dead-votingLarger majority of Australians have had enough of our two party preferred system of government encrusted with absolute immunity total controlling in an untouchable parliament. 

Displaying dismissive constitional arrogance until an election is called, we have seen many politicians reeking of irrefutable corruption, lies, deceit, and total unaccountability, all critical criteria to maintain such a colluding duo dictatorship. 

Polling is the only true day of democracy Australians are  tolerated by these self appointed masters, to maintain people control, and unable to dismiss this constitution obligation. Lead-up weeks to re-bait the party trap is enshrined by peeling of the bullshit bells that is music to the party faithful. Now political deafness is fast growing from a smarter awakened public seeing informal voting an alternative. 

Australian now sees why you and your cronies Mr Rudd, Mr Abbott, and Ms Milne, are a motley crew of self interested and self appointed guardians of the people with historic confirmation as a destructive force on this nation which will survive long after your Liberal dose of Labor painted Green has been removed. 

An electoral system that condones no identification required, ballot papers mark with erasable pencil, the ability to cruise polling booths being marked off the same electoral roll and voting many times, not to mention listed deceased recording votes, is condoned by decades of two party government content maintaining this electoral corruption. 

turnbulls-graveyardMalcolm Turnbull (right and wishing to be king) on the campaign trail,  leaves no stone unturned with grave concern about his future kingdom with a Liberal dose of Republic to consider. 

A suggested light of salvation seen at the end of that tunnel is the same party train taking Australians back to another period of self inflicted political incarceration resuming again dictatorial darkness. 

The elderly vote, the homeless vote, the cash strapped workers vote, and the young vote, with only an option of two choices for government in today’s world … it will collapse, let us hope sooner than later before the new owners start culling and raising their flag.

Mal Davies

It’s Not How You Die – It’s Who Causes You To Die

Obama’s Syria

missileThe President of the USA has delivered himself to that area which is between a rock and a hard place. With his finger on the button as Commander in Chief, Mr Obama needs to reflect on what Martin Luther King would have done.

It would never have been to say, ‘FIRE!’

America has been in Afghanistan and Iraq for years. The killing goes on and on and on. Be it from bullets fired from allied troops or market places blowing up as shrapnel filled blast infernos; women and children, sons and brothers have their lives extinguished by lethal flying scrap in the dozens, and sometimes hundreds; daily.

Obama is playing home and global politics with the Syrian tragedy. As the first black President he needs to consider the past in light of the future WE want. Killing and destruction from the air of his warships and planes is not the answer; it’s just a way to make money for a few.

So a message President Obama, from one who lives and dwells in the free world; The death of people in Syria by the use of deadly gas is horrific enough, but to rain more indiscriminate death from the skies to save your political face internationally when the free world’s PEOPLE say no; that will make you the aggressor the moment you give the order to ‘GO’.

If you wish to start world war three President Obama by such means; don’t be surprised when those you thought were allies turn their back on you, or exact a price for fealty which sticks in your throat. The moment you give the order; I suggest the peoples of the free world who abhor the use of chemical weapons, will equally abhor you decision and you will have justly earned the names and titles you will thereafter be bestowed.

Be a man; stand down. But more importantly; stand down so your proud military and navy personnel can remain revered as policemen of the world; not the thugs of agendas.

Brumbyy With 2Ys

Syria in Crisis

 walls-of-jerichoOnce again – this time from Perth – our caretaker Prime Minister speaks to the Australian people with a solemn face and slowly spoken grave words of dread. Now though he changes his tune somewhat to where he says; there is no doubt chemical weapons were used against Syrian peoples and; the Australian Government is confident it was the regime who used them. Still no proof and still the UN observers have yet to report

He assures us the citizens, by his word (right this is Kevin Rudd we are talking about), no request has been made of Australia to supply military aid in any way to support an action against Syria. What he didn’t say was that in his talks with President Obama; that he did not offer Australian assistance in support should hostilities occur.

One only has to take a look at the face of Prime Minister Cameron of England to see just how angry and disappointed he is to not be able to take his nation to war alongside the missile firing intention of the USA.

