What Are They Doing – Snow without water across USA

Get this out there to our so called elected reps and ask them to please explain the weather anomalies all around the World including here with our abnormal hot weather.

Since we had a little snow still on the ground I tried the experiment and sure enough the snow would not melt.  It shrank and turned black and had an odd smell.  I also used rubber gloves to pick it up.  A lot of people everywhere are reporting this… “What do you think“?

14 Year Old Wins Debates with O’Leary Over Monsanto GMO

Monsanto seeder at work

America has a 90% factor of Genetically Modified Organisms [GMO] corn grown for human consumption from Monsanto seed factories subjected to just three months of testing,  no peer review, then rubber stamped by a compliant US Government seal of approval – “its safe”.

French government scientists have revealed that rats fed on GMO corn sold by American firm Monsanto, suffered tumors and other complications including kidney and liver damage. When testing the firm’s top brand weed killer the rats showed similar symptoms.

The French health, environment and farm ministries said in a joint statement, “the government will ask the European authorities to take all necessary measures to protect human and animal health, measures that could go as far as an emergency suspension of imports of NK603 maize in the European Union”.

Founder of “Kids Right to Know,” 14 year old Rachel Parent, just wants people to be aware of what’s in their food, and to be able to avoid GMOs if they so wish.  She challenged Canada’s most embarrassing TV host Kevin O’Leary to a debate after his statement on air previously – “Only stupid people protest against Monsanto”.

In the video below, watch O’Leary back pedal when he proposes to run a video his daughter made concerning her change of ideas on GMO after Rachel stated she has seen the video and had issues with it. He immediately changed the subject.

O’Leary was beaten by this 14 year old, clipping his wings forcing his lie and diversions totally exposing this looser.

Monsanto-WikiLeaks & Politics

WikiLeaks Reveals Why Corporate Trust first Has to be Earned & How Politics is Used to Jump that Queue

By now most of you readers will have had the opportunity to read the story released in SOS-NEWS Newsletter in respect to Monsanto’s “Roundup” Herbicide. A story that reveals the environmental, human and animal health risks that are starting to rise to the surface above and through the controlled main stream media reporting on GM [Genetically Modified] cropping along with the substances used in conjunction with such food stock manipulations.

If you haven’t, then I strongly suggest and urge you to do so. Click on the either image to to read that frighteningly revealing look at what Monsanto are desperate to hide. Then continue to read on below.

Because there is more and it goes beyond just Monsanto and their despotic grab for global control of food sources. It is about the globe’s people’s champion of honesty and transparency “WikiLeaks” revealing United States Politics are corrupted by corporate romance and political power of the Globe’s first nation are prepared to hurt other Nations that don’t dance the Monsanto Jive. This is not Politics; It is Corporate “War”.

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Assange Message Deeper than WikiLeaks Words

WikiLeak Exposes the Mire & Muck of those that Lie in the Little ThingsAs the Wiki Leaks saga skyrockets about the globe, those rockets deliver revelations of astounding duplicitous clarity. As the US government in the eyes of the global people by means yet unknown, but effective all the same, appears to have had charges brought by a friendly government the Swedes, to stifle and silence the Wiki Leaks leader Julian Assange; there is something that the main stream media seem intentionally staying clear of.

In Australia already the illustrious deposed Prime Minster Kevin Rudd, (AKA The Milky Bar Kid) now the Foreign Affairs Minister, the very man who publicly show-cased his verbal Mandarin skills in front of the Nation and Chinese dignitaries, has been named and shamed in these revelations as a person most unsuitable for his past, let alone current position.

What are they missing?:

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Stalinisation of Australia

In March this year I wrote the following story; given where we are today in this Nation, It is most interesting to see the speed with which this nation achieves Australian oblivion in only a few short months. Brumbyy

Lest We Remember

To those old enough to remember back a decade or four, to think upon that which was, as opposed to that which is, the future is no where near so pretty as those currently at the top would have us believe.

