Government Officially Now Own “YOUR LAND”


On Thursday 3rd October 2007, the High Court of Australia made rulings over residential and rural land that effectively removes all land ownership from the people of Queensland and puts it squarely into the hands of our State Government.  The court ruling that ‘fee simple’ and the ‘common law’ are now no longer recognised in Queensland means we no longer are part of the Commonwealth and no longer have ownership or say in our land, that Queensland is a separate entity that can make its own laws.


Please contact: Governor General of Australia – fax (02) 6281 3760;  Prime Minister of Australia the Hon John Howard, (02) 6277 7700, Fax: (02) 6273 4100 or electorate office (02) 9816 1300, (02) 9816 1349;

Governor of Queensland (07) 3858 5701,;  Leader of the Opposition Mr Kevin Rudd, ; Premier of Queensland Anna Bligh Since the court rulings affect our land values and ability to borrow we urge you to contact The Australian Bankers Association at – Attn Mr David Bell.

EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO APPEAL TO THE SOVEREIGN: To advise Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II of the situation with our land in Queensland – email the prewritten letter with your name and address on it to the Privy Council in England, Her Majesty will be notified. Email

This is not a conspiracy theory.  

This is not our personal opinion.

This is all FACT, and can be found written in black and white in the law books of Australia and in the continually-being-reprinted Constitution of Queensland.  

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Government Screwing Drought Effected Farmers … STILL

Bureaucrat political dictatorship personThe Rural Lands Protection Board system in NSW is a regulatory appendage of the Department of Primary Industry.  Farmers pay annual rates for the privilege of having rangers and a district vet over see activities at stock sales for example or shoot livestock in a bushfire or animal welfare job like Ruth Downey.

RLPB core functions are assisting farmers with animal health issues such as Johnnes, EI, chemical residues, plant poisonings then there are pest animals control of rabbits, foxes, pigs, wild dogs, and travelling stock routes “going for a walk” in drought. 

Charging drovers for the privilege of eating roadside grass before the council mows it is a DISGRACE, They are not living the life of Riley or Clancy out with the stock, horses, dogs and running the gauntlet of missiles launched at their person by road users. 

Trying to get a drink and feed for your stock, most Parks Rangershave never been droving, or feeding stockmen suffering officious Road and Traffic Authority lapdog officials inconvenienced, – still drawing wages from farmers taxpayer coffers – by these travelling stock. 

This farmer was wondering about the merit of his representation one day as he heard the RLPB paid vet, and rangers, stating  TSRs are no longer relevant because local shires had shoved up their insurance cover required to about $20Million – NOW! that will help our ravaged and drought affected farmers!

Where was the RLPB representing the rate payers interest here men?

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Keep your GREEDY GESTAPO Government hands OFF MY HOUSE and HOME

We have had enoughIf Governments and [here LOCAL-Government ] being encouraged by the mandates of a STATE dictate [so the local Councillors defend] — and ORDER a HERITAGE LISTING on streetscapes with freehold property [being a house and land Crown-Registered to the OWNER who has the TITLE DEEDS ]………  then let them do it under JUST TERMS COMPENSATION.

The JUST TERMS ACQUISITION and RESUMPTION Act says — “acquisition”  has exactly the same meaning as “taking an interest”.

In a Court of Law [if we could find an honest one not under the “direction” of the Governments] now that’s what OUGHT to be Heritage listed — because they are as scarce as hen’s teeth — “takings”  “taking”  “interests” and “acquisition all have the same meaning”.

If GOVERNMENTS are so hell-bent on HERITAGE LISTING buildings — then let it be on PUBLIC BUILDINGS or PLACES — as was the intent of the LEGISLATION and let the PUBLIC PAY. 

OTHERWISE unless the PUBLIC is prepared to pay for a freehold owners’ HERITAGE LISTING — then DON’T.


Commonwealth Property Protection Association 
June Weston

Pauline Is Rattling Their Cages

Tony Abbott, the self appointed political knight that took it upon himself to destroy the Hanson movement in your name, with your tax dollars, may well may be at it again with his Liberal/Labor coalition of slush fund mates who meld together at the slightest hint of political danger.

To think this woman can generate such fear within the two major parties, YET again by standing for the senate at the Federal Election, boggles the mind.

