Farmer -1 Government NIL!

David Has Goliath On His Knees

A statement to SOS-NEWS on many occasions from farming sources, “we have been fighting the government for 30 years and most now have given up”

For the best part of 12 months, a solo farmer, Peter Spencer (pictured), has taken the government head into court over his once thriving farm, NOW closed down by environment issues legislated to appease that minority group, “The Greens”.

This Greens organisation is famous for ransoming their preference votes, to set up one of our compulsory ” two party system” into government, hinging on which party will capitulate to these Greenies whims, and they do have this power from an army of mushroom cloned SHEEPLE.

Peter has won his case to stop the massive legal machine from Canberra, under instructions to shutting him up on the issue that the Kyoto Protocol may give rise to Peoples Property Rights.

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NSW Labor Leadership in Strife


The demise of MP, Phillip Christian Koperberg, from the front bench of the Iemma NSW State Government is assuredly just another Labor move from their dirty tricks book.

The ousting in the public forum of these freshly brought allegations of Mr Koperberg’s personal life and his subsequent removal as the Minister for Climate Change, can only be seen as a move that Mr Iemma saw as the appropriate time to take, considering that Mr Koperberg was being touted as the clean skin pollie that could unseat Iemma as the now, most incompetent Labor Premier Australia has.

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400 Scientist Now Decry False Climate Change Claims

US Senate Support 400 Scientist claim foul of Man Induced Climate Change

Following our recent story in SOS-NEWS re the list of scientists who have spoken out against the scam being perpetrated upon the globe by those with both an agenda and vested interest in controlling the world’s population, the following report from the US Senate is compelling reading.
We commend this lengthy report to our readers and strongly suggest that you all consider seriously what you read here and pass it about, print it off and direct all you know to also read this information.

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NPWS Admits to Wild Dog Problems

The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Services (NPWS) should perhaps read their own published brochure blurbs in respect to the canine species of animals. The following italicised print is from their brochure and is clear evidence that 1080 poison should be stuffed down the throat of every wild dog that is possible, yet the angst about doing so from the radical green sect, holds so much political sway that these mongrels are now perceived (wrongly) as some sort of gift to the Australian bush. Bloody Bull #%& and humbug.

Their information brochure on “Dogs and National Parks” states;
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Snowy Hydro Up For Grabs AGAIN

Snowy Hydro Back “FOR SALE” on One Man’s Personal AgendaGet Your Submission In to stop it – NOW!

Snowy Water Submission Process Intentionally Suppressed; Who knows where governments with agendas are concerned and in this case where the CEO of Snowy Mountain Hydro, Terry Charleton (pictured), is desperate to privatise the system out of public ownership into corporate pockets, perhaps even China – what is his agenda?- and why, when we the people said “NO SALE”?

It is being reported though, a NSW governmental inquiry into Snowy Water is being held, but the advertising of the public submission process is being kept as quiet as possible, or so the allegation goes.

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Iemma Has Snowy Hydro Up For Sale – Looking To China

Iemma and his fiscally bereft government of NSW considers selling the State to China.

December 20, 2007 12:00am

‘”Running One Nation-like campaigns about foreign ownership is
extraordinary given the globalisation we see . . . it’s a nonsense
campaign,” he said yesterday.’

FINALLY the mystery has been revealed: Anyone who disagrees with the Iemma
Government is labelled a racist.
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You Rotten Bastards

Brumbys Shot and left to Die by National Parks

There are not enough words to describe people who condone murdering our heritage horses under a false science, quoting they are damaging our environment, when green mismanagement of our national parks has seen this nation turned into an inferno, destroying millions of our wildlife which 10,000 generations of Brumbies could never achieve.

Hiding information behind closed doors, which SOS-NEWS are opening, will expose hidden agenda to rid Australia of our Brumby in which Queensland, now taken to such a height, their National Parks are “Death Camps” for our heritage horses.

NSW have started removing Brumbies by other methods, learning that big lesson, “shooting is not an option”, while Queensland instructed the cullers to hide the bodies and hang the public reaction.

We saw in 2000, Bob (devious) Debus (pictured), then NSW Environment Minister, NOW a Federal minister, order a simular helicopter gunship massacre of Brumbies in the NSW Guy Fawkes National Park. Andrew Cox, radical green ratbag of the National Parks Association, ably assisted Debus, as did thousands of suburban greens, who have never seen a Brumby.
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Australian Brumby Slaughter Exposed as USA Culls Elks

Culling maybe necessary, but extermination is not the order of the day.

Australian governments are heading for cover after being involved in our heritage Brumby slaughter in NSW and recently in Queensland by shooting them from hellicopters then leaving them wounded to die. Attemps to cover it up have been exposed by the USA who are culling Elks with compassion and transparent issues.

National Park officers in the USA handles non-native fauna control transparently and expertly, whilst giving the actual fauna every chance at both staying healthy and retaining the ability to disperse. So much so, that this story is brave enough to criticise the recent Australian handling of the mass slaughter of Brumbies, not to mention the underhanded attempt at trying to hide their actions.
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UN Discredited with Climate Change In Bali

Man made global warming is a dangerous con
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at the UN climate conference in Bali.

The fact that TV news programs repeatedly show – steam-cooling-water-recovery-collection-towers – deceptively to represent CO2 emissions should be sufficient evidence for even the most dumbed-down individual to see that somebody is desperate to con somebody.

Today’s big question is: are our “leaders” being conned, or are they part of the con.

“One of the penalties for not taking an interest in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors” ~ Plato 400BC

The National Post Canada – Published: Wednesday, December 12, 2007

We should give up futile attempts to combat climate change

Open Letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations

Dec. 13, 2007

His Excellency Ban Ki-Moon

Secretary-General, United Nations

New York, N.Y.

Dear Mr. Secretary-General,

Re: UN climate conference taking the World in entirely the wrong direction

It is not possible to stop climate change, a natural phenomenon that has affected humanity through the ages. Geological, archaeological, oral and written histories all attest to the dramatic challenges posed to past societies from unanticipated changes in temperature, precipitation, winds and other climatic variables. We therefore need to equip nations to become resilient to the full range of these natural phenomena by promoting economic growth and wealth generation.
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Iemma’s 4th Reich Moved in to Action on Pensioner

A Police State or Democracy?

NSW Premier Mr Maurice Iemma (pictured and his mentor Adolf below), father and dedicated family man, you must be very proud of your police, and infront of witnesses. It does reveal the appauling lack of intelligence, both gathered, and execised by your officers in this bloody Gestapo jackboot Nazi treatment of a 64 year old frail Australian citizen. Another goal for dictatorship Maurice … “Well Done”

Two police officers handcuffed a 64-year-old pensioner, threw her to the ground and then searched inside her bra and underpants on a busy suburban road in the mistaken belief she was a drug dealer.

The ordeal left an ailing Leentje McDonald, of Maroubra, in hospital and severely traumatised. But she did not receive an apology from police. Rather, she has been charged with assaulting an officer.

While it is unusual for a pensioner to be mistaken for a 40-year-old drug dealer, as was the case here, civil libertarians say such aggressive searches, and the charging of people for assault or resisting arrest if no drugs are found, are a common and disturbing feature of modern policing.

In her case, Ms McDonald resisted the intrusive search because longstanding nerve damage in her right shoulder meant she was in excruciating pain when the two police officers handcuffed her during the full body search on Maroubra Road.
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