The 2010 Federal election has proven one thing

There are a disturbingly large number of voters who have little or no appreciation of the importance of being informed and interested in the electoral process. Forget the personalities or the lack of such the fact is that the process was designed to give the everyday person an opportunity to elect a representative to voice their concerns and protect their interests at a Federal level.

This fact should encourage those who choose to vote to do so after consideration is given regarding the candidate who best reflects their own values and who has an interest in the electorate they represent.

To cast an informal vote is a sign that the individual has nothing of value to contribute to the process. An informal vote is not a protest vote it is a sign of apathy.

The election of Independents should be a signal to the people who have stated dissatisfaction with the major political parties that there are viable alternatives all they need do is make a decision and vote accordingly.

At a time when the current election results should be approached with enthusiasm it has been overshadowed by this sad inditement of a population of disenfranchised observers.


Are we all feeling a little GREEN ?

The lack of result in the most recent federal election would indicate a deeply rooted problem pervading the psyche of the voting populace of Australia exemplified by confusion and ignorance,

Clearly the population of Australia have turned against the two major political parties and have indicated that they need options.

The informal vote was extremely high; the swing to the Greens was higher than expected but this only managed to bolster the Labor party by the distribution of their preferences and when a Green won the seat he replaced a sitting Labor representative so the STATUS remained QUO.

Our newly elected Green representative for Melbourne has at least clarified the issue of where the Greens stand politically by being honest enough to declare his allegiance to Labor which is understandable considering the background of his election campaign supported by trade union funding.

Adam Bandt (pictured) is an industrial and public interest lawyer living in Parkville. He was previously a partner at Slater and Gordon – and has a PhD in Law and Politics from Monash University. As a student, Adam Bandt was an active campaigner for higher living allowances for students and free education. He was also president of the student union. He is a strong defender of gay rights, and has openly stated that he will vote for gay marriage.

Do we expect the traditional red colour of Labor to be tinged with green in the future, perhaps they may like to consider stripes ?


Votes – Count every One of Them

100 Percent of the Vote, One Hundred Percent of the Time

The people in this nation who think so poorly of it,
and our political processes, when they are given an opportunity to have their say at election time to make changes and be heard, only attend to the polling booth to circumvent the fear of being fined for not doing so and hence, vote informal.

These people need to be dealt with, as the poor citizens they really are and their vote they believe they are tossing in the bin, used and counted.

This is the easiest thing in the world to do, and is something that needs to be done, before another election, either State, or Federal is held in this great Nation.

This appalling state of affairs, where people who claim to be Australian, act in a most contrary manner, at the most important time in a Nation’s needs beyond war, and do not forget, there are indeed young Australians right now at war, fighting, and being wounded and very sadly, killed, for democracy rights in other parts of the globe, that these ill-informed people unconscionably disregard here in this, their home country.

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Labour Cruelty supported by Ministers Garrett & Jones

The Results of a Labour Government Management Strategy

I most certainly am proud to be an Aussie, and just as proud to stand in the fight against such disgusting Labour politics. Especially politics where Federal (Minister Garrett) and State (Minister Kate Jones) governments do not just condone such torture, but are totally complicit in its cruely and inhumane perpetration. Would you vote for such a party that believes in this as sound management policy?

Thank you to the Irwin family for standing and being counted.

Brumbyy (With 2Ys)

Select Your Senate Preferences by computer

Preference The Senate How You Want it – Not How They Want It”

Thanks to Radio 2GB, this internet link takes you to a site that will answer these questions and we strongly advise all voters, even if you are so died in the wool silly enough to vote Greens, or Labour, to visit this tool, see for yourself what damage, or good your mark will do.

Control of the Senate will allow or disallow bills to pass as legislation. With a green controlled senate you can count on carbon taxes, locking up the fishing, sending farmers broke and the demise our food security in rural Australia, and that is just for starters.

“Below The Line website” allows you to find your candidates, anywhere in Australia, select your choice for the No1 position and generate a customised to your choice PRINTABLE how to fill out your Senate ballot paper all by “Drag n Drop” with your mouse to arrange the 84 candidates to make your vote count as you want them to pass the post.

Election day you take your printed how to vote paper to the polling booth and fill in the numbers as per the sheet. Ideal for family voters and the elderly you can create and print or email to let others have their true choice at the polls.

The Australian Electoral Commission have granted permission to use the information contained in the group voting tickets.

Did you know that ALP and Democrat voters helped elect Steven Fielding of the Family First Party to the Senate in 2004? .

Now thanks to this great website, you can decide who gets your Senate vote!


Consider a horse race with eight starters, they all line up and the first past the post wins……………. Not in Australia.

