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Sometimes in today’s presidential politics, all the emphasis is on the the leader….If you’re considering voting for Kevin Rudd,
perhaps you should understand who would sit around a Labor Party Cabinet table?!!

Prime Minister: Kevin Rudd
Deputy prime Minister and Minister for Industrial relations: Julia Gillard, former student radical and AUS president

Treasurer: Wayne Swan, former ALP state secretary

Attorney general: Joe Ludwig, former AWU official

Minister for Homeland security: Arch Bevis, former organiser Queensland Teachers’ Union

Minister for Trade: Simon Crean, former president, ACTU

Minister for Transport and Tourism: Martin Ferguson, former president, ACTU

Minister for Finance: Lindsay Tanner, former state secretary, Federated Clerk’s Union

Minister for Environment and the Arts: Peter Garrett, lifelong anti-American activist

Minister for Infrastructure and Water: Anthony Albanese. former assistant general secretary, NSW ALP

Minister for Human Services: Tanya Plibersek, former student union official, UTS

Minister for Immigration: Tony Burke, former official Shop Distributive and Allied Employees Union

Minister for Resources: Chris Evans, former official Miscellaneous Workers’ Union

Minister for Veterans’ Affairs: Alan Griffin, former official Federated Clerks Union

Minister for Primary Industry: Kerry O’Brien, former official Miscellaneous Workers’ Union

Minister for Superannuation: Nick Sherry, former state secretary, Federated Liquor and Allied Trades Union

Minister for Sport: Kate Lundy, former official CFMEU.

Waiting in the wings are:

Greg Combet, candidate for Charlton and former ACTU president

Doug Cameron, NSW Senate candidate and secretary of Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union

Bill Shorten: candidate for Maribyrnong and national secretary, Australian Workers’ Union

Richard Marles: candidate for Corio and former assistant secretary, Transport Workers Union.


Peter Mullins (pictured) was Chief executive officer of Greenpeace – now turned chief executive officer of the RSPCA national body, with a salary package
of around $355,000, will find invaluable, files previously available from the Greenpeace database of fanatical misleading information, these being very handy tools that
may be reflected upon when taking the reigns of a similar organisation.

There’s a constant requirement for an RSPCA, as inhumanity to animals is a disgusting social problem requiring to be constantly monitored, as we saw from decades past
shown by those dedicated volunteers and staff who worked for the people and not agendas of power crazy junkets.

Enter the Radical with their entourage to establish a Neo-Nazi brigade of brown shirts, armed with legislation so out of touch with the real RSPCA mission,
it reeks of GREENIE on all sides.

We now see Storm Trooper directed action, lead by Reich Marshall Steve Coleman (pictured), now deputy NSW CEO, previously “Chief Inspector”
(is that Clueso…with Pink Panther fame?) of the RSPCA, obviously condoned by Peter Mullins, along with the NSW CEO, Bernie Murphy.

The Coleman controlled army converged on a defenceless farmer’s property with orders from the Reich to execute her cattle that they considered starving. The farmers details of her cattles condition is far from starving, having just produced calves and were feeding their offspring. This is also substantiated from other sources.

The only sound that was drowning out the rifle shots being fired by the RSPCA Brown Shirt’s muskets, was that throbbing hum of the diesel engine powering the semitrailer truck laden with feed arriving on the killing fields for the so called famished stock. This was accompanied with the anguished cries of a 71 year old lady, the distraught victim, being restrained by attending police.

Did they stop the executions? – NO BLOODY WAY…

The truth hurts, but when it comes from Ruth Downey, a 71 year old farming victim, the truth is damning indeed.

Following on from our story in SOS-NEWS, Monday 9th July, concerning the out of order,
despicable, fascist execution of a farmer’s livelihood – now read the background and subsequent gung-ho mental giants of the RSPCA firing squad.

Below is the real truth from the victim of an RSPCA shooting spree, as published in “The Land” Thurs July the 12th.

