1080 Poison the Saviour

profession 2014 (1 of 1) (2)I have written much on this in the past as the years have passed in an effort to respond to the anti-wild-dog control voices in this country Australia.

Lately that same anti-voice has tried to use the exploits of their New Zealand counterparts and the use there of, Sodium Fluoroacetate as an environmental protection tool, as being the bad guy at the table. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Much of the knowledge of this poison has come from extremely lengthy research done time and time again so as to appease the environmentalist’s concerns. Most of those concerns were wild and emotional conjecture given breath via a loud and vociferous minority who in fact were, and are, killing the wilds through misguided kindness.

This link goes to the heart of some of the latest research and the most current report available from Aotearoa – The Land of The Long White Cloud – NZ.

If you have a concern over the efficacy; the safety; the cruelty; the environmental effects along with the effectiveness of this chemical in controlling pests for the betterment of all; then this is not just a must read, but it is a must download report to disseminate.

Keep in mind; what NZ does with 1080 is far removed from what Australia does, but the goodness such a deadly naturally occurring chemical does for the very environment we all need, and wish to survive; may not be a panacea, but it has no equal by all accounts.

Brumbyy (With 2Ys)



Exposing the ‘great custodians of country’ myth

Wildfires on North Stradbroke Island due to lack of hazard reduction burning

North Stradbroke Island lies just off the coastline from Brisbane and is a popular tourist destination for adventurers from the mainland. With its long sandy beaches and easy surf fishing it attracts thousands of anglers each year who make the short journey from the mainland by barge.

‘Straddie’, covering 54,500 hectares is the second largest sand island in the world. Its only industries are sandmining and tourism, which support its 2000 permanent inhabitants.

On any weekend and during holiday season the beach becomes an extension to the Pacific Highway where hundreds of four wheel drives converge, turning the beaches into major thoroughfares.

Last week, due to lightning strikes, fires broke out across the tinder dry island, eventually causing some settlements to be evacuated. A lack of hazard control burning in the cooler months of the previous 10 years created the most dangerous fuel load ever seen on the island.

The Rural Fire Service had a major incident on its hands with volunteers battling kilometres long fire fronts fanned by gusty winds. Fortunately there was no loss of human life but the island’s flora and fauna copped a savage beating.

Fires with such a large fuel load burn extremely hot for a more prolonged period, in many cases far too hot for standing eucalypts and other flora to survive. Most of the island’s scorched eucalypts will sucker from the trunk and limbs rendering their function in the natural habitat as useless.

In the aftermath of the searing flames, the environmental damage is strikingly evident. Hot fires also reduce the amount of already low levels of organic nutrients thus making it more difficult for regeneration.

Brisbane ecologist Dr Greg Baxter said the island’s ecology would take at least 20 years to recover, unless of course there is another wildfire in the meantime.

A lack of seasonal rainfall is also inhibiting plant regrowth

The island is home to a large koala bear population, 59 species of birds including a large colony of glossy black cockatoos, native rats and numerous reptiles.

North Stradbroke Island ablaze with wildfires causing extreme damage to flora and fauna which according to an ecologist, will take more than 20 years to recover.

The island has been claimed by the Quandamooka and Noonuccal aboriginal groups who assist the National Parks and Wildlife Service with management of its natural resources.

Perhaps the best known of the Noonuccal clan was the late activist Kath Walker, who fought for many years to gain native title to the island for her family.

Kath was one of the last of the island’s traditional people, passing away in 1993, and it seems some of the handed-down tribal lore Kath possessed was not passed on to the present generation of island inhabitants claiming aboriginality.

This writer stood on the hustings with Kath in the early 80’s.

If Kath did pass on what she knew the message did not get through to the great ‘custodians of country’ residing on the island and mainland.

These people who claimed native title, in a similar fashion to most other ‘aboriginal’ groups, either do not know how to manage ‘country’ properly, do not care or have been prevented by the idiotic Labor Party policies of the 90’s from burning excess fuel loads each year or whenever it was deemed necessary.

Former Queensland Forestry Department practices of conducting annual or two-yearly cool fires, guarantee the damage from uncontrolled fires will be minimal and does not have a great impact on flora and fauna.

But what happened to the traditional hazard reduction burning of the open forest and grassland in the traditional August burning off period?

