “information sessions” (note not public meetings, not open forums with the opportunity to debate the issue) at very short notice to the public, obviously so no one will turn up. Just look at the days and the timing.

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The New Ministers of Rudd – Andrew Bolt Sums up

Courtesy of the Herald Sun Newspaper -by Andrew Bolt

Employment, workplace relations and education: Julia Gillard. The Left gets its hands on education, and Gillard gets huge power. Too much for one person, though.
Treasurer: Wayne Swan. Of course.
Finance minister: Lindsay Tanner. The brains. Of the Left, but he’ll turn more like Peter Walsh, I’m tipping.
Foreign affairs: Stephen Smith. A right winger taken off education and sent out of the country. Still, he’s been better at doing than selling.
Special minister of state: John Faulkner – the enforcer returns. Indeed, Rudd says this old faction chief from the Left will indeed be charged with making sure Cabinet decisions are properly implemented.
Defence: Joel Fitzgibbon. ???
Attorney General: Robert McClelland. Demoted from foreign affairs. That will teach him for embarrassing Rudd during the campaign.
Broadband communications and the digital economy: Steve Conroy. Rudd first forgot to mention him, and then couldn’t remember the title he’d given him. Count that as a slop to the Right-wing faction chief.
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Greens MP Stupidity Never Stops

A GREENS MP has launched an extraordinary defence of spray can vandals, saying graffiti brightened up the city and could be attractive.

Sue Pennicuik told State Parliament new laws cracking down on graffiti vandals were draconian and unnecessary.

She said graffiti vandals were being treated more harshly than dangerous drivers.

Declaring that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, Ms Pennicuik said corporate logos were as much a blight on the landscape as graffiti.

People who sprayed graffiti should be called graffiti markers, rather than vandals.
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Grin and Bear It !

It’s Over – Back To work

Do not grumble on election results as the two party system always has one winner, and one loser. It is only we the people that are consistent losers whilst allowing this to continue.

Did you enjoy your only day of democracy on Saturday?

Amazing how we said that Turnbull would become leader, and Costello showed just how much ticker he does not have, he still is holding his breath until he turns blue, and will show you. There were many more dummy spits that now require resume producing as they seek employment from today.

So the Australian Titanic has a new skipper (for the moment that is), with courage far and beyond the call of duty, selecting his front bench without asking caucus, or dancing to the bureaucrats tune. This is democracy at work for another 3 years under the two party system until polling day returns again.

To those who have never experienced a Labor government in power, we have constructed an interim events calendar for union strikes over December and January until the Labor party stabilizes, when Rudd will be removed, Gillard installed (Madame Fuhrer) with her union puppet masters into power, so again we may enjoy the times we had back in the 70’s and 80’s under union domination.

Suggested Union Strikes Roster to disrupt the public

  • November 27th – Shipping container with Xmas stock unloading halted for 4 weeks
  • December 12th – 22nd Airline departures interrupted with lighting 24 safety issue strikes
  • December 15th – 23rd Brewery shutdown over working conditions
  • December 17th – 26th Rail and bus services on go slow and driver issues
  • December 22nd – 29th Airline national strike over a yet to be proclaimed issue

  • January – Month long training of union staff not around when 70’s – 80’s strike tactics were set in place so they can learn the ropes

The Future under Bob Debus in Politics

In 2003, NSW Attorney-General Bob Debus commissioned a report into the abuse of Aboriginal children.  The report was delivered three years later, in May 2006, after consultations with 29 Aboriginal communities throughout NSW.  

Entitled ‘Breaking the Silence, Creating the Future’, the report noted that child sexual abuse was under-reported in NSW.  It contained 119 recommendations on how to tackle the problem.  The NSW government promptly sat on the report for nine months. 

It finally responded in January 2007, a response which outraged Marcia Ella-Duncan, the Aboriginal woman who chaired the taskforce that produced the report.  The NSW government said it would adopt 88 of the recommendations, but more than a year down the track (in June 2007), Ms Ella-Duncan told media the government had only begun implementing one – it had advertised vacant positions on a steering committee that was to be set up to advise government.   

AGGRAVATING FACTOR: Earlier this year, the Sydney Morning Herald revealed that in 2006, NSW Treasurer Michael Costa refused requests from three ministers for up to $40 million to assist in the implementation of the report’s recommendations.  

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