But what our illustrious Prime Minister with a track record of competence – where competence is half of an oxymoron – did identify; is that today, the Middle East has some really tough problems, but tomorrow, those problems may be an insignificance to what that tomorrow is expected to bring.

Kevin Rudd suggest all 83,000 Australian citizens in the Middle East should be prepared to consider their positions; and that those in Syria are essentially in dire risk. This tells us; when the rockets rain from the heavens, it will not be God’s mana, but instead death and destruction from those who live off the profits of war. The problems are expected to take the Middle East into chaos and terror.

It is clear the intention to attack the sovereign nation of Syria is an action once again already decided and what is sought; is purely the sanctioning by the international representation of the United Nations. With Australia about to take the head position of administration of the UN Security Council; Mr Rudd’s words are ominous indeed.

No one believes in the truth of Prophecies, but we have to ask; what was it Nostradamus predicted and how did he know such destruction was to be sought by so few, upon so many, with so little reason for doing so; unless we consider human lives and land only in terms of dollars. The British Parliament spoke for a small geographical nation of many millions against those who care little for truth. When are the rest in the West going to get the chance to do the same?

Brumbyy With 2Ys

Syria: Rudd Primes Oz Public with Lies

Rudd the Dudd -War Monger – A National Disgrace

In the absence of a leader, Australia is suffering a caretaker Prime Minister who this day Thursday the 29th of August, stood before the Nation and told lies; misled and primed the Australian public he would send our military into another war as a tail of the USA wagging dog.

He failed in any way whatsoever to identify one shred of evidence. Rudd expects we the people of Australia to just take his word – This is Kevin Rudd’s word – at face value. There is overwhelming evidence that there is as yet no evidence whatsoever to prove Assad’s troops used chemical weapons.

If there is evidence; then it must be put to the people of the respective nations whose young will die doing their duty based on lies and agendas. But where a leader of a nation such as Australia spins well-crafted rhetoric; yet delivers no substance and then acts on this subterfuge of words as if it is fact; he is as bad as Mugabe and as dangerous as Kim Jong-il.

Still this nation’s Prime Minister wants war. This is going to get ugly, really ugly and it will be on the heads of those who are so quick to pull the trigger at a target they have yet to identify.

The 7th of September cannot come quick enough.

God help the Syrian peoples; because the western leaders are determined to wage war from the air and, hell the fall out.

Brumbyy with 2Ys



 Climate changing inferno heads for the Yosemite valley including the Hetchy Hetchy dam water supply to 2.6M people and emission free peak power hydroelectricity. The Hetchy Hetchy was built from 1923. For rural Australians and Americans pleading that cool fire and megafauna grazing be retained as vegetation managers and fire risk mitigation tools they are pleased to note rangers are clearing away the dogwood and white fir undergrowth turning on the sprinklers to save the 2400-4000 year old sequoia!


Every wilderness tourist destination should have sprinklers installed”

 “Australia’s adoption of national park, wilderness, dingo delivered, no graze, fire suppression policies have also done us proud” !


Old red-neck farmers foresters and fishermen declared out there ruining a good wilderness view such scenes with mixed emotions particularly with young university educated reporters declare this is unexpected consequence of climate change and drought???! Bushfire is inevitable. Each day you prepare for it. Grazing weeding cool burning spacing the trees shrubs and minimising ground fuel. Those experts that wanted to be paid highly for doing nothing for a lifetime have left the red-necks a legacy to clean up. How long will it take to repair the soil the seed the birds lizards wildlife? The water the creeks the traumatised people the children denied candles on their birthday cakes seeing this their first fire.

Us red necks are disgusted at what experts can do to our heritage in a few years of neglect and negligence. Us dismissed as uneducated and lacking in insight and understanding. Red necks across the world want the green fraud seen for what it delivers. Muir has been good enough to die out of the road but his cult following and dynasty of believers need to declare themselves among the ranks of bureaucracy and boffins and then get out of our lives while we set about trying to recover what has been lost. 