Did the NPWS prevent the local indigenous people from burning off in previous years? Perhaps it seems from similar lessons learnt in other indigenous controlled land or national parks, most of the old knowledge has not been passed on because the gap between the ways of the last of the traditional people of the 1920’s and the present generation is too wide.

This knowledge is lost forever. It is accepted in some anthropological circles that the lost messages from true traditional people have been supplanted by university trained anthropologists with an agenda not necessarily in the best interests of indigenous people.

Some commentators liken the beaten up stories of modern anthropologists to ‘reinventing the wheel.’

Unfortunately politicians of all hues believe it as gospel that modern day aborigines are the only capable ‘custodians of country,’ the latest fashionable coinage of the annual $25 billion aboriginal industry.

Nothing could be further from the truth.


This lone koala survived the wildfire which left its food source of various tree leaves and other plants a scorched, parched and devastated landscape.

Government Wage Cut Troops While Greenies Ride Gravy Train

Committing troops to battle is just the stroke of a pen for Australian governments since settlement. To adequately supporting them in battle and repatriation they buried in legislation and bureaucratic red tape slowing the cash flow supported by well placed hurdles to stem veteran claims.

Troops in the Middle East serving a six month tour will be $19,000 out of pocket on the pay cut announced from Canberra.

Tony Abbott’s quest to unload the inherit Labor government debt  passed the buck of targeted Australia troops in Afghanistan quoting the decision was made by the military. With a second breath, he commits support of that decision by the National Security Committee of Cabinet (NSC) signing off on the changes in November.


General Hurley $800,000 pa

You will be amazed and astounded that Defence Chief General David Hurley, who earns about $800,000-a-year or $15,300-a-week, did not oppose the combat troops pay cut that over six months will save the Liberal government about $20 million.

The wounded British soldiers is also blind fighting for his country

This wounded British soldiers is also blind fighting for his country

Prime Minister Abbott, look how much more you and the coalition forces save from young men and women who served in the Australian, British, US and Canadian Military for 20 years, risking their lives protecting freedom, to receive just 50% of their pay on retirement, while all politicians hold their political positions in the safe confines of the capital, protected by these same men and women, and receive full-pay retirement after serving just one term.

Prime Minister, you need only look to taxpayer funded government environmental grants gravy trains, many set in place from the previous Howard Liberal government, being set upon by those in the know and here is just the tip to some of our findings with just one investigation we have conducted over 24 months.

Jan Ferguson

Jan Ferguson

(1)  Jan Ferguson, managing director of the “Ninti One” organisation is a well connected person who arranged a government grant of $20 million to cull wild camels on an estimate of 1 million animals. When the project completed  there were 300,000.

  • Where was the compliance?
  • Where is the accountability to taxpayers when annual report are published without financial audit details?

(2) Prior to this cull project there was Desert Knowledge CRC set in place, again with Jan Ferguson with Camel control one of the research projects on which the organisation has spent $93 million, in cash and kind, during its first six year term of funding and published a massive 20 consultants’ reports dealing with the camel problem. Again no financial report available to establish accountability.

(3) Remote Economic Participation CRC is a public good research centre which delivers solutions that address social and economic disadvantage in remote Australia, program funding $32.5 Million. And yes Jan Ferguson is managing director of this – yes, again no financial details in annual reports.

 Here is the wages structure government CRC’s comply to:

$420,000 for Program Leader/ Senior Manager                                   

$280,000 for Project/ Theme Leader/ Key Researcher/ Manager

$220,000 for Researcher/ Professional

$180,000 for Other (support staff – technical, administrative etc.

 How much would you receive if you were on 3 CRC’s ..Hmmmm.

The CRC program was officially launched in 1990. Since the commencement of the program in 1991, 200 CRCs have been funded. The Australian Government has committed more than $3.7 billion in CRC program funding. Participants in CRCs have committed a further $11.7 billion in cash and in-kind contributions. The total Australian Government support for science, research and innovation in 2012-13 is almost $9 billion.

Here’s a tip from the people Tony,

  • Cease stealing wages from our loyal troops – TODAY.


  • Start your pruning TODAY with the greenie tree.  Make that positive move restoring the decimated Greens environment from taxpayer funded science fiction junkets. Show a giant step toward recovery of our biodiversity and environment delivered to government in pristine condition after 100 years of management by farmers and land carers before Gang Green set in.