Gutless is too good for these low life’s who published pure lies in a Queensland distributed pamphlet to discredit Pauline.

From Pauline Hanson’s site

The disclaimer she has published:

A pamphlet is being distributed using my name claiming I want all Asians to be deported. This is totally untrue, I totally deny it as a policy and I have never advocated such a policy. It’s the start of dirty politics against me for my Senate candidature! So what’s new?

Pauline, you have the bastard’s attention with the prospects of you rattling their cages from the senate .. GO FOR IT!

The Leopard Spots Remain


In 1918, the Governor General was Ronald Crauford Munro-Ferguson, 1st Viscount Novar, GCMG, KBE, PC (6 March 1860 – 30 March 1934), sixth Governor-General of Australia, was probably the most politically influential holder of this post

He was before Royal Commission outcome and findings were determined, prior to the inquiries commenced, and had the guts to throw out a government minister on evidence from a royal commission report that the prime minister was not inclined to sanction until pushed by the Queens representative to the people of Australia.

We did see the Whitlam government thrown out of office by GG Kerr. Our researched evidence suggested this was under American CIA instructions, with people manipulation for the USA big brother world control network.


The 1918 seventh Prime Minister was William Morris ‘Billy’ Hughes CH KC (25 September 1862 – 28 October 1952), Australian politician, was the longest-serving member of the Australian Parliament, and one of the most colourful figures in Australian political history.

Over the course of his 51 year federal parliamentary career (and an additional 7 prior to that in a colonial parliament), Hughes changed parties five times, from Labor to National Labor to Nationalist to Australian to United Australia to Liberal, was expelled from three, and represented four different electorates in two states.

So who is Jens August Jensen (May 2, 1865 – November 16, 1936)? He was an Australian politician represented the Division of Bass in the House of Representatives from 1910 to 1919.

He was first elected as a member of the Australian Labor Party, and served as an Assistant Minister and then Minister for the Navy in the Fisher and Hughes governments. When a group of more conservative ALP members under Billy Hughes broke away in 1917 over conscription issues to form the Nationalist Party of Australia, Jensen joined them.

Hughes retained government after the split, and Jensen was appointed to the new ministry as Minister for the Navy and then later Minister for Trade and Customs. In 1918, the Royal Commission on Navy and Defence Administration investigated Jensen, when the Commission found against him, he was forced to resign from the ministry.

He subsequently lost his endorsement to contest his seat at the 1919 election. Though he attempted to contest the seat as an independent, he was defeated by the endorsed Nationalist candidate, David Jackson. Jensen subsequently shifted to state politics, elected to the Tasmanian House of Assembly seat of Bass in 1922.

After losing his seat in 1925, he rejoined the ALP in 1927, and was elected to the state division Wilmot, holding it until 1934.

Now 2007, we see that the leopard does not change spots, but the GG remains on the Prime Ministers string, hence we suffer dictatorship set in place over decades of party faithful support with rampant lies and suspect negotiations allowed to flourish.

We may ask what is the Queens representative is going to do about the Australian Westminster system of government that is so eroded even the white wash is discoloured.

Hey Al Gore, We Want a Refund!

Friday, October 19, 2007 – By Steven Milloy

Al Gore, Fraudster and alarmist A British judge ruled on the eve of Al Gore co-winning the Nobel Peace Prize that students forced to watch “An Inconvenient Truth” must be warned of the film’s factual errors. But would there be any science at all left in Gore’s “truth” if these errors and their progeny were excised?

Minutes of non-science filler dominate the opening sequence — images of the Gore farm, Earth from space, Gore giving his slideshow and the 2000 election controversy. Gore then links Hurricane Katrina with global warming. But the judge ruled that was erroneous, so the Katrina scenes would wind up on the cutting-room floor.

Another 12 minutes of filler go by — images of Gore in his limo, more Earth photos, a Mark Twain quote, and Gore memories — until about the 16:30 minute mark, when, according to the judge, Al Gore erroneously links receding glaciers — specifically Mt. Kilimanjaro — with global warming.

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by Diane Teasdale*

The Liberals, Nationals, Labor, Greens, Democrats Globalists, Multiculturalists, Merchant Bankers, Superannuation Funds, Federal and State Governments, Fabians, etc.