Smokey laid bare! 

Yet the US Again Prepares for War

No proof, no facts, no evidence, just dead

walls-of-jerichoAs the US winds down its operations in Iraq with a bloody nose for such a power, the war mongers in power seek their next commercial gain through death. Weapons of mass destruction was the premise for the might of the US to invade Iraq; yet it was bogus.

Now we see with no proof of perpetrator at all, a readiness to march against another sovereign nation to kill people in the name of what?????

In the absence of evidence; real evidence which is irrefutable, I, a citizen of the western world will never believe nor subscribe to the myth-factual espousal Assad would be silly enough to use such weaponry.

  • He has no reason as he kicks the arse of the Free Syrian Rebels with conventional means.
  • He has the Hezbollah strength where he is thin on the ground.
  • He has the backing of Russia, Iran and the tacit consent of China.

To use chemical weapons would bring upon him the condemnation of the free world and he knows this.

Yet the FSA, the Israelis and the covert black ops side of the US would have no issues at all in seeing such an action conducted and carried out by those with a reason. It matters little who used such weapons if they were; the result was always going to be the same. Assad would be blamed. Yet any free thinking man knows that Assad neither needed to use such weapons – as he slowly decimated his opposition – nor would he intentionally and knowingly bring a superpower down upon his head which would destroy his odds irreparably.

No proof, no facts, no evidence, just dead and dying bodies caused by persons unknown and the hawks of war in the US, Britain and France with their righteous absolver’s the United Nations, once again condemn without proof.

I feel so sorry for American Moms and Dads as their men and women line up for another slaughterhouse fight based on lies and deceit. I never thought I would see the day when I would cheer Russian military might, but the more I watch modern America the more I see evil. I am not talking about the American people per se’ I am talking about a very few; a cabal of dangerous people who sit in the houses of power; both commercial and political.

Even here in Australia I shudder as one of the most despised Prime Minister this Nation has ever had, holds talks with President Obama over Syria. As Rudd heads to elections and – god save this country – his resounding defeat, I see the side of a man who has a track record like a hyena attempting to salvage a career which should just end in a pile of hypothetical bones.

Syria is at war. An eclectic bunch of some of the cruellest and most vicious fighters any war has ever seen. No side may be innocent, but no side is for us outside to choose as being right or wrong and certainly no reason to send the globe’s policeman in without evidence. I have listened very carefully to the words of those advancing the reasoning to attack Assad’s forces and none of them spell anything other than false words and hollow concepts.

The bodies of allied soldiers are far more valuable than lies deceit and agendas of those who see such lives as pawns to lose.

Brumbyy with 2Ys



Are you tired of having to come up with excuses?

Looking for help when you’re in strife?

Then why not borrow one of Kevin Rudd’s many excuses.
Check out Ruddymade.com.au and use our handy app.

If you find yourself unable to generate excuses for everyday mistakes simply use Ruddymade Excuses from any smart phone, tablet or desktop computer.


These are not just any old excuses. These are timeless classics developed by the world’s leader in passing the buck, Kevin Rudd.

To think that all this bullshit flowing is working on many make for a sad future to this once great nation.

To think that Liberal is an option is a further disappointment that Australian are now lead by the nose.

To think this will change and the people will take back their stolen rights, as our forefathers would have like greases lighting, is but a Peter Pan vision.

When you file into the polling booth on September 7 to elect the next dictators in government, do not complain about your contribution to the demise of your nation.

The preference pantomime is again “A GREEN vote is a vote for LABOR“… A Liberal vote is establishing “The 4th Reich” if the polls are correct with a landslide mandate to run unaccountale to the people for 3 years.

There is historic evidence over decades by the major parties to have TOTAL control of this Australia. It is not hidden from view just covered with “BULLSHIT”

Who do I vote for? – A very good question, but to hand control back to these two parties is not the answer, there need to be a minder in the house to (coining and old phrase of truth) “KEEP THE BASTARDS HONEST”

You must have by now had enough of the corruption, lies and power crazed two party dictatorship?

