The Malaysian flight MH 370 changed course and flew to where?


Perhaps to the one place no one is looking; straight to the US Secret airbase at Diego Garcia; or over it; or was it shot down as an unidentified threat and no one is talking?
Seem pie in the sky to you.
Well so is flying to Antarctica to splash down in the ocean and yet no one was able to see this plane meandering along on its lonesome.

• Where are the submarines which would have been able to pick up the sonic ping of the black box from miles away with their high tech underwater listening gear?
• Where was an aircraft carrier with all its jets and helicopters etc. in place of 12 hours flying from Perth to achieve two hours searching?
• Where were the in air refuelling planes so the searching aircraft could stay aloft?
• How come only a Thai satellite could spot flotsam of some 300 pieces?
• How come a 24 metre item could be spotted by satellite yet not able to be co-ordinated to within 30 metres and then plotted?

We can put a go-kart on mars but can’t find such flotsam; yeah right.



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Diego Garcia  is the only place on this globe which would be;

• Able to accept such a large aircraft to land –hidden from outside eyes.
• Be a destination where once going dark, no one would be aware of such a destination.
• See MH 370 as a threat –e.g. 911 – to its security especially if radios, transponders, navigation lights etc. were all shut down.
• The one place which would not only have the ability, but would in fact shoot from the skies such an aircraft if they deemed it a threat of significance.
• A destination which would feel at risk from a plane having gone dark after a leaving a Muslim nation for China; thereby possibly negating most of the western world’s security oversights.

pic2There was a reason MH 370 both went dark and altered course and is also believed to have changed altitudes dramatically; it’s just not known.

Perhaps whoever was on the plane causing this to happen may well have been forcing the crew to take evasive flight manoeuvres so as to evade Diego Garcia monitoring as they hijacked the aircraft. The intention perhaps, was to pop up out of the Indian Ocean and land in some unknown spot and do as hijackers do. We already know there were two Iranians on board with false passports.

Just perhaps; the secret air and naval base monitored MH 370’s change of direction; was aware it had gone dark because there was no response from its transponder or radio. Noted its flight path was directly headed to Diego Garcia itself. Noted the extreme change in altitude; with no response from the aircraft as it neared; even if they scrambled jets to intercept and it still stayed silent and held course; and hence; they blew it from the sky in a pro-active measure of protection.

They could have reached Somalia, Yemen or Oman; but to stay hidden, needed to fly south around Indian airspace. Just perhaps they were unaware of Diego Garcia and what it represented.
Instead of owning up to this measure because it held many Chinese aboard and now with no way of proving it was ever really hijacked with all being dead; they went into damage control.

Laugh all you want but there is more plausibility in this hypothesis than turning and running the passenger pic3jet out of fuel so as to commit suicide. Even a man with a need has compassion when he has 238 other human lives in his care.

The wager is; once the black-box batteries are deemed to have no longer any ability whatsoever to send a signal; debris will arise authenticating the loss of MH 370, but drift, wind and currents will have over time hidden all chance of location and recovery and such debris will not show an explosion of the military type.
Convenient indeed; but this is only a hypothesis, yet in the vein of Sherlock Holmes: when the possible and plausible are exhausted, the unexpected and Implausible will most likely be found to be the truth.

Brumbyy (With 2Ys)