Bill Gates, DuPont, Rockefella “Doomsday Vault”

Why would Bill Gates join forces with the Rockefeller Foundation and invite the GM (Genetically Modified) seed production and well known monopoly corporation, DuPont, to an artic hideaway off Norway?

This band of money moguls are investing millions of dollars in a Norwegian government built “doomsday” seed bank to store seeds from as many of the world’s plant species as possible. The bank was created by hollowing out a 120-meter tunnel on Spitsbergen (an arctic archipelago) cut into rock with a natural temperature of -6 degrees Celsius, refrigerating it to -18 degrees Celsius.

The vault has top security blast-proof doors and two airlocks. With the first seeds arriving late in 2007. The point of this project is to save plants (wild, agricultural, etc.) from becoming extinct as a side-effect of crop gene manipulation, or due to a global catastrophe such as climate change (the tunnel is 130 meters above sea-level) or nuclear war…

WORRIED? …. you should be VERY WORRIED as Australian government just recently lifted the moritorium on GM seed cropping and declared it could not cross geminate with real seeds, but have not explains how a wire fence will do this.

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The Big Picture of Drug Money


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A successful raid was conducted on a Mexican drug dealers home.

Most of the money was USA $100 bills so you can work out the calculations as to how much is on the floor. There were cupboards and lockers full to the brim as well.

To think this is isolated to Mexico would be only by those surviving on the mushrooms of media spin residing within their suburban cacoons.

Take a look at the big pictures…

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Australia, a Sovereign Nation or Global Province

Be Extreemly worried – be very, very WORRIED

Oz CIA boss, Minister for Home Affairs, Bob Debus, is preparing to open the doors of Australia’s people tracking and data mining files, to his superiors in the USA undercover of an FBI facade. Interpol is out.

Big Brother is about to get bigger and the world is about to get very small for everyone as One World Control of your every move and shift in your life becomes a byte in cyberspace.

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Proud to be a Heretic

Climate change has become a religion that is sweeping the globe with dramatic and draconian effects.

The rich get richer, the poor are asked to eat more cake and the power hungry attain immense dictatorial control and all the while the emperor wears no clothes.

This race to embrace a scientific myth as if it is the second coming has no parallel in modern human times and yet we, the human race, collectively and as individuals, have more education, greater understanding and exponentially more technology than for all time before, and yet, it is now that we prostrate ourselves to Baal.

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Koperberg From the Ashes… Arises?

Justice, or Mate’s Club action?

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As there is little transparency in Australian politics and even less in NSW politics, we will perhaps never know. Is this a good thing, or bad thing?

Well, in light of the revelations we have re-brought to the surface, revelations so succinctly laid out in the John Pilger book “A Secret Country”, the decision of the DPP not to proceed with the allegations made against Mr Koperberg, (The NSW Environmental Minister) can only make a NSW plebe wonder if the Nifty effect, is still alive and well in this State.

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Oz History Exposed – “A SECRET COUNTRY”

Neither Napoleon, Hitler, nor Australian Politicians have learned from the past actions of the scum bags that went before them, for the riches were all too alluring and the power too mesmerising. So what’s changed in 2008?

With Bob Debus in charge of our Nation’s Intelligence & Custom’s Organisations as the Minister for Homeland Security, what can we expect of the future.

Especially when the political history of this Nation has such a black covert, and overt, past that few know about and the many others are intentionally denied the opportunity to learn.

Worse, the information that is contained in the John Pilger book “ A Secret Country” is information that is not only succinctly put, but in such unequivocal detail that the political dogs of ASIO, were set loose in reprisal upon the Author.

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Marine Park Issue Hotting Up

Damage Control Now Set In Place

Across my desk has appeared another classic document, that I will for the moment keep under wraps, from Verity Firth (pictured left), NSW Minister assisting Environment and Climate Change portfolio absentee, Phil Koperberg, who is awaiting the headsman’s axe to fall concerning a domestic violence allegations that has now been handed to the DPP, again presents her predominant lack of knowledge about marine ecology.

Like the good little puppet, she dances to her minders tune presenting many fabricated facts, yet still seems not to find being pompous a handicap….apart from being wrong, that is, as fuel load of facts disputing statements are poised to come crashing down.

Dr Robert Kearney (pictured right) phD, DSc, AM, is the Emeritus Professor of Fisheries at the University of Canberra, a world authority on marine life and ecology, has questioned the Batemans Bay marine park as being flawed, needing most urgent review, while being ignored by Premier Iemma and Minister Firth.

Newspaper statements several months ago, Tony Fleming, then NSW National Parks Director and now no longer, supported all implemented legislation that set the park in place as Minister Firth backed him to the hilt.

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Government Land Stealing Exposed

I spoke last week in Sydney and have attached a copy of my presentation, which gives a history of our land ownership rights under Common Law, describes what we own when we own land, and then what happens when government remove our ownership rights.

To download this pdf document that every land owner in Australia should readClick Here

It also includes the 2 main documents we forwarded to the community late last year, regarding the QLD Constitutional 2001 removal of Common Law rights.

After the meeting, I was told about some of the problems people are facing in city areas. Houses only 10 years old, copies of older styles – being locked up under a Heritage listing!

A lady who has worked in the health industry all her life, telling me how some institutions for older folk, appear to target ones who own their own homes and have money in the bank – take out Guardianship orders and forbid contact with any family, thus allowing the older person to be “cared for” or “not cared for” without any witnesses.

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Now phase one of the Labor party, and bureaucrats cloning of the 42 new members to the House of Representatives starts, as this week they move into their respective pigeon holes

A two day work shop has been scheduled for the freshmen offering the spin doctors and minders that lead to remove any sign of constituent allegiance, while replacing democratic thoughts with dictatorial jackboot policies.

Newcomer, Bob (Devious) Debus should run dux of the class, then maybe he might be one of the cloning masters, holding his record as a retired NSW Minister in the Carr and Iemma government that dictated and manipulated the people.

Our little “Toilet Rodent” has delivered some information suggesting that tracking devices are being fitted to the new kids. It seems as they move from hallway to hallway, and then to oblivion, become lost in the maze for morons within the dictators engine room in Canberra – you know that building with the big flag on it …

“Bullshit Castle”