Now imagine what would happen if the winner did not have what was considered a resounding victory and all other starters had the opportunity to add their support to another starter and effectively give that horse the victory based on such criteria as them being a similar colour or that they liked the colour of the racing silks, or perhaps this horse has promised to give them consideration in the future, that fellow voters is what happens with the distribution of preferences in our so called democratic process.

It requires, for an outright win, 50% +1 vote from the whole electorate seat. This has been done but a very, very rare result indeed, and some years ago now.

So with major party ONE holding 40% of the vote and major party TWO holding 25% of the vote and tail enders holding the other 35% then distribution of preferences are divided up between ONE and TWO.

With Party ONE romping home first past the post, outright winner, and clear people’s choice, has LOST the race. WHY ?

Party TWO has picked up tail ender preferences of 30% winning with 55% of the vote.

Party ONE voted in as the people’s choice, picked up only 15% loosing with just 45% of the vote AFTER PREFERENCE.

“Now when you view, read, or hear elections results as the polls are counted showing a clear winner loosing, you now know how that happens”.

“Ninety-eight percent of the adults in this country are decent, hard-working, honest Australians. It’s the other lousy two percent that get all the publicity. But then we elected them.”

Labour Holds Snowy River to Ransom

Gillard’s Shell Game
Over the Snowy
Your Money

Remember the people’s battle against governments for the ownership retention of the Snowy Hydro only a wee short few years ago?

We the people, halted the theft-sale of one of the most valuable, most iconic, most environmentally successful pieces of National infrastructure, from being sold to the highest bidder in the pariah land of corporate nation wreckers.

Well guess what, to save the neck of a Labour Member in the coming Federal election, MP Mike Kelly of the Eden -Monaro electorate, this, sell the farm and screw the populous with a, “luckily”, failed Carbon TAX SCAM Government of Rudd/Gillard fame, has promised to swap millions of tax dollars ear marked for sick kiddies, carer’s facilities and remote education, for votes; by promising to pay the People’s Snowy Hydro Scheme for water to feed a river system, the very scheme has all but destroyed.

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Predominantly missing from Labor propaganda platform is their resident Green Engineer of the Phantom Tax of her “ETS”.

Aware of the bulldust this “ETS” is from most thinking Australians after a total collapse in Copenhagen where Labor presented 120+ freeloaders on your taxpayer dollars.

So “What’s Wong” ms Gillard – a Penny for your thoughts. Where is your water-environment prank-star Wong after her high profile Labor “ETS” salesgirl who attempted turning Green fiction to factual information only to be totally exposed from England university academics caught selling bulldust to preserve their government funding as a world authority on “ETS”.

Wong is an embracement, this you have grasped Mr Gillard by her absence on your electoral travelling sideshow. She is a national disgrace a confirmed fifth columnist working agendas against this nation most people have awoken to..



Mystical reincarnation of Ms Wong will be front stage should Labor win government. A terrifying thought for the sustainability of Australia under taxes New Zealand now wish they had never legislated. The shaky Isle is about to sink under their “ETS” taxes, introduced in 2008, now crippling families, industry, farmers and business.


Not favoring either of the “TWO HORSE RACE” in this election, we are faced with history leaving no option for Australians not wishing third world status. Labor preaches massive Carbon Taxes, farming and food removal from unworkable vegetation laws, metioning but a few leaving one choice – support Liberals. Credability to both we constantly blast who serve party first, second, and third, voter attention needed only polling day.

Listening to these broadcasts from 2GB by Alan and Ray, read or listen to our election coverage. You need only Click Here to be taken to our website news service. As voters, it is a “MUST”

We at SOS-NEWS listen to Alan’s program via the internet, with 100% clarity. This allows world coverage from 5am until 9am Monday to Friday (Sydney time) you should undertake during this lead up to the most important election this nation has ever faced.

Mark this address to hear Alan, also his fellow daylight presenters, Ray Hadley, Chris Smith and Jason Morrison.

Dingo Whispering A Crime

Indonesian Style Justice
Australian Tropical Paradise

With a Federal Labour Government in total political disarray, we understand why their members lie and spin their way towards the coming election, through which, if this Nation is to economically survive, Labour must be, not just sent packing, but packed off in such a manner which will cause them decades of introverted retrospection.

As in their Federal counterparts, we now see the Queensland State Anna Bligh Government reach the same depths, of political depravity. In a dedicated and timed spin of myth-truth and false science, flimsily substantiated by doctorates, certificates and uniforms, but little substance, we now see those depths of spin amassed and sent hurling towards one lone defenceless, dedicated and genuine, Australian environmental heroine.

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