Ratepayers Expose Local Government Myths


 Peoples’ Power Penetrates best when Local Government Ratepayers expose the myths delivering the Propaganda

By June Weston

Exposure creates panicWe the Federated people will not fix our Planning & Development problems until we – the Local Government Owner-Rate-Paying-Sovereign-citizens rid ourselves of all State interlopers.   Local Government has to regain its 1842 governing intent else our Federated Nation will fall.      Why are Councillors refusing to lead the way?

We now have statutory repugnancy, outlawing settled, fundamental common law land-right principles.  This repugnancy arises out of corrupt interpretation. Such corruption is criminal. It is unconscionable. The strategic planning abuse pretends a State’s jurisdictional right, where none exists.    Private Property Rights are betrayed by those we elect to honour the Constitutional guarantee.   This desecrates all Anzac sacrifices.     It is un-Australian. We don’t have to tolerate this injustice.  LG can dispel all myths; all contrivances.     So why wait?

If true democracy and real freedom is to be restored to we the people; and if these [LEP] Local Environmental Planning land-rights are to continue for the agreed Constitutional economic, use, benefit and Federated enjoyment of those of us, to whom these blessed corporeal and incorporeal hereditaments were contractually conveyed; we now oppressed land-owners;  with wisdom and administrative experience enough to see the fox in the henhouse;  must expose these reprehensible State Planning rorts, increasingly being put across every,  ‘approved’ rural zoned freehold parcel. [Section 113:  Register of Approvals:  LG Act:  SAVED from 1842]. 

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$200M NSW Farmers Asset Grab by Government To Control

mal-gagged23rd February 2013– Mal Davies speaks to NSW farmer & Scientist Noeline Franklin as farmers now have had enough. They are being culled from their land management organisation by a cash strapped government who have installed an agenda driven well stacked committee to harvest $200 million cash and assets farmers have controlled for over 100 years to assist them through floods, drought, pest animals and disease as they shut down farming and your food security… If you live in the city your family need to listen to this broadcast -22 minutes.


NOTE: For any concerned rural ratepaying farmers not consulted and fearful of their $200M in assets redirected from livestock care and pest control to the green agenda dictated by international treaties, should contact appointed Livestock Health & Pest Authority director Ian Donges on 0429-613-349 and voice their issues. To consider any direct contact with Primary Industries Minister Hodgkinson is impossible.

ICAC Mines for Truth

Labor Premier Puppet Christine Keneally

In April 2010 SOS-NEWS ran an opinion piece in Newsfront, “Kenealley’s Sky Spy”. This piece brought to the attention of readers a potentially serious risk to the State of NSW and indirectly, the wider Nation of how certain resources exploration information – funded by tax payers – could be at risk of being misused.

Today, ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption) is looking into this very fact. Perhaps not so much as we eluded to, but then again, the Inquiry has yet to conclude and hand down any findings.

Most importantly; some of the very people mentioned in our 2010 story who at the time were senior members of the then current NSW Parliament, are today, central figures under intense scrutiny in this current Inquiry.


Picture by Brumbyy (with2 y’s)

One of these people under scrutiny by ICAC is the ex-Minister for Mineral Resources Mr Ian MacDonald. The very man who was at the time of our 2010 piece, the very person who was in charge of — hence therefore the invaluable results of — as the then Minister, a citizen funded $30 million NSW Govt geo-physical aeronautical exploration program.

What’s even more interesting perhaps is how we learn from this Inquiry Moses Obeid a son of the Patriarch of the Obeid family – Eddie Obeid Snr – became involved with a person identified as the Russian ‘Viktor Djamirze’ who was peddling devices –The ‘Geo-Radar’ – to divine mineral resources below ground. Subsequently Moses became commercially associated with the Geo-Radar.

This in itself is perhaps nothing other than the commercially astute seeing an opportunity and entering a business venture. Perhaps though when taken in context of the ICAC Inquiry the citizens of NSW can be forgiven for being doubting Thomas’s, in concert. Especially where members of the Obeid family are suffering their business dealings and trust funds being intensely scrutinised as a result of facing the accusation of profiting immensely from being privy to highly confidential State Mineral Resource Exploration information.

The question is; was the goal of Moses Obeid’s link to ‘The Russian’ and the ‘Geo-Radar’ really to deliver exploration results which in turn could deliver Eldorado style resources; or was it really just a means to justify that which perhaps was already known and in effect, hide the true path of the resource’s knowledge source. If the former is the truth then the Obeid family will without doubt have a right to be seen as those astute business people and soon be vying with Gina for her place at the top of the wealth list of Australia and the globe.

Should on the other hand Moses Obeid’s association with ‘The Russian’ and his technology as purportedly demonstrated on the Obeid Bylong property offer nothing more concrete in results than that of the bent piece of wire a water-diviner uses; then the people of NSW have every right to consider such technology was indeed perhaps used to cover the misuse of truly high tech aerial exploration information.

Information which may well have been found by somewhat similar technology, but a technology superiority which is scarily beyond reproach in so far as the results that technology can and does deliver.

Brumbyy (With 2Ys)

MP Exposes Agenda 21 To Control Australia

Ann Bressington Adelaide MLC  exposes Agenda 21,  the Club of Rome, Sustainable Development, on 2 Feb 2013 at the Adelaide Convention Centre. This video reveals a well entrenched world dominance project of Agenda 21 that is already controlling Australia, all  sanctioned by this and previous government and you need to know view this factual exposure.

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SOS-NEWS Broadcast with Mal Davies

mal-gagged3rd February 2013– Mal Davies comments on how far we have traveled full forward in reverse over 60 years. He interviews Ralph Barraclough with an update of the Victorian bushfires, he reveals writs served on the Chief Justice demanding government be controlled by constitution and return Australia from political parties back to the people ….