Cop16 – Global Con by Another Number

Whilst Cancun is being Played down, Sovereign Nation Traitors Flock to its Great Hall

As another flurry of misguided politicians and bureaucrats flock to Cancun Mexico on tax dollars better spent on policing, education and especially children’s health, Australian attendees might well look to our neighbouring cousin New Zealand, before they place any signature to anything.

The following words are attributed to those elected in NZ Parliament and these words say it all.

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Dingoes Continue to Chew Anna Bligh’s Ca-reer

Premier Anna Bligh Extolls Fraser Chronicle’s Proud History whilst Trying to Restore a Modicum of Political Credibility

While Premier Anna Bligh flagrantly obeys her minders and projects herself towards every corner of Hervey Bay and its surrounds she can ingratiate herself into in a flagging effort to gain ground where she has lost mountains; Queensland Parliament hansard dated 23rd Nov 2010, reports this;

All the while, Australia’s own Jane Goodall of Fraser Island, Ms Jennifer Louise Parkhurst, is by support gravitation, amassing not just scientists, environmental friends in the public and media alike, but people who are disgustingly aghast at the draconian treatment of this selfless lady.

The next big event being a family fun gala day on December the 5th in Hervey Bay culminating with world acclaimed Jorje Pujol throwing his International weight into a massive evening-time 3000 candle lit Dingo in the park?

Whilst the Queensland Premier’s Magistrates only award $13,000 dollar fines to a couple who have some 45 counts of protected animal smuggling in transgression of DERM policy regulations, or even horrendously worse;

The Magistrate at the local Gympie Court; the same Court where Ms Parkhurst was given 80 hours Community service for allegedly having in her alleged possession signs that were not even taken by her, [another story yet to come] did this:

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Jennifer Parkhurst Shows the Way

Premier Anna Bligh Prostrates Herself to the Private Environmental Sector to offset DERM’s Inadequacies

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh’s spinmeisters have been and are working over time to get her off the political ring’s environmental ropes, with the job they are doing , commendably and transparently incompetent. Incompetently because their true reasons are transparent, and commendably, because the results are what every party to the battle desired, at last.

After Anna Bligh’s Government through Minster Kate Jones’ henchmen, tried to absolutely vilify and trash the character and immense environmental work of Ms Jennifer Parkhurst, the Fraser Island Dingo Whisperer; A legal evisceration attempt on incredibly flimsy policy regulation breaches so as to defuse their own management failings, this Island Beach Warrior along with SFID (Save the Fraser Island Dingo Inc) had fought so hard to illuminate, but were continually ignored, now seem to be being recognised, but in ways only the torpidity yet torridness of politics, can achieve.

The Anna Bligh government has been on the Queensland’s electoral nose for many things and in the recently held Federal Elections, her government not just heard, but smelt, the bells toll for their demise.

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Dingo Whisperer – Gold Coins to Freedom

Anna Bligh’s Political Persecution of Jennifer Parkhurst the Fraser Island Dingo Whisperer on Trial – by Jury of Gold Coins

Across this Nation and yes, across the globe, people by the thousands have voiced their dismay and disgust at the harsh, draconian and unconscionable sentence handed down by His Honour William John Smith of Queensland’s Maryborough Court on the 3rd of November 2010.

To read more and have your say click below;

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Dingo Actions Against Jennifer Parkhurst

Dingo’s Howl for Parkhurst Will Be Answered

Jennifer Parkhurst may well have been to Court on November the 3rd, 2010 and she may well have to suffer main stream media across the globe running their stories like good little corporate citizens who toe the official line and tell you what Maryborough Magistrate Smith had to say while he was denigrating and character assassinating one of our true and genuine Environmentalists of this great nation Australia.

Premier Anna Bligh’s Kate Jones may smugly, yet falsely, tell that same media about how her Ministry and the underlings of the departments in her portfolio, have been vindicated and exonerated from all wrong doing and her management plans for Fraser Island are so correct.

Nothing, nothing is further from the truth.

The real truth which was never heard, never tested and never meant to be allowed to see the light of day, due to suspect judicial legislation analysis and hence, fear coerced guilty pleas, will rise, will become visible and will be demanded, by the amazing growing voices of the masses as they rally to the side of a great Lady; a true Alpha Species.

The Jennifer Parkhurst Chronicles will not be archived because agenda driven politics has silenced the Wolf. Jen has served her dues and now it is her time to rest. From the hundreds of thousands of well wishers globally that sense an incredible injustice to Ms Jennifer Louise Parkhurst, this nation’s own Dingo Whisper, “Nahani Wongari”, I pass on to you those very wishes that say, “You are no criminal and we know, God Blesses You”.

To the world, the people and the press who have been duped into reporting untruths as truths, I present a real honest and true overview of Fraser Island and its threatened Dingo’s Woes. From a man who knows and who has put his name amidst the defence files of Ms Parkhurst in the form of a Fraser Island expose’ as a Character Reference in support of Jennifer P.

This is not a Brumbyy story, but a compelling Fraser Island expose’ which once read, drove me to seek permission to run it on SOSNEWS. The Author, Mr Pat O’Brien of “The Wildlife Protection Association of Australia Inc” was only too happy to provide.

Click on either Photograph here to open the first scorching cannonball of truth to be hurled at her Inquisitors. It is a PDF file, down load it, print it off, send it far across the globe.
Thank You Mr O’Brien for you permission. Be just a little patient as it loads, other people and specie’s lives rely on us being informed.

Brumbyy (With 2Ys)


Jennifer Parkhust Queensland Dingo photographer Marybourough Court Wednesday 3rd October 2010, handed renowned photographer Jennifer Parkhurst a 3 year suspended jail sentence with a $40,000 fine for feeding dingoes on Fraser Island. Ms Parkhurst pleaded guilty under legislation set in place by Queensland’s 4th Reich government.

You can always count on mainstream media running loaded government camouflage, clouding facts, with the predictable absence of Ms Parkhust’s comments.

Public support for Ms Parkhurst panicked rear guard public servant spin doctors to conduct major surgery on a festering Queensland dictatorship smouldering out of control.

SOS-NEWS investigator writer Brumbyy (with2y’s), attended the court and will publish his coverage of this despicable event in great detail.

Keep an eye out for this article over the next few days it will be riveting stuff.