“You are here to do exactly as you are told!” Who can you trust when Liberal and Labor are playing “good cop” – “bad cop”? Don Chip, in a replayed interview, after his death, (Enough Rope ABC TV), stated that the vast majority of politicians in the Houses in Canberra achieve “bugger all”.
He said: “They come into this place full of ideals and enthusiasm and the first day they arrive they are taken to their indoctrination session and told to forget all about their ideals and plans”.


Local and state water institutions have already been corporatised ready for the big move.

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The de-moralisation of health care

Mellanie PhillipsThis article was written by Melanie Phillips (pictured) a true and great writter in England who describes things in a most unique manner and cuts to the chase always …

It would seem  England is experiencing Labor Government hospital problems akin to NSW, which Premier Iemma is organising a public inquiry of white washing to sani. 

Maurice! where has all that Fedral funding for the NSW hospitals gone too, can we examine the books as you emloyer and masters????  How stupid do you think the people are,  outside of your party faithful  Premier???? More of this is available at the Federal Election polling booth if you choose, then what choices do we have in a two horse race. 

A must read is Mellanie’s Peter Pan Establishment from 2004 and how that is still so true.

Englands Daily Mail, 15 October 2007

How in God’s name have we come to this? In three hospitals in Kent, at least 90 patients have died from a superbug infection caused by filthy conditions with unwashed bedpans, staff ‘too busy’ to clean their hands and — most appalling of all — nurses telling patients with diarrhoea to ‘go in their beds’.

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The common cardboard box breakfast cereal, the beer, along with a million other products arrive at the average household in has seen the two major Australian manufactures in court for price fixing to the tune of around $3.5 billion dollars.

Visy Board and Amcor colluded to conduct price fixing on a massive scale, playing their game of monopoly with thousands of their clients, who now seem destine to present a class action against these mongers of greed.

Like Alan Bond, Christopher Skase and the HIH insurance company, these corporate predators have come undone operating outside the law with the arrogance befitting the likes of American, Al Capone, who likewise flaunted the law, but in a more sinister manner using the gun instead of the pen.

Richard Pratt is chairman of Visy Board, who negotiated a unique agreement with the NSW government, in that his company has the “Visy Facilitation (ACT) of 1997” passed by the Bob Carr Labor parliament which almost gives him “Carte Blanche” to run his pulp paper mills in the Snowy Mountains, harvesting and processing at will, far removed from the Tasmanian Gunns Timber proposed pulp mill under businessman Richard Cousins and Bob Brown attack, not to mention the Greens Eco Terrorist who have cost that company millions of dollars.

Having government bestowed on him “Champion of the Order of Australia” and funding green groups all over the place, you must ask how could this happen to Sir Lancelot PRATT, Champion, of what now seems dishonest dealing on a mega scale.

SOS-NEWS has produced a publication “The Ratt Pack”, in pdf format, that will expose this network of collusion and greed having had it’s day in our courts with fines to Richard Pratt pocket change for one of Australia’s richest men.

Most of Australian do not know the Visy Board story, so feel free to pass this story around to your email buddies.

Read or download – “The Ratt Pack”

NSW RTA To Restrict Older Drivers to 10 Kilometres

The NSW Roads and Traffic Authority is targeting over 85 year old drivers (you will be there one day) to be restricted to a 10 kilometer distance from their residence, and/or a sunset to sunrise curfew and you have until FRIDAY to submit your comments before it becomes LAW.Monash University study has revealed older drivers are the safest drivers we have on the roads and that a world research finding is that aged base mandatory testing is a total failure.

Who gave the RTA the right to classify our older drivers in the first instance?

NSW Roads Minister Roozendaal
This is discrimination at it’s best, the blackmail option to our seniors is that if this restriction is not approved then 12 month driver test will be required, as they are for 85 and over now. will remain compulsory for those seniors.
Can you imagine the stress on these people applied by this bureaucratic driven dictatorship by restricting them to 10 kilometers and persistent driver testing.

How do seniors travel to Hospital that are outside the 10 Kilometer restriction when there are no beds or care available and they are required to travel around the NSW hospital carousel looking for help?

Not mentioned in their “Licensing of Older Driver Discussion Paper” – Click Here to download and read this 8 page paper, is that statistics back to when they started to be collected reveal that older drivers are the safest on the road.

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