Will MP act on Terrorist activity in Western Suburbs

Letter To: Jason Clare, MP – September 26, 2013

Let us see what this Elected Minister will do about Terrorist Threats in Australia

Let us see what this Elected Minister will do about Irrefutable Terrorist Threats in Australia

Dear Jason,

As my local member I would like you communicate to our new Government my concern that the terror attack on the shopping mall in Nairobi could be repeated here.

It is really just a matter of assembling the relevant facts and “joining the dots”.

Fact 1:

A group allied with Al-shabab was thwarted in a plan to invade and terrorise Holsworthy Army base in a suicide attack for which they had already assembled the weapons. If this attack had succeeded it would have been the first Al-shabab terror operation outside of Somalia.

Fact 2:

Local Muslim men have gone to Syria to fight with the islamist rebels against the Assad regime.

Fact 3:

When interviewed by Aljazeera a representative of Al-shabab said one of the reasons for attacking the Nairobi Westgate mall was that it contained jewish and American businesses. To see this interview simply google Aljazeera Q&A: Al-Shabab defends Nairobi attack.

Fact 4:

At the last picketing of the Max Brenner Israeli-owned chocolate shop in Westfield Parramatta, beside the approximately 40 usual white anglo pro-palestinian anti-zionist lefties there were about 40 local young male Muslims aggressively expressing their hostility to the proprietors of the shop and shouting slogans like “Death to Israel”.

Fact 5:

A sermon by the American–born Al-qaeda allied preacher Awlaki, assassinated by the CIA not long ago in Yemen, was broadcast to an apparently receptive audience at the Lakemba mosque a few years ago.

Fact 6:

As the frequent drive-by shootings and raids on homes of criminals have shown machine guns and hand guns are freely available here to anyone who wants them and knows where to get them.

Fact 7:

Most of the security guards in shopping malls in the western suburbs of Sydney are Lebanese Muslims.

Fact 8:

The extremist Islamic group Hizb Ut Tahrir that eschews democracy and wants to establish a world-wide Islamic caliphate, a group so extreme it is banned in most Muslim countries, regularly holds well-attended forums here.

Fact 9:

Influential Muslim preacher Sheik Hilaly who still preaches weekly at the Lakemba mosque was in the Muslim Brotherhood, from which Al-qaeda evolved, in his native Egypt.

Fact 10:

There is no shortage of extremist Islamic literature available from Islamic bookshops calculated to inspire hatred against Jews and Israel. I found one in a bookshop in Auburn that was printed locally and was designed to acquaint recent arrivals from Turkey with the nature of the Australian social and political system and it said “In Australia, as in the rest of the Western world, the public service, the media and industry are all controlled by Jews”.

I have no faith that the new Federal Government has any understanding of these issues after the speech Tony Abbott made after he deposed Malcolm Turnbull in which he drew a parallel between Sheik Hilaly and Cardinal Mannix as being simply two religious figures with controversial views.

I would like you to make representations to the new Attorney General about the dangers he should be aware of.




Australian Exposes Terrorist Staff Car Signage

A picture paints a thousand words

A loyal subscriber and contributor to SOS-NEWS reports around the corner from his home in Sefton NSW, a vehicle driven by a young person of Lebanese extraction regularly parks it outside a Muslim owned business displaying signage painted across the top of the windscreen:

”MASHALLAH” – which means “As Allah willed it”

Painted along the sides of that same vehicle is:

”FTO STAFF CAR” direct inference to the ”Fatah Terrorist Organisation”

This now must clear us all to display radical signage that may include the “Australian Christian Liberation Army” who carry the deadly water pistols loaded with “Pigs Blood”, maybe the Australian chapter of the Ku-Klux Klan (KKK) would consider decals on their staff cars.

A great country this Australia, enjoy it while there is still time before it is taken over or given away.

Authority refuse to act on clear and concise evidence that threatens your doorstep daily.

FLORA NEWS -October Issue 2013

For the many thousands of people who have been reading the information presented in each edition of this newsletter, this edition takes us to the last few days of this battle to recover our Commonwealth of Australia and restore our
rights, our Parliament and our courts, back to us.
By Saturday 28th September, we will know whether that is possible.

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REsult from decades of "No Fuel Control"

Result from decades of “No Serious Fuel Load Control”

The forests of America have been saved in good faith or not from the ravages of traditional cool fire, grazing animals, natural fires and forestry thinning the stands since at least 1910 in some cases if not back into the 1870s has been the policy of those European migrants wanting to put the brakes on “human exploitation” by their definitions at least. Selling access to wilderness tourist destination and researching a man made ecology chronically denied essential and natural proceses of cool frequent fire and or mixed species megafauna activity seems accepted by the boffins and bureaucrats making autocratic decisions based on opinion.