Bob Katter’s role in the 43rd Parliament

 This document has been prepared to communicate to the Kennedy electorate on Bob’s time in the 43rd Parliament, however, it is a public document and as such provides a good reference to all interested parties on Bob’s last three years in office.

I encourage you all to click on the link below and download this retrospective on Bob’s time in the 43rd Parliament.

Please feel free to also forward this email to your networks or in replies to enquiries.


It covers:

· How Bob voted
· Major projects in the 43rd parliament
· Bills introduced into parliament
· Questions without notice
· Motions in the house
· Big issues in the 43rd parliament.

It also has a number of photos from the 43rd parliament

Under the two party system and Gang Green bullshit, it’s a light to the future when you read Bob Katters contribution to the 43rd Parliament. May he hold the balance of power over these mongrels who have held this nation to ransom for far too long.



 A problem not for the world; Just the NSA & its Masters

The world thanks you Edward

The world thanks you Edward

MI6, GCHQ; whatever; it is still another nation embroiled in assisting the NSA do as it pleases while Obama & Co dictate ethics to the world. Tens of millions of dollars the USA spy chiefs ship out to foreign intelligence agencies to do what they are not allowed at home. Covertly spent tax dollars hidden in budgets few get the chance to audit and even fewer understand what it really means

A senior security source in Whitehall added: “The fact is there is a close intelligence relationship between the UK and US and a number of other countries including Australia and Canada. There’s no automaticity, not everything is shared. A sentient human being takes decisions.”

It is the human who is making these decisions and the secrecy surrounding them and their actions which has their very own staff concerned. It is clear the collusion is colossal; all done with no consent of the people. No transparency or control of those who are the cabal’s puppeteers.

No other detail is provided – but it raises the possibility that GCHQ might have been spying on an American living in the US. The NSA is prohibited from doing this by US law.

Snowden is not alone in having concerns. Other spooks at the coal face of global western intelligence entities have the same trepidations from what they know and do. Mr Snowden is just the brave one who was willing to die for the very values we as democratically free peoples – huh – send our troops to faraway places to defend. Just who is the real enemy if the pen is mightier than the sword?

Some GCHQ staff working on one sensitive programme expressed concern about “the morality and ethics of their operational work, particularly given the level of deception involved“.

The people as we are, can only be led to the looking glass. What we each see is up to us as an individual of those free democratic collectives. What we then do; is what really makes us the type of person we each are.


Brumbyy With 2Ys

NSA Claims 54 Successes, One of Which Might Even Be Real

 Yet they seek Snowden with the vengeance & tenacity they sought out Bin Laden with


mal-gaggedThis following link delivers us all a look at the machinations of how a cabal, becomes the psyche of the leaders of a nation.

At the same committee hearing where Senator Feinstein spoke on July 31, the committee chairman – Senator Patrick Leahy, Democrat of Vermont – questioned John Inglis, deputy director of the NSA, as to just how many terrorist plots the NSA had foiled. Inglis started by saying vaguely, “I would say that the administration has disclosed that there were 54 plots that were disrupted….”

Under questioning by Senator Leahy, the number of foiled plots quickly dropped to 13, and finally fell to one – one plot that had, maybe, been foiled by the NSA carrying out surveillance that included all Americans. In other words, the NSA is unable to document a single, unambiguous, successful effort at foiling a terrorist plot – but in the best case, the maximum total of successes would be one.

It is the last words about the touted greatest democratic empire on this globe which should cause all who succumb to the Cabal’s intentions unwittingly, to cringe in the dark with fear; for they are building/have built; a them or us mentality turning it to a virus with which to infest the real world.

Media can only bring each of us the story in pieces as it unfolds; it is then cognizant for us all to be heard before all we hear, “is let them eat cake.” We all follow paths in life; reading for enlightenment is the safest route we have: http://readersupportednews.org/opinion2/424-national-security/18725-william-boardman-talk-about-police-states

Brumbyy With 2Ys