Mal Davies


Dingoes Kill PetsThe question is did they? Once again on the mainland, on the Queensland mainland, a city resident on the suburban interface lost pet canines to wild ones.

The story as reported so easily brands the killer canines as dingoes, but were they?

They were reported as large animals and anyone with an ounce of knowledge knows wild dogs are the large of the wild canine species, not the pure dingo . What I am getting at is, most wild canids wandering today are in fact wild hybrid dogs. A mongrel species long leaving their dingo ancestral culture behind, along with their pure genetics.

As the Liberal National Party so rightly goes to bat for the real true Dingo in a habitat where it can stay undiluted, Fraser Island, this same political party (LNP) must also declare their wider wild dog policy.

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SOS-NEWS was contacted by two concerned fisherman that the demise of the Australian “pipi” shell fish, both consumed and used for fishing bait, maybe from imported contaminated out of date products government know nothing about.

Our inquiry started in Batemans Bay a NSW holiday haven for families trying their luck at fishing. The favourite bait is this tiny shellfish clam “Pippies” that can be found along shore line sand all around Australia or buy imported ones at the bait shop.

Empty shells in abundance around Batemans Bay beaches, never before seen raised further concern of local fishermen drawing attention to the very prevalent reducing size of the few surviving pippies found on the beach.

NSW Government are aware to a decline of pippies having introduced a 40cm diameter minimum set in place for harvesting to solve their assumption the pipi is over fished. Chances of finding one over 40cm is rare due to a stunted growth of most pippies found on beaches.

What is causing destruction of Australian Pippies?

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Pictures by Brumbyy of SOS-NEWS

[swfobj src=”http://sosnews.org/radio11/mal/mp3ss503d.swf” height=”100″ width=”150″] Listen to this broadcast by Mal Davies that included SOS-NEWS investigator “Brumbyy” (with 2 y’s) report of his attendance at the anti Carbon Dioxide Tax rally in Hyde Park Sydney on Saturday 2nd April 2011.


Dingoes and Their Whisperer on ABC1

ABC – Tells Fraser Island Dingo Whisperer’s StoryDingo Whisperer Jennifer Parkhurst will have her battles aired on ABC1’s “Australia Story” Monday 28th Feb at 8pm.

Photo by Brumbyy
Many SOS-NEWS readers followed, and could not help but sympathise with the Dingo Whisperer Jennifer Parkhurst after learning of the third world style treatment in the Queensland Courts of her efforts to save the unique and iconic threatened species of pure Dingo on Fraser Island; this will be compelling viewing.

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Flood Prayers from the Kimberleys

Flooded in The Kimberleys-Send Prayers to the East

Even when the chips are down for real Australians, those that build and built this Nation with blisters, minds and ingenuity whilst struggling with their own battles, there is still time for these battling icons of the Australian Bush to think and Pray for their fellow man.

Click here to read more:

Brumbyy (With 2Ys)

Floods-Foxes-Dingoes-Feral Cats & Disease

Whilst Floods Rage, Positives Do Exist

There is a huge opportunity here and we should be investigating and taking whatever that opportunity offers. That is, that whilst the floods devastate rural and metro areas of humanity alike, it also has forced vermin and pests such as rabbits, foxes and wild dogs and pigs etc into much smaller areas of habitat.

This windfall of possibility to move in and eradicate as much as possible of these pest species’ scourge whilst they are essentially blindsided would perhaps alleviate some of these pressures off the farming community as they struggle with rebuilding their shattered lives over the coming years.

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Dingo Book Release Demeans Bligh Govt Vilification

Fraser Island Dingoes Iconised by Jennifer Parkhurst”s Truly Amazing Photographic depiction of her Years Of Research

[Dingo Whisper – Jennifer Parkhurst]

The Fraser Island Dingo Whisperer Jennifer Parkhurst has been unequivocally vindicated and in the process smeared egg all over the Anna Bligh gumboot sloshing Government’s face with the release of her amazing book “Vanishing Icon”.

This book, although not reported as such, was the very reason Minister Kate Jones and her minions hunted Ms Parkhurst under spurious claims of wrong doing under the Department of Environment & Resources Management Act whilst they themselves breached the very code of animal welfare, suffering and management and the Queensland RSPCA officially condoned this barbarity.

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