Farmer Shoots Back At RSPCA Killing
Had feed – and hope

Sir; I understand it is customary to contact both parties if there is a different point of view in a story, but I was not contacted when Agriculture today printed a biased report about the cattle shooting incident at Pilliga (June 28 P3)

My name wasn’t mentioned in the article, but there has been so much publicity about this incident that it was obvious to me the “Pilliga woman” referred to was me.I have kept my cattle alive almost continuously for seven years, with very minimal losses, and I did not need orders from the RSPCA to do so.

My concern for, and determination to ensure the survival of my stock was all the motivation I required.

They were not, “ill and emaciated”; on the contrary, four cows had recovered from pregnancy toxaemia.

I carted their feed and water, medicated them and ensured they changed sides frequently.

All four, along with 10 cows and heifers, has easily calved strong, healthy calves, with no assistance, and were feeding them well.

Fourteen cows had calves, eight of which were less than two weeks old. Thirteen of these cows were shot and killed, even though it required two men to hunt them out of the holding yard where the RSPCA person waited to shoot them.

“Ill” and “emaciated” cows cannot easily calve and feed their offspring.

The good size and condition of these calves when borne was due to the fact that since October, 2006, I had been ensuring that any cow showing in calf received an extra daily ration of a grain product from stockfeed specialists, Sweet Bulk, at Baradine.

People only had to use their eyes, or actually listen to me.

Certainly there was no paddock feed, given the extreme drought and no useful rain for two growing seasons, but I had bought hay and supplementary feed and only missed feeding daily on two occasions since March, 2006, until June 14 when the RSPCA arrived to shoot almost all my herd.

I had enough hay and supplements on hand for a week, plus 100 bales which arrived while the cattle were being shot, and another 600 bales were coming in a week’s time which would have fed the cattle until mid-September.

All the older calves were weaned and the cows were strong and gaining condition, all toxaemia cases had recovered and the weather was looking more hopeful than it has for years.

However, the group of so-called experts were determined not to see this fact.The killing was done simply to satisfy somebody’s spiteful determination.

Ruth Downey

There are only three questions we need to know at this stage from NSW, RSPCA, CEO,Bernie Murphy, (pictured)
and the underling Coleman:

  1. Will you be charging 71 year old Ruth Downey for the bullets used during your bungled assassinations of the nursing mother cows?
  2. Are you planning a second assault on Ruth Downey’s property to execute the motherless baby calves – if so, could you give us a date and time please?
  3. Now you have shown your strength with a 71year old woman – would you be contemplating the same exercise with a 38 year old male farmer and his sons?

Like rust, we never sleep – so to consider under carpet sweeping, or white washing these event, as was done with the
Guy Fawkes National Parks execution of the Brumbies
, with RSPCA prosecutions against NSW-NPWS
over that horrific “Chopper Gunship” murder of our heritage horses being watered down to the level of DISGRACEFUL

And to the President of the National RSPCA, Dr Hugh J.Wirth, AM Hon DVSc, FAVA, KSJ BVSc MRCVS (pictured)
you may now place amongst the letters after your name – DC.

That sir, is for “Despicable Conduct” under your command.

SOS-NEWS will be sleeping with one eye open, as will our stool pigeons and moles within the system.

Minister takes on National Parks Spin Doctor

It appears that Fireball Phil Koperberg, NSW Minister for Environment, and his BOSS the good Doctor Tony Fleming, CEO of National Parks, finally have a fight on there hands,

This despicable duo want road access to the NSW South Coast, Meroo, and Termeil lakes closed (lock out’s) to we the people.

 NSW DPI Minister Ian McDonald But at long last Minister Ian McDonald (pictured), Department of Primary Industry, has said ENOUGH and want’s the public to forward their submissions of objection to this planned public lockout.

The Dr Fleming/Koperberg submission states that the green tree frog, and the inavise calerpa texafolia (a noxious weed) are a danger to both lakes.

