ABC Media Watched

More concerned with attacks on people’s champions than the truth

Last night 29th April 2008 on TV, the ABC Media Watch programme finished their attacks of the night with a swipe against Alan Jones of 2GB fame.

The attack was over Mr Jones discussing and giving credence to, the message in an e-mail that is and has been spreading around the country in regards to the government providing refugees with more funding than our own suffering senior citizens.

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Hugo Boss, “They are Well Treated”

The Suit Hiddeth the Man, but the Words Hiddeth the Truth

Page 12 of The Land, April the 24th sports a story about the International Fashion Label, “Hugo Boss” dictating terms in respect to the mulesing debate. You see, they use wool in their upmarket suit lines and are under pressure from radical environmentalists to attack Aussie sheep farmers.As one reads through the story which takes Hugo Boss to task for what could quite clearly be perceived as double standards, the most important part of the story was somehow overlooked by Marius Cumming the Story’s journalist.

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Wheat Farmers Refute Rudd’s Deregulation

Liberal Country Representative & Senator Bill Heffernan (pictured) Voting With Labor to Deregulate Our Wheat Industry Against Majority Of Farmers

The Australian Wheat Industry is a multi-billion dollar business serving well this nation and farmers for over 69 years.

The Labor Government now intends to dramatically change, and without any Business Plan or comprehensive consultation with wheat growers on the effect it will have on them.

The Government target is July 1st to implement their rushed “Legislate to Dictate” laws coming into force deregulation of our wheat industry right into multinationals hands, hovering since the 2006 AWB Ltd $300m scandal inquiry, which now seems their wait will be worth Billions of your money, with the farmers left out in the cold..

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What we have been saying for years Andrew Bolts has Exposed

Andrew Bolt – Herald Sun – April 16, 2008

I’VE proved it often: The Age won’t tell the full facts on global warming. Now its own reporters admit they were forced to be biased.

What a sad insight into how media salvation-seekers and carpet-baggers are whipping up panic about a warming that actually halted in 1998.

And a warning, too, of what can go wrong when the media adopts global warming as a cause.

In a statement of protest last week, 235 Age journalists confirmed that their coverage of last month’s Earth Hour had been, in effect, propaganda.

“Reporters were pressured not to write ‘negative’ stories and story topics followed a schedule drafted by Earth Hour organisers,” they said.

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Australia’s Soul for Sale

International Rivers of Australian Dollars

In 1996 a professor John J Hopwood and his team made a medical break through into a deadly debilitating disease that predominately affects the young by basically draining the life from them.

This disease is called;

Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome (mucopolysaccharidosis VI, MPS VI) and is an inherited, progressive disease that leads to dysfunction in a range of organs and ultimately severe disability. It is caused by a deficiency in the critical metabolic enzyme arylsulfatase B (ASB). This defective metabolic process leads to a wide range of symptoms in multiple organs

There was essentially no known cure for this ailment and medical personnel were only able to manage the disease as it progressed. The disease, prior to this breakthrough, ultimately ended very sadly indeed. But today, once again through Australian tenacity and scientific skill and ingenuity, another medical milestone has been passed.

So why is it that this major breakthrough in medicine of Global proportions had to see a USA company, “Biomarin” fund the millions of dollars required for human trials of this new drug? Where were our entrepreneurs and more importantly, where was our Federal Government?

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Be Prepared For Food Riots

Average Australian’s have no concept of the pending and massive impact the world food shortage will have on them and their family.

Supermarkets on average, without deliveries, have produce that will last just “Two Days”.

With the greens and government agenda shutting down farming using unworkable legislation, massive fines, and imprisonment, indicates no future of Australian produce surviving this as farmers go broke daily.

Australian milk production alone is down nearly 1/3 from dairy farmers walking away.

You may also thank the government and greens for locking up the oceans into Marine Parks so you cannot fish for food anymore.

To rely on imports from a world that is moving rapidly to massive food shortages, again stemming from the high prices being paid for grain bio-fuels, introduced by radical world greens myth agendas, is where the growers are marketing their produce – not to food production.

Without a vegetable garden, a store room of staple food items, an electric fenced moat around your residence to repel raiding parties of starving street gangs (they already control our cities immune to Police under gutless government direction), you are behind the “Eight Ball”.

Read this story from the USA…

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Republican Government Push Presentation

Email this presentation download to Friends and Associates

We have today released a power-point presentation with concerns of the Rudd government’s rush to remove our form of government and constitution to a Republic.

This was given a firm “NO” in November 1999, when five of the six states agreed and just Victoria vote yes by just 1% that showed a firm NO even to the very dense politicians one would assume.

So why again are the servants trying to overthrow their masters?

With sovereignty being this nation’s “Gatekeeper”, the pollies are restricted with their present dictatorship they enjoy which will be lifted if a free reign is given.

Imagine the constitution they will implement in lieu of our current document, which they disregard if it interferes with their agenda, we would be galley slaves.

The priority for we the people is to claim back our country under the “Two Party System” so we may resume “The Australian Way Of Life”

Download this file(1.5 megs), have a look, and pass it around – CLICK HERE

Republic in One Weekend

No No No No No

Not again! 10 Years ago we had a referendum in respect to whether this nation wished to change its political system from an efficient Westminster style government to a confrontational Republican system.

The people with almost one voice said “NO!”

Now the Milky Bar Kid Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd and his buddies want to waste millions upon millions of dollars sorely needed for services nation wide, on again, driving home this republican issue and we haven’t yet gone an entire generation in time since the last attempt.


The reason is far more sinister than the average Mr & Mrs Australia realise and the prize is pure gold and geographical security.

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GM Australian Last dance

The Devil’s Still in the DetailSo the GM (Genetically Modified) battle hots up and about time to.

With the announcement that the NCF (Network of Concerned Farmers) are at last advising farmers to pro-actively protect their natural state cropping interests by setting the stage for litigation should the actions of the GM Croppers in anyway whatsoever cause, harm, contamination, or loss of earnings to their established operations, the lines are now drawn, deeply in the sand.

We at SOS-NEWS have for many, many months, been pushing this very notification of possible litigation methodology as a response to GM entering the Australian cropping sphere, with exactly this style of response clearly outlined in our articles.

It is not that we here at SOS-NEWS are against GM Cropping per se’, but rather, the corporatisation of the very essence of what humans generally and rightfully deem as a God given realm only and the likes of monolithic firms such as Monsanto, have sought to defile this commandment.

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