In 2014 the USA the Sierra Club and environmental activists are celebrating 50 years of the wilderness Act with over 109M hectares preserved under the Act. Non human intervention is the credo. When Europeans stumbled on America in 1492 there were an estimated 47M Indians there and had been for about 14000 years at least and arguably living sustainably across the land and assuming some megafauna, top order predator, biodiversity regulator status with their hunting farming and cool firing activities. There were an estimated 60M-100M bison, 2M bighorn sheep, 50-100M caribou, moose, elk, several species of deer, bear, coyote, wolves, mountain lion, bob cats, plenty of birds otter beaver fish in the rivers and ocean…ancient stands of sequoia fire safe for 2500-4000 years. 

The Rim Yosemite fire currently raging is said started by a wilderness weed grower now turned into an illegal hunter. Bait for emotive venting of feelings. Either scenario indicates the fuel was waiting for the combination of circumstances of ignition inevitably one dry hot summer. 

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Labor Pains


What more could Abbott ask for, Bill Shorten to lead the Labor party and Christine Milne leading the Greens, both “DILLS”, it’s a gift from the fairy godmother of government….


First to publish news and pictures media refuse to consider

This report by Noeline Franklin should be read before you “VOTE”

Never has there been such a disillusioned audience for a Federal election. Among the personal vilification and slap stick dialogue where are the policies, leadership, national vision, selflessness for their constituents and the good of the nation? Tweedle dumb and tweedle dee, focused on their pensions salary and benefits for life they have not mentioned how youth will be employed, the elderly grey party will be catered for in their retirement, the invalid cared for, the school children, assisted with logistics of educating in a fast moving world, university students heading oversees to avoid the abominable HECS destroying ideas of professions such as doctors, dentists, nurses, large animal vets……. . A few boat loads of refugees have taken the emotive attention of the media and the people.  

Do either of these parties know there is a rural Australia out here that is not carved up for dehabited subsidised wilderness tourist destination blatantly, unashamedly buying swinging votes for a public sector well out of control harvesting public and national assets for their own agendas. Farmland is fair game for city water, city carbon off sets, water diversions, biodiversity corridors, coal mines, gas fracking, iron ore, bullet trains, highways down river flats and across farm infrastructure, confiscation for another tree planting program on crop land, government grant where school children are used as volunteer labour recruited like Hitler Youth. The grant holder gets $1 a tree to confiscate cropland declared “over cleared” by people largely unqualified to judge.  

Travel routes and farmland smothered in trees crammed in at fire danger and moisture stress proportions while forests confiscated and abandoned for national park, wilderness, city water catchment burn down billions of trees taking rural communities and towns with them. Who wants to become a volunteer fire fighter??? Your own fire insurance premiums and fire levies buying your equipment to join the folly of facing the Labour Green holocaust, conserved lovingly for decades. Oozing toxins into the city water to blend with fluoride, chloride skinning babies, the elderly for taking a bath or shower, every frog and fish species fresh water or ocean going skinned by soaps, insecticides, tannins leaching out of the cesspit of locked up forests denied the basics of care. Decades worth of toxic leaf litter rotting into the water ways tanning the insides and outsides of the people and wildlife. 

Peter Garrett, Tony Burke, Mark Butler are some of the line up Arts Law debating city based educated experts on the environment, paper tigers on grazing systems, fisheries, forest care, Murray water reform down wind and excluding the protected areas of the incinerated alps inflows of the Murray. Incinerated canopy burn excised from Murray reform because it was “protected?” In fact chronically neglected. Garrett closed down areas of CSIRO immediately after the Victorian inferno killing 173 people burning down 2000 homes incineration of millions of hectares some repeatedly 2002-9. The people of Australia denied an informed Bushfire Royal Commission on why this happened. Don’t kid yourself Australia you have an objective fearless peer reviewed scientific community observing the interests of the people. Pop Star Polly ‘sang’ to bushfire victims. Most survivors still live in caravans and leantoos. Boffins and bureaucrats environmental activists waltz off with their generous pensions. The Environmental Protection Biodiversity Conservation Act weapon of the Rio Earth Summit includes a Species Obituary List grows the endangered species captive breeding program on policy failure and deception of Hitler Youth.  