What they don’t realise is that the real people have looked at this issue and the salt content in both lakes is too low for the weed to grow, and frogs cannot live in salt water.

This does pose a question as to why Fleming makes such a misleading analysis of frogs and weed that cannot survive in the subject lakes. GREEN AGENDA is that the reason or is this person just incapable of being the CEO of and environmental department.  What do you think?

Dr Tony Fleming - NSW National Parks CEOBoth lakes lie in NSW National Parks and Meroo lake is recreational fishing haven, which lake Termeil is not.

 With the Spin Doctor Fleming (pictured), again being caught out, this is a battle that has truth on the people side, with Minister McDonald taking the bit in his mouth and is running with the people.

Koperberg Private Logging Legislation Rushed through

 Phil Koperberg - NSW Environment MinisterPrivate Native ForestryCode of Practice: Private Native Forestry Private native forestry is the sustainable logging of native vegetation on private property.

Amendments to the Native Vegetation Regulation 2005 that commenced on 1 August 2007 regulate native forestry operations on private land, bringing these activities under the Native Vegetation Act 2003. This means that a private native forestry property vegetation plan (PNF PVP) will now be required to carry out forestry operations on private land. This is a different type of PVP to the one required to clear native vegetation.  A PNF PVP will require harvesting operations to be carried out in a way that ensures environmental outcomes are improved or maintained.

Previously, such operations were exempt from the Native Vegetation Act 2003 as an interim arrangement until a Code of Practice was developed. On 1 August 2007, the NSW Government introduced a Code of Practice which sets minimum operating standards for private native forestry that satisfy the requirements of the Native Vegetation Act 2003.  The Code applies to four areas of the State:

Forests in Northern NSW

Forests in Southern NSW

River Red Gum forests

Cypress and Western Hardwood forests.

Previously, private native forestry on State protected land required consent under the Native Vegetation Conservation Act 1997 and before that the Soil Conservation Act 1938. All other private native forestry operations on private land did not require consent.

With the commencement of the Code on 1 August 2007, landholders with existing forestry operations not covered by an existing consent must notify the Department of Environment and Climate Change (DECC) of their operation. This can be done by phone, email, fax or letter, and must by done by 31 August 2007.

Contact Department of Environment and Climate Change (DECC) on 131 555


fax (02) 6641 6643

For landholders with consents covering their existing forestry operations you should visit the DECC website or contact DECC on 131 555 to find out how the new Code applies to you.

Victorian CFA Needs another look

Last year SOS-NEWS conducted an inquiry into the CFA (Country Fire Authority),  we have video of a CFA Captain igniting a Tanker with a cigarette lighter.Now there have been replacements, but still these death traps are used, the same CEO Bibby is there,  and nothing more has been done to fix, or get rid of these inflamable trucks.The pictured above, is a test conducted by the CSIRO in NSW, about 2004, on a CFA Tanker, from which you see how effective this fibreglass is against fire. 

Yet Bibby claims the whole thing of fire truck being inflamable is rubbish.

There is also a report from Ralph Barraclough, Captain of the Licola CFA, when he testified to the federal government inquiry into the 2002 Victorian bushfire, that is damning against good old Phil Koperberg, and Len Foster, Chairman of the CFA.

We carried this further into Foster and Koperberg, then SOS-NEWS released their E-book, “Bushfire Bombers”, which poses the question that, after the book was published, all  still remains set well in place, but turning over twice the dollars.

Have a read, it gets right into the aircarft water bombing for bucks, and the manipulation of “section 44” to pass a bushfire cost over to the Federal Government, then volunteers, our yellow angels,  instaniously move from state government funded cheeze sandwiches, federal funded chicken and steaks, for their meals – and that is a fact.

Did you know that the NSW Rural Fires Service, last bushfire season (2006-7), spent around $70 MILLION on just aircarft water bombing? TAXPAYER $$$$$$

To visit the SOS-NEWS library and read up on the CFA – click here

To download “Bushfire Bombers” – click here

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