RIP Lance Kurt 1925 – 2013

Kurt Lance - picture by Daily Telegraph

Kurt Lance – picture by Daily Telegraph

Respected , admired and loved husband of Dorothy. Honoured for his contribution to Snow Skiing, Water Skiing, Bush Fire Brigade and Environment Protection.

Will be sadly missed by friends and the community.

His Legacy Will Live On For Future Generations

Family and Friends of Kurt are warmly invited to attend a Service To Celebrate His Life to be held at the Hawkesbury Church Cnr of Brabyn and Macquarie Streets Windsor on Friday 2nd August 2013 commencing at 11.00am.

An After Celebration will be held at Kurt’s Book Launch of “Flame Of Leviticus” at the Kosciuszko Room Thredbo commencing at 6.00pm on the 15th August 2013.

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It is with deep sorrow we report the passing of Kurt Lance a true knight of the people with a deep passion for his adopted country Australia.

Kurt has been a member of SOS-NEWS since our inception in 2002, corresponding and contributing a true gentleman and will be missed by many for his dedication to fair dinkum environment protection, the bushfire service and his love of snow Sking he brought from his birthplace Austria.

These passionate words by journalist Miranda Devine of Kurt are a fine tribute to a great man.

A special man

Miranda Devine –, Saturday, July, 13, 2013, (11:56pm) Daily Telegraph

IT IS a rare gift for a journalist to meet a person whose knowledge, intellect and clarity of thought shine through the fog of information like a beacon of truth.

Kurt Lance is such a man. He became a staple in my reporter’s contact book more than a decade ago as a bushfire brigade volunteer with enormous practical knowledge.

He had an abiding contempt for incompetent bureaucracies and well understood the ideology creeping through the Green movement at that time, which cared so little for people.

He was the Cassandra who warned us that the failure to manage fuel loads in national parks with regular hazard reduction would lead to catastrophic bushfires.

He knew that the loss of life and property was a human failure, not an inevitability to be blamed on arsonists or climate change. He has been one of the few people brave enough to speak out against the pack and educate those willing to listen..

But little did I know that this old farmer in Ebenezer, with a charming Austrian accent and a rare talent for clear expression, had lived such an extraordinary life: a child of the Holocaust, champion skier, soldier, pioneer of the Australian ski industry, mechanic, successful businessman, refugee, survivor.

He was too humble to boast, but I have just read the manuscript of his biography, Flame Of Leviticus, which I will be launching in Thredbo next month. He has been planning to ski the Masters’ competition there at the same time, at the age of 88, having last competed three years ago.

Kurt’s story is a boy’s own adventure of a wilful, politically aware 13-year-old in Vienna in 1938, who heard the drumbeat of war before his parents and determined to take his destiny into his own hands.

He ran away from home, swimming across a river to Czechoslovakia under the nose of Nazi soldiers. He found a job pulling beers in an alehouse, and impressed various adults along the way so they helped him.

But he feared for his parents when he heard from a Russian soldier about Kristallnacht, “the night of the broken glass”, November 9-10, 1938, when Nazis attacked Jews and ransacked their homes and businesses in Germany and parts of Austria. He immediately made the hazardous journey home to help his family.

The story of how this brave, fierce boy defied the Nazis and rescued his broken father from Dachau would bring you to tears.

The book also cracks open the inner Kurt Lance, the gentle romantic who loves women, who remained true to his first wife Sylvia and who cared for her when she had Alzheimer’s disease until she had to go to a nursing home, where she died.

Then he found love with Dorothy, who had been the matron of the nursing home where his wife had lived. They married on his 80th birthday.

A self-described rogue, Kurt embodies the manly virtues, of stoicism, fortitude, justice and humility. His story is an ode to the nobility of honest hard work and the possibility of redemption. It is also a spiritual journey that brought a man back to God.

While his parents fled to Shanghai before the war, Kurt was whisked to safety in Britain as one of 10,000 Jewish children on the Kindertransport mission. He was on his own from the age of 14, working like a navvy on an English dairy farm, and eventually fighting in the British Army against the Germans.

He drove tanks in Italy, went on daring missions behind enemy lines to blow up Nazi strongholds, and worked as a translator for army intelligence.

It was during the war he saw the tragic waste of badly managed bureaucracy.

During a difficult battle in northern Italy, his tank unit punched a hole in German fortifications so the 7th Armoured Division could forge though.

That was the plan. But, as Kurt tells it, “the generals managed a big stuff up”.

The 7th Armoured Division was in Rome on leave, and Kurt’s tank unit was devastated, half its men killed or injured.

The book is also a sort of history of skiing in Australia, in which Kurt has played such a large role over 65 years, receiving an Order of Australia for his contributions.

Skiing has been his life’s enduring passion since he first strapped on a pair of skis in Austria at the age of five under the tutelage of his dear Uncle Max, who would later die in a concentration camp.

He fell in love with downhill racing in northern Italy during the war and continued the sport in Thredbo.

Over the years, in numerous conversations, Kurt became my guide through the science of bushfire management and the perverse obstructionism of Green bureaucracy.

After one hugely destructive fire on Sydney’s northwest fringe in 2002, he invited me to the lovely tallowwood and ironbark farmhouse he had built on the Hawkesbury for a cup of tea, before taking me on a tour of the devastation.

He showed me melted trucks and warped signs, houses vaporised but for a few red tiles. The fire was so hot it split whole layers off ancient sandstone boulders, and burned so deep into the earth nothing would grow for years.

He wanted the world to understand that the failure to manage fuel loads had caused the inferno to burn so fiercely, and wreaked infinitely more damage on the environment than it should have.

Kurt is a genuine environmentalist, who once carved off a portion of his own farm as a wildlife reserve, and has fought against environmental degradation in his district and in the Snowy Mountains. Through force of will and the strength of his argument, he came to be invited onto government bushfire inquiries, where his testimony made a difference.

The great burden of 20th century tragedy and war has borne down on Kurt Lance but he survived to build a life of uncompromising integrity.

He concentrated on what he could fix in the world, not what had gone wrong, helping others as he was helped and contributing richly to his adopted country.

How fortunate Australia is to have had such a man



The Three Rs of Edward Snowden

 Revelation Reverberation Repercussion

it could more than embarrass those in Washington who have their own views on how to run the world.”


WWII Spies used these transceivers

Call it the NSA, the Government, MI6 or ASIO or whatever; it matters little, nor from where. What really matters is there are people – Human Beings amongst us – who will do anything as either subservient minion’s for their masters; or purely in the name of furthering career, wealth, or both.

It matters little that you, I and billions of others are their moms, dads, daughters and cousins. It matters little if we are their friends, friends of friends, ministers with toddlers in tow, or complete strangers. It’s an evil fact; a very, very small cabal of self-appointed global elites deem you, I and all those others, fair game.

They are faceless people too powerful for the politicians and as Snowden is and has shown up; perhaps now exposed to their detriment – we can only pray.

No democratic nation EVER elected a politician nor a government, to usurp their moral and legal obligation to the people who elected them; to forward it on to others who believe they are above the law and clearly act as such. Yet frighteningly now so obvious, is Snowden’s revelations there are in fact these ideologues with unfettered power and who care little for the masses’ rights.

The latest revelation sees Germany outed as one, undoubtedly amongst many; publicly identified having joined this cabal of dangerous people willingly. These people must be named and placed before the citizens of their respective nations, and all they have done in their own name, exposed. Then, and only then it becomes the right of the people – the sole right of the people – to decide if they shall allow such power to be in such shady hands. I suspect not; and I suspect the answer would be vehemently stated as ‘Not’.

What will the Germans say as they step to the polling stations on the 22nd September?

Read on:

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Ex MOBIL Executive Speaks Against Gas Fracking

 Turns Activist Against Unfettered Fracking

Gas fracking diagram

Gas fracking diagram

When an Ex Mobil Executive speaks out against uncontrolled, but Government sanctioned fracking and tells of consequences to the earth of Methane Gas release in amounts and continuity to seriously make anthropogenic assisted climate change – Human induced – a reality as opposed to the bogus claim CO2 is the root cause; then perhaps those so willing to sell their soul to the drilling magnates making the mantle of this globe a porous cracking surface for a few pieces of silver will listen before it is too late.

An Interview with this man is a reading all those who think they know from what they have been told, heard and seen politicked about, should consider essential.

More so; his statement inferring the big end of town is knowingly reaping massive rewards whilst sending the bill for clean-up to the public coffers in an unconscionable act of thievery – well it is your choice whether you get angry and active, or silent and trodden on.

Commercial Giants do not debate with you the public, but rather just lobby the respective governments and the minions therein, who willing do their bidding to ensure their own futures and well beings.

Go Here and be informed.

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The Secret Terrorist’s Nightmare

 Edward Snowden

Mr Edward Snowden; the United States of America’s Sword of Damocles horse hair”

For it is those faceless men who have stolen power to rule over those who truly once sat in power – The people. In arrogance they tried their place upon the throne of democracy and liked the feel, but like all self-important, failed to look up for they believe there is no one greater above. Now they have; and yet still they see not the sword poised, but rather just the horse hair.

The world thanks you Edward

The world thanks you Edward

Such a shadow government placing its trust in secret courts and the large-scale surveillance of populations, its own included, while pursuing its secret desires globally was just the sort of thing that the country’s founding fathers feared.

In the end, it hardly matters under what label – including American “safety” and “security” – such a governing power is built; sooner or later, the architecture will determine the acts, and it will become more tyrannical at home and more extreme abroad. Welcome to the world of the single rogue superpower, and thank your lucky stars that Edward Snowden made the choices he did.’

Read powerful words:

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Edward Snowden Speaks

 While the US Constitution marks these programs as illegal, my government argues that

secret court rulings, which the world is not permitted to see,

somehow legitimize an illegal affair.”

snowden-meetingIt is time we all listened. No man or woman has the right to comment without at least first listening to both sides. This is this young man’s latest words from exile in a Russian airport.

A nation such as the USA cannot be great, revered or looked up to if it must be a bully and afraid its own dirty secrets are harmful to itself. Has the western world be duped by a devil in prada or is it just some amongst that nation’s elite who need to be purged – yesterday.

Read carefully and think deeply; this man has given his life’s future for you all.

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Snowden A Patriot Agencies Want Silenced


Edward Snowden’s Interview

Riveting Listening

But his views shifted over the length of his career as he watched the news, which he saw as propaganda, not truth. “We were actually involved in misleading the public and misleading all the publics,not just the American public, in order to create certain mindset in the global consciousnessand I was actually a victim of that.”

Edward Snowden is a hunted man, we all know this. Our own lives are too busy to really learn why this is; other than to catch the snippets of local and international news service excerpts.

Yet there is a need for every sane and honest thinking man and woman on this planet to listen to young Mr Snowden. Why? Because he elucidates in a manner like no other just what that why is:

  • It is sufficient for evil to succeed as long as good men do nothing.
  • It is possible and is being done; not just the ability to fool a group, a town, or a nation, but an entire globe’s free thinking masses.
  • Those whom we elect to our parliaments are not in control and even when they are in the know, they become complicit.
  • Corporations at the top of the share registers globally are not just coerced; they too are complicit.
  • The young of the coming generation are not lost.

There can be no doubt as to why Edward Snowden is hunted; earmarked for a drone strike, or President Morales plane was forced to land in Austria. Edward Snowden is not a threat to the USA per se’; he is a threat to those with an agenda far beyond that which any peoples of the great democracies of the world think about, let alone desire.

The Edward Snowden story is one we all should be acutely aware of and understand, for in many ways, this young man has given his life and future for you to be informed so as to protect or at least fight, for yours. Listen carefully as the revelations in the interview are scary first hand accounts.

Whistle blower Status – Against a Nation, why is it a crime?

 OBAMA should Apologise to Assange, Bradley, Snowden, MORALES



You see the bully for all they are worth when they feel they are above the rest to such an extent they feel and believe in their own imperviousness.

The United States of America has done itself immense harm for the pressures it has placed upon other countries to embarrass the Bolivian President – Evo Morales. Yet the very fact other sovereign nations felt sooooo threatened they felt the need to comply with the back door requests of the CIA/NSA/Obama & Co, goes to the very core of just how scared they are of Mr Snowden. Or should that be Mr Snowden’s ability to reveal a bibliography of the dirty secrets of the high and mighty.

Whether Mr Snowden has more to tell; or whether the CIA and all the other spook entities of the mighty USA are desperate to make an example of Snowden in an effort to deter other morally outraged analysts (that is an outrage borne of what they know of their bosses) makes no difference at all.

The fact is; the United States of America and by association its allies which includes Australia, is/are obviously beside themselves in the fear there will be a flood of idealistic, morally driven young analysts and spies who can no longer live with the knowledge of the dirty, deceitful and often murderous ways of their bosses. Bosses who all the while espouse fealty to truth and honesty, openness and inclusion on the world stage; yet the moment the cameras are gone, the journo’s questions ceased and the doors closed to their backs, re-morph back into the Judases of democracy they truly have become.

Many countries of the South Americas are deemed third world, dangerous and politically fragile and hence easily pressured to be malleable by such wealth and power as the USA wields. Yet when it comes to asylum for the political threatened and or the ‘truly’ potentially persecuted of the first world bullies who have had their deadly ugliness showcased; it is these little nations that stand first where other greats ‘fear to tread.’ Just in this case France & Spain stand forward with Germany hanging on to these two’s coat-tails.

Like the USA unquestionably pulling Sweden’s strings in the Julian Assange crucifixion where they have caused the eyes and minds to blink of the thinking world’s populace; so too has that same populace and many more along with them, been astounded at the breach of diplomatic sovereignty of the Bolivian President’s personal plane.

We all rightfully fear the United Nation’s as being the second modern attempt by the globe’s elite to achieve a slow and insidious move onto one world government; the first being the failed League-of-Nations and historically the failings of the Roman Empire’s. Yet the United States by its unilateral extra-judicial international aerial killing of those its spy-masters deem a threat; and now its ability to puppet master European nations to force an Internationally protected plane from the skies where it has no authority and have such plane searched; displays an arrogance of power the modern world should not; and can no longer, tolerate.

How sad it is, a nation which saved ours by the actions of its brave forces so long ago during the battle of the Coral Sea should now be brought into such disrespect by its own arrogance and greed for control and superiority. So much so that its own young men of moral fibre and courage are being driven to sacrifice their lives to bring the bastards to heel in a way the world can see. Is truth and honesty – the very soul of society – only applicable to those who are not powerful; that is we the plebes?

Bravo Venezuela and Nicaragua and all the allies who stand with these nations on Snowden’s behalf. You may have ulterior motives beyond Snowden for standing against the Evil Empire as you call it; but much of the western world’s little people applaud you on your stance.

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Carr’s Indonesian Economic Immigrants

 Fleece them on behalf of True Refugees and watch the boats stop.

So Mr Rudd – the Prime Minister we have when we are not really having a Prime Minister – after putting the Indonesian Government on alert he is fearful of conflict with our neighbouring nation should he act as most Australians expect; flies off in air-force one, cowboy hat on and lariat in hand, to appease their senior leaders. The Milky Bar Kid rides again.

Yet the reality is simple, basic and within our national sovereign right. Foreign Minister Carr finally espouses loudly and publicly that the illegal immigrants swarming our borders through and from Indonesian shores, are in truth only economic immigrants. People who have done well in their own country, but wish to do better by harvesting in on the wealth and happiness built here in Australia by its citizens.

What does this mean? As said; in simple terms; they are people wishing to have a better life than the nation they left behind. They are people who can afford an aeroplane ticket from their home nation to a port in Indonesia. They then live for months, sometimes years in the massive already over-populated archipelago above our northern coastline whilst waiting for a Labor-condoned ferry ride south.

A ferry ride which cost thousands of dollars from their own pockets.

So what is the answer? Instead of haranguing the Indonesian government with veiled threats of the dispossession of Australian good will and incredible largess; instead ask them to do the following.

Photograph every traveller arriving on their shores – they already do this, but do it overtly – from International destinations and ensure all passport identification details and country of origin etc is attached to said pictures. Now make this information along with the photographs available to the Australian government. See here there would be a passport photo and a current picture.

Having done this; the Indonesians can now allow these transient visitors into their nation to go about their holiday business of skulking about the coastal towns or wherever and spending up big on living the life of riley whilst they wait their turn at bribing their way onto the boats and out of the country.

Once afloat – if they survive the cruise pirate style – our navy can pick them up and with the now electronic information sharing system in place, immediately match faces to the Indonesian data-base. They will quickly ascertain each one’s real identity and place of origin. By the time they arrive at the Xmas Island detention centre – or wherever – they will have just had time to wash their clothes and have a meal before being loaded onto a bus; destination the airport; for their flight home.

It’s a win win for everybody except the illegal economic queue jumpers who Minister Carr so eloquently identifies and that we all knew, are not really refugees.

  1. The practise of dumping documents will be negated.
  2. The Indonesian economy gets a small boost as these artificial tourists spend up on their Island of choice’s amenities.
  3. The fishing fraternity gain a boost to their local economy as the boats will still be in demand for a short period, until the reality sinks in and word passes around the globe.
  4. The Australian Government, hence its people, spend only a portion of the millions now being spent per boat-load sending them straight home after a feed.
  5. The people who are true refugees and have stagnated in poorly serviced UN camps for years doing the right thing; waiting to be chosen; will have a real chance at attaining a place here with a new and safe life.
  6. Those who spent the thousands of dollars trying to sneak into our nation like wetbacks across the Rio Grande, will no longer have the financial resources to try again. If they do; then they are not even economic refugees.
  7. To appease the United Nations – who we might add mean bugger all to the average Australian; and quite frankly wish our own politicians had the balls to tell them to take off – we could, for every illegal sent home, bring a real camp-refugee and their family here in their place. Not from Indonesian camps, but from all over the world. The illegal economic refugees would be essentially financing the entry of those real deserving refugees who after having done the hard yards in the world’s camps waiting; would see the deprivation they had had to endure as a rite of passage to the promised land. 
  • The boats would (metaphorically) stop almost overnight.
  • The cost would be minimal.
  • The Oz/Indo relationship would be congenial.
  • The Australian Government would have billions to spend on our elderly, needy, hospitals & education.

Now put that to a referendum”.

Oh! And if the Indonesians do not want to work with us here and supply the concise and complete information on their International traveller intake; then fine – cease all aid dollars and distribute this immense sum to our northern Cattle producers to assist in diversifying on their properties, away from the live trade fiasco Gillard and Rudd have caused and overseen.

Perhaps build a state abattoir or two in the north and send the meat overseas as aid to many nations.

As well, I am sure many of our thousands of elderly scratching to pay their electricity bill would dearly love to dine on state subsidised northern bred beef three or four times a week, instead of subsisting on beans, sardines and cat food.

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