What has all this got to do with food security. High country drought aid grazing for flocks and herds has been turned into blazing of biodiversity and more junkets for universities at the ski resorts. Dynasties of boffins analysing ecological artefacts of wilderness their own concoction on the public purse. Snow is made these days on resort waste water because orographic snow and rain finds vast canopy burnt forests unattractive. The people of Australia have been denied understanding of these things because Bob Hawke closed down CSIRO Cloud Physics in 1983 because Bob wanted a mineral boom pulling Australia off the sheep’s back. Dust and fumes poured into the rain clouds over south east Australia cutting off the rain and snow. Enhancing lightening lit fires in the mountains of mulch accumulated by experts.


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Abbott Fears Katter Control

Tony Abbott, founder of the slush fund to sink Pauline Hanson and One Nation political party, emphatically denied any association with until his lies were exposed on national television, will not be paying a red cent getting his high flying blue ribbon legal team to fight a $1.5 million lawsuit by One Nation co-founder David Ettridge – “Pro-Bono”.

Mr Abbott confirmed in a declaration to parliament that his Lead counsel will be silk Mr R.G Bain QC assisted by Mr N Ferrett, both are acting Pro-Bono with instruction from Brisbane based McCullogh Robertson lawyers. David Ettridge is fighting without a blue ribbon freebie legal team.

Remember “you are not guilty until the money runs out”

Ms Hanson and party co-founder David Ettridge were both found guilty of fraud by a jury in the Brisbane District Court August 21, 2003 and were each sentenced to three years jail as direct action from now opposition leader Tony Abbott with his silent slush fund partners.

Headlining – Abbott ‘active’ against Hanson– The Australian August 26, 2003 by Dennis Shanahan, we find this statement from Mr Tony Abbott;

“She risked destroying what I thought was the best conservative government since Bob Menzies – that’s to say the Howard Government – so I certainly did take a very, very active anti-One Nation role.”

Two party preferred system besotted Liberal camp preservation of their elite electoral system,  now showing major cracks and in damage control as Bob Katter gains momentum as dared that Pauline  Hanson woman gathered political momentum not seen since federation, threatening to open the well guarded parliament accounts to the voting people of Australia? She needed to be cancelled, and at any cost that included forming an allegiance of Liberal and Labor parties to remove One Nation as a threat to their two party system controlling Australian politics.

Bob Katter victory sign

Bob Katter Smells Victory

Liberals advertising big time across Queensland quotes “ A Vote for Katter is a Vote for Labor” confirms Katter has them more than worried as he enjoys an explosion to his support base of disillusioned two party voters sick of the corruption and dictatorship government. 

KAP Federal President, Member for Mount Isa Rob Katter said, “It’s the sort of dirty politics which contributes to a record one-in-four Australians refusing to be forced to choose between the ALP/LNP duocracy that believes it’s born to rule”.

“Of course we all know the major parties have done their own preference deals with each other – such as the LNP preferencing Labor – because it’s in their best interests for Australia to be ruled by the duocracy. However history has shown that our outdated two-party system of government has proved in the worst interests of Australia and its people,”said Mr Katter.

KAP Qld Leader and Member for Condamine, Ray Hopper said the KAP had negotiated preference agreements with a clear focus: “To put our candidates in the best position to win seats in Parliament so we can be the people’s watchdog of our corporate-controlled major party governments – and get rid of the Greens puppeteers holding our country to ransom”.

But the major parties did not deserve anything from the KAP, said Mr Hopper – and the preference agreements were designed to do exactly that; to give them nothing but rather take seats away from them.

“The major parties are just different dogs with the same fleas – or different bananas in the same skin, as the case may be,” said Mr Hopper. “So we are effectively giving neither anything – because we are in fact poised to take seats from the ALP and LNP and become the third force in Australian politics.”

Mr Katter noted that whilst government is formed on the floor of the House of Representatives, the KAP’s strong showing in the 2010 Qld election effectively handed the LNP about a dozen seats because the KAP cannibalised the ALP vote.

“So it’s crucial that Australians do not hand complete control of both the House and the Senate to any major party to rubber stamp any decision they like – nor keep the Greens calling the tune. As such, the KAP negotiated preferences that put our candidates in pole position to be the people’s voice in Parliament against the ALP-LNP ‘corporation’ that’s destroyed industry and opportunity in Australia and taken voters for granted.”

Our colluding two party system claiming democracy in Australia as we the people are forced to enduring inefficient government, corrupt government, dictatorial government without means of terminating this viol;ation under our present constitution until the elected period has expired. A true democratic voice would call to account, politicians and government destroying our nation under political license.

Established as a liar, a person without trust, will Tony Abbott change the constitution to allow the people voice to decide any governments future to govern outside the elected term?

The same question is directed to Malcolm Turnbull with PM aspirations, sitting in the wings with Lucy poised for the carbon trading starters orders if he leads the Liberal Party, unless he gets a better offer from Labor as he moves to establish the republic flag yet again.