Yet Another Aussie Hero Locked Up Exposing Government Corruption

After nearly 15 years of exposing the corruption of our judiciary they have locked up a scholar and a gentleman in what is possibly the most disgusting display of corruption yet. Ian Henke (75) jailed 30th March 2011, locked up at Brisbane Corrections Centre, Wacolin Queensland. This story is compulsory reading that includes a damning video all Australians must review…

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Caveat Placed On Australia By The People

Australian politics out of control, government pandering to blackmailing independents and ratbag greens, expanding the national debt like money grows on trees.

We need to save our country from takeover by foreclosure should the international money lenders choose to move in and claim your Australia. Read how Her Majesty has recommended we the people contact the Govorner General to introduce a caveat against government mismanagement and how you can help…

Read this story plus all documents involved and throw your weight behind this, become involved, pass around this link, stop creditors taking Australia because government cannot manage finances

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Victorian Government Enforcers Evict Pastor for Their Masters At Maquarie Bank


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Listening to this interview with Pastor Chris Field who was evicted from his home for the second time in Victoria, not for refusing to pay his mortgage, but daring to ask who his mortgage payments were going to since the bank had transfered this legal document without his knowledge all Australians need to hear.

An Army of some 25 people invaded the home of Chris Field to evict the family leaving them out the front of his home with only the clothes they we wearing, not even shoes. These enforcers then errected a fence aroung the home to be policed by guard dogs. This show of strength by the Vic Government on this passive family of god was larger that most sent to a hostage situation involving firearms.

Hosting a weekly internet broadcast from an Ireland based radio station with a massive listening audience, Chris left his computer connected to the studio during this transmitting live the voices of these keystone cops, featuring their stealing of information from the very computer delivering every word to the world.

Further to this audio, Chris’s son “Topher”, who produces those great videos on YouTube exposing the Vic Govt water fiasco, had a Channel 7 camcorder left with him awaiting the happening of this raid. Interesting will be what he delivers from his magic talent to viewers of the world.

Sources close to SOS-NEWS have identified the enforcers involved who will enjoy international publicity, along with the audio evidence of their corruption heard in the world court of public awareness that most certainly will be denied in the courts of Australia to people like Chris Field and his family.

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Pictures by Brumbyy of SOS-NEWS

[swfobj src=”” height=”100″ width=”150″] Listen to this broadcast by Mal Davies that included SOS-NEWS investigator “Brumbyy” (with 2 y’s) report of his attendance at the anti Carbon Dioxide Tax rally in Hyde Park Sydney on Saturday 2nd April 2011.