Confidential Email

Confidential Mail Service

computer security padlocks

With email being secure as sending a post card by snail mail, anyone can read. We allow you to send information to SOS-NEWS  with very strong PGP software a proven leader with high security encryption requirements.

Are you a whistle-blower, have sensitive information you wish to communicate away from prying eyes, send your big brother proof message here.

This is a one way street to SOS-NEWS where we will retrieve your encoded message.  For an encrypted reply enclosing a password with your message and keep a copy in a safe place so you can open SOS-NEWS communications.

“Your Message” –  Type in the following:

  1. Name your recipient
  2. Add a password and keep a copy for further email communication
  3. Type your message

After you have filled out the form, click “Encrypt Message“, type in the word displayed to confirm you are a real person, then click “SEND” … That’s it.