With a dangerously exploding global population now afflicting the earth with the virus called, “Humans”, a situation that at least publicly, the world’s leadership is not prepared to meet head on and in fact to the contrary, here in Australia we are constantly bombarded with the astounding misguided belief that this Nation needs to expand its population by tens of millions to stay economically erect and sustainable.

Australia, a nation that only a decade ago a prominent visiting population expert from the USA was asked by a journalist during an interview, “What do you believe is the appropriate level of population for the Australian continent?”

His reply was;

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Not favoring either of the “TWO HORSE RACE” in this election, we are faced with history leaving no option for Australians not wishing third world status. Labor preaches massive Carbon Taxes, farming and food removal from unworkable vegetation laws, metioning but a few leaving one choice – support Liberals. Credability to both we constantly blast who serve party first, second, and third, voter attention needed only polling day.

Listening to these broadcasts from 2GB by Alan and Ray, read or listen to our election coverage. You need only Click Here to be taken to our website news service. As voters, it is a “MUST”

We at SOS-NEWS listen to Alan’s program via the internet, with 100% clarity. This allows world coverage from 5am until 9am Monday to Friday (Sydney time) you should undertake during this lead up to the most important election this nation has ever faced.

Mark this address to hear Alan, also his fellow daylight presenters, Ray Hadley, Chris Smith and Jason Morrison.

GM Terror

GM Pro Fear Mongering

I cannot believe that still there is this belief that a legal challenge for damages, injury, or loss against someone growing genetically modified crops will fail on the grounds of this GM cropping being a legal crop.

Firstly, a challenge where no loss damage, or injury has been suffered, will undoubtedly fail

A legal challenge on risk grounds alone, most likely would fail.


If a GM grower plants a human modified product into a natural cropping area, where the neighbouring growers have clearly identified their intent to REMAIN GM free prior to GM being grown, then any contamination that affects adversely, the naturally pure crop, is surely both a loss and an injury to that non GM crops stature.

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Rudds Day of Reckoning

Rudd’s Reign Wilts under Withering Belief

Firstly, yes, I have read the 181 page Frame work document from page one (1) to page one hundred and eighty one (181) and I would doubt whether there are very few citizens that have been able to do so, word for word. It took 3 days reading alone to read in a manner that allowed me to attain at least a modicum of understanding of the corruptness, complicity and agenda that this document, now named the “Treaty Manifesto.”

Download a PDF version of this document FREE … www.sosnews.org/pdf/copenhagen-brumbyy-2009.pdf

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GM Lords & Serfs

The World is Whose Oyster?

Genetics, so to have a last word for the time being on the GM behemoth’s control over the seed base of our planets food supply, consider this;

The United Nations are working on the basis of a pending global population in the middle of this century of an expansion, equating to a doubling of the populations of China and India combined. This is well in excess of an additional 2 billion mouths to feed.

The likes of the seed barons, who by their patents, will become the quasi Gods of the world, by having the power to withhold, or deal out, their patented seed stock as they see fits in with satisfying their agendas.

The United Nations declare that there will be a need for this globe to increase its food production by the alarming figure of some 55-75%. This will be across cereals, meats, vegetables and all natural food production in between.

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GM-Casual Acquirement & Violation

And So the Rot Sets In

Not but a few short days ago in “The Land” Newspaper of Sept the 24th, was the story of a lady who, out of 20 roadside growing canola plants from in front of her property she had tested, 19 were found to be genetically modified. Now Gai Marshall has to worry about the possible mass seeding each plant can shed, and how this may affect her next canola crop. A crop that this lady wishes to remain GM free and is her right to expect this to be so.

To refresh your memories click here and read our story advising those farmers who wished to stay clear of GM, of actions they perhaps should seriously consider.

Gai Marshall’s story is another ring of the bell of GM free doom, and as each season ticks by, the GM behomeths inch closer to the unassailable position of unbreachable power.

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