UN Stymied by Darfur-What About This?

Are China & Russia making a new Pact?

On July 21, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov put Russia’s final signature – in a deal already signed and ratified by both sides – to a deal that commits Russia to the imminent removal of its forces from 67 square miles of territory on a series of Amur riverine islands. The Russians call them Tarabarov and Bolshoi Ussuriysky, the Chinese call them Yinlong Dao and Heixiazi Dao. These are two of the islands over which the Chinese and Soviets battled in 1969, formalizing the Sino-Soviet split. The final pullout of Russian forces is expected within a month.

When two states enter into alliance, the first thing they must do is stop treating each other as foes. There is a bit of wiggle room if the two states do not border each other as the United States and Soviet Union did not during World War II. But in cases of a shared land border, it is devilishly difficult to believe that those on the other side of the line have your back if they are still gunning for a piece of your backyard. If China and Russia are going to stand together against the United States – or really, anyone – in any way, shape or form, the first thing they have to do is stop standing against each other. And that is just about to happen.

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Penny Wong

The Australian White Ant of the First Order Exposed.

From the Mangled Thoughts Webb site comes an explanation echoing that of an exponentially growing wave of concerned Australian citizens, who will be heard, while refusing to toe the official decree of suffering deadly intentional incompetence in silence.

No sane person in this country, or for that matter any other, would stand in the way of processes and imposts if they were genuinely and seriously applied so as to save the globe from a real threat. Alas, for reasons wide and varied, but with each having one form of greed or another in the midst of that reasoning, our current crop of politicians in respect to the human induced CO2 global warming scam, are not just bloody dangerous, they are maniacally driven fifth-columnist zealots.

People with law degrees and diplomas, accreditation covering almost everything from sexing a chicken to the litigious anomalies of anti-matter acceptance; in other words some of the most educated in the nation are running a scam on their fellow man of all human time; why?

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Bernanke ???

Bernanke – Leader or Financial Pariah’s Lackey

There needs to be change in the world’s financial kaleidoscope that not only just addresses the wealthy sucking the life’s blood out of the poor and lower socio-economic classes of the world by unconscionable and unscrupulous lending practices.

There is no doubt, the financial power brokers of this world are the scions of the colonialists and their movements of old, with the only differences in methodology being today’s desire is to control raw money, as opposed historically, to control the natural wealth of an area, nation, or the entire globe and thereby earn immense wealth.

Regardless, like yesteryear, today’s money mongers are nothing other than opportunistic gamblers in blood, sweat and tears and by virtue of the meaning of the word “gamble”, if you lose, you lose.

Not today.

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Backdoor Tactics to Sell Our Snowy Exposed

Snowy Hydro Engineer Exposes Staff Selling Our Snowy Hydro>

The CEO of the Murray Darling Basin Commission (MDBC), Wendy Craik, when asked about the security of water supplies for Basin communities (ABC Country Hour, 10 July 2008) replied that whilst supplies were secure for this year, if inflows did not improve they were not assured for next year and that MDBC had a number of contingency plans – should this situation eventuate – one of which was a possible commercial arrangement with Snowy Hydro Ltd.

As we are repeatably told, Snowy Hydro does not own the Snowy Schemes water; so why is it necessary – in this most dire of circumstances – to make commercial arrangements with Snowy Hydro?

The Snowy Scheme’s water belongs to us, the people, and should some of it be required to be released to maintain the health and well-being of Basin and other communities, then Snowy Hydro’s share-holding governments should direct Snowy Hydro to release the water at no cost and without payment of compensation. For them to do otherwise leads to one possible conclusion; this being that government’s view Snowy Hydro’s electricity generation and trading business; and thus dividends to governments, as more important than the survival and well-being communities.

That the MDBC is contemplating a commercial arrangement with Snowy Hydro for the release of water for the survival of communities – water that Snowy Hydro does not own – is beyond belief and comprehension.

If in fact a commercial arrangement is the only way to have the water released, then it confirms that; whilst Snowy Hydro don’t own the water, they do control its storage and release: a totally unacceptable situation and one that communities should no longer be prepared to accept.

Max Talbot,

Garnaut Martini

HDR (Hot Dry Rocks)

2010 is the date that Ross Garnaut and all the other man made global warming alarmists in Australia aspire to. Why?

Why is this date one of such importance, it rolls off the mouth of the CO2 scam pushers such as the likes of Ross Gregory Garnaut.

Is there a hidden agenda behind all this? Something that we the people need to at least understand exists, with such an existence perhaps changing the way each and everyone of us looks at what is being perpetrated upon us here.

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Green Power No Snow Job

When Trading in Clouds is Too Slow

Here it is in all its glory. Solid proof that politicians are one step ahead of us all.

Jon Stanhope’s Labor government in the shire of the ACT (Australian Capital Territory) has seen fit, along with all his fellow Labor colleagues, to use their collective wisdom, a wisdom yet to be assessed as actually existing, and save Canberra from the ravages of being denied a politically supported and enhanced gas fired electrical generation scheme.

To appease the greenie outcry of Jon’s government admitting to sending 40 tonnes of salt down the Murrumbidgee to help with the Murray Darling salination program, he has in his wisdom used his political accountancy skills to rubber over his popularity dilemma.

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Breathing Out Tax Identified

Have you ever wondered what would happen to the world when we finally succumb to total academic control of the masses and world.

Well the following hyperlink of judicial stupidity by a United States Judge is pretty close to identifying just that.

Judge Thelma (pictured), an entrusted person who sits on the bench and adjudicates over other human failings, freedoms and wealth, is so naive as to believe and therefore rule; CO2 is an atmosphere pollutant.

All we could hope for, was that this Georgian Judge had to be blonde; alas, she’s not, but she has been on the bench for over 30 years.

May her retirement years allow her a long period of continuing to emitt CO2, before her own rulings devoid the earth from this most deadly of contaminants; CO2 and human life ceases to exist.

God save our soul, for the world’s gone mad.

Click here to read Steven Milloy’s portrayal of an American soon coming our way.

Firestorm Hero Villified

Flames Consume ACT Labor

Bushfire fear permeates the ACT once again and all due to political intransigence along with having the arrogance to ignore Coroner Doogan’s main recommendation.

ACT Labor politicians are being held accountable for inadequacies and failures to heed the advice of renown Coroner, Maria Doogan and other experts, now have the temerity to attack one of the many on-fire-ground heroes of the 2003 holocaust.

Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2007 Week 2 Hansard (8 March) . . Page.. 379..
Bushfires—coronial inquest

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Iemma’s Answer to NSW Road’s Over Crowded Plight

Demerit points scheme

We run the following off the RTA site as a reminder that your licence is being used as a tool to alleviate the pressure upon NSW roads, or should we say the removal of your licence, which is occurring at about 100 a day. This points system is both inappropriate and childish and sadly, a destroyer of entire family units and welfare, but do not expect iemma’s bereft government to show social compassion.

Accumulating points

A driver who has not committed any offences has zero points. When an offence that carries demerit points is committed, the RTA records the offence and the points on the licence holder’s driving record. If a certain number of demerit points in a given timeframe are accumulated, their licence will be suspended or application for